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July 24, 2021


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Doctor cutie Episode 39 & 40

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[ Love cures All]

Episode 39.

By: Racheal Dennis||



|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

“Come on, Britt, stop staring at me as if I caught some disease”

Since I told Brittany about my vomiting all night, she’s been looking at me as if something is wrong with me. She seems shocked.

“Tell me what’s wrong with me. Have I contract an incurable disease?”
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“Wait,,,, hold up! So, you are saying you have been vomiting all night?”

“Yes. Could it be something I ate that upset my stomach?”

She frowns and shake her head.

“It can’t be” she narrows her eyes at me. “Have you done it with the General?”

“Done what?”

“The deed”

“What deed?”

She gasp and stare at me, shaking her head unbelievably.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean?”

“I don’t!”

“Have you and the General have sex?”


“So you are no longer a virgin?!”

I blush but quickly covers it up when I remembered why I came to her in the first place.

“How does I am Dean having sex relate to what I just told you?”

“Silly!” She pushes my head. “How many times have you guys done it since the first time? and when did you do it?”

I pulled a long face.

“If you don’t know what is wrong with me then let me know and stop asking me irrelevant questions!”

She sighs.

“You are pregnant!!”

I tensed instantly.

“I’m what?!” I asked alarmed.

“You are pregnant, Rora”

Pregnant? How can I get pregnant when I have so much yet to accomplish?

“No, no, I can’t be pregnant” I murmured.

“But from my analysis you are. When was the last time you had your period?”

“My period? It’s still way ahead of me”


I’m not pregnant, I can’t get pregnant from having sex just twice, right.

“But these are obvious signs that you are carrying a baby”

“No, they are not sign. Maybe I ate something”

“I’m sure of what I’m saying”

“Britt, sorry but I’m not gonna take your word seriously, I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that. I have to go back, something very important needs my attention now”

“Rora,,,,, ”

“Lalalalala, I’m not hearing you” I got up and pick up my purse.

“Rora, I’m telling you the truth”

“We’ll see later, gotta go!” I rushed out before she could say another word.

Dan was discharged last night, I should use this opportunity to see him and talk about how he’ll hand me over and wouldn’t make it look suspicious.

Now that I don’t know if I’m really pregnant, now is the time I can find the murderer.


|| Ian/Dean ||

“What are you doing here, uncle?” I asked my so called uncle.

“Why else if not to check on my favorite nephew!”

I hate this man naturally, he always act suspiciously.

Javier strides in and claps his hands when he sees uncle Jeremy, his eyes held excitement. He has always love uncle Jeremy so dearly, but uncle Jeremy never pays attention to him.

He always push Javier away and oddly like coming closer to me.

“Uncle! You are here!”

Javier quickly pull uncle in for a hug but uncle pushes him away roughly.

“Did I step on your leg?” Javier asked oblivious of the fact that uncle actually doesn’t want to hug him.

“No, it’s just,,,,,” uncle trails off, chuckling evilly.

“Uncle, how come you haven’t visit for such a long time?” Javier asked.

“Well, it wasn’t the right time to visit then”

I almost roll my eyes, so now is the right time. Wait,,,what does he mean by “right time?”

“Oh, I really missed you” Javier whined.

Uncle simply grunt in reply. Just then Brandon taps my shoulder, I turn to him.

“General, Dan wants to see you” he whispers in my ear.


“He said he has something important to report”

I nod and glare at my uncle, he’s looking at me with some much admiration while Javier is trying effortlessly to get his attention.

“Uncle, stop looking at Ian and look at me for once, I’m your nephew too!”

“Right” uncle said absentmindedly.

I gritt my teeth and turn away from him.

“Brad, let’s go”

“Yes, sir”

Brandon and I leaves immediately.
[Love cures All]

Episode 40.

By: Racheal Dennis||

|| Mrs Morgan ||

I watch as Javier effortlessly tries to get Jeremy’s attention. If only he knew why Jeremy doesn’t love him like he does Ian, he’d hate me.

I’m a disappointment as a mother and a wife, in fact I’m not worthy of these titles.

My only prayer is, this mistake I made shouldn’t bring misccord between my sons. Even though they’re step brothers, they are still brothers, the same blood runs in their veins.

After all, they are born to two brothers.

Now he’s come in here as if he owns the mansion. Only God knows why he came and I pray he doesn’t succeed.


|| Authoress ||

Dan stand outside the General’s study, his hands shaking as he plays with them nervously.

He doesn’t know if it’s too late to tell the General or if the General will have his head for what he did last time.

He sighs frustratingly.

*Maybe I should go back!*

“Go back where? I was told You’re looking for me?”

Dan stilled when he heard the General’s voice behind him, he didn’t expect the General would come so soon.

*Did I say that out loud?* He thought.

“Yes, you did!” Brandon told him. “So, it’s best you keep your thoughts to yourself”

General Ian walked into his study with Brandon and Dan behind him. He sat on his big chair and stare at Dan waiting for him to speak.

Dan peek at the General, not knowing if to speak or not.

“Are you gonna speak? The General is waiting!” Brandon told him.

“G-general,,, g-general, I want to report something I discussed with your wife, no girlfriend, no your lady, no,,,,, ”

“Just speak!!” Ian growled at him.

“I-want-to-hand-Miss-Aurora-over-to-them!” He blunts out.

“What?!!” Ian bangs his hand on the table with a vibrating growl.

“I want to hand Miss Aurora over to them” he said again not listening to his words.

“You want to hand my Phoebe over to who? Are you trying to put her in danger?!”

Dan quickly shakes, his eyes widened in fear as he realized what he said and how Ian is misunderstanding him.

“No, no, I said it wrong!”

“Then what do you intend to say” Brandon asked.

“I meant to say, Miss Aurora came to me and suggested I hand her over to rescue my family… B-but,, I haven’t agree yet, she said we’d talk about it when I’m fully recovered”

Ian fist his hands and gritt his jaw.

*So, this is the important thing she’s talking about!* He thought.

“When did she tell you about this?”

“Two weeks ago, sir”

“And you are just telling me now?!! Are you looking for a quick death?!!”

Dan quickly fall on his knees.

“I’m sorry, General, I was bedridden and I was discharged last night”

“Get out!”

“Yes, sir” Dan runs out as if his pants is on fire.

Ian got off his chair angrily and begin to pace to and fro in front of his desk. And start to grumble to himself.

“She thinks this is a child’s play? Dan should hand her over,,, doesn’t she fear for her life? She doesn’t even think about me, she didn’t think how I will feel”

He grabs Brandon by his collar and growled in his face.

“I’m doing so much for her, why can’t she see that?!! I’m so concerned about her but she isn’t concern about me!!” He pushed Brandon away from him and Brandon falls.

“General, please calm down” he said and got back up immediately.

“For 10years, I have been working tirelessly, finding clues to find her parents murderer,,, how come she isn’t patient now? Maybe I should grant her wish,,,I will just let Dan hand her over”

“General, she is still young and doesn’t understand life quite well”

Ian scoff angrily.

“Young?! I’m only 6years older than her!”

“General, 6years makes you the wiser one, it makes you the matured and most experience one. So, please, don’t get angry yet”

Ian stays silent and think about what Brandon just said. He finds a lot of sense in his words.

“Get her here when she gets back”

“Yes, sir”

Brandon leaves and Ian stands in front of Aurora’s picture in his study. He doesn’t say anything or think about anything, he simply just stare at the picture.


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

Just as I enter the mansion, I saw Dean’s uncle and Javier sitting on a sofa in the living room.

Javier is talking non-stop while their uncle pays little to no attention to him, but Javier doesn’t seem to mind.

Mrs Morgan sits opposite them, her shoulders seems tensed and her eyes held something like,,,,, fear? I shake my head, she has nothing to fear.

“Good morning, Mom!” I greet her.

She couldn’t answer me, she just nod and continue looking at Dean’s uncle cautiously.

“Oh, my sister-in-law is here!” Javier said and rushed to me.

He throws his arm around my shoulder and laughs, I look at him to know if he’s high on something,, he seems extremely happy this morning.

“Sister-in-law? Is Ian married?” Their uncle asked.

“Nope, but I think they will get married soon”

Their uncle glares at me but doesn’t say nothing more.

“Where did you go so early in the morning, Aurora?” Javier asked me.

“I went to Britt’s”

He gasp loudly, his eyes and mouth wide open.

“Brittany is so gonna kill me, I promised to visit her first thing this morning”

He quickly picks his jacket from the sofa.

“I gotta run!” With that he rushes out.

I shake my head, these Morgan’s sons are sulkers for love!

“You!” Their uncle said.

I turn to him.

“You shouldn’t get use to living here!” He said.


“Because my so,,,,,, ”

“Hey, Phoebe, why don’t you go to your room. You vomited all night, you must be tired” Mrs Morgan cut off whatever he had to say.

I frown. She is obviously trying to hide something.

Just when I was about to ask, I see Dan heading toward the kitchen and I quickly remember why I rushed back to the mansion.

“Hey, Dan!” I called him.

He turns but when he sees it’s me, he start walking faster. I run after him and caught up with him.

“Dan, are you tryna avoid me?”

“N-no, madam”

“Then why were you running away?”

He released a nervous laugh.

“I wasn’t running away, I was too hungry and I need to reach the kitchen as soon as possible”

I know that is just an excuse; a very lame excuse at that.

“Right! So, about that stuff we talked about in the infirmary. Are you ready to discuss more about it now?”

He scratches the back of his head.

“About that,,,, ”

“Miss Aurora, the General wants you in his office!” Brandon’s voice cut in from behind me.

“Ok, I will see him later, I’m kinda busy right now”

“No, he said you should come now”

I huffed.

“M’lady, I think you should meet with the General first” Dan said.

I fist my hands and grind my teeth against each to surpress my anger.

“Fine, let’s go!” I said with a tight smile.

Brandon leads the way and I follow behind.


|| Mrs Morgan ||

“Jeremy, aren’t you just stirring up unnecessary troubles? Don’t you know by doing all this Ian will find out about us?” I asked him when Phoebe is out of hearing.

He smirks.

“That’s what I want. Let him know who his real dad is, I want him to know that I made him who he is today”

“Who Ian is today isn’t your doing, it’s Morgan’s!”

“Really? Had I not get Morgan out of the way my son would’ve end up being a servant in this mansion”

Now I know jeremy is sick!

“That’s not true, Morgan doesn’t know Ian isn’t his son. He’d have made Ian his heir without you killing him!”

“Nonsense! I know my brother, he’d find out one way or another”

“You really have to stop this your obsession of making Ian this and that, it’ll do both of us good”.

“I am here to monitor everything going on in my son’s life personally, also to look for ways to get rid of that nuisance”

“You,,,, ”

He walks away with his luggage, as if he already has a room here.



T. B. C


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