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Doctor cutie Episode 7 & 8

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[Love cures All]

Episode 7.

By:- Racheal Dennis||



|| Ian ||

I look at myself in the mirror one last time before I leave my room.

“General, the envoy has been waiting in the living room for almost forty minutes”

Brandon reports as we walk through the hallway.

“Hmm” I hummed.

“Though, I had the maids attend to him awaiting your arrival”

“Hmm” I hummed again.

He didn’t say anything more, he kept quiet and follows me silently.

I adjust my mask and we enter the living room, the envoy stands up immediately he sees me. He should be in his forties or late-thirties.

He reaches out his hand for a handshake, I clasps his hand.

“I finally get to see the legendary General” he said with a smile.

“Call me Mr Morgan!” I told him.

Right, I’m Mr Adams”

I gesture to the sofa he was sitting when I came in.

“Please” I said.

He sits down and I sit opposite him.

“So, Mr Adams, let’s cut to the chase, I believe the mayor sent you here regarding his niece”

“Yes, yes! The mayor suddenly hears a word of his niece’s death, he demands an explanation”

I turn to Brandon and nods at him, he understands what I meant. He steps forward and drops the bottle of poison we found in the dungeon, on the table and the statement given by the dead maid.

“What is this, Mr Morgan?”

Mr Adams picks up the bottle and opens it, he takes it to his nose and quickly removes it.

“That is a poison, taken by Miss Macfarlane’s maid after she poisoned Miss Macfarlane and was sent to my dungeon!”

“So,,,,, I don’t understand why you bring these to me”

“Take them back with you, give it to the mayor, he’ll know what I mean”

“But,, but,, he,,,, ”

“He’ll understand!”.

He stares at the bottle and sheet of paper for a short while before he nods and pick up the paper and folds it.

“Where is the body, we need to take it back for proper burial”

“Brandon, take him to Miss Macfarlane’s room”

“Yes, General”

He faces Mr Adams.

“This way, sir!”

Mr Adams stands up and the two guards he brought with him, followed him and Brandon.

Since that went well, I should go do some paper work.


|| Aurora ||

“Woah! I love what you did to your room!” Javier exclaims the moment he steps foot in my room.

I look around and a proud smile appears on my face.

He looks at the few posters I placed on the wall and frowns.

“Aurora,,,, don’t tell me you are obsessed with Drake”

“Yes, I am”

“God! No!”

He falls on his knees and raised his hands in a dramatic way,,,, maybe a bit overdramatic.

“Why are you doing this to me, God! My beloved woman loves Drake! Why did you set us on two different paths!” He wails.

“Halt!” I cut off his show. “So,, does that mean you don’t like Drake?!”

He shakes his head in disgust.

“I hate him,,, the guy doesn’t know stuff. I prefer chance the rapper, I love that dude!”

“You love chance the rapper?!”

“Yeah,,, but not in a romantic way, I just love his performances”

I scoffed and gather the stupid general’s bedsheets in my arms.

Javier throws his arm around my shoulders.

“But don’t worry, m’lady,,,, I’m gonna try listening to Drake sometimes, since you love him” he winks at me.


“Well, I know someone who loves Drake too,,, in fact, he’s obsessed with his songs too”


“Ian!” He whispers in my ear.

My eyes grow bigger and my mouth slightly open.

“T-the General?!”

He nods.

“Yeah,, he’s got more than 500 of Drake’s songs on his phone and he secretly listens to them when he thinks no one’s watching!”

“More than 500?!” I gasp.

He nods.


That’s way more than mine,,,, General, respect! I salute to him.

Wait,,,,,I just found his weak point, I can get through to him through this.

Now I know how I can win this bet, Javier said I have only three days to make the General smile, I think I can make it.

“Aurora!!” Javier snaps his fingers in my face.

I blinked.


“Where did your mind wander off to,,,, I’ve been talking to you but you weren’t paying attention”

“Sorry,,,what were you saying?”

“I said, I know what you did”

What I did? What does he mean,,,,wait,,, don’t tell me he knows I’m a fake doctor!

“W-what did I do?”

“You tricked me into agreeing to wash this bedsheets with you!”

I first sigh in relief before a wide grin appears on my face.

“You already agreed, so let’s get moving!” He scoffs but snatches the bedsheets from me and head out.

I shut my door and follows him. Just then my phone rings, I reach out for it and see Brittany’s name flashing on the screen.

I press the answer button and takes it to my ear.

“Hey Britt, what’s up?”

Instead of replying me, I hear her sobbing softly. I frown.

“Britt, what happened? Why are you crying?”

She doesn’t say anything, just keeps sobbing.

“Talk to me, Britt! What happened?”


Her sobbing couldn’t let her speak.

“Calm down and tell me what happened”

I hear her take in deep breaths.

“He’s started again!”

“Who started again?”

“It’s Eric,,,”

That bastard!

This isn’t a conversation we can have on phone, I will find a way to meet her outside the mansion today.

“Britt, we can’t talk about this on phone, how about we meet at Melina’s later, let’s say 4:30pm?”


“Where is Eric now? I hope he isn’t with that apartment!”

“No,,,,he already left and I don’t even know if he’s gonna come back”

“Good! I’ll meet you later”

“Ok, bye”


I hang up and realized I’ve stopped walking and Javier is no where to be found.

Then I see him coming back, a frustrating expression on. I almost smirk, I guess I’m too much trouble for him.

“Bella, why didn’t you follow me out?” He asked.

I know he’s referring to me, but I pretend not to be aware and look behind me as if I’m looking for anyone named Bella.

“There isn’t any Bella here”

“I was talking to you!”

I giggled.

Then an idea crosses my mind,,,,I can easily leave the mansion with Javier and no one will question me.

Hehehehehe,,,,, Javier I’m so sorry for using you, but I have no choice.



“You know I tricked you into washing the sheets with me”

“Hm-mm” he hummed.

“How about I make it up to you later”

“How are you gonna make it up to me?”

“I’ll take you to Melina’s later today, by 4:30pm”

He smiles.

“It’s a deal”

I wink at him and his cheeks turned red, I gasped.

“Are you blushing?”

“N-no” he avoids my gaze.

“You are blushing!”

“No, I’m not, men don’t blush”

“You are, just admit it”

“Are we still gonna go wash the sheets or not?”

“Of course, we are!”

“Let’s go then”

I laugh at his lame attempt to change the subject.


|| Ian ||

*That’s cheating, Javier!*

*No, it’s not! Splashed it on me first*

*It’s not fair*

*All is fair in war and love, baby!*

I groan and bang my hand on my desk. This voices has being annoying me and disturbing me from concentrating on my work.

“General, do you want to take a walk?” Brandon asked me.


“Then should I get something for you to drink?”

“No, stop asking me stupid questions!”

I got off my chair and walk towards one of my big glass windows, from here I can get a perfect view of the backyard and see everything that is happening there.

I see Javier and that female doctor, they are holding my bedsheets on both ends and twisting it.

They are laughing and splashing water on each other, they seem so happy.

I clenched my fists and gritt my teeth. I don’t really know why but I feel so angry seeing them together.

*Hey, Aurora, you got something on your,,,,,,*

He didn’t complete his sentence before I see him bring his face closer to hers, his back suddenly faces me and I can’t see what they are doing exactly.

I narrowed my eyes and squirt my eyes,,,,what are they doing?

Are they,,,,,, kissing?

They are kissing!!!

“Brandon!!” I called.

I suddenly feel an intense anger erupt inside of me.

“Yes, sir”

“Get that doctor here!!”

“Do you want her to do something for you?”

“It’s none of your business! Just get her here!”

“Yes, sir!”

He rushes off.

*Javier!!! You are so dead!!”

*Catch me if you can!*

She starts chasing after Javier, my bedsheets on the ground.

I stomp back to my chair and sits down angrily, I tap on my desk as I wait for her.


|| Aurora ||



“Don’t make me come at you”

“Well, you are welcome!”

I narrow my eyes, my hands fist. I avert my gaze to the sheets on the ground.

“You just made all our hard work went to waste,,,,, Javier!! You are do dead!”

“Catch me if you can!”

I charged at him, but he runs away before I can hold him, and that’s how we started running round the backyard.

I carried the bucket of soapy water that we used to wash the sheets, I poured it at him and he stood gawking at me with his drenched clothes.

“You didn’t just do that” he said.

“Oh yes, I did”

He carried the other bucket of water, but before he could throw it at me, Brandon came in between us and stand in front of me.

“Doctor Aurora”

“Hey, Brandon”

“General requests your presence”


“The General wants to see you”

What does this cold-blooded animal,,,,,,ok, I need to stop calling him that,,,, but what does he want this time.

“But I’m not done washing the sheets”

“Don’t worry, I’ll wash it” Javier said.

I nod.

“Thank you, I will be right back and we will continue this war”

“I’ll be here waiting!”

I turn back to Brandon.

“Let’s go” I said.


I tilt my head and see the General adjusting his mask as we enter his study.

“General, she is here”

The General waves him off, Brandon leaves and shut the door.

Now it’s just me and this stone face,,,,, let’s see what he wants to say.

I wait for him to say something but he’s not saying anything. He is just staring at me,,,,, or glaring at me,,,,,, well it’s hard to tell his expressions apart through his mask.

“I’m here, General”

“I can see that!” He growled.

Ok, what got his pants in a twist.

“What were you doing?!”

“Washing the sheets”

He scoffs angrily.

“Washing sheets or fooling around with Javier and making noise,,,,, disturbing the peace of my mansion!”

“We weren’t making,,,,,,,,,”

“Shut up!!” He cuts me off.

“Let me make something clear to you,,,,,you are my personal doctor and that you shall remain!”

I frown.

Why does it sound like he’s a jealous boyfriend,,,,, but jealous of what?

“I don’t want to see you fooling around with Javier!!”

“What?! Why?!”

“Because. You. Are. My. Personal. Doctor!!”

“What does that have to do with Javier?”

“Everything!! He won’t make concentrate on your job!!”

“Are you mentally ill?!” I blurt out before I could stop myself.

He bangs on his desk loudly and I flinch back.

“How dare you?!”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t get why you are angry in the first place”

He stays silent for a moment, and a sound comes from his throat as if he’s growling.

Then he speaks.

“Pack your stuff and leave my mansion! I don’t want you to work here no more!”

“Are you serious?!”

“Do I look like I’m joking?!”

I shake my head,,,,, I can’t leave, I must stay,,,, I have many things to do here,, first I’m yet to find my parents killer, secondly, I haven’t even earn my first salary.

I rush to him and fall on my knees,,, I grab his right leg as my actress instincts kick in.

“What are you doing?! Get off me!!”

I slapped myself and burst into dramatic tears.

“Oh! My oh so generous General,,,, have mercy on me,,, I know I was wrong,,,, but I’m sorry,,, ”

“Get off me!”

I shake my head and cry more.

“My kindest General in the whole universe,,,, don’t send me away,,,,,”

He sighs.

“I can let you stay but I will have to set some rules!” He said.


“Yes, rules!!”


Episode 8.

|| Aurora ||

“Yes, rules!”

“I don’t think we will need any rules, we were fine without setting rules”

“Yeah, we were fine until you started fooling around and wasting your useful time with Javier!!” He barked.

I told you guys,,, he’s an animal,,, now he has even started barking.

“We weren’t fooling,,,,,”

“Rules or you leave right now!!”

Hmm, think about it for a moment.

I can just let him set his rules and let him watch as I break them one after the other later,,,, rules don’t apply to me,,, cause I’m a rule breaker.

Else I wouldn’t be alive today,,,, if I can defile death, then who is he?.

“Rules, please!” I said.

He looks at me a few minutes before he kicks me off him.

I stand up and send him an icy glare.

“When will you stop kicking me off like that?!”

“When will you stop grabbing my legs?!”

We narrowed our eyes at each other, but I couldn’t keep up with him,,, I broke our staring contest and scoffed as I look away.

I frown as I can see Javier from here, he trying so hard to wash the sheets and he’s clearly struggling.

I rushed to the window and wave my hand as I call on his name.

“Javier! Javier!”

He raise his head and sees me, he smiles at me and sends me a wink,,, I sent him a flying kiss in return.

A very loud bang catches my attention, I turn and see the General’s furious gaze,,, or glare.

“Close the blinds!!” He ordered.

I quickly close the blinds.

“Get back here!!” He ordered again and I did.

“First rule, don’t flirt with my brother, you are MY personal doctor so behave like one.

2: Don’t smile at him for no good enough reason!!”

“Wait,,,do I need a reason to smile at someone?!”



“Because I said so!!”

Hmm, I nod and he continues.

“3 : I don’t want hear or see that you are romantically involved with anyone in this mansion,,,,”

Humph! That won’t be difficult as I don’t have a boyfriend in the first place,,,,or plan to have.

“4: You are MY personal doctor so you must stay by my side at all times,,, ”

“Excuse me General, I can’t be by your side at all times”

He frowns.

“Why can’t you?”

“Cause you are healthy and don’t need doctor’s 24hours attention”

“I. Don’t. Care!! You. Must. Stay. By. My. Side!!!” He said in a firm voice.

I nod and signal him to carry on.

“5: On this floor there are only three rooms which are, my study, your room and the room after yours.

That room is forbidden to you, on no account should you step inside, the day you do I’ll skin you alive!!” He threatened.

I smile and nod.

Secret room,,,,, I will find out what you are hiding in there soon,,,, very soon.

“6: Don’t break any of these rules or you can’t bear the consequences!!”

“Yes, sir!”

I smirk,,,, rules that aren’t written down aren’t rules to me.

“Don’t take these rules for granted,,,, you’ll hate me if you do”

As if I don’t hate you already!

“So,,,, General can I go back to washing the sheets now?”

He snaps his neck towards the window, he glares at it for a while before he turns back to me.


“Do you need me to do anything for you?”


“So I should go?!”


I stomp my feet on the ground.

“Will you stop saying no, no, no and speak normally?!”

He points to the chair opposite him, in front of his desk.

“Sit!” He said as if he’s talking to a dog.

I fold my arms across my chest and remains standing.

“Female doctor, sit!”

He doesn’t even know my name?

“My name is Aurora Grace Cox! Aurora! Aurora! Not female doctor, get it?”

“I don’t care, sit!”


“I said sit!”


“I said fucking sit down!”

Wow!! This is the first time I’ve heard him curse,,, and it’s so hot!!,,,,

No,,, wait,,,, rewind,,,,, hot? Where is that coming from?

God forbid,,, he’s anything but hot.


He doesn’t say anything, he tilt his head and look at the door behind me.


I hear the door open.

“General, I’m here”

“My personal doctor disobeyed my order what punishment do you think is suitable for her?”

“I think,,,, ”

I quickly covered Brandon’s mouth.

“Don’t think!” I told him.

I can’t let anything happen to my beautiful face, or my flawless skin,,, so it’s my duty to protect myself from any form of body abuse.

“My sweet, most caring General, I will sit” I said.

I sit down and look at the General, I see a smile tugging at the corner of his lips,,,, or is that a smirk?

But it’s a start,,,, soon I will break him and have him at my command,,, I wish.

“Brandon, you can leave us now!”

“Yes, sir” Brandon takes his leave.


30 minutes later….

My stomach growls for the umtempth time, and the General glared at me.
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“Will your stomach stop making that annoying sound?!”

I smiled.

“Why don’t you just order it to stop”

“Don’t be sarcastic with me!!”

Humph! Hypocrite!!

He yawns.

“Come here, give me a massage, I wanna sleep!”

“Don’t order me, say please”

He clenched his jaw.

“You are really bold talking to me like that,,, aren’t you scared I will ruin your life?!”

“You,,,,, ”

“Shut up!”

He stands up and walk to the bed in his study, he lays on it and called me over.

“Massage me!”

“Rude, arrogant and cold-blooded animal!” I muttered under my breath.

“You said what?”


“Then let your fingers start working!”

I nod and my fingers got to work.

I hear him moan softly.

“So relaxing!” He muttered.

I smirk when a crazy idea pop in my head.

I pressed on his back harder hoping he would scream in pain, but it only made him moan louder.

“Mmmm, that’s it!”

And at the end of it, I’m the one feeling pains in my finger tips.

I continue massaging him until I hear him snore softly.

I sigh,,,, I can finally rest now.

I take the extra pillow on the bed and put it on the couch, I lay down and rest my head on it.

It’s already noon, I might as well take a five minutes nap.


“Aurora! Aurora!” I hear a voice calling my name.

“Five minutes, please!!” I said hoping the voice would go away.

“Aurora! Aurora wake up!”

“Brittany, go away, just let me get some sleep!” I whine sleepily.

Then I hear the voice chuckling.

Huh,, that doesn’t sound like a female voice. I open my eyes and come face to face with,,,, Javier?

I quickly sit up and look around, I’m still in the General’s study. My eyes locate the General, he is still sleeping soundly.

“What are you doing here?!” I asked in a whisper.

I turn back and check if the General has opened his eyes.

“I came to get you, you haven’t eaten anything since morning and it’s way past noon already”

“Way past noon?”

“Yeah, it’s 4:00pm”

“Your brother is very sensitive to sounds, how come he didn’t wake up when you came in”

“I saw him sleeping when I opened the door, so I made my steps much lighter”


“I do it any time he manages to get his five minutes sleep,,, how did you think I was able to steal some of his clothes for the past years”

I gasp quietly.

“You stole his clothes?!”

“All the time,,,, but don’t tell him!”

“Doesn’t he know?”

He shakes his head.

“He’s got too much to notice one missing!”

I giggled.

“Come on, let’s get something in your stomach”

I nod and stand up, I made to move but he stops me.

“You’ll wake him up with your heavy footsteps”

“Then how are we gonna go out?”

He bends and swoops me in his arms.

“Like this!”

Then he walks out slowly.

We are halfway through the hallway when I remembered my appointment with Brittany.

I gasp.

“What?” Javier asked.

“You said 4:00?”

He nods.


He nods again.

“Put me down!”

He did but furrow his eyebrows and stares at me in confusion.

“Go get ready, I wanna take you to Melina’s now!”

“But you need to eat something first”

“No, no! There’s no time for that, go on!”

“Okay, I will be back when I’m done”


I dash towards my room.


I step out of my bathroom, all dressed. I pick my small handbag and head for the door when something catches my attention.

A small note lies on my bed, I quickly picked it up and read its contents.

*I have always known you are alive
But I thought you lost your memory as you change your name
I must say you are smart and bold enough to come into the General’s mansion with a fake identity
I won’t take any action for now but I’d advise you stop looking for me and carry on with your life*


From this note I can tell this is the person I’m looking for,,,,,but who is he?.

Well, it doesn’t matter,,,, whoever it is must be close by. And I will find him even if it means giving up my life!

“Aurora, are you ready?” I hear Javier’s voice from outside.

I fold the paper and quickly tucks it in my bag.

I know Javier is a good guy, but I can’t trust him too much as to let him know about my mission. I might be his friend but the General is his brother, he might tell on me.

And besides, this mission is dangerous enough for me, I don’t want to bring anyone to it.

“Aurora, please let me know you are still alive in there!!”

I rushed to the door and open it, I put a wide smile on my face.

“Of course I’m alive and well, I was just making sure I look fabulous!!”

Javier did an eye roll and shake his head.

“You’re just being a drama queen”

“That I am,,,also I made your brother smile this morning”

“Smile or smirk?”

“What’s the difference?”

“They are two different words”

“Whatever, I made him show an expression”

He chuckled.

“That doesn’t count, I can make him smirk too”

“Humph! You are just trying to make it hard for me,,,, let’s go!”

I slammed my door, did a hair flip and start my catwalk.

“The best drama queen award goes to you!” He said but follows after me.


|| Ian ||

My eyes snap open and I sit up, I groan and rub on my stiff neck.

I guess I place my neck in the wrong angle.


No response.

My eyes did a quick search around my study but didn’t find the doctor anywhere.


The door burst open and Brandon rushes in.


“Where is that female doctor?”

“Oh, she left!”


“Yes, sir. I saw master Javier carry her out”

“What?!” I roared.

“I said Master Javier,,,,,,”

“I know what you said!!” I cut him off angrily.

“Where did they go?”

“I don’t know sir”

“I only slept for a few minutes and she broke a rule?!”

“General, you slept all through the afternoon”

“Shut up!”

“Yes, sir”

“Get out!”

“Thank you sir”

He turns and head towards the door but I called him back.

“Immediately she gets back, get her here!”

“Yes, sir!” Then he leaves.

I don’t know why I’m feeling so mad,,, maybe I should do some paper work to distract myself.




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