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Doctor cutie Episode 5 & 6

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[Love cures All]

Episode 5.

By: Racheal Dennis||



|| Ian ||

“General, the maid refuses to talk!” Brandon reports to me.

Currently I’m in the balcony of my study, looking towards the garden.

“Keep torturing her, she’ll speak”

“Yes, sir”

He turns to leave but I stopped him.

“Tell the kitchen staffs, all the food items should be replaced before dinner!”

“Yes, sir!”

I waved him off and he leaves.

It’s a good weather today, maybe I should take a walk in the garden.


|| Aurora ||

I fall on my new bed and breath out heavily.

I’m finally done unpacking my luggage, it’s all I’ve been doing all morning and finally it’s done.

Soon my phone starts beeping. I reach for it and check the caller, a long, loud gasp escapes my lips.


I’m done, I’m done!

I press the answer button and bring it closer to my ear.

“Hey, Britt?”

“Don’t hey, Britt me!”

I quickly move the phone a little away from my ear, else her loud voice would deaf my ear.

“I told you to call me when you arrive, I said it many times, call me when you get there but what did you do?.

You didn’t call me, it’s noon already, Rora! I thought they found out you are a fake and did something to you! Why are you keeping silent,,,, say something! At least say you are sorry,,,,, ”

“Britt!” I called her back, cutting her off.


“You haven’t given me a chance to say something”

She huffed.

“Fine, say something”

I roll my eyes, she’s such a drama queen.

Oops! I’m the biggest drama queen!

“Ok, I didn’t forget to call you on purpose. Something bad happened when I got here,,,,, ”

“Something bad happened? Oh my God! Rora, are you ok? I knew it’s gonna get ugly, I shouldn’t have let you leave,,,,, ”

I roll my eyes again.

“Calm down, Britt!”

“Calm down? You said something bad happened and you expect me to stay calm?”

“You didn’t even asked what happened!”.

“Ok, ok! What happened?”

I sigh.

“Please don’t panic, but the General’s fiancée is dead”

She gasped loudly.

“The General’s fiancée is dead?!”

I nod, but remember she can’t see me.


“Does it have anything to do with you?!”


“Kinda?! This is bad,,,,, you have to leave that place right now, you must leave ASAP!”

“No, I won’t. The General has given me a chance to prove my innocence”


“I’m investigating the case, I will be fine”



I hear her sigh.

“Thank God! I wouldn’t forgive myself if something happens to you,,,,, ”

“I’m fine, Britt”

“Ok, gotta go, I’ll call you tomorrow,,,,, no, you call me tomorrow!”


I hang up and toss my phone on the table.

I can finally take a nap.


|| Unknown ||

At night…..

I stand by the back gate, waiting for our spy. Soon, I see her rushing towards me, watching her back as she comes.

“Here!” I hand her the bottle of poison.

She frowns in confusion.

“Boss wants you to poison Miss Macfarlane’s maid before she confesses everything”


“Not just ok, do it right away or you’ll be exposed too”

She nods and rushes off.


|| Spy ||

I walk towards the dungeon, I spots four guards standing at the entrance.

I already practice how to distract them. I ran panicky towards them, I use a handkerchief to cover half my face and start coughing.

“Guards, guards!”

“What?” One of the guards asked.

“The gen,,,, general’s mansion is on fire,,,,go”

“What?! Fire? How come?” Another guard asked.

“We don’t know where the fire came from,,,,, it’s fierce,,,,,the chief guards demand all guards to go help put off the fire!”

They nod.

“Let’s go, let’s go” then they runs out.

I smirk. Fools, they fell for that lame trick.

I take out my extra key and unlock the door and steps into Miss Macfarlane’s maid’s cell.

My boss is so wise, he has key to any place in this mansion.

“Are you here to rescue me?” The maid ask the moment she saw me.

I drop the bottle of poison in front of her.

“What is this?” She ask.

“Boss said, either you drink the poison willing and he’ll keep your family out of this,,,,,or you cause him the trouble of coming here to kill you himself,,,,then none of your family members will be spared!” I pass on boss’s message to her.

“What?! T-that wasn’t part of our deal!”

“I’m just a messenger, the choice is yours to make!”

I didn’t waste anytime, I ran out immediately before the guards would come back.


|| Ian ||

“Phoebe! Phoebe!!”
The little girl didn’t stop, she simply turn away from me and start running.

I chased after her.

“Phoebe, wait! Don’t run! Wait!”
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She doesn’t stop, rather she increases her pace, running faster and faster with each step.

Finally, she stops running and turns to me. Tears stains on her face, her eyes red, very red.

She shakes her head.

“Liar,,, they are dead,,,, you killed them,,,,”

I shake my head.

“No,,, I didn’t,,, I didn’t kill anyone,, no,, I didn’t”

“You killed them,,, they are dead,,,, murderer,,, murderer,,,, murderer!”

Then she falls, I rush forward and reach out but it was too late,,,, she already fell.

“Phoebe,,,, I didn’t kill them,,,, it wasn’t me,,,, it wasn’t,,,,”


I sit up and breath heavily, I reach for a glass of water. I take a few gulps and keeps it back.

I glanced at the wall clock, it’s just 11:15pm.

I sigh frustratingly.

The door open and Brandon walks in.

“General, you are awake”

I nod with a frown.

“General, it’s still too early, I’d advise you go back to sleep”


“But you only slept for 25minutes or less”

“That’s enough sleep for me!”

We stayed in silence, me pondering on my nightmare. And Brandon, well I don’t know, he seems to be in deep thoughts.

Then he speaks.

“I have a suggestion, General”


“Doctor Aurora, was able to get you to sleep for three hours this afternoon”

I furrow my brows.


“Hm,,,, what if I get her here and,,,,”


“Maybe she can also help this time”


There’s no way I’m letting that stupid doctor into my room, she might clumsily break something.


“I. Said. No!! Get out!”

“Yes, sir!”

He turns and start walking extremely slowly, I narrowed my eyes and grind my teeth against each other in irritation.

I didn’t fall asleep because of her this afternoon, maybe I’m starting to overcome my fears.

But what if I fell asleep because of her,,,,, maybe I should do an experiment tonight.

“Wait!” I said.

He stops abruptly and turns around quickly, a smile on his face.

I eyed him.

“Yes, General”

“Calm her in!”


He leaves. I’ll prove him wrong,,,, I didn’t fall asleep because of her.


|| Aurora ||

A loud bang on my door woke me up from my sweet slumber. I got off my bed with a tired and sleepy groan.

I walk slowly towards the door, I open the door and come face to face with Brandon.

I quickly sober up.

“Brandon?” I called surprised.

Why is he here?.

“Doctor, General requests your presence!”

I point at myself.

“General wants to see me?”


I frown.


“You’ll know when you get there!”

Why would the General wants to see me, it’s so late in the night.

What does he want?

“Fine, I’ll be there!”

“Do you know the way to his room?”


“Then you’d better come with me”

I grunt in reply. I lock my door and went with him.


“She is here, General” Brandon reports.

The General nods and wave Brandon off.

When Brandon is gone, the General stands up and starts removing his robe.

I quickly close my eyes and turn away from him.

Is this why he called me? Did he think I’m those kind of girls?.

“W-what,,, are you doing, General?” I stutter.

“Taking off my robe!” He states.

“D-don’t,,, I’m not t-that,, kinda girl”

The General didn’t say a word for a few seconds.

“Turn around!” He commands.

I shake my head.

“I said turn around!” He growled out.

I quickly turn around but I still kept my eyes shut.

“What kind of girls are you talking about? Aren’t you a doctor?!”

I nod.

“Then open your eyes!”

I gulp and open my eyes.

He lays on his bed, lying on his back he turns to me.

“Come over here!”


“O,,,, over there?”

“Are you deaf?”


“Then stop making me repeat my words,,,, come here!”

I take slow steps towards him.


“Give me a massage!!”

I halt.


He glares at me.

“Just massage? Nothing else?”

“What were you expecting?”

My cheeks flame up in embarrassment,,,, I guess I shouldn’t have let my mind got into the gutter.

“Get into work!” He commands.


I move closer to him and sit on a low stool next to his bed, then my skilled fingers start working.

After few minutes, I see his eyes closing and I smile.

“Don’t stop even after I fall asleep!”

I paused.

“You want me to do this till dawn?!”

“Yes! Got a problem with it?!”

“Yes! I can’t stay up all night just to give you a massage while you are enjoying your sleep!”

“Well, you can stop and I’ll tell the mayor you poisoned his niece!”

“What?! I didn’t poison her!”

“The choice is yours”

He’s blackmailing me,,,, he should thank his stars I came into his mansion on a mission in the first place.

Or else, I wouldn’t fall into his trap,,,,, I’ll just endure this until I complete my mission,,, then I’ll kick his overpompous ass before I leave his mansion.

I chuckle sarcastically.

“Don’t worry, General, I will massage you”

I resume my work.

Few minutes later,,,, I hear soft snores.


|| Ian ||

“General, General, General”

My eyes snap open and I quickly sit up, my hand reaches for my gun under my bed.

But I pause when I see Brandon rushes in.

“What?!” I growled angrily.

He just woke me up from my nightmare free sleep.

“Something bad has happened!”


“It’s best you see it yourself!”

I nod.

“Pass me my robe”

He passes me my robe, I wore it and made to leave but something pulls me back.

I frown and look down.

It’s that stupid female doctor, she grabs my right leg in a tight grip, but her head rests on my bed.

My frown deepens when I see her drooling on my sheets.

“General, it seems like my suggestion worked”

I unconsciously glance at my wall clock.

It’s morning already, 7;58am.

“You slept soundly all through the night, she did a great job”

“She didn’t do any great job!!”

“What do you mean, General?”

“I told this imp to continue massaging me after I fall asleep and not to stop,,,, but she did!!”

Brandon chuckles.

“I guess she was tired and did know when she slept off”

I glared at him and he shuts up immediately.

I kick her off my leg and she lands on her butts,,, she opens her eyes and glares at me.

I can feel flames coming out of her eyes.

“Why did you kick me off like that, couldn’t you be a gentleman and wake me up like normal people do?!” She said sassily.

I stare at her in great shock but I didn’t show it.

She’s the only one that has got the guts to speak to me in such manner. In fact I don’t spare people that speaks to me in this manner that she does.

Why is she so different?

Why do I always let her have her way?

Why am I so lenient with her?

I watch as she marches my glare with hers,,,, she doesn’t seem to fear me at all.

My gaze zeroed on the trail of drool on her right cheek, then I look at the wet spot on my sheets.

“Remove these sheets and wash them,,,, then replace them with new ones!”

She frowns.

“No can do! I’m not your maid or laundry woman!”

“You don’t have a, you’ve got your drool all over it,, of course you have to wash it!”

She turns her gaze to the sheets and smile nervously, her cheeks suddenly turn pink and she avoid my eyes.

“I,,,, I will wash them” she said and starts removing them.

“Don’t bring them back to my room, give it to one of the maids or throw it away”

She paused.

“Then what’s the use of washing them?!”

“It’s your punishment for falling asleep while massaging me”

I turn to Brandon.

“Let’s go!”

“Yes, sir” then we head out.

Episode 6.


|| Javier ||

“Good morning, sir!”

Two maids greet as I walk past them in the living room, I simply nod with a smile.

“Good morning, ladies!” I wink at them and they start giggling.

I shake my head and roll my eyes, females.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a playboy, I just love fooling around sometimes.

I frown when I see Ian and Brandon rushed into the living room, Ian’s ever serious expression on.

“Good morning, brother!” I greet him.

“Morning!” He simply replies and made to hurry past me.

I ran in front of him and stopped him.

“Where are you rushing off to with your night robe on?”



He nods.

“Brandon said something happened”

I turn to Brandon with a frown.

“What happened?”

“It’s about Miss Macfarlane’s maid”

“The maid?!”

He nods.

“I’m going to check it out,,,, are you coming?” Ian asked.

I nod, but quickly shake my head when I remember Aurora.

“Why? You usually like stuffs like this!” Ian said.

“Aurora, she should know about this too”

“Who is Aurora?!” He asked.

“The doctor, she’s involved in the case too, so she should know”

Ian narrow his eyes at me.

“Stay away from that doctor!”


“Ah,,,,,,,,” he trails off.

I arch my eyebrows.


“She is bad news!”

I roll my eyes.

“Everyone is bad news to you, Ian”

“Whatever,,,,, do as you please!” Then he rushes off.

I take long strides towards Aurora’s room.

I stop at her room and knock on her door.


No response.


Still no response.

I push the door open and step in. I look at her bed, it’s empty.


Still no response. Where did she go this morning?

I sigh.

I guess I’ll have to visit the dungeon alone. I step out of her room and shut the door, I turn and see her coming with,,,,,,,, Ian’s bedsheets?

She’s murmuring some coherent words that I can hardly comprehend to herself.

“Aurora!” I call her.

She raises her and look at me with her big round eyes, my eyes settled on her pouty pink lips.

“Why are you holding Ian’s bedsheets?”

She scoffs and throws them on the floor and starts stomping on it.

“I hate your brother! I hate him! I hate him!,,,,, Argggg!”

I chuckle and hold her still.

“What happened?”

“Your brother made me give him a massage last night, this morning he wants me to wash his bedsheets,,,,, and ask me what the worse part is”


“He wants me to throw it away after washing it!”

I frown.

“Why does he want you to throw it away?”

Her cheeks suddenly turns red, she starts playing with a lock of her hair and chuckling nervously.

“Well,,,,, I,, I kinda,,, you know,,,”

“I don’t know, tell me”

“Ihadmydroolonit!” She said quickly.

I blink rapidly when I couldn’t get what she said.

“Can you say it slowly?”

“I,,, I had my drool on it, buy it’s not my fault though,,,, I got tired and I didn’t know when I fell asleep!”

I laughed lightly and nod.

“Now I get it, Ian is a neat freak and having your drool on his sheets is the last thing he wants,,,, but don’t worry, you don’t have to throw it away”


“Yeah, Ian doesn’t want it, but I do. I’ll use it”

“Great! I will give it to you after I wash it” she said.

“But before then, let’s go to the dungeon”

“Why? I just woke up,,,, your arrogant brother just kick me out of my fairytale land!” She said, exaggerating a little bit.

“Something happened and it’s about Miss Macfarlane’s maid”

She frowns, before realization flashes through her eyes.

“No wonder he left in a hurry!” She mumbled under her breath.

“So,,, let’s get moving”


She looks at the sheets on the floor.

“Keep them in your room for now”



|| Aurora ||

We arrive at the dungeon, the General is already there with Brandon.

They stood almost ten feet away from Miss Macfarlane’s maid, she sat on the floor vomiting blood.

“What happened here?” I asked before I could stop myself.

“The guards reported she has been like this since this early morning” Brandon said.

“I told you to dispatch four guards here, Brandon!” The General state.

“Yes, I did General”

“Where are they?”

Four guards quickly come in, their heads bowed, their bodies shaking in fear I guess.

“We are here, General” they report chorusly.

“Can someone explain how this happened?”

“W-we,,,, we don’t,,, know, General”

“You don’t know?!” The General narrow his eyes. “Let me guess, none of you were here when this happened, right?!”

None of them said a word, they look lost rather, lost and scared.

The General shakes his head.

“I will take care of you later” he told them.

Then he turns to me.



“Check what happened to her!” He commands.

I nod, but quickly stopped when I realized what he asked me to do. I’m not a real doctor, I can tell she was poisoned, but what poison it is I definitely can’t tell.

“I,,,, she,,,”

How can I escape from this,,,, I’m gonna get exposed,,,, no, no, no,,,,, miracle must happen.

At that moment, my life saver, Javier speaks up.

“Ian, there’s no need to bother doctor Aurora with this, she obviously ate some poison!”

The maid starts coughing non-stop, coughing and vomiting. Suddenly blood start coming from her nose and ears.

Then it occurred to me, she’s with Miss Macfarlane and she delivered the food, she must know something.

I rushed forward and grab her shoulder. Javier tries to pull me away, but I didn’t let him.

“Aurora, what are you doing? Get up”

“She knows something,,, if she dies we won’t find the real murderer!” I said.

The maid’s eyes open weakly.

“T-they,,,” coughs. “T-they,,, killed her” continue coughing.

“They killed her?” I asked and she nods but didn’t stop coughing.

“Who are they?” The General asked.

“H-he se,,, sent people,,,” she grabs my hand and pulls me closer to her ear. “He killed your parents too” she whispers slowly.

I look at her in surprise, how does she knows I’m here to look for my parents murderer.

And more importantly, who is the he?

“Can you tell us who he is?” Javier asked.

She start coughing again but shakes her head in denial.

Then a question pop in my mind.

“Miss Wasn’t sick, why did she pretends to be?”

She points at the General.

“Him” she mutters.

I frown.

“Him?” She nods. “How?”

“The-General-barely-visit-her-she-wanted-to-get-his-attention” she manage to squeeze out as she clung on her stomach tightly.

Now I understand why she was lying about her health,,,, she wanted the General to visit her.

I can’t imagine getting engaged to this cold-blooded animal,,,, oops sorry,,,, cold-hearted human.

Because even though she lied about her health, this stone heart still didn’t visit her,,,, he just sends doctors over, he doesn’t care at all.

I feel something drop from my hand and I hear a soft thud, I look down and noticed it’s the maid. I bend down and listen to her heartbeat, it’s gone.

She’s dead.

I stand up and step away from her body.

“She’s dead!” I announced.

“Now that she’s dead, how can we find the real killer? She didn’t give us any useful information” Brandon said.

The General’s eyes settled on me,,, I involuntarily hide behind Javier,,,, please don’t let it be what I’m thinking.

“We’ll detain her until we find the murderer!” He said.

“No!” I blunt out. “The maid just made it clear, I have nothing to do with Miss Macfarlane’s death”

“She is right, Ian, she is innocent” Javier adds.

The General stays silent for a moment, clenching and unclenching his fists.

“Fine! You can get out of my mansion now!” He gritted out.

Leave? No, I can’t leave,,,I have found my parents murderer,,,, I must find a way to make him let me say.

“No, General!” Brandon objects.

We turn our gaze to him, he step closer to the General and whisper something in his ear.

The General grind his teeth against each other before he speaks.

“Until we find the person behind all these,,,, you will stay in the mansion!”

I almost jump in joy,,,, maybe by then I’d have completed my mission.

“She will stay in the mansion?” Javier ask, his voice sounds kinda,,,,happy?, I guess.

“Yes!” The General replies.

“W-what is she gonna do here?”

“She will be my personal doctor!”

His personal doctor? Oh no! That is what will get me killed.

The General turns to me.

“You’ll receive $2000 as monthly payment” he told me.

My eyes grows wide,,,,, $2000 that a whole lotta money.

I’m gonna be rich, I’m so gonna be rich.

“Yes! Yes! I will stay!”

Just then, a guard comes in.

“General, the mayor has heard about Miss Macfarlane’s death, he sent someone over!” He reports.

The General and Javier exchange looks and nod at each other.

“Brandon, have some guards take care of this mess!” He orders Brandon and turns to leave.

“Wait!” I hold his arm.

He looks at me with a deep frown.

“What?!” He growls.

“Aren’t you gonna give her a normal burial?”



“None of your business!” He snatch his arm from me.

“Let’s go!” He said to the guard and they left.

Javier throws his arm around my shoulders, he turns my face to himself.

“Don’t worry, he was just joking. Brandon will have some guards bury her!” He said.

“That was a joke?”

“Yeah,,,,,maybe,,,,,it should be,,,,I guess”

“Your brother sure knows how to tell a joke”

I stare at the maid’s body and nod.

“Now, what should we do next?” He asked.

“How about we wash the sheets together?” I suggest.

“That’s a great idea, let’s go!”

We walk out of the dungeon and head towards my room.

“I have never seen your brother laugh or smile, why?”

“I don’t know, maybe nothing amuses him”

I huffed.

“Don’t worry, he’s my special patient now, I will make him laugh sooner or later”

He looks at me as if I’m speaking the impossible.

“I bet you can’t, nothing ever makes him laugh, I’ve tried. He rarely smile at me, so don’t think you’ll see his teeth”

“I’ll take this as I challenge”

“Oh? Then what if you lose?”

I put my forefinger under my chin and did a little thinking.

“You can do whatever you please to me”

He smirks.

“Fine, it’s a deal”

I stretched out my hand and we shook hands.

“It’s a deal!” I said.

“I wish you luck then!”

General! General!

It’s me and you in this mansion,,,,hehehehe!



T. B. C.

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