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July 24, 2021


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Doctor cutie Episode 27 & 28

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[Love cures All]

Episode 27.

By; Racheal Dennis||



NB; before you read, please know that I was feeling sleepy while I was typing this episode,,,I didn’t want the idea to get off my head so I had to fight the sleep. It might be full of rubbish,,, please don’t mind it.

Correct any mistakes you find mentally,,,I’m sorry.


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

I finally found the pantry, I took a mug and pour myself some coffee. Just as I’m about to enjoy it, a hand takes it from me.

I look up and see Brandon.

“Hey, that’s mine!”

He laughs.

“I know, but General wants me to bring you to the conferrence room”

“I don’t wanna go, it’s gonna be so long and boring”

“I’d advise you go, or I swear, the General is gonna kill someone”

I sighed.

Have collected his money, I can’t go back on my words now, right?.

“Fine, let’s go!” I said.

“Follow me”

He leads the way and I sluggishly follow behind, hoping the meeting would’ve gone far before I reaches there.

After a long elevator ride, we stopped at the 14th floor and enter a room.

Inside the room, there’s a long table with chairs surrounding it. Dean sat at the head, his lawyer by his side. A man of the same age sat opposite Barr Dede, then two elderly men sat next to each other.

They turned their attention to me as the door opens and not knowing what to do, I wave nervously.

Brandon takes me to Dean.

“General!” He bows and leaves.

Dean pull out a chair I didn’t notice next to him, he looks at me with a smile.

“Angel, sit!” He invited me.

I sat down and look around the table, I notice one of the elderly men was the one I bumped into earlier.

What is he doing here? Or is he the Mr Rogers?

I notice he’s glaring daggers at me,,, I quickly look away but I can still feel his hard gaze on me.

“Who is this, Ian?” The man said.

“My girlfriend!” Dean replies shortly.

“Are you not gonna introduce me?”

Dean clenched his jaw but doesn’t react,,, it’s as if he doesn’t want the man here.

“This not the place for introductions” Dean said through gritt teeth.

“Oh? But I think there will be no better time than this for introductions”

Dean wanted to react but I place my hand on his lap and slowly shake my head at him.

“Phoebe, this is my uncle, uncle Jeremy” Dean said with an obviously fake smile.

I take a look at Dean’s uncle and I notice they have a striking resemblance,,,, one could easily mistake them for father and son.

“Phoebe,,,,” Mr Jeremy trails off.

He glared at me for some minutes,,, Dean hits the table gently.

“Let’s continue, please!”

Barr Dede clears his throat and drops two files on the table.

“Now Mr Rogers, you are claiming that my client stole your business idea, but I trust my client when he said he came up with this idea personally.

So, if you’d please tell us why you came up with this idea,, tell us why you wanted to build the honeymoon resort in Georgia!” Barr Dede said.

The guy whom I guess is Mr Rogers bangs his hand on the table.

“I don’t need to tell you my reasons for wanting to build the honeymoon resort,, I have come with my sketch that should be enough to show that General Ian stole my idea!”

Barr Dede turns to the other man.

“Barr Ted, please make your client understand why he must tell us his reasons”

Barr Ted nod.

“Mr Rogers, you have to tell us your reasons if you want to take this matter to court and win. Or you might be sentence for falsely accusing a fellow business tycoon!”

“What,,,? But h-he,,, h-he,,,, he stole my work!”

Dean who’s been quiet lifts his body off his chair and lean on the table.

“But how can we be so sure that I actually stole your idea if you don’t tell us the reasons you wanted to build the honeymoon resort” Dean said.

Mr Rogers glanced at Jeremy, I don’t know if others notice this too.

“Fine! I will say it”

“Go ahead, please” Dean said.

Mr Rogers clears his throat.

“Well, it’s because,,,,,,,, I,,,,,, I,,,, we,,,,,” he glances at Jeremy again.

I frown,,,, why is he trailing off?

“I,,, wanted to,,,, we,,,,,,”

Dean bangs on the table loudly and see everyone flinch back in their chairs.

“Everyone, it’s obvious he doesn’t know what to say!” He growled angrily.

“General calm down. How about you tell us your reasons” Barr Ted said.

“Do you still need my client to explain? Isn’t obvious that Mr Rogers was the copycat here?”

“It’s only fair, if he tells us!”

Dean rest back on his chair, he takes my hand in his and interwine our fingers.

“Well, just to clear doubts,, I wanted to build the resort because I want to create an environment that will bring couples closer.

An environment that will remind them of why they came together in the first place.

An environment that will teach them to cherish each other, love each other unconditionally and depend on each other.

An environment that will teach them the beauty of falling in love and remaining in love.

I thought I wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience love myself,,, so I wanted to build this resort to help couples that are falling apart. I think this is the best way I can help save some relationships!”

I smiled at Dean and I couldn’t control my hands as I begin to clap. When I noticed I was the only one clapping, I stopped and sat down. Dean takes my hand and kisses my knuckles, I smiled shyly.

I raised my head, Jeremy’s glare has increased. It’s almost as if he’s gonna pierce my soul.

Barr Dede cleared his throat and a proud smile playing on his face.

“Now it’s clear that my client didn’t steal this business idea, if anything it was you, Mr Rogers that stole his business idea.

So do you still wanna take this matter to court? Cause you are so going to lose and you might go to jail”

Mr Rogers will stand up.

“I’m sorry, I will drop the case” he didn’t waste anytime.

He leaves immediately as if his pants is on fire.

Jeremy also stands up.

“I will have to leave too now that everything is settled”

“Oh? Aren’t you gonna stay for some coffee?” Dean ask.

“No, I have some business to attend to” without waiting for Dean’s reply he left.

I don’t think Dean and Jeremy have a good relationship.

“General, I should leave too, you know my wife is heavily pregnant” Barr Dede said.

“Yes, yes! Thanks for coming, also thanks for your efforts!”

“It’s nothing, sir”.

He packs his stuff, carries his briefcase and leave.

I woof as Dean swoops me off my chair onto his lap.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m tryna find out if you’ve lost weight since you refuse to eat anything this morning”

I roll my eyes.

“I’m fine!”

“Hmm, then let me hug you”

He pulls me more closer to him and rests his head on my chest,,, no, his head rests on my breasts.

I try to push his head away but he didn’t let me.

“I’m perfectly fine where I am” he said.

“Do you know you are resting on my,,, my,,, my,,,,”

“Your breasts, I know and I just noticed something”


“That they are the softest things I’ve ever touch,,,,from today onwards they will be my favorite pillows now”

“Y-you,,, you,,, ”

“I,, I,, what?”

“It’s inappropriate!”

He laughs and raises his head.

“My Phoebe,,, you are my girlfriend and nothing is inappropriate between us. Anything that happens and is gonna happen is normal.

And that includes, kissing you”

He kisses my lips lightly to demonstrate.

“All these things”

He squeezes my breasts, his hold hands holds my waist tightly. He leaves my breasts and cups my,,, my,,,, golden apple and I gasp.

“They all belong to me,, everything about you is mine!!”

My stomach sees that as the perfect time to growl. Dean laughs and shakes his head.

“Don’t laugh!”

“Are you hungry?”

“I think my stomach just made that clear!”

“Ok, I will take you out to eat”

I wanted to agree when I remembered I promise to go see after the meeting.

“Brandon!” Dean calls.

Brandon rushes in, I guess he was on standby.


“I want you to sweep my company, find the spies in it and take them to my dungeon for questioning!”

“Yes, sir!”

“You can leave!”


I got off Dean’s lap and pick my purse.

“D-dean, I,, I have something to do that needs my urgent attention”

“What is that?”

“I want to go see Brittany”

“You can see her after you have lunch”

I shake my head.

“No, I really have to see now, it’s very urgent”

“No matter how urgent it is, you must eat first”

“What if she’s dying?”.

“I don’t,,,,,,”

I cut him off with a kiss, he pulls me closer and wants to deepen the kiss. But I bite his lower lip and he lets go of me.

“Fuck! Angel what was that for!”

I rush to the door.

“Sorry, I’ll see you later at the mansion”

Then I’m out.


|| Ian/Dean ||

I stare at the door and shake my head. This girl is something else, I grab my car keys and head out.

I will just follow behind her cab, make sure she gets there safely.


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

I paid the cab driver and rush out.

“Keep the change!” I told him and rush to our door.

I push it open and enter, I saw Brittany sitting on a sofa in front of the TV. I rushed to her.

“Britt, what happened? You sound so sad on the phone!”

She turns to me quickly and hug me, resting her head on my shoulder, then she burst into tears.

I pat her back gently.

“It’s ok, it’s fine, I’m here now. You can tell me anything”

“I’m a slut,, ” she cries.


“I-i,,, I-i,,, ”

She couldn’t speak. Why is she referring to herself as a slut?.

Wait,,, is it,,,

“Don’t tell it’s Eric! Did he come back here? Tell me what he did and I will hunt him down and get revenge for you!!”

She raised her head and shake it.

“It’s not him, it’s Javier”

I frown,,, ok, now I’m confused.

“Javier?!” She nods. “What did he do?”

“He,, I,,”

“Britt, take a deep breath and tell me slowly”

She closes her eyes and squeeze out tears from her eyes, inhale and exhale, then open her eyes.

“We,, we had sex!”


I’m surprised,,, really surprised because Brittany told me she’s saving herself for her future husband.

Now I understand why she’s feeling so bad,,

“H-how? I mean, you and Javier,,, what happened? How did you guys end up,,,, ”

“I should tell you everything” she said and I nod.
[Love cures All]

Episode 28.

By; Racheal Dennis||

|| Mrs Morgan ||

Looking at the newly trimmed flowers in the garden, I smile. I poke a small piece of watermelon and take it to my mouth.

“Ma’am, your phone is ringing!” Camelle tells me.

“Who’s calling?”

“Unknown” she replies.

I drop the plate of watermelon next to me and collect my phone from her.

I bring it closer to my ear.



I stiff, there’s only one person that calls me Nancy.


“I saw that girl, she is still breathing,,,, why isn’t she dead yet?”

I turn to Camelle.

“Leave me!” I told her, she nods and leave immediately.

“Jeremy, I think we should leave Phoebe, the girl is innocent, she knows nothing about us”

“I can’t leave her out of it, that girl will make Ian weak!!”

“That’s not true,,,,, ”

“I know what I’m talking about! You should’ve seen them at the office, that girl will bring Ian down and I can’t let that happen!!”

I sigh.

“Jeremy, she did nothing to me, I can’t harm her,,,,, I don’t think will be able to help you and I will advise you stop what you are doing now before it’s too late, please Jeremy”

“Nancy, I gave you one week and when that one week is over, if that girl isn’t dead, I will kill her myself!!”

“You,,,, ” he hangs up.

I sigh,,, I wouldn’t lie that I didn’t consider helping Jeremy. But seeing Phoebe this morning, I change my mind.

A lot of innocent people lost their lives 10years ago for our dirty secret,,,, I can’t let more people die,,, I can’t let Phoebe die!

I can’t tell Ian about Jeremy’s threat or he’ll find out about my affair,,, I will just find a way to protect her secretly.


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

“I swear I didn’t know how it happened, I don’t know who possessed my body,,, I only realized what I did this morning” Britt said.

I had listened to her explanation and I must say I’m shocked. Brittany had always has that mind set that only her future husband will have the rights to her body.

Now she just gave herself to Javier.

“I’m now a slut, right? Only sluts behave this way”

I shake my head.

“No, don’t say that, you are not a slut”

“But I’ve lost my dignity!” She lamented.

“You didn’t lost your dignity, and you are not a slut. Listen, Britt, what happened is not your fault,, stop blaming yourself. We are all humans and we all have needs, and one way or the other, we all give in to our needs”

“B-but,, but,, Javier he,, he will think I’m cheap”

“He won’t, I know Javier from childhood, though we’ve separated for years but with the short period of time I have spent with him, I can guarantee you that Javier isn’t one to judge”

“I don’t wanna see him anymore,, I can’t face him”

I sigh,,,

“How did Javier react this morning? Did he say anything bad to you?”

She shakes her head.

“I was the one who chased him out,, I couldn’t face him”

I smile,,, I know everything happened in a hurry but I didn’t think she’d panic in a situation.

“Britt, stop crying ok, I will talk to Javier and hear what he will say. I’ve got your back, ok?”

She nods and wipes her tears.

“Now, smile for mummy!”..

She breaks into a weak smile, I shake my head and rest her head on my shoulder.

“I’ve got you, baby, I’ve got you”



T. B. C

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