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June 18, 2021


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Doctor cutie Episode 37 & 38

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[Love cures All]

Episode 37.

By: Racheal Dennis||



|| Ian/Dean ||

“Dad!” I tried to touch him but he flinch away and frown.

He keeps staring at me like I’m some foreign being, is it that he doesn’t remember me?.

“Dad, it’s me, Ian, your son!”

“My son?!” I nod eagerly.

He tilts his head and take a closer look at my face, he reach out slowly and touch my face.

But just when a look of recognition almost crossed his eyes, his breath quickens and he falls back but I caught him in time. He holds his head and begin muttering something.

I listened closely and got what he’s saying.

“N-nancy, Nancy,,, N-nancy,,, N-nancy,,,,!”

“Dad, Dad, calm down!”

He didn’t listen, it’s just as if he’s not hearing me, he keeps muttering mom’s name.

“T-the coffee,, coffee,,, it’s,,,, it’s,,,,!” His eyes bulge out as he gasp for air.

I’m totally confused, I don’t know what’s happening. What he’s saying doesn’t make any sense. I turned to Brandon.

“What’s wrong with him?!”

He shakes his head.

“I don’t know, sir”

Dad points towards the window.

“T-there,,,” he shakes my hand. “It’s,,, there,,,, ”

I looked and find the window are closed, maybe he wants them open.

“Brad, open the windows!”

“No!!” Dad screamed. He shakes his head vehemently, fear in his eyes. “T-he coffee,,,”

“Brad, get him coffee, he wants coffee”

“Yes, sir!”


rush to the small table in the room and pour some coffee in a mug and brings it to me.

I took it from him and takes it closer to my dad’s mouth,,, he refused to open his mouth. Rather he pushes it away and it poured on me, I hissed as it burned me.

“General, are you ok?” Brandon asked.

I nod. And turned to my dad, he is staring at the empty coffee mug with fear.

I frown. Could it be that he was posioned before he was hanged? I helped my dad up and excort him slowly to the bed, I help him sit down.

“Dad, do you remember what happened to you?” I asked him.

Instead of replying me, he only stared at me for some minutes and grinned, he touches my face.

“You are a good boy!” He said.

“Dad, does that mean you remember me? You know who I am?”

He shakes his head, but his smiles doesn’t fades.

“I just know you are a good person with a good heart” he paused. “Do you have a brother?”

“Yes, you have to two sons. Javier and I, and I’m the eldest”

“Really?” He turns away from me. “Interesting, where is he?”

“Oh, I think he’s with his

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girlfriend, I’d love for you two to reunite but I’m sorry dad, I can’t”..

“Why? I wanna see him”

“I can’t tell you why either but trust me it’s for everyone’s good”

He didn’t say anything more, he simply nods.

“Dad, do you remember anything,,,, please tell me what happened to you? Someone tried

to kill you,,, did you saw their face?”

He stares silent for a few minutes before he shakes his head.


“No? You didn’t see their face?”

“No! I don’t remember”


“I don’t remember anything”

“Are you sure? Please tell me if you remember something it’ll be of great help,I,,,,”

He lays on the bed and close his eyes.

“I wanna sleep”


“Young Man, if you don’t mind excusing me, let me get some sleep”

My heart leap from my chest when I heard him say “Sleep!” What if something happens? What if he doesn’t wake up again?

“No!” I said.

“I wanna sleep, why no?”

“You have been sleeping for 10years, 10 long years dad. I think that should be enough sleep”

“10 years,,,,right, who is Nancy?”

I frown,,,, please don’t tell me you forgot your wife too.

“Young Man? Nancy?”

“She’s my Mom, your wife”

“My wife?” He stares at the ceiling as if he’s thinking. “The name really does sound familiar,,,but why do I have a feeling that she betrayed me?”

“Betrayed you?”

“Hmm” he nods.

“Dad, that’s not possible,, Mom can never betray you, she was so heartbroken when she heard you died. In fact, she haven’t been the same since”

He huffed and mutters something, I couldn’t catch what he said but it sounds like “Pretence!”

“I wanna sleep”


“I will be fine, now be a good boy and step out for some minutes”

I sigh and stood up. Maybe it’s best if I left him to rest. Brandon open the door and we step out, I lock the door from outside and keep the key in my pocket.

“Brad, get doc Lee here, let him run some tests on my dad. I wanna know why he seems to lost his memory”

“yes, sir”

“Right, and don’t let Javier or my Mom know about this!”

“Yes, sir”

“But sir, I don’t think Mr Morgan lost his memory”

I frown.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, if he really does loss his memory, why did he ask if you have a brother. And how come he remembers your mom’s name?”

“So you mean he is faking memory loss?”

“Yes, sir!”

Hmm, I think Brandon might be right,,,,if he really doesn’t remember anything how could he guess correctly that I have a brother.

Why did he said he felt like Mom betrayed him? Maybe he really didn’t loss his memory….

“But why will he pretend that he doesn’t remember anything?”

“That I’m not sure, sir. Maybe he’s trying to test”

“Test me? Why?”

“I don’t know, sir, but all this is just based on our assumptions. I will get doc Lee to confirm”

I nod and we head out.

Why did dad say Mom betrayed him? Could it be that Mom is related to what happened years ago?

Well, now that dad is awake, we will get the guy behind the murder 10 years ago. I will definitely find out what happened.


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

The next morning…..

I open my eyes and noticed I’m alone on our bed, I looked at Dean’s side of bed. It’s still neat and cold, it seems like he didn’t sleep here last night.

What is in that room? Did he sleep there last night? Maybe I should check his study.

I got off the bed and rushed into the bathroom, I took a quick shower brush my teeth and change into comfy clothes before heading out.


“Miss Aurora, why are you here?” Brandon ask when he sees me.

“Is Dean inside?”

“Yes, but he’s busy”

“Hmm” I hummed and walk past him.

I open the door and enter the study, Dean sat on his big chair and a man sat in front of him.

“Dean!” I called him.

He turns away from the man and faces me with a small smile.

“My Phoebe, why are you here?”

I strode towards him and sits on his lap, I peck his lips softly.

“You weren’t in the room when I woke up, so I thought I should come look for you”

“Hmm, my angel is so sweet”

I turn to the man with a raised eyebrow.

“And this is,,,, ”

“I’m doc Lee Min Ho!”

Doctor? I turn back to Dean with a worried frown.

“Doctor? Are you sick?” I asked him.

“I’m fine, I just need him for something else”

“For what?”

“It’s not something of your concern, Angel”

Not something of my concern? Why had he being acting so mysteriously since last night?


He cuts me off with a frustrated groan.

“My Phoebe, stop being curious, I will let you in when I want to”

“Why can’t you let me in now?”

“I can’t”


“Fine, I need him for some investigations”

Investigation,,,, right, I’ve being in this mansion for some weeks now but I haven’t made any progress on my parents murder case.

“Wait,,, is it for my parents deaths?”

“Not everything is about your parents!”

I frown.

“But,,, you promised you’d help me investigate it”

“I did and I will”


“Just sit back and wait”

“Wait?! For how long?”

Humph! I knew he isn’t reliable,,, I knew he wouldn’t help me.

“Phoebe, go back to our room, I will see you later”

I got off his lap,,, he doesn’t want to help me, fine! After all, I didn’t come here to look for help from him. I came here to find out the truth by myself and that is what I’m gonna do.

I should go pay Dan a visit in the infirmary and make plans with him to bring out the real boss,,, who knows he might be the one behind my parents deaths.

I smiled at doc Lee before stepping out.


|| Ian/Dean ||

“General, why don’t you wanna tell her the truth?” Lee asked me immediately Phoebe left.

“What Truth?”

“That you are actually investigating her parents death in secret?”

I sigh.

“You don’t know my Phoebe, if I tell her the truth she might take some dangerous decisions on her own. I can’t tell her the truth for her own good,,,, from the way I see things, the person behind, whoever they are, they are very powerful and dangerous. They might be closer than we think”

He nods in affirmation. Now that it seems like my Mom is involved, it’s all the more reason I want to keep Phoebe in the dark or she might spill somethings in front of my Mom.

“So, what did you say about my dad’s memory loss?”

“Well, General, it seems like you are right. Mr Morgan didn’t have a memory loss, in fact, he’s fully recovered”

“Then, why is he faking memory loss?”

“I don’t know, maybe he wants to confirm something on his own”

Hmm, all these are giving me a headache.

“General, the woman is showing signs of waking up soon”

“Good, let her stay with you, she’s safer there”

“Yes, sir”

“You may leave” I wave him off.

He nods and left with his briefcase.


He rushes in instantly.

“Yes, General”

“Get some of the boys, let them watch my mom’s every move! Where she goes, people she interacts with and what she does everyday should be reported to me!!”

“Yes, sir!”

Mom, what did you do? How did you betrayed dad?


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

After asking several maids for directions, I finally arrived at the infirmary. I didn’t know the mansion was this big.

I enter the room Dan’s in and saw that maid that pleaded on his behalf, sitting next to him. She is giving him some medicine.


He raised his head up.

“Miss Aurora!”

The maid quickly knees in front of me.

“Thank you so much for coming to our aid” she said.

I simply smile and help her up.

“Please don’t thank me, I only did what I thought is the right thing”

“But I still have to thank you, if you hadn’t intervened I don’t think Dan would still be alive” she said.

“Yes, thank you Miss Aurora” he said.

“Well then, you’re welcome!”

The maid quickly pass me the chair she was sitting, I told her it’s ok, I can stand but she insisted I sat on it, so I did.

“Daniel, I can see you’ve recovered quite alright”

“Yes, ma’am. The General specifically told the doctor to take good care of me”

I rolled my eyes, I don’t wanna hear his name.

“That’s good” I said.

There’s a brief silence.

“What’s your name?” I asked the maid.

“Oh, I’m Cassandra!” She said.

“Wow, it’s a nice name”


I nod. “Cassandra, would you mind excusing us for a moment?”

“Ok!” She replies and steps out of the room. I listened until I couldn’t hear her footsteps anymore.

“Miss Aurora, not to be rude, but why did you come here?” Dan asked.

“It’s about that stuff we talked about,,, I want us to work together and find out who the main boss is”

“T-then, what about my family?”

“Don’t worry, I will think of a way to save them, just cooperate with me”

“Ma’am, I don’t want anything to happen to my family, are you sure you can save them? Or should we get the General involved?”

“Leave Dean out of this, I will save your family”

“But how?”

“Hand me over!”

He frowns.

“Hand you over?”

“Yes, I’m the one they want, if you can hand me over to them your family will be safe”

“B-but the General,,, does he know about this?”

“Forget about the General, he has nothing to do with this!”

“B-but,,,, ”

“I’m the only one who can save your family. I will have to leave now, we will talk about it again when you are fully recovered”

He opens his mouth and close it, I guess he wanted to say something but decided against it.

I pass him a smile and head out. If I can find my parents killer, I won’t mind dying in the process of killing him. I’d die in peace knowing I’ve revenge my parents and they can rest in peace.


|| Daniel ||

This idea Miss Aurora came up with is messed up, I don’t think handing her over is the right way.

Should I tell the General about this? But what if this is really the only way to save my Mom and sister?

I’m confused.


Episode 38.

|| Authoress ||

“Urgh… My head hurts” Brittany grumbles as she holds her head.

Javier chuckles and walk into the room, a glass of water and aspirin in his hands.

“That is what you get from drinking too much” he said.

Brittany glares at him but hiss when a slight pain struck her head.

“Here, baby, it’ll help with your hangover”

She takes it and downed it, she burp a little.


“You’re always welcome”

She turns and take a glance at the wall clock, a gasp leaves her mouth.

“I’m late! I’m late!”

“Late for what?”


Javier rolls his eyes.

“Take it easy, your director called and I told him you won’t be able to come to work today”


“I told him you are sick”

“No, no, no, I can’t miss work!” She said panickly.

“What do you mean you can’t Miss work, what if you are heavily pregnant and ready to drop any minute?”

Brittany tensed when she heard the word “pregnant”, her breath stopped for a few seconds before she laughs nervously.

“Pregnant? That is gonna happen in the farthest, farthest future”

Javier frowns a little.

“Why not in the nearest future? Do you know I’ve been saving for our kids?”

Brittany stares at him with an horrific expression.

*What exactly is running through this guy’s head* she thought to herself.

“Or won’t you like it if we have mini Brittanys and mini Javiers running about in our house?”

“Our house?”

“Yeah, we can’t continue to live with my brother in the mansion. I have a house, we can move there and raise our kids there together” Javier said, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

“Whoa! Ok, let’s not talk about kids yet, that’s so not in my budget now”

Javier’s excitement fades away and he looks at her with a sad puppy eyes.

“You don’t want to have my kids?”

“Not that I don’t want to have your kids, but I can’t now. Right now my career is my priority, I’m tryna build career and it needs all the attention I can give it”

“But we did it without condoms and I remember cuming in you, what if you are already carrying my child?”

Brittany laughs and shakes her head.

“That’s not possible”

“What do you mean it’s not possible? Can’t you carry a child?”

“I took after pills the next morning,,, so I’m not pregnant and I won’t be anytime soon”

“So you mean my sperm was wasted?”

Brittany simply winks at him.

“B-but,,,, ”

Brittany leans forward and kisses his lips softly.

“That’s enough, I should go get ready for work!”

Just then that heard a knock on the door, but before Javier could step in the living room, Brittany hears a familiar voice.

“Miss Cox, Miss Luca, open the door, it’s me your landlord!”

She quickly pulled Javier back in the room and shake her head.

“What?” He asked.

She puts her finger in between her lips and tells him to keep quiet.

“Lower your voice, we can’t let my landlord know that someone is inside” she whispered.

“Why?” He whispers back.

“Because we are owing four months rent”

“What?” He exclaims quietly. “Why aren’t you paying your rent?”

“Rora said, she haven’t gotten her part of the rent, though I have paid my part but I don’t think it’s enough”

Javier sighs and shakes his head.

“My brother’s wife is really something else, thank God we didn’t end up together.” he mutters under his breath. “I will go pay him”

“No! Rora won’t agree to it!”

“Hmm, don’t worry, I’ll talk to her. You just take your bath and I will see the landlord”

Brittany nods and head towards the bathroom, while Javier goes to settle the landlord.


|| Authoress ||

“General, it’s time to question that spy, Eric” Brandon reports.

Ian look up with a tired groan, he closes the file he was going through and rests his head back on his chair.

“I can’t question him today, I already have enough on my plate as it is now!”

“So, when are we gonna question him, sir?”

“I don’t know, I will question him when I’m ready”

“Ok, sir!”

Ian yawn and stretch his body on the chair, his whole body feels so stiff.

“I need a massage, go get my Phoebe here!”

“Yes, sir!”

Brandon leaves immediately and within 6minutes he’s back.

“Sir, she isn’t in the room”

Ian open his eyes and quickly sit up, a frown appears on his face.

“Where did she go?”

“A guard told me she went to the infirmary, I guess she went to see Dan”

“Yeah, right. How is Dan doing?”

“He is recovering quite well, sir”

“That’s good, I’m yet to figure out how to rescue his family. How are the boys doing, have they been able to track where his family are kept?”

“They did but the location was changed before I could report it to you”

“Hmm, they should continue tracking them. When Dan is fully recovered he will make it easy for us”

“Yes, sir!”

At that moment the door open and Aurora comes in, she holds a tray of food in her hands.

Ian smiles when he sees her come in, but she pretends as if she didn’t see him at all.

She drop the tray on the table and turn to leave, but Ian quickly stand up and rush to hug her from behind.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Hugging my woman!” He said.

Brandon clears his throat and Ian glares at him.

“General, I’d better step out”

“Do you need to ask before you leave?” He growled at him.

Brandon doesn’t need to be told twice, he runs out as if Ian just set his pants on fire.

“General, let me go. I have other stuff to do” she said in a blank tone.

Though listening to her clearly, you’d know she is upset about something.

“What other stuff?” He asked her.

“And why should I tell you? Everyone has their own secret things to do!!”

Ian chuckles. Now he knows why his Phoebe is angry, he turns her to face him and rest his forehead against his.

“My Phoebe, I really did need doc Lee for an investigation but it’s not for your parents case”

Aurora scoffs.

“Tell me something I don’t know”

“I promised you that I will find your parents murderer and I will do just that, but you have to be patient with me”

She rolls her but didn’t say anything, she’s already made up her mind to do this on her own, so there’s no need saying anything else.

“Come, eat with me!” He invites her.

“I’m full”

“Are you sure? Or you just don’t wanna eat with your Dean?”

“I’m full”

Ian bend and swoops her in his arms, she instinctively wrap her legs around his torso.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, since you don’t wanna eat with me, I will just hold you in my arms while eating”


Ian sits down and start eating in silence, as Aurora is busy playing games on her phone. He’d sometimes forcefully put some meat in her mouth and laugh whenever she tries but fails to bite her finger.

When he’s done eating, he called Brandon to bring the plates back to the kitchen.

“Thanks my Phoebe, that was one delicious lunch, I will get fat in no time if you continue feeding me like this”

She rolled her eyes.

“That wasn’t my cooking, Mom cooked and asked me to bring it over” she lied.

She unconsciously glance at her pinkie finger she had cut when dicing the onions.

Ian catches this action of hers and grin.

“Right, tell Mom I said thank you”


Ian stand up with Aurora still in his arms and walk towards the bed in his study.

“My Phoebe, I have stuff back, can you please give me a massage?”

“Nope, unless,,,,, ”

“Unless what?”

“You will have to pay for my service”

“Angel, have you forgotten so soon? You are banned from using money for two weeks,,,, that includes no payment of any sorts”

“B-but that’s not fair!”

“I can transfer the money into your account, when your two weeks is up, I will give your card back to you”

“But I need the cash right now!!”

“Sorry, Angel, you brought this upon yourself”

“Then I won’t massage you”

“Oh? I’m afraid you wouldn’t see your card ever again” ian put her down and laid on his stomach on the bed.

He close his eyes and yawn, waiting for Aurora to change her mind cause he knows his woman can’t do without money.

“Fine!! I will massage you!”

She sat on his back and begin to pound on it.

“What is my Phoebe doing?”

“Giving you a massage!!”

“Ohh, I love it, keep it up!” He moaned.

“You are supposed to feel pain not enjoy it”.

“Oh, too bad I’m enjoying it”

She scoff and continue pounding his back and this time even harder than before, but Ian keeps moan in contentment much to Aurora’s provocation.


A week and three days later……..

|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

I bolt up from the bed and dash into the bathroom when I feel something rush up my throat. I bend my head in the toilet and poured out my guts, I feel Dean hold up my hair behind me.

“Sorry, Angel” he said as he rubs my back gently.

I stand up and head back to our room, I fall on the bed with a groan.

I look at the clock, it’s just 03:05am. And this is the fifth time I’m vomiting tonight.

“Are you not sure it’s because of something you ate?” Dean asked me.

I shake my head.

“I don’t think so, remember I didn’t eat before going to bed”

Yeah, it started since before I went to bed.



I look around the table, nothing looks appetizing to me. In fact the aroma kinda wanna make me puke.

Dean puts five slice of fried plantains on my plate.

“Eat, my Phoebe, these are your favorite” he said.

I nod with a smile.

” Thank you” I told him.

I eagerly poke a slice and take it to my mouth, I chew it and swallow it but it quickly comes back up. I got up and rushed into the nearest room, I locate the toilet and vomited it out.

Everyone looked at me worriedly when I returned to the dinning room, Dean is even more worried.

“Are you ok?” He asked when I sits down.


“Are you sure?” I nod. “Do you want me to dish something else for you?”

“No, I will go get something fruits later”

He didn’t say anything else, but he keeps giving me worried glances. I take a peek around the table, Javier has gone back to eating his food, but Mrs Morgan is staring at me intensely which makes me kinda uncomfortable.


Later that evening,,

We are back in our room, I have a plate of sliced apples on my lap, while Dean is working on his laptop..

When I’m done with my apples, I drop the plate on the nightstand and laid on our bed.

“Ready for bed?” He asked me.


He laughs briefly.

“I noticed you’ve been sleeping quite a lot lately, you’ll get fat soon” he said.

I rolled my eyes and turn away from him.

“Don’t disturb me, I really need this sleep, I’m so tired”

“So,,, does that mean, no good night kiss for me?”

I turn back to him and sit up, I hold his face, pulled him closer to me and plant my lips on his. Right at that moment, I perceive his cologne, before I could move away I puked in his mouth.

I pulled away and gasp!!

“Dean, I-i,,I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that” I said.

Surprisingly, I found myself crying. Why am I being emotional? This is so unlike me?

He takes a wiper from the nightstand and wipes his mouth. He rushed to the bathroom and brushed his teeth, he comes back and carry my crying form to the bathroom.

He takes out my brush and hands it to me, I brush my teeth while still crying. Why can’t I stop crying for godsake?!.

“Angel, it’s ok”

“It’s not ok! I puked in your mouth!” I cry more.

“It’s fine, I like it when you puked in my mouth”

“You are lying! You are lying!”

When I’m done brushing, he carries me back to our bed and cradles me.

“I’m sorry,, so, sorry”

“Angel, it’s fine!”

He continues saying sweet nothings in my ear.

End of flashback|•|•|•|

And that’s how it has been since last night. Everytime I perceive his cologne, I’ll puke and he doesn’t want to stay away from me.

“I think I will have Lee do some test for you tomorrow”

I shake my head.

“I’m fine, maybe it’s because of your cologne”

He frowns.

“What? This is the cologne I’ve been using”

“Oh! But I’m fine, I’m sure it’ll stop by morning”

“You,,,, ”

“I’m fine, let’s sleep” he simply nods and we laid down, his arms wrapped around me.

I will talk to Britt about it in the morning, she’ll sure know what is wrong with me.


|| Ian/Dean ||

“General! General!”

My eyes snap open. Brandon’s face greets me, I quickly sit up and look around. It’s already morning and my Phoebe is no longer in bed with me.

“Where’s my Phoebe?”

“She went out, sir!”

“Did she say where she is going?”

“She said she is going over to Brittany’s”

I nod and got off the bed.

“Sir, you have a guest”

“A guest? So early in the morning?” I mean it’s just 9am.

“Yes, sir, and he came with his luggage!”

What? I frown.

“Who is he?”

“It’s best you come see for yourself”

I sigh and follow him out.


*Why did you come here?!* I hear mom asked someone in shushed voice before I enter the living room.

“Mom? Who are you talking to?”

She turned to me with eyes wide open as if she’s caught doing something wrong, I narrowed my eyes.

I turn and fist my hands at what I saw. He stands there with an arrogant smirk on his lips, his luggage stood next to him.

“Aren’t you gonna say hi to your uncle?”



T. B.

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