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July 24, 2021


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Doctor cutie Episode 15 & 16

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[Love cures All]

Episode 15.



|| Aurora (Phoebe) ||

“No!” I mouthed at Javier.

He stared at me for a few seconds, before he closes his eyes and shakes his head.

“I’m sorry, Aurora, but I must tell him” he said and turn to Dean.

“Tell me what?!” Dean growled lowly.

Javier takes a deep breath.

“Ian, Aurora is Phoebe!”

Just as he said that, I’m surprised to see Dean’s hand wrap around his neck in a very tight grip.

He slams Javier’s back on a wall, his eyes grew darker and I swear I notice them change colours,,,, or maybe I was only seeing things.

Javier’s feet’s lift off the ground, he struggles to set himself free and gasp for air,,,, his air lungs blocked.

“What. Did. You. Just. Say?!” He snarled at Javier’s face.

Javier points at me, his eyes turning red,,,, or orange,,, I don’t know.

“S-she is,,,,” he points at the paintings of me. “S-she is her!”

He slams her on the wall again.

“How dare you?!! How dare you say she’s Phoebe?!! How dare you lie to me?!! How dare you try to give me false hope?!!”

I don’t know what to do,,, of course I can support Javier, I can tell him I’m Phoebe,,, but I don’t want to.

In fact, I didn’t think Javier would tell him.

“Set me,,, free!” Javier manage to say. “Let me explain!”

Dean let go of his neck and he falls down with a small thud,, coughing as he tries to catch his breath.

“She is Phoebe, I’m not lying to you, Ian. I have prove!”

Javier snatches the note from me and hands it to Dean, Dean stares at it, reading it slowly.

I can’t stay here, I must leave,,,, I left the room before he could finish reading it.

I don’t want anything to do with him.


|| Ian ||

“This is a threatening note!” I told Javier after observing it for a very long time.

“Yeah, it was sent to Aurora three days ago”

I squeezed the paper angrily and throws it on the ground.

“A note can’t prove she is Phoebe!!”

“I know, but let’s think it through together,,, I want to ask you a question”

I stayed silent and he takes that as a go ahead, he continues.

“All these nights that you have Aurora by your side, did you have any nightmares?”


“Good, that’s because she is the same girl in your dreams!”

Can this be true?

Only her could get me to sleep for a long time,, and I sleep soundly, without no nightmares.

Javier stands in front of Phoebe’s painting, he gestures to it.

“Take a closer look at her, don’t you see any resemblance between her and Aurora?”
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I frown and try to think about the doctor’s face,,, the way she smiles, the way she stares, her posture when she sits.

I think about all the little things she does,,, and I realized Javier is right.

She’s really Phoebe,, or else she wouldn’t be able to make me fall asleep. If she wasn’t Phoebe, I wouldn’t have be so lenient with her.

How come I didn’t notice all this earlier!

She is alive,,, she is alive and she is here in my mansion.

“Phoebe! Phoebe is alive!” I turn back to her but she isn’t in the room nomore.

I frown and face Javier.

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know, she was standing behind you”

“Where did she go?” I asked anxiously.

“Maybe she went back to her room”

I nod and rush towards her room.

She is alive,, I must explain things to her,,,, I must show her how sorry I am.


|| Javier ||

I watch as my brother rushes off happily,,, I can’t imagine his joy right now.

His cold face suddenly turns friendly, the smile on his face wider than the world’s map.

Mom stops him along the way.

“You look so happy, Where are you going?!”

“She’s alive, Mom, she’s alive,, can you believe it?” He said.

Mom frowns in confusion, she looks at him strangely, wondering if her son has gone mad.

“Who is alive?” She asked.

“I will tell you later!” Then he rushes off.

“What is he talking about?!” She asks me.

“It’s Phoebe, she is alive”


“Yes, she is not dead”

At first she looked confused, then realization dawned on her.

“You mean joseph’s daughter?”


“Oh my goodness!” She gasp. “Where is she, I want to see her too”

A smile appears on her face.

I nod.

“Come with me, Mom”

Mom and I head towards Aurora’s room, but we halt in our steps.

Ian walks out of Aurora’s room, his shoulders swayed down, a sad expression on his face.

Mom and I exchange looks.

He fist his hands, I can see his veins pumping blood.

He starts punching the wall next to him, I rush to him and holds his hands.

“Ian, what happened?!” I asked.

“Why?! Why?!” He roars.

“Why what?”

“Why is it always happening to me? Tell me Javier, why am I always arriving late?!”

“What are you talking about, son?” Mom asked.

“She left!”


“She left! All her stuff gone! Why?”

I left him and check inside Aurora’s room and he is right,,, her luggage is gone.

I feel someone grab my shoulder and turn me around,,, it’s Ian.

“She is your best friend now,,, you must know where she lives, right, you must have her address!!” He said anxiously.

Judging from his tone and expression,, he’s lost,, scared,, angry and helpless.

Is this love or something else,,, I honestly can’t tell.

He shakes my shoulder, when he sees I’m not saying anything.

“Speak!! Tell me where she lives, I have to see her, I have to explain things to her!!”

I sigh.

“I wish I can help you, brother, but I don’t know where she lives”

He lets go of my shoulders and staggers back, like he just lost.

“Well, I don’t think she has gone far,, how about we have Brandon find out her whereabouts” Mom suggested.

I nod.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea, ian”

Ian turns and raced to his study, I guess he wants to look for her himself.

I wish I could turn back the time.


|| Aurora (Phoebe) ||

I push the door to Brittany’s and I apartment and steps in, I drag my luggage in and rest it on the wall beside the door.

“Brittany?” I called.

No response.

I walk to the middle of the living room.


“In the kitchen!” I hear her say.

I went to the kitchen and see her struggling to get something to get ketchup from the top cupboard.

I reach for it and hands it to her, I pat her head and laugh.

“I’ve got you, shorty!”

She glares at me playfully.

“Don’t mock my height, I’ll still grow a few inches soon”

I roll my eyes.

“I wish you lock!”

“Yeah, I’mma gonna need lots of it” she retorts.

We both laughed.

“So, I got your text, why did you come back so suddenly? Did something happen at the mansion?’

I sigh and sit on a stool next to the counter, I pick a carrot and start eating it.

“You haven’t make enough money to buy your dream car,,,, no wait, you haven’t even earn your first salary. so why did you come back?”

“Maybe,,, because I miss you”

She narrows her eyes.

“I don’t believe you, but I’m not gonna trouble you for now” she drops the ketchup and turn to me with an envelope.

“Someone wants me to give this to you” she said.

I took it from her,,, I saw my name boldly written on it.

“who brought it here?”

“A man”

“Did he tell you his name?”

“Nope!” She goes back to her cooking.

I open the envelope and take out the note inside.

*You did a good job by leaving
Now, I’d advise you forget
about finding me,,, or you won’t
lose just your live, but your
sweet little friend will suffer

I didn’t know I had a frown on until brittany asked me.

“Why are you frowning? What did it say?,, Let me have a look”

I quickly put the note back in the envelope and put on a smile.

“No! It’s nothing!”

“Nothing? Then why were you frowning?”

“It’s because,,, I,,, I suddenly have a stomach ache, but don’t worry it’s just a minor pain”

She eyes me suspiciously, but I didn’t say anything,,,, I can’t let her know about this, got her own safety.

I should suffer alone.

“Britt, tell me about Eric,, has he come back here to make trouble?”

Brittany sighs.


“Good, cause I’m so ready to kick his ass!”

“I know,, but I don’t think I can forget him easily”

“Don’t worry, I’m here to make you forget him. How about we hit the mall later, yeah?”

She smiles and nod.

“Good, I should go freshen up!”


I got off the stool and rush to my room, dragging my luggage behind.
[Love cures All]

Episode 16.

By: Racheal Dennis||

|| Spy ||

“Boss, I have delivered the message” I report to my boss.

“Has she received it?!”



He throws his almost cigarette on a trash can and turn to me.

“So, should I finish her up?”

“No! Just continue watching her, let’s see if she will return to the mansion or yield to our advise and stop looking into her parents death”

I nod.

“But what if she returns to the mansion?”

“Then we kill her!” He said, his facial expression unreadable.

But from his tone, I can sense hatred. I don’t know what happened to him, I only wished my dad wasn’t involved in this in the first place.

Now I’m involved, and there’s no way out.

“Boss, can I see my mom and younger sister, I haven’t seen them for a very long time”

He rests back on his chair and close his eyes, taking a deep breath, he said.

“I can’t let you see them now, because I need you to concentrate on your mission”

“But it’s been a year since I last saw them,, how can I be sure they are still alive?”

He glares at me harshly as he bangs on his desk.

“How dare you try to negotiate with me?! Do you really want me to kill them?!”

I shake my head quickly and bow.

“I’m so sorry, boss”

I hear his heavy breaths.

“If I see how deligent you are, then I can consider letting you see them for 10 minutes next week!”

I scoffed mentally,,,as if I haven’t been deligent enough.

He is lucky he has my family, else I would have exposed him.

“Thank you, boss”

“You can go!” He wave me off.

I nod and leave. I have to find way to save my Mom and sister,,I must find a way.


|| Aurora ||

“Ooh, ooh, let’s go to that shop, I love that hat!” I exclaimed happily, as I tug on Britt’s handbag.

“Roraaaa, you’ve gotten enough hats to last three lifetimes” she groans.

Ok, she is kinda exaggerating a little bit,,,but I’ve got lots of hats.

But humans can never get enough, right.

“Let’s just get this one, I promise it’s the last one”

She looks at the bags in her hands, then back to the ones in my hands.

“I don’t understand how you turn out to be fashion obsessed like this,,,not that you are rich!” She said.

I simply smile.

“I will be rich soon”

“When? Twenty years later?”

“Hmm, let’s say, 200 years later!”

She sighs and shake her head.

“So,,,are we going to get the hat?” I asked.

“No! I’m starving, let’s eat first!” Just as she said that her stomach growls loudly.

I look around if anyone heard that apart from us, but nobody did.

I glared at her.

“Don’t embarrass me here!” I scold her.

She scoffs.

“That should be my line,,,you wouldn’t mind eating all the food in MacDonald’s”

“I’m a growing female, I need food to grow” I defended myself.

She simply laugh,,,we head towards a restaurant across.

We find a table closest to the window and sit down, a waitress came by and we placed our order.

We sit in silence waiting for our food, but brittany broke the silence.

“So, Rora, I wanna know why you left the General’s mansion”

I didn’t want to tell her about this that why I brought her to the mall,,,,I thought she’d forget to ask.

Anyways, I can lie.

“Tell me” she said.

“I already told you,, I came back because I missed you”

“You are lying! Tell me the real reason!” She said in a daring tone,,,like she’s daring me to lie.

I sigh, maybe if I let her in on everything, maybe she’ll be careful.

“Fine! I have been lying to you about a lot of things, that I don’t even know where to start”

“Start from the beginning” she said.

I nod.

“It’s a very long story, but since you wanna know I will tell you,,, it all started ten years ago,,,,,,,,,,,,,”


|| Javier ||

“General, we’ve got her location” Brandon reports to Ian.

Currently we are in Ian’s study, mom has gone back to her room to rest.

“Where is she?!” Ian asked, he drops the photo frame he was holding.

“She went back to her apartment,,and we also find something else!”

“What?!” Ian asked.

“She is not a doctor”

Ian turns to him with a deep frown.

“What do you mean she is not a doctor?!”

“She came here in place of her friend”

Ian close his eyes and sigh.

“We will talk about that later, right now I need to see her and make things clear,,,get the car running let’s go”

“Yes, sir!” Brandon leaves.

Ian continue staring at the photo, a small smile tug at the corner of his lips.

I cleared my throat and he raised his head.

“Well, I think I should head back to my room, I will come back once you get Phoebe back”

He nods.

“I will send Brandon to inform when I’m back”

“Goodluck in bringing her back”

Then I head out.


I enter my room and continue folding the clothes I took from Ian’s wardrobe.

My door open and my assistant comes in.

I frown when I see him, I just noticed I haven’t seen him since I went to Ian’s secret room.

Naturally, he’s supposed to go everywhere with me.

“Dan, where have you been?”

He wipes his forehead.

“I,,,I went to get something from,,,the mall” he replied.

I narrowed my eyes; he’s lying.

“Oh? You went to the mall”

“Yes, sir!”

I look at his hands, they are empty, I smirk.

“What did you buy?!”

“Nothing,,,I went to see someone”

I smiled.

“I thought you went to get something,,,now you went to see someone?”

“Y-yes, sir”

He stuttered, that means he’s lying and trying to hide something.

“So,,,you have so much free time to go and see someone? I guess I haven’t been giving you enough task lately”

“That’s not the case, sir”

“So, what’s the case, you have girlfriend there?”


He’s stumbling with his words.

I just remembered how he’s been acting suspiciously these days,,,,first he tried to set discord between me and my brother.

I remembered how he advised me to fight with Ian over Aurora,,,I think I will watch him closely now.

I will look for a way to put a tracking chip on him. I don’t know why I’m suspecting him or what I’m suspecting him for,,,but I just feel like he’s up to no good.

But for now,, I won’t let him know I’m suspecting him.

“You know what,, I don’t care if you are my assistant, you have your own life to live and you owe me no explanation!”

“What do you mean, sir?”

“I mean you can live your life as you want, I won’t question you”

“Thank you, sir!”

I wave him off.

“No need, that’s my reward for your loyalty all these years!”

Let’s see how long you can lie.



T. B. C.

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