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July 24, 2021


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Doctor cutie Episode 13 & 14

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[Love cures All]

Episode 13.

By: Racheal Dennis||



|| Aurora (Phoebe) ||

“Phoebe, why did you say Dean is dead to you? Did he do something? And if it was something he did, please forgive him.

I’m begging you on behalf of him,,, my brother has gone through so much because of you”

I scoff, of course Javier doesn’t know what happened. So he must plead for his brother.

“You don’t understand, I’m not mad at your brother but I don’t want him to know I’m Phoebe.

I don’t want to be associated with him, I just want us to be General and Aurora, General and the fake doctor, with no feelings attached” I told him.

Getting familiar with Dean didn’t do my family any good, I don’t want history to repeat itself.

Javier frowns as he stares at me, I guess he’s trying to figure something out.

He narrows his eyes.

“There is something you are not telling me, tell me exactly what happened”

I stayed silent, I shake my head in disbelief and disappointment.

“I can’t believe I lost my parents for something so silly, I can’t believe my parents walked into their deaths because of me”

the tears that I have been trying to hold in, came rushing down.

Javier move closer to me and hands me his handkerchief.

“Phoebe, tell me what happened, please”

“Why? Telling you can’t bring my parents back,, it wouldn’t make any difference if I tell you”

“I know,, but I just want to know what happened,, I want to know why you said Ian,, no Dean is dead to you!”

I contemplated over it a little,, he already knows my real identity. It wouldn’t hurt to just tell him the truth.

“Ok!” I agreed.



{Little Phoebe=11years old}

I sigh as I sit on a small bench in the garden, I massage my legs softly.

Mom thought me to do this whenever I’m feeling tired or pains in my leg.

“What are you doing here alone, Phoebe?”

I raised my head and saw Javier standing in front of me, he’s holding a lollipop in his hand.

He hands it to me and I took it with a smile.

“Thanks!” I told him.

He smiled at me and nod.

“What are you doing here?” He asked me again.

“I was looking for Dean, I have not seen him all morning,, do you know where he is?”

He shakes his head.

“No, but I heard mom say he will be joining the army soon, so he wouldn’t have time to play with us anymore”

I paused.


He nod.

“But he’s so young!” I exclaimed.

I heard some adults say that armies go through a very hard training process, can Dean bear it,,,.

“Mom said he’s old enough”

“He is just 16, those big army men are gonna bully him,,,, what if they don’t give him enough food? What if they ask him to wash all their dirty socks?

Oh my God! What if they force him to sleep outside?!”

Javier laugh.

“Phoebe, you are 11,so act like it. Stop worrying like an old woman

“I can’t stop worrying, he’s my friend”

“But I’m your friend too”

“Yeah, but you aren’t gonna join the army!”

“I wanted to, but mom said I’m too young, she said when I turn 16 I will join”

“How old are you now?”


I bite my tongue.

I don’t know why I’m getting so worried,,, my heart keeps making a very loud bang and it feels like it could burst out any minute.

“Phoebe!” I hear my Mom’s voice call my name.

I stand up and dust off my butts.

“My mom is looking for me” I told Javier.

“Can’t you stay with me sometime?” He asked.

I hesitate a little.

“It’s time to go home, Phoebe!” My mom called again.

“Sorry, I have to go now”

“Ok! I will see you tomorrow”

I nod and run towards my mom’s voice.
One week later,,,,

“Dean is leaving today”

“I understand why his mom wants him to join the army though”

I overheard mom and dad discuss in our small living room. I rush to meet them.

“Mom, dad, is Dean leaving?”

“Yes, dear” mom replies.

“Can you take me to see him?”

“Why?” Dad asked.

“I wanna see him before he leaves, I haven’t seen him for so many days”

“Sorry, dear, we can’t take you. It’s best you don’t see each other” Mom said.

“Please, I really, really wanna see him. If I don’t see him now I will never see him again”

Mom and dad exchange looks, they look conflicted.

“Honey, we can’t take you there” dad said.

“But why?”

“We can’t tell you, but just know we are never going back to that mansion” dad explained.

“I wanna see Dean, I wanna see him”


“I wanna see him, please take me to see him”

Dad sighs deeply.

“Okay, but we won’t stay long”

I nod rapidly with a wide smile.

“Thanks dad!” I embraced him and shower his faces with kisses.
We arrived at the Morgan’s mansion, but met a quiet place. There isn’t a single soul standing guide in front of the mansion, but we didn’t turn back, we enter.

As we move closer to the main door, cold chills run down my spine in fear, I unconsciously step closer to my mom who gripped me tightly in return.

We open the main door only to come face to face with chaos.

I would have run for the hills if I wasn’t so scared or more so, so eager to see Dean.

“Oh no!” I hear mom whisper softly as if she is scared that some evilness will hear her and harm us.

Everyone seems to be so focused in protecting their selves, guards are busy fighting off some masked men, their masks are so hideous.

Where is Dean and Javier,,, I wonder.

What’s happening here? Why is everyone fighting?

“Let’s leave!” Dad demands leaving no room for arguments.

I would have protested but the sight in front of me shut me up.

We turn back to leave at once, but a shadow towers over us, blocking our way.

“Leaving so soon?!” A voice asked.

I raised my head and see a masked man standing in front of us.

“Who are you? And what do you want from us?” Dad asked.

“You don’t have to know me, my boss said you know too much, the only way to make sure you don’t spill his secret, is by killing you!”

Kill my dad?

My fear increase.

“Kill me?!” Dad asked.

But the masked man didn’t say anything more, he just pulled the trigger and I watch as my dad’s body drop and blood start gushing from his head.

A gasp leaves mom’s mouth, but that’s the only sound that left her mouth.

Her body also drops, then there’s no movements. I stare at them, eyes widened in fear, my lips quivering and my body shaking.

“Mom! Dad!” I called.

A movement catch my eye, I turn and see Dean running the other way.

“Dean! Dean!” I called him, hoping he’d come and help me escape from this man.

But the masked man hits my head with his gun and then,,,,,,,, darkness.
Few hours later,,,,

I open my eyes and see a woman staring at me.

“You are awake” she said.

I look around and noticed I’m in a strange place.

“Where am I?”

“My house,,, I saw you at the bottom of a cliff. What happened to you, dear?”

I frown and think back to what happened. Then it came rushing back to me.

“My mom! Where’s my Mom”

I quickly sit up.

“Where’s my Mom and dad? We have to save them,,, let’s go and save them”



“That’s why I came back here, to find out what my parents knew back then. I want to know the secrets they knew and who killed them?” I concluded.

“But Dean have nothing to do with their deaths” Javier defends his brother.

“Yes, he didn’t have anything to do with their deaths, but he was there. He could have done something!”

Javier stands up and comes in front of me.

“Phoebe, don’t be too hard on my brother, there’s nothing he could have done,,, he was just 16!”

“Listen, Javier, I want to leave everything in my past behind.

Right now I only want to find my parents killer and the reason they died, I don’t have time for secular pleasure”

Javier sighs heavily.

“Do you wanna know the reason Ian always have nightmares?”

I didn’t say anything so he takes that as a cue to continue.

“It’s because he feels guilty for not protecting you and your family,,,, do you want him to continue suffering?”

I scoff.

“His suffering can’t compare to mine! I went through a lot too, imagine losing both your parents in a day”

“I know it’s not easy, but it’s no one’s fault”

“Exactly, it’s no one’s fault but mine,,, I shouldn’t have forced them to take me to see Dean that day,,, maybe they wouldn’t have killed”

“Phoebe,,,,, ”

My phone’s ring tone interupts him, I reach for my phone, it’s Britt.

“Sorry, Javier, but I have to take this”

He nods and heads to the door, I caught his left arm.

“Please, keep my identity a secret, don’t tell your brother”

He hesitate a little.

“I can try!” He said.

He leaves quickly.

I release a long breath before taking the call.

“Hey Britt?”


|| Javier ||

I can’t believe Aurora is Phoebe,,,, if only ian could recognize her.

Maybe I should check on him.

I change direction and head towards his study.


“Hey Ian!” I called as I entered his study.

He drops the photo frame he was holding,,, I know it’s Phoebe’s photo he was staring at.

“Oh? This is a pleasant surprise,,,!” He said.

I sit on a chair opposite him and puts my leg on the table. Ian glares at my leg and pushed it off.

“What do you mean by pleasant surprise?”

“You don’t normally stroll into my study,, you always like to sneak up on me”

I remembered how he twisted my arm last time and shudder.

“Nope, I’ve done enough sneaking,, can’t let you twist my arm again”

He smirks.

“So,,, what do you want this time?”

“Nothing, I just wanna check on my most caring brother in the whole world”

He narrows his eyes.

“Oh? Or you wanna see if I’m busy so that you can have enough time to steal my clothes!”

I freeze on my seat, my smile falters.

“Y-you knew?!”

“Javier, I know every single property I own, and I also know when one is missing”

I simply smile, I guess I’m not a good thief after all.

“Don’t feel bad, kiddo. Whatever that is mine is yours too!”

I smile widely.

“That’s my brother”

He nods and his eyes involuntarily move back to the photo.

Maybe I should give him a hint that Phoebe is still alive.


“Yeah?” He replies not removing his eyes from the photo.

“What would you do if you find out that Phoebe is still alive?”

I study him, and noticed his tensed shoulders. He stays silent for a moment, staring at the picture intensely.

“Then I’d be so relieved and I will,,,,,,” he trails off.

He doesn’t seem like he wants to say something, like he’s holding it back.

“Your personal doctor, do you some times imagine her to be Phoebe?”

“No!” He replied firmly. “I can never imagine her to be Phoebe!”

“So, you don’t think they have some resemblance?”

He slams the photo frame on the table.

“Javier, I just changed my wardrobe, I have some fine clothes you’d love to steal.

Can you please go and steal them?!”

“Wait,,, are you giving me free access to steal your clothes?”

“Yes, please go and steal them!”

I know he’s avoiding the topic,,,, but at least I just got permission to take his clothes.

So, I’m so gonna empty his wardrobe!


I stand up abruptly.

“I will leave now” I dash for the door.


|| Aurora (Phoebe) ||

“Ok, Britt, I will see you tomorrow!”

“Alright, take care!” She said and I hang up.

Just then I heard a knock on my door, I stand up and head to the door. I open it and see Brandon standing outside.

“Doctor Aurora, the General wants to see you” he said.

Knowing that the General is Dean now, makes my heart move when I hear his name.

But I am determined to find my parents killer, so I will not let any stupid thoughts and foolish feelings in.

“Ok, let’s go!” I told him.

I shut my door and followed him.


Brandon open the door and immediately I enter, he shut the door. I turn back and noticed he didn’t enter with me.

Suddenly, I’m slammed on the wall and I gasped.

The General towers over me, his hand rests on the wall, caging me, leaving no room for me to escape.

“General, what are you doing?!” I asked surprised at his action.

“I said I would punish you for what you did this morning”

Oh, no! I’m dead,,,,I thought he’d forget by now.

I smile innocently, showing him my best puppy eyes.

“General,,,can we talk about this in a civilized way?”

“No! I must punish you!”

“How?” I ask.

Then it clicked in my head and I gasp.

“Please don’t deduct my salary,,, I need that money, I’m saving up for a car!”

He smirks.

“I won’t touch your money,,,,but I can do this”

Then he leans forward and I feel his breath on my face, I gulp nervously.

His lips dangerously close to mine, my heart starts to race.

“W-what are you trying to do?!” I stutter.

“How about I show you?”

His lips move even closer and I close my eyes.


Episode 14.

|| Aurora (Phoebe)||

“No! I must punish you!”

“How?” I ask.

Then it clicked in my head and I gasp.

“Please don’t deduct my salary,,, I need that money, I’m saving up for a car!”

He smirks.

“I won’t touch your money,,,,but I can do this”

Then he leans forward and I feel his breath on my face, I gulp nervously.

His lips dangerously close to mine, my heart starts to race.

“W-what are you trying to do?!” I stutter.

“How about I show you?”

His lips move even closer and I close my eyes.

“I heard you telling mom this morning, that we had a passionate night,,,,,how about we continue our passionate moments, I’m feeling quite horny!”

My eyes snap open and they grew bigger than the size of an orange.

“I-i was,,,,just j-joking!”

“Oh? But it didn’t sound like a joke earlier”

“I was joking,,,I swear!” Hoping he’d let it go, but he didn’t.

His lips touch my cheek, brushing it lightly,,,, and still that the light touch sent shivers through my nerves.

Shivers that makes my whole body tremble.

I said I don’t want anything to do with Dean, I said I want to keep it professional, just General and fake doctor.

But why do I want him to kiss me?

Why aren’t I stopping him?

He crash his lips on mine unrestrained, he cupped my face with both hands as his fingers slid along the sculpted forearms to meet his for a brief moment until I nudge him forward, propelling both of us onto his bed around the corner.

Unlocking his lips from mine, he pulled me further up on the duvet solely to immerse himself in another kiss under my dilated pupils a second later.

Heat rose from every inch of him, I can tell he is no longer able to control himself.

There was nothing but the sounds of my gasps drawing him in, awakening something feral within.

Whatever this was, it was pulling me in, the urgency of those perfect lips sinking in, as if consuming my core, the way his body pressed against mine, warm and untamed.

If hearts could explode, mine could detonate right now.

Insane. This is insane, and I was half-mad for allowing it to happen.

Wait,,,, what am I doing?

Why am I letting him kiss me?

This isn’t right, I must stop it before it’s too late. I must stop it and stay professional with him.

I bite hard on his lower lip as he tries to plug his tongue in my mouth, he stilled for a few seconds before he got off me abruptly.

He touched his lip and I see blood stain his fingers.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?! Why did you bite me?!” He roared.

“Y-you,, y-you,,,kissed me”

Oh boy! What am I stuttering,,,this is not me, not my style.

He points his finger at me.

“It’s your fault!!”

I frown.

“My fault? How?”

“Yes!! You seduced me!!!”

“No, I didn’t”

“Yes, you did,,,,or why else would I willingly kiss someone like you!”

I scoffed.

“As if I would willingly kiss you too, you forced me,,,,”

“Shut up!!” He cuts me off.

I glare at him but didn’t say anything,,,,

“For seducing me, you’ll spend three nights in the dark cell without food and water!!”

I open my mouth to argue but shut it,,, I don’t wanna argue with him.

He’s my boss,,, and now that I know he’s dean, I should stay far away from him,,,, at least ten feet away,,, until I find my parents killer and leave this mansion.

He was the reason I lost them,, a mistake once made can’t be repeated another time.

“Hey!” He snaps his fingers across my face.

“Yes, General”

“I said you will spend three nights in the dark cell without food and water!!”

I nod.

“Yes, General”

He frowns and studies me.


I nod.

“Aren’t you gonna argue with me,,, beg me to spare you?”

“No, sir, you are my boss and you have every right to punish me, sir!!”

He looks at me for a few minutes, his frown deepens causing thick lines to appear on his forehead.

“Fine!!” He said through gritt teeth. “Guards!!” He called.

The door burst open and two guards rush in, Brandon follow behind.

“Take her to the dark cell, nobody can give her food, water or even release her without my permission!!”

“Yes, sir!!”

The guards take my hand and excort me out.

If this will keep me far away from Dean, then I’m happy.


|| Ian ||

I groan loudly as the guards drag that doctor out and shut the door, I flip my desk and everything on it fell to the ground.

My laptop destroyed.

Why did I kissed her?

What motivated me?

I’m so stupid,,, I shouldn’t have kissed her,, I swore,, I made a vow that I wouldn’t get involved with anyone but Phoebe.

I betrayed Phoebe,,, I cheated her.

“I’m sorry,, so sorry, Phoebe,,, I’m so sorry, Phoebe”

I can’t even keep this little promise.

“General, you can’t send her to the dark cell, remember she is your girlfriend now”

“Shut up! She is not my girlfriend! And I don’t wanna hear you say that again! Never!”

“But General, your Mom already know about her”

I snapped my neck towards him and throws him a harsh glare


|| Brandon ||

He glares at me.

“Slap yourself!” He commands.


“I said slap yourself!”

“Yes, sir!”

I raised my hand and slapped myself.

“Harder!” He said.

“Yes, sir!”

I slapped myself harder than before.

“I said harder!! Or do you need some help?!”

“No, General, I can do it”

I hit myself very hard this time.

“Good, next time don’t talk about that doctor in front of me!”

“Yes, sir”

“Get out of my sight!”

“Thank you very much, sir” I didn’t waste anytime inside, I quickly step out and shut the door.

I don’t know why the General is being stubborn, why is it so hard for him to forget about Phoebe,,,,

I can clearly see that the General is in love with the doctor, but guilt wouldn’t let him admit his feelings.

I need to find way to save the doctor from the General’s wrath.

Maybe I should talk to master Javier, only he can help Miss Aurora right now.


|| Javier ||

I laugh as I fold the clothes I took from Ian’s wardrobe neatly and put them in my box.

“Sir, instead of stealing your brother clothes, why don’t you buy some for yourself” my assistant said.

“I can buy but I love taking my brother’s,,,, I mean, why spend money when I have a whole boutique in my brother’s closet”

“Oh” he nods. “Does that mean I can steal from you too?”

I smiled and turn to him.

“Try it and you’d be dead!”


At that moment, we heard rapid knocks on my door. I signal my assistant to it out.

“It’s Brandon!” He reports.

“Invite him in”

“Yes, sir”

He opens the door wider and Brandon steps in.

“Brandon, you don’t usually visit me” I said.

“Master Javier, please save doctor Aurora!”

“Aurora? What happened to her?!”

“General, sent her back to the dark cell again”

I drop the shirt I was holding and give my focus to Brandon completely.

“What happened? What did she do?”

“I don’t really know, but I heard General muttering something about betraying Phoebe,,, I guess maybe they shared a kiss,,,, please talk to the General”


Talking to Ian wouldn’t make any difference, I’d rather talk to Aurora, if I can convince her to tell Ian her true identity then Ian might pardon her.

“I will talk to Aurora first”

I rush out.


|| Aurora (Phoebe)||

I sit in a corner, my chin rests on my knees.

“Open the door!” I hear Javier’s voice commands.

“Yes, sir!” The guards respond.

The door open and light shines into the room.

Javier rushed towards me and help me stand up.

“Aurora, what happened? How did you offend my brother this time?”

“I didn’t offend him, he just threw me here after kissing me, who does that!”

Javier stays silent for a moment, then he takes my hand and starts pulling me outside

“What are you doing? Where are you taking me?”

“Shhhh,,, just follow me” he said.

I kept quiet and follows him, soon I notice we are on the floor that has only my room, Dean’s study and that secret room.

“What are we doing here? Your brother’s study is on this floor,,,, he might see me and give me a harder punishment!”

“If you don’t want him to see you, then you will come with me quietly” he said.

I decided to keep quiet and follow him quietly.

At first, I thought we were going to my room, but he didn’t stop at my room. He’s heading toward the secret room.

I know I was happy to go there last time when Dean told me about his rules, but now I don’t feel like it. I stopped walking and Javier also stopped.


“I’m not going there with you!”


“Your brother said it’s off limits to me”

“Since when do you play the rules?”

“Since,,,, right now!”

He sighs.

“Aurora, going in there is the only way you can understand and trust Ian”

“I’m not going,,, I didn’t come back here for your brother, I came for my parents”

“So you don’t wanna know why that room is off limits to strangers?”

“No, it has nothing to do with me”

He holds my shoulders.

“It has everything to do with you”

I turn away from him.

“I’m not going!”

“Don’t make me take you by force”

“You won’t!”

Then I start walking back, I don’t know what happened next but I find myself hanging upside down on Javier’s shoulder.

“Sorry, Aurora, you left me no choice”

“I don’t wanna go there, take me back to the dark cell!” I said and hit his back as hard as I can.

But Javier doesn’t listen to me,,, he head towards the secret room, he opens the door and step in.

He slams the door shut and puts me down. I glared at him.

“Look around!” He said.

I roll my eyes but look around and my mouth is left hanging open at what I saw.

I’m everywhere in this room,,, well it’s a little version of me,,,, but it’s still me. My portraits are everywhere,,, paintings of me.

“Why is my photos so many here? And why even bother to paint me?”

I see a photo of little me, Dean and Javier,,, I remember it was December period, we were decorating the Christmas trees when this photo was taken.

Javier refused to smile because I stood next to Dean.

“You see, Aurora, this is Ian’s safe haven” Javier’s voice brings me back from the past.


“This is where he comes whenever he’s sad, angry or tired from work,,,,all these paintings you see, they were all done by Ian himself.

All these years, he’s being blaming himself for not doing anything to save you and your family,,,,,he thought he’s lost you and the only way he could keep himself going is this,,, painting you over and over again, wishing one of these pictures could get breath and come to life.

He doesn’t let anyone come here, in fact, he barely let’s me in sometimes,,, because this is his only hope and comfort”

Humph! This are all lies, Dean wouldn’t feel guilty,,if he’s guilty he wouldn’t be this cold.

“Do you know, Aurora, that you are the cause of his nightmares? Do you know, you are the reason behind his sleepless nights?”

“Wait,,,why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want you to tell him who you are,,,give him a chance to explain what really happened that day”

“Why do I need him to explain anything to me? He made everything clear that day,,, me and my family mean nothing to him and I’m fine with that,,,,I just need to know the reason my parents were killed and who killed them.

Then I will be out of here, out of all your lives”

“And leave Ian to continue living in guilt? Listen, Phoebe, I trust my brother and I strongly believe that he wouldn’t abandoned you that day without a solid reason”

I turn away from him,,,I know what he’s trying to do, he’s defending his brother.

“I don’t believe you,,, maybe I should leave this mansion and find clues outside, only then can I be focused”

“Really? You wanna leave? Do you think you can do this alone without my help? Without Ian’s help?”

“I can try”

He stared at me for a moment before taking out something from his pocket and shove it in my hand.

It’s the note that was sent to me.

“Then what about that person, aren’t you gonna be exposed to him,,,, don’t you think he’s gonna kill you before you even get any clue?”

What he said is right,,,, but when have I ever care for my life, I know death is inevitable on this path that I’ve taken.

“I’m not scared of death” I told him.

“But I am for you, now that you’ve got second chance in life, why not make it meaningful. Forgive those that you think have offended you and,,,,,,,”

The door burst open, cutting off his sentence.

We both turned to the door and see Dean standing there, he looked so furious, as of he’s ready to kill.

“How dare you bring a stranger here, Javier?!” Dean growled.

His stance stiff and his hands shaking,,,ok, now I kinda believe Javier when he said Dean doesn’t let anyone in here.

Javier chuckles nervously.

“Brother,, we,,,,,,,”

“I ASKED, WHY DID YOU BRING A STRANGER HERE?!” He asked again in a thunderous voice.

I swear I felt the ground vibrate.

“Ian, actually she is,,,,,,” Javier trails off as he look at me.

I shake my head, pleading with my eyes and mouthing him not to reveal my true identity.


Oh God, please don’t let him say a word.




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