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July 24, 2021


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Doctor cutie 21 & 22

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[Love cures All]

Episode 21.

By: Racheal Dennis||




|| Brittany ||

I feel something cold on my forehead, I open my eyes and reach for it. It’s an ice pack.

I sit up with a groan, and look around. I’m back in my room? How?

I groan as I rub my forehead.

“Here you go!” Rora stretched her hangover cure to me.

I gulp it down and return the glass to her. She sat on my bed next to me, she takes my hand in hers.

“Britt, what happened last night? How come Javier brought you back?”

Javier,,,, I frown as I try to recall what happened.

Then it all comes crashing in my head,,, Kathleen’s birthday,, the club,,,, and Eric!!

Rora studies my expression and frown.

“Britt, are you ok?”

“Eric!” I said.


“Yeah, he came to the club too! And he,,, he,,,, he,,,, ”

I couldn’t find the right words to use, my mind went back to the way he pressed himself against me, how he held my breasts and forcefully kissed me.

I start shaking at the thought, I gather my blanket in my hands and start breathing heavily.

Rora seems to notice this, she quickly hug me and starts whispering comforting words to me.


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

From her reaction, I can tell Eric almost did something bad to her. But I don’t know what it is.

Or could it be that he almost raped her?

“He,,,, he,,, he,,,,”

“Shhhh,, take a deep breath” I told her.

She quiets down and start taking small breaths and soon she is calm.

“You don’t have to tell me what he did, I already know” I said.

“You do?”

I nod.


She grips my arm tightly.

“I have to thank Javier, had he not arrived in time, Eric could have had his way!”

“I already did that for you, I thanked him a lot last night”

She stays silent for a few minutes before she nods slowly.

I gritt my teeth as I think of what Eric could have done,,, I didn’t know he’d scoop so low as to do such a thing.

He should thank his stars that I wasn’t there, maybe he’d be dead by now. Also he should pray I never see him anywhere or else, I will make sure he dies a painful death.

I will kill him.

A sound of a stomach growling loudly draws my attention. I turn to Britt, she holds her stomach, blinking her eyes rapidly as she stares at me.

“I think I’m hungry, Rora”

I laughed briefly.

“You think? Or you are?”

“Ok, I’m hungry”

“And you call me a glutton”

She scoffs.

“That’s because you are a glutton, I can’t compete with you when it comes to a good contest. You eat like a gaint!”.

I gasped dramatically.

“You didn’t just say that”

“I did”

“Take it back”

“Make me”

“Take it back!”

“I said make me”

I sigh.

“Whatever! At least gaints are powerful, I can protect you better then!”

She rolls her eyes.


“I know you don’t believe, but come let’s eat, the foods are getting cold”

“Yay, food!” She exclaims and bounce off her bed.

I stare in confusion. I thought she was sick from last night,,, hmm, I guess food is a fast healer.

I stride to the dinning room to join her.


|| Javier ||

I look around the dinning table, it’s silent, everyone is focused on their foods, only the sounds of cutleries hitting plates are heard.

Until Mom broke the silence.

“So,, Ian, I thought you went to get Phoebe back last night” she said.

“Yes” Ian reply shortly.

“Why can’t I see her this morning?”

Ian gripped his fork tightly that I feared it’s gonna break, he glares at me briefly.

I pretend as if I didn’t notice his glare.

“She refused to come with him and he was kicked out of her house last night” I told Mom.

“Well, that’s because some unwanted guest came and ruin everything!” He said passing me an accusing glare.

I scoffed, unfazed by his looks.

“She’d have kicked you out anyway”

“She wouldn’t have, we were,,, we were,,,, ”

I watch in amusement as Ian stumble with words for the first time ever.

I arch my eyebrows at him, urging him to speak.

“We were kinda sorting out our differences before you came and ruin everything!”

“Right, blame it on the innocent Javier!” I mocked.

Mom bangs on the table softly.

“Alright boys, stop fighting!” She scolds us.

We both kept quiet but not without glaring at each other.

Mom faced Ian with her usual warm smile.

“Don’t worry, Ian, Phoebe will come back, she is just throwing tantrums. Just find way to explain things to her and make her know it’s not your fault”

“I already did that”

She smiles.

“See? She knows it’s not your fault now, she just needs time!”

“Thanks, Mom!”

“Well, I’m meeting up with a friend later,,, I might get home late” she said.

“Oh, Brandon can take you or Javier will”

“What? Me?” I asked.

“Hmm-mmm” Ian reply.

“I won’t be available”


“Why? I am a busy man,, a very busy man”

“Really? What are you doing, Mr busy man?”

I blinked innocently as I try to think of an excuse,,,, I open my mouth and what I didn’t expect to say came out.

“I’m going on a date with,,,, Brittany!”

I mentally smacked my mouth. Why did I say that?

“In that case I shouldn’t disturb your date” Mom said with a wide smile.

Ian narrowed his eyes at me.

“Since when have you been going on dates with Bridget?”

I roll my eyes.

“Her name is Brittany and it’s none of your business, ice face!”

“So now you are calling me ice face?”

“Yeah, I think that name suits you better”

“Boys, stop fighting in front of me or I will ground you both!”.

I huffed.

“Really, Mom? We ain’t kids no more”

“Then try and see if I can’t ground you”

That shut me up immediately. Mom stands up, she pushes her plates aside.

“I should go get ready to leave, and yes, Ian, I can drive myself there”

“But, Mom,,,,,”

“Shhhh! Eat your food” then she leaves the dinning room.

Ian also got up grumpily and head towards the stairs that leads to his study, I got up and rushes after him too.

“Don’t follow me, go back to your room or go to your date!”

“You don’t wanna know why I’m following you?”

“No, it’s useless!”

“What if it’s gonna bring Phoebe back to the mansion willingly?”

He halts right in the middle of the staircase and turns to me.

“What is that?”

“I know how we can get Phoebe to come on her own free will, but I need your cooperation”


I whisper my plan in his ear and he smiles.

“Hmm, ok!”

He start walking again.

“So, can I borrow your Gucci belt?”


I frown.

“Why? I just gave you a solution to your problem!”

“Javier,, haven’t done enough stealing for this month? I noticed some of my shoes missing last night,, are you gonna return them?”

Oops! How did he notice so soon.

” I ain’t returning nothing, they are mine now!”

He sighs.

“Then please, buy a Gucci belt for yourself”

“No, I’m saving my money for my future kids, let’s spend yours first!” I suggest politely.

He snarls.

“So, I don’t have kids to save my money for?”

“I don’t think so!”

Before I knew, I see Ian reach for something in his back pocket and point it at me.

It’s a,,,, gun!

My eyes grow wide.

“D-don’t tell me you sleep with that on you too!”

“Javier go back to your room or I will shoot your leg!”

I laughed nervously.

“You can’t do that, I’m your dearest brother and your love for me is too great”

He shoots the rails next to my left leg.

“Next time I won’t miss, now to your room!”


Before I turn I see him smirk, I huffed and head to my room.

Though I know he was joking, he wouldn’t shoot me, even if he wanted to. He so much love me.


|| Unknown ||

I smile as I wore my suit,, after ten years I get to meet my dear Nancy again.

“Boss, our spy just report, Mrs Morgan is leaving the mansion already”

I turn to him and angrily lands my palm on his cheek.

“Don’t call her Mrs Morgan, call her Nancy when talking to me. Mrs Morgan reminds me of that bastard!!”

“Yes, boss”

I take a deep breath to calm myself.

“I’m in a good mood today, I won’t kill you”

“Thank you, boss”

“Get the car ready!”

“Yes, boss!” He runs off frightened.

Finally, I will see you again Nancy,,, I know you will be as beautiful as ever.


|| Mrs Morgan ||

My eyes move around the restaurant until they land on him!

He sits in a corner and I almost gag at the mere sight of him,,, I walk slowly towards him. He gets up when he sees me and rush towards me.

He opened his arms for a hug, but I pushed him aside and head to the table. I helped myself to a chair, after few minutes of standing, he finally came back and sit down.

“Nancy,,, so, after what? 10years? You didn’t want to welcome me with a hug?” He asked with a sick smile.

“A hug? Sorry, but I’m not excited seeing you!”

His smile falters.

“Why is that? Have you forgotten about our love so soon? It’s only,,,,, ”

“There wasn’t any love between us,, what happened was a mistake, a mistake that I regretted making!!”

He bangs his hand on the table, that drew attention to our table. I look around with an apologitic smile and they went back to what they were doing.

I turn to him with a harsh glare.

“You called what we had a mistake?!”

“Yes! It was a mistake!!”

“It wasn’t a mistake to me, it wasn’t a night that you can call a mistake, we spent nights together Nancy! Nights and that brought about our son!!”

I frown.

“Don’t tell me that’s why you came, Ian can’t know he’s an illegitimate son!”

“If you had married me, my son wouldn’t have been an illegitimate son!”

“It’s not my fault that I don’t love you!”

He stares at me blankly for a few minutes before he burst into sarcastic laughter.

“You don’t love me? Then why did you let me touch you? Why did you scream my name in pleasure when I was fucking?”

“You knew I didn’t love you, I only came to you for comfort and you knew very well why I came to you!!”

“Of course, and that’s why I let you married Donovan,,, and that’s why I watched my son called Donovan dad for 16years,,, I bet he still thinks of Donovan as his father now!!” He growled lowly.

His eyes held anger and hatred. I understand why he is angry but I don’t know why he hated Donovan so much,,, after all they were brothers!!

“Jeremy, Donovan was your brother, it’s not bad for your son to call him father, right?”

“It is bad! Especially when he thinks my brother is his biological father!!”

“Jer,,,,,, ”

“I’m tired of hearing my son call me Uncle! I’m tired of my son seeing me as an outsider! I think it’s time we tell him the truth!”

My heart stopped,,, my eyes widened and I swear I hear my eyes socket crack,, my eyes can literally bulge out any minute.

“No!!” I gasped out.

“No? Why? We’ve been lying to him, Don’t you think our son deserve to know the truth?”

“We can’t tell him, he’ll kill me or worse,,, hate me forever!”


If Ian knows about this he’ll kill me,,, he’s got Jeremy’s temperament.

It’s not gonna end well for me.

“I can help you keep our secret safe,,, I can take it to my grave but on one condition”

“What condition?”

“Kill. Joseph’s. Daughter!!”


“Yes! I know she is still alive and Ian already knows that, so I want her out of the way!”

How did he know Phoebe is still alive?

“But why? The girl is innocent!”

“Innocent? No, Joseph knew too much, how am I sure he didn’t tell anything to his daughter”

“She,,,, ”

“No that Ian knows she’s alive, I’m afraid they are gonna get too close and she might expose us,,,, and I know Ian, he’s a fool when it comes to love, that girl is gonna be a huge distraction to him”

“Why will she be a distraction to him?”

“I did so many things 10years ago to ensure his future,,, I can’t let anymore distractions. I want him to focus on his future!”

I frown.

“His future? Ian is already living in his future,,, at 26, he’s already a General, the youngest General,,, he’s now the CEO of Morgan’s enterprise,,, he’s filthy rich, a multi billionaire at such a young age,,,, he’s already the most feared man in all of New York City,,, what other future are you talking about when he’s already in his future”

He smiles sadistically.

“I want my son to be feared world wide,, I want the whole world to shiver when they hear my son’s name. I. Want. My. Son. To. Rule. The. Whole. World!!”

God! What an unrealistic dream,,, a dream that can never come true.

How did I even got involved with this psychopath in the first place!

“Kill that girl and our secret will be taken to our graves,, but as long that girl lives, Ian is bound to find out the truth”

I shake my head.

“No, I can’t kill her. She is Ian’s happiness,,, she is Ian’s life, killing her is killing Ian”

He clenched his jaw.

“See? She has already become his weakness!! I didn’t kill so many people 10years ago for my son to have a weakness!! My son can never have any weakness, he should be cold-hearted!!”

“Jeremy, that’s,,,, ”

“I give you one week, I want to hear news that she is dead or I will pay the Morgan’s mansion a visit!”

“But,,,, ” and he’s gone.

I sigh heavily.

Why is this happening,,,, I wish I could turn back time.


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

I sat in our living room watching camp rock, I sing along with my not so good voice.

In fact my voice can raise a dead man and kill him again and raise him again and kill him again. But I don’t care, I still sing.

♪♪ This is me, this is real ♪♪

♪♪ I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now ♪♪

♪♪ Gonna let the light shine on me ♪♪

♪♪ Now I found, who I am ♪♪

♪♪ there’s no way to hold it in ♪♪

♪♪ No more hiding who I wanna beeee ♪♪

♪♪ This is meeeeeeeeeeeeee ♪♪

“Aurora Grace Coxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!” I hear Britt scream my name from the kitchen.

She marches to the living room and stops right in front of me, her hands place on her waist as she glares daggers at me.

I shrink into the sofa and stare at her with my innocent eyes, pouting my lips too.

“Aurora, are you tryna make me deaf?”


“Then what’s up with the singing, can’t you let me enjoy Demi Lovato’s voice in peace?”

I chuckle and she narrows her eyes at me.

“Or were you tryna send me to my early grave!”

“Maybe?” I whisper.


She charges at me but a rapid knock on the door made her halt.

We both stare at the door with deep frowns.

“Are you expecting someone?” She asked me.

“No, are you?”


I got up from the sofa and rushes to the door, I peep from the peephole and see Javier standing outside, looking at his watch.

I quickly open the door and he grabs my hand. I study his expression, he looked worried.

“Javier, what’s wrong?”

“It’s Ian!” He said panickly.

I frown.

“Ian? What happened to him?” I asked in my own panicked voice.

“He’s dying?!”

My popcorn falls from my hand.



Episode 22.

|| Brittany ||

Rora open the door revealing a sad Javier, a very sad Javier!

“Javier, what happened? Why is your face like this?” Rora asked, she mirrors his expression.

“It’s Ian?” He replies.

“Ian? What happened to you?”

“He’s dying!” He said.

Rora’s popcorn falls from her hand, she steps forward and grips Javier’s collar, she stares in his eyes.

“Y-you said what?”

“Ian is dying!”

“Dying? How? He was fine when he left here last night,,, what could have possibly happened?”

“I don’t,,,,, ”

“Don’t tell me he was sick,,, ” she gasp. “Oh no! Don’t tell me he’s sick, it,, it,, must be because of the rain from yesterday!”

I frown when I studied Javier’s expression, though he looked sad but it was genuine.

Maybe it’s a trick.

And I think he already succeeded in trucking her, Rora looked so panicked right now.

“Rora, calm down” I told her.

I hold her shoulder and try to pull her back, but she removes my hand and shakes her head.

“No, Britt, Dean is sick, I must see him right away!”

She turns back to Javier.

“Come, take me to him, it’s my fault, take me to him!” Then she rushes out towards Javier’s car.

I narrowed my eyes at Javier when she’s out of sight. He chuckles nervously and tries to step back.

But I caught hold of his hand and twist it.

“Ow! Ouch! It hurts!” He winces.

“What prank are you playing on my friend?!”

“It’s,, it’s not a prank, truly Ian is dying!”

“But you don’t seem to be genuinely sad”

“Ok, let go of my hand and I will tell you”

I eyed him for some time before I let go of his hand. He rub on the spot I gripped and blows it.

“Hey, start talking!”

“Ok, the thing is, my brother want Aurora to stay in our mansion with him,,,you know they’ve been separated for such a long time.

And my brother when stopped missing her everyday for the past years,,, seeing her again, he didn’t want to lose her for the second time,,,hence we pulled this trick to get her back to our mansion!” He explained.

“You could have asked her nicely” I told him.

“Well, I’ve come to understand Aurora a little,, she wouldn’t come with us willing”

I nod,, that’s true.

Aurora is a very stubborn girl, she wouldn’t go if not lied to and I guess she fell into this lame trick of theirs because she still loves Ian.

“Hey! You were a bit aggressive you know” Javier said.


“I remember saving you last night,, is beating me up how you repay me? No thank you?” He asked.

I quickly face down as my cheeks flame up in embarrassment,,,, it’s true that he saved.

Had he not come in time, Eric could have succeeded.

He is my saviour and I should be grateful.

“Oh? What’s that? Are you feeling shy?” He asked.

My cheeks flame up more.

“I’m sorry for my actions just now,,,,thank you so much for saving me last night!” I said.

“Hmm? That’s all?”

“Yeah, thank you!”

“No! That’s not enough!”

I frown.


“I won’t accept a simple thank you!”

“What then do you want?”

He puts his finger under his chin and draw his eyebrows together as he does a little thinking.

“How about you take me out for dinner”


“Take me out for dinner, that’s the best way to show your gratitude”

Dinner,,, I’ve never had dinner with any guy, not even Eric.

He doesn’t take me out on dates,,and anytime I suggest going out with him, he never agrees.

Javier snaps his fingers across my eyes.

“Hey? What is miss Brittany thinking about?”

“I,,,,” I trail off.

How can I have dinner with someone that isn’t my boyfriend or business associate or even my,,,, friend.

“You,,,,what?” He asked.

He seems so eager waiting for my response.

“I can’t take you out for dinner!”


“Because you are not my boyfriend or business associate or friend,,,,we aren’t that acquainted”

“Well, there’s is always a place to start,,,,just see this dinner as a get to know you dinner!”


A car honking interupts me, we turn towards Javier’s car. It’s Rora pressing the hone.

“Javier! What are you waiting for!” She yells.

“Just give me two minutes” he turns back to me. “So, what did you say?”

I sigh.

Maybe I should say yes,, I need all the help I can to forget about Eric quickly.

“Ok, dinner is on me!”

He grins widely.

“Great! I will see how grateful you are tonight!” He said and wink at me before running towards his car.

I watch as he starts the engine and drives out of sight. I find myself grinning after he’s left,, but I don’t know why exactly I’m smiling.


|| Ian/Dean ||

“General! General!” Brandon called as he rushes into my room.

“What?! How many times will I tell you to stop running into my room like a new freed lion?!” I growled at him.

“I’m sorry, general!”

“Why did you rush in like that?”

“Master Javier is back!”

“What about Phoebe?”

“She is heading towards your room as we speak,, she’s on the second floor!”

I quickly throw the newspaper I was reading on the nightstand next to my bed.

I take off my shoes and run my fingers through my hair to make it look disheveled.

“Where’s the fake blood?!” I asked.

Brandon reaches for it and hands it to me. I open it and sip it, I thought it’d have a bland taste.

But surprisingly it has a sweet taste.

We hear rapid footsteps approaching my room, I shoved the fake blood back in Brandon’s hand and lied on my bed.

It’s showtime.


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

I sprang out of Javier’s car as soon as he parks in the garage, I rushed into the mansion and see Javier’s assistant in the living.

“Where is the General?!” I asked anxiously.

“In his room” he replies.

“Thanks” I said and rush towards the staircase.

I take the stairs two at a time, I would have gone for the elevator but that would waste a lot of my time.

Finally I arrived at Dean’s room, I pushed the door open and my eyes moved to Dean’s bed.

Brandon is trying to calm him down as he coughs hard, I notice him coughing out,,,, blood?

I rush to him and push Brandon out of my way, I sit on the bed and carry dean’s head on my lap.

“Oh my God! Dean, what happened? You were fine yesterday,,, how come you are seriously ill now?” I asked.

He smiles at me weakly.

“M-my Pho-ebe,,,,, ” cough out a little blood. “Y-you are,,,,” cough. “H-here!” He continues coughing more blood.

“Brandon, what happened here? There’s so much blood,,, get a doctor!!”

He clears his throat.

“Ma’am, you are a doctor” he said.

“I’m not,,,,,” I bite my tongue to stop myself from spilling the beans.

I’m not a real doctor,, how am I gonna diagnose what sickness is this.

“I don’t need a doctor!” Dean manage to say.

“Why won’t you need a doctor? You are coughing blood,, we need to know what is happening to you!”

He shakes his head and continue coughing,, this time the cough is stronger than before and more blood is coming from his mouth.

“Javier! Javier!!” I called.

Javier rushes in.


“Get a doctor,, your brother is in danger!”

“Aren’t you a doctor? You ought to know what is happening to him” he said.

I need an excuse,, then I remembered what Britt told me.

“Yes, I’m a doctor but doctors aren’t allowed to treat their relatives,,,, quick get a door!”

Dean reach out and wipe my cheek softly.

“Don’t cry” he said almost too quietly.

I didn’t even notice I was crying until he pointed it out.

“It’s,,, n-no use,,, getting a,,, doctor”

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t have,,,, much time,,, ”

“Shut up, Dean!! You are not gonna die! Not under my watch! Someone get a doctor!!”

He smiles weakly.

“It’s no use,,, this is an old sickness,,,, I will die any minute,,, I only have one wish,,, my last wish,,,, ” he starts coughing.

“Shh, save your strength, don’t speak,,, don’t talk about last wishes, I will take you to a hospital and you will be fine”

“My Phoebe,,, I only wish you could stay in this mansion with me,,,, I really missed you and,,, ” cough, cough, cough. “And I really wanted you to stay here with,,,, with,,, with,,, m-me,,, I feel so sle-epy ”

Then it’s silence,,, no words came out of his mouth. His hand on my cheek drops and his breath seized.

My heart began to beat fast, feeling like it should rip off my chest. I shake him gently.

“Dean! Dean! Dean, don’t fall asleep!”


|| Javier ||

Honestly, I didn’t know my brother could be such a drama king!

The way his body stilled almost fool me too, he look just like a dead man.

“Dean, no! You can’t fall asleep yet, wake up!” Aurora cry.

I shake my head, if only she knew Ian is tricking her.

“Dean, quit scaring me, open your eyes” she shake him but my oh so good brother didn’t wake up.

“Oh my God! This can’t be happening,,, you can’t die yet, you said you wanna marry me, right?” She looks at Ian for his reply but nothing.

“If you wanna be with me then open your eyes,,, you don’t look good with your eyes closed,, open your eyes!”

Brandon and I exchange looks and we smirk.

I guess it’s working.


|| Ian/Dean ||

I hear Phoebe crying as she shakes my body, she sounds so worried and I hate it.

I hate to see her sad but she haven’t said what I want to hear,,, I want to hear her say she will stay here with me.

I want to hear her say she will always be by my side, I have lost her once and I don’t want to lose her again.

If she says yes I can even marry her today,,,, ok, I guess that’s too forward of me.

“Dean, please wake up! Wake up and stop scaring me!” She hits my chest very hard and I fist my hands to stop myself from groaning or making any sound at all.

“Aurora,,, before my brother died, he had one wish, why don’t you think about it” I hear Javier said.

“One wish? What is that?”

“I don’t know, you think about it!”

“Wish,,, one wish” she murmurs.

Soon she gasped loudly.

“I remember,,, Dean, you want me to stay? I will stay, I will stay but please open your eyes,,, I will stay”

I almost smile, but I need more assurance.

“Aurora, he’s dead already, just promise him, make his soul believe you mean your words” Javier told her.

“He is not dead,,, don’t curse him!” She snarled at him.

“Dean, I swear on my life, I’m gonna stay here, I’m really gonna stay but you have to wake up, I can’t stay here alone”

“Are you sure you wanna stay here?” Javier asked.

“Yes, I mean it, I mean every word!”

I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I quickly sit up and grab her in a tight hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I said.

She freeze for a moment before she pushes me off.

She stands up and narrow her eyes at me.

“What just happened?!”

“General tricked you into agreeing to stay!” Brandon said, I throw him a harsh glare.


“Sorry, sir” he bows his head.

“Go outside and kneel under the sun until I get tired”

“Thank you, sir!” He leaves.

Phoebe glares at me, she turns her gaze to Javier but Javier was very fast, he opens the door and dash out.

Now it’s just me and Phoebe.

She look around and sees the packet of fake blood, she picks it up and perceive it.

“What is this?!”

I gulp nervously.

“I’m asking you a question!”

I cleared my throat.

“It’s fake blood”

“Fake blood! You fooled me, you played with my emotions!”

“My Phoebe listen,,,,”

“Listen to what? How you gang up with your brother to fool me?”

“I only did it because I thought it’s the only way to make you stay”

“Shut up!” She growled and I nod quickly.

She held my chin and raised my head up, she look in my eyes.

“You deceived me and when Brandon told me the truth you punish him,,,, what about you? What punishment do you think you deserve for lying to me?”

I remain quiet,,, I honestly didn’t see this coming. Please God or whoever is supreme, shouldn’t let her leave.

“Since you want me to stay, I will stay because I still have to find my parents murderer but I will have to punish you for lying to me”

I smile, she is staying,,, that’s good.

“What’s my punishment?”

She smirk,, I don’t think it’s gonna be anything good.

“Go outside and kneel under the sun until I get tired!” She said.

My eyes grow wide.

“T-that is the punishment I gave Brandon!”

“I know,,, now I’m giving you the same punishment!”

“My Phoebe, I,,, ”

“you what? You don’t want to do it? Well, I can just leave!”

“Fine! I will do it”

“Good! I’m gonna go get some sleep, I didn’t get enough sleep last night because Britt came home drunk,,,, I want to see you kneeling when I wake up!”

“Yes, my Phoebe”

“Say yes, ma’am!”

“Yes, ma’am!”


She stomps out with a smirk.

I sigh in relief,, at least she’s staying.

I got up and head outside, I see Brandon kneeling under the sun and smirk, but it wiped off when I remember why I, myself wad outside.

I walked towards him and kneel next to him.

“G-general, what are you doing?!” He asked.

“Serving punishment!”

“W-what?! Who dared to punish you?!”

I scoff,,, yeah, who dares to punish me if not her.

“Phoebe punished me!”

“Oh!” He doesn’t say more but I can hear him laughing silently.

I don’t blame him though,,, I, Ian Dean Morgan,,a General and the most feared man in New York City,, is being punished by a shorty girl.

Is this what love turns people into? Fools?

Well, I don’t mind being a fool to her forever!!



T. B. C

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