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Doctor cutie Episode 19 & 20

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[Love cures All]

Episode 19.

By: Racheal Dennis|



|| Aurora+Phoebe) ||

I met Britt on my way to the kitchen, she seems to be fully dressed.

“Rora, how is the General?” She asked and follows me to the kitchen.

“He is fine but cold, I wanna make some soup for him”

She nods and look out the kitchen window, it has stopped raining but it’s dark, like it’s getting late.

“I’m going out”

“Going out?” I glanced at the wall clock in our kitchen. “At 7pm?”

She nods.

“A co-worker is celebrating her birthday and she invited all of us to celebrate with her”

“Oh, so it’s a birthday party”


“At where?”

She eyes me.

“Since when did you turn to my dead Mom?”

“Answer me, I need to know where you are, remember we only have each other”

She smiles.

“I understand,, well, we are going to K-Oceans,, I don’t know when I’ll be back”

I sigh,, so it’s just gonna be me and Dean in this house.

“Ok! Have fun and get your mind off Eric!”

“I will” she replied overly excited, and I kinda hate how it sounds.

“But not too much fun!”

She smirks, an evil glint in her eyes.

“I can’t promise that!”

“You,,,,” and she is out.

I guess I will have to wait by the door for her tonight.


|| Javier ||

“Sir, what are we doing in the General’s room?!” Dan whisper to me.

“Shhhh!” I shush him. “We are here to steal”

“Steal? Didn’t you steal some clothes from his closet yesterday?”

I roll my eyes.

“We are not here to steal clothes, I’m here to take some shoes,, after all, I will need shoes to wear those clothes!”

He takes in deep breaths.

“But sir, you can buy this things for yourself, you have money”

I stand up and take a step back, I smiled at the amount of shoes I packed.

Ian seldom goes out, I wonder why he buys so many designers clothes and shoes,,,, maybe he’s buying them for me to steal them,,,,what a caring elder bro.

I turn to Dan, he looked worried,,,,or should I say,,, guilty?

I smile and placed my hands on his shoulders.

“Dan, you are right, but he is my elder brother and he should be responsible for me,,,, my needs”

“I’m worried, if the General finds out you stole his shoes, he’ll,,,,,, ”

“Take a chill pill, Dan, he’s my brother I know how to calm him down”

His phone rings, he reaches for it and sneakily peep at the screen.

He quickly shove it back in his pocket and face me, I pretend as if I wasn’t aware that his phone rang.

“Sir, it’s a call from home, I have to take it”

“Ok, I will just move these shoes to my room”

“Thank you, sir!”

I wave him off and he leaves. I package the shoes in a bag and head to my room.

Not up to five minutes, Dan comes back to my room.

“Sir, my dad just called, my younger sister is sick, I wanna go check on her”

“Oh? Your sister is sick?”

He nods.

I studied his expression, he seems restless and I can tell he is lying.

“How about you go tomorrow morning, I might even come with you”

He shakes his head in denial.

“No, sir. It’s best I go now and you don’t have to come with me, my family isn’t worthy of your visit!”

I smirk. Something is fishy about this call.

“Ok, you can go!”

“Thank you sir!”

I smirk more, I will let him leave and tail him later.

Let’s find out where he is going.


|| Brittany ||

“Hey, Britt is here!” Kathleen shouts over the loud music when she sees me.

I smile and walk towards them.

Kathleen, Doris, Lola and Renee sits on the booth closest to the window.

Kathleen is the birthday girl.

“Happy birthday, Kathy!” I wished her.

“Thanks, girlfriend” she said and hug me.

I look round the table, it’s filled with different varieties of drinks.

“Tonight is all about kathleen and we are gonna drink until we drop!” Lola said.

“Yay!!” We cheer.

“Let’s get this party started!!”

I take a bottle of whiskey and pop the cover,,,, tonight I’m gonna forget all about Eric and maybe I can get a hottie for myself.


|| Javier ||

I smirk as I park my car in the parking lot.


So, this is the home Dan said he’s coming to, I step out of my car and throw the key to a valet.

I enter the club and find a seat for myself in a quiet corner,,a place where I can perfectly view Dan.

He sits opposite someone, the person’s back is facing me.

“Sir, would you like something to drink?” A passerby waitress asked me with a flirtatious smile.

“Get me your strongest drink!” I reply her with a wink and she blush as she giggles.

I roll my eyes and shake my head.


She leaves to get the drink, while I focus my attention on Dan. I just need to observe for now.


|| Brittany ||

I gulp down the remaining content in the bottle and slam it on the table, I burb.

I feel a weight on my waist and I realized I need to use the restroom.

I got up and staggers back a little.

“Girlfriend, you are drunk!” Renee said.

I laugh briefly.

“Nah, but I’mma gonna head to the restroom!”

“Oh, should I accompany you or you wanna go by yourself?” Doris asked.

“I,,I will go by myself,, order for more drinks before I come back”

“On it!”

I giggle and staggers away.


I wash my face to help keep me sober a little, I look in the mirror and I stayed frozen.

Oh no!

What is he doing here? His eyes meets mine in the mirror and he smirks.

“Brittany, my sweet Brittany, do you miss me?” He asked.

I turned quickly and stare at him in fear,,,, I honestly didn’t expect I’d run into him here.

“E-eric?!” I gasp out.

“The one and only!!”

My heart start beating fast, I grip the sink behind me tightly.

“So, now you come to clubs? If you are ready to lose your virginity, why didn’t you come to me?”

I need to escape from him,, but there’s no way out,, he’s blocking the only way.

“You know,, had you given it to me I wouldn’t have cheated on you,, I waited for two long years, two years”

I suddenly feel anger build up in me.

“Two years you say? We dated for two years but you weren’t serious with us,,, two years and you didn’t think of proposing to me,,, you didn’t think of making me your wife!”

He snickers.

“Marry you?” He scoffs.

“How old are you? 21 and you are already thinking of marriage?”

What? So he never meant to marry me..

“I have seen 17, 18 and even 19 years old get married” I argued.

He smirks, he move closer to me.

“Too bad I ain’t gonna marry you, but I must have you tonight,, I must own you,,, I will do as I please with you tonight!”

“Stay away from me!”

“You can’t stop me now, you can’t run!”

“Don’t come close, stay away from me,,,, someone help me!!”

“Scream all you like, no one is coming to save you”

I ignore him and continue calling for help.

“Help, some one, anyone, help!! Help me!!”


|| Javier ||

“Anything else you need?” The waitress asked me.

She sits across me, her long legs crossed, she bites her lower lip seductively.

I arch my eyebrows pretending to be clueless of what she’s asking me.

“Do you need anything else,,, apart from your drink of course” she winks at me, I guess that’s her signal.

I smirk and lean forward, I drag my forefinger tip along her lap and look into her eyes.

“How about you go look for someone else to flirt with?” I whisper to her.


I sit up straight and bang my hand on the table.

“I said go elsewhere!!” I said firmly.

Had it not been I’m here on a mission, I’d have flirted with her for some time,,, but now I don’t need distractions.

She stands up angrily, she humph and walked away, stomping her feet as she so goes.

I turn my focus to Dan and see him get up and head somewhere, the other man is gone,,,,I got up too and follow him.

Just as I bend a corner, I hear a voice calling for help, the voice kinda sound familiar.

I almost ignore it, but the cry for help was so desperate,,, I had no choice but to go check it out.


|| Brittany ||

He cages me against the wall, I feel his body pressed against mine, leaving nowhere for me to escape.

His right hand grab my left breast and he squeeze it roughly and I cry in pain, he tries to crash his lips on mine but I struggle with him and manage to bite his lower lip.

He angrily slaps me and bash my head on the wall,,, I swear I saw stars floating.

“Someone help me!!” I called weakly,.

I tried to fight him off but he’s far too strong,,, stronger than me.

He held the edge of my gown and tore it, his fingers find my Virgina and he thrusts two of fingers in roughly and I screamed in pain.

“Eric stop! Stop it!”

“Stop what?! I have not even started yet!”


“No one will hear you, the music is too loud and your voice is too tiny to catch anyone attention”

God, is this how I’m gonna lose my virginity?

I close my eyes,,,I can’t stay awake to witness this,, I want to pass out.

Just when I wanted to give up,, I feel Eric’s weight pulled away from me. I open my eyes and see,,,, Javier?

What is he doing here?

But I smiled,,, at last someone came.

“What the fuck where you doing?!” He growled at Eric and lands a punch on his face.

“It’s none of your fucking business,,, I was just having fun with my girlfriend!” Eric said and tries to come to me.

Javier pushed him away and stand in front of me, he turns to look at me,, surprise flashes through his eyes.

“Brittany,, right?”

I nod weakly.

“Aren’t you Aurora’s friend?”

I nod again, I see Eric coming towards Javier with his fisted hand. But before I could inform Javier, he has already caught Eric’s hand.

How did he do that? He was facing me,, how did he know Eric is coming?

“Are you ok?” He asked me.

I nod, I start to cough and I feel something running up my throat.


|| Javier ||

I twist this fucker’s hand and he scream as I hear his bones crack.

“Let go of my bloody hand!” He winces.

“I thought you wanted to throw a sneakily punch at me” I tease him.

Nobody can sneak up on me, I was single handedly trained by Ian and Ian is a great warrior, in fact I have never seen anyone who can best him,,

And since I learnt from the best,, I’m also good.

“Bloody let go!” He said.

I let go of his hand but kick his stomach and he falls to the ground groaning in pain.

“I don’t want to see you anywhere near Brittany!! Do you understand me,,, or should I speak spanish?!”

He glares at Brittany, I marched his chest and he falls back again.

“Do you understand me?!”

He nods.


“Now leave!!”

He quickly crawls away.

I laugh at how scared he looked, I dust my hands and sigh.

“I hate fighting most” I said.

I turn back to Brittany, she seems to be uncomfortable. I quickly bend to her level and swoop her in my arms.

“Brittany, are you ok?”

She didn’t say anything, she keeps shaking and before I knew it, she vomited on me.

“Oh!” I make a disgusted face.

I stand up with her still in my arms.

“S-sorry,,” she said.

“It’s fine,,, I guess you had too much drinks”

She nods slowly.

“Well, I’mma gonna take you home, is that alright?”

She nods again.

I wonder who that guy was and why she drank so much.


|| Aurora (Phoebe)||

“Alright, Dean, here is your soup!” I said and put the soup on my nightstand.

“Feed me!”


“Feed me!”

I stand up and put my hands on waist and glare at him, he simply look at me with a cute puppy eyes and pouted lips.

“Dean, you are a grown man, if you can’t feed yourself then sit there with your cold body!”

“Please, my Phoebe, please feed me!”


He suddenly starts to smirk.

“Well, I can have another soup that works faster than the soup you brought”

I frown.

“Where is it?” I asked.

He grabs my hand and pull me, I fall on the bed and he comes on top of me.

“Right here!” He said.

He moves his lips closer to mine.

“W-what are you doing!” I asked in a short stutter.

“Trying to have my soup!”

Then he crashes his against mine without warning and pulls me impossibly close to him.

Without hesitation I open my mouth and he eagerly delves in, nipping and sucking. It’s almost as if I have been waiting for this moment since forever.

In that moment I feel a pang of desire hit me, but why?.

He breaks the kiss and leans his forehead against mine, his eyes hooded with desire.

“This soup tastes even better than I thought!” He said.

He didn’t waste anytime to crash his lips back onto mine, savouring my taste as his hand drifts to my hip and pulls me even more closer to him. I feel the raw intensity of our bodies pressed up against each other as my clothes hides nothing from his eyes.

My lips part as he delves deeper. A moan escapes my throat, and that seems to spur him to pleasure me further. He bites on my lower lip teasingly before he trails light kisses down my neck.

His lips find their way down to my chest,,, his teeth grabs my nipple tenderly and bites it teasingly through my dress.

“Dean,,,,,” I moan out his name.

His hand move underneath my top and he grabs the other breast then,,,,,,,,,,


We heard a loud bang come from the living room, that woke me up from my fantasy world.

I push Dean away from me and quickly stand up. My cheeks heating up.

I adjust my clothes and turn to face Dean.

He is staring at me with an unreadable expression on his face,,, a sly smile on his lips.

“What did you stop me from having my soup to my satisfaction?”

“S-someone,,,,,, I guess I should check the door!” I rush out of the room before he could speak.

I arrive at the living room and open the door.

“Javier?” I called in surprise.

“Hi” he smiles.

My eyes moved down to his eyes and I see Brittany securely wrapped in his hands.

“What happened?” I asked in panic.

“She got drunk” he replied.

I knew she’d get drunk.

“Bring her in!” I ushered him in.

He nods, and just as he steps in, his expression turns to that if surprise.

“Brother?!” He said.

I turn around and see Dean standing there.
[Love cures All]

Episode 20.

By: Racheal Dennis||

|| Aurora (Phoebe) ||

“Brother?!” Javier called.

I turn and saw Dean standing there with his hands, his smiling face few minutes is now a furious face.

He looked so angry and I don’t know why.

“What are you doing here, Javier!!” He asked.

Javier scoffed.

“I should be the one asking that, I thought you’d be home already”

He pause and gasp dramatically.

“Don’t tell me you planned to stay the night here!” He quickly dropped Britt on a sofa and rushes back to Dean.

He poke Dean’s cheek.

“Do you plan to spend the night here?”

Dean catches his finger poking his cheek and twist it.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Javier cries.

“Dean, let go of his finger!” I scold him.

“Why should I? He interrupted us!” He said.

I roll my eyes,,, what is he talking about.

“Interupts what exactly?” I asked.

He blinks his eyes rapidly and his ears start turning red,,, Javier sees this and burst into laughter.

“Fuck! You are blushing,,, Ian is blushing!!” He exclaims.

Dean lets go of his finger and turn away from us, as if he’s hiding his face.

Javier holds my shoulder and give it a little shake.

“What were you two doing? Don’t tell me you guys are already planning on making babies,,,,, ”

He trails off and narrow his eyes at me,, he look between Dean and I, then he smirked.

“Or you guys already made one!”

He trace his hand on my stomach.

“Is it growing now?”

His hands kinda tickle me.

“What are you doing?” I asked amidst laughter.

“I’m trying to feel the baby’s movement” he replied.

Dean turns, his eyes zeroed on Javier’s hand on my stomach,, he snatches it away and glared at him.

“Don’t touch her like that!!” He growled at Javier.

Javier raises his hand in surrender and mocking smile on his face.


I shake my head at Dean’s action.

“Javier, thank you for sending Britt home, I didn’t know she was gonna get drunk like this”

“It’s fine, glad I could help” he said.

I nod,,, I hear Britt groan and turn to her. She is sweating so much and she look so pale.

“I guess she is running a fever!” Javier said.

“Yeah, but I will stay up all night to take care of her”

“What about me?!” Dean asked.

I frown.

“What about you?”

“Yes,,, I’m sick too you know, who’s gonna look after me tonight?”

“You are sick?” I asked again.

He nod.

“Remember I was under the rain for such a long time and I caught a cold,,,, in fact,, I’m still shivering!”

He begin to shiver to prove his point,,, he’s trying to play a prank on me, what he doesn’t know is, I’m a big drama queen.

I can see through his flawed act.

“Well, there isn’t enough room for you here” I face Javier. “Take your brother home and tell Brandon to pay attention to him tonight, since he’s so sick”

“Yes, ma’am”

“No!” Dean said.


“I’m not going home without you,, I can’t sleep without you massaging me, have you forgotten that!”

I smiled.

“It’s just a massage,, Brandon or Javier can do it”

“It’s not just a massage, it’s,,,, it’s,,,, it’s,,,, ugh! You won’t understand!” He said frustratingly.

“Brother, what’s so special about her massage?”

He throws Javier a harsh glare.

“Shut up!”

Brittany groan again, she tug on her top as if pulling it off.

“Gentlemen, if you don’t mind leaving”

“I’m not leaving!” Dean state stubbornly.

“Dean, this is not the time to be stubborn, I need to undress Britt or do you wanna look at her nakedness?”

“I’ll wait for you in your room!”

“No! Leave!”




I don’t think this man is ready to leave,, I need to find way to chase him out.

“If you don’t leave, I will never come back to the mansion!”

He stilled.

“I’m not leaving without you”

“I can’t leave Britt alone like this”

“Then let me stay the night!”

Ok, I’ve had enough of his stubbornness,,, he is being childish.


I see Javier flinch back, staring at me with wide eyes. Dean on the other just stood looking at me with a deep frown, his hands fisted and he breaths heavily.

Uh-oh, did I hit the wrong button?

I’m done!

“Fine! But tomorrow, I come and get you, wether you like it or not!!”

Without another word, he marches outside.

Javier glance at Britt before smiling at me.

“Take care of yourself and,,,,,, her”

I nod, then he rushes after Dean.

I sigh and turn back to my drunk friend. I use my palm to feel her temperature,,,, goodness, it felt like my palm was burnt by a fire.

I should get a bowl of cold water.


|| Javier ||

I laughed at Ian, I held my car door for him and he sulkily slides in.

I close the door and got in the driver’s seat, I couldn’t hold it in anymore so I burst into laughter.

“What the fuck are you laughing for?!” He growled.

“Your girl just kicked your ass out of her apartment”

“Shut up! It’s all your fault!”

“How is it my fault?”

“If didn’t come and interrupt us, I’d still be inside enjoying myself!!”

I scoffed. He’s putting the blame on me, but I’ll forgive him because I stole his clothes and shoes.

“Someone got their ass kicked out of their girl’s apartment in nothing but their boxers!” I mocked.

“Shut up and drive!”

He didn’t have to tell me twice,,, I step on the gas and drove off.


|| Spy ||

I dust my hands as I successfully completed my assignment.

I’m just patiently waiting for the day all this will come to an end, I step out of Mrs Morgan’s room. I look left and right, nobody is in sight.

I sigh and rush off.


|| Mrs Morgan||

“Madam, it’s very late, can we go back inside” my maid, Camille suggest.

I look around my garden,,, this place used to be the most happiest place in this mansion when my husband was still alive.

This garden held so many of our happy memories,,, but now, it’s nothing but a nightmare to me. I can’t help but think about how I almost destroy my family.

I know Donald is never gonna forgive me, even I don’t think I can ever forgive myself.

“Madam, we should head back to your room, it’s time for bed”

“What time is it?”

“11:30pm, ma’am”

I sigh and stand up.

“Let’s go!” I told her.

She nod and we head towards the exit of the garden.


We enter my room and Camille shut the door, I sit on my dressing table and begin to wipe off my makeup.

Camille head towards my bed, to make it.

“Madam, there’s an envelope!” She said.

“Bring it”


She hands it to me, I see my name written on it. I rip it open and bring out a hand written note, I freeze on my chair when I see the handwriting.

I can recognize this handwriting anywhere,,,, this handwriting belongs to my worst nightmare!

**My dear Nancy, it’s been so
Long since we last see each
How have you been doing all
these years, my love.
How about we meet at our
favorite spot and do some
catching up!
Dress nicely, I’d be anticipating
your arrival.
Be there by 2pm, don’t keep
me waiting**

I squeezed the paper in my hand.

I know what he meant by catching up,, I can’t let his plan succeed.

I caused this mess, I must clean it too,,, tomorrow I will put an end to everything between us.




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