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Disguise episode 15 & 16

(Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover)
Written by: Authoress Vivian
Episode 15
2 days later…..
Granny and I were busy talking and laughing!.
I was busy telling her about my ordeal with Susan.
“Trust me granny! I beat her blue, black, green, yellow and Even brown!” I said and we laughed.
“I trust you, I gave you a piece of my craziness” Granny said.
“That’s for sure!” I said.
“Where’s my Son-in-law? Why hasn’t he come yet?” Granny asked.
“I’m here granny!” We heard granny said as the door opened.
“Love!” I stood up and went to hug him.
I don’t know why I suddenly miss him so much.
To my surprise! He held me tightly to himself, like he didn’t want me to go.
“Love!” I called and disengaged from the hug.
I cupped his face “Are you okay?” I asked and he nodded.
He looked a bit sad.
“Are you sure you’re okay? Did Susan do or say anything to you?” I asked and he shook his head letting out a very faint smile.
“I’m fine baby! Look, I bought this cloth for you. It’s for the party”.
He said and gave me the bag.
I collected it brought out a sparkling White outfit.
“Wow love! It’s beautiful. But it looks quite expensive. You might have spent almost all your earnings”
“As long as it comes to you! Nothing is too expensive” he said and I smiled.
“I have to go baby, They need me at the Mansion. I won’t be able to come pick you up, but I’ll send someone”. He said.
“Ok Love, see you at the party!” I said and he turned around to leave but suddenly turned and slammed his lips on mine.
He kissed me so deeply like his life depended on it.
He broke the kiss and rushed out.
“Emily, What’s up with Darry?” Granny asked making me turn.
“I don’t know granny!” I said sitting down.
“Something’s not right with that Kid. He didn’t even acknowledge me!” granny said and I nodded.
That’s true!.
“What are you doing?” granny asked and I looked at her wondering what she meant.
“You’re seating down, when you’re supposed to go get ready? it’s almost time foolish girl” She said and I rolled my eyes.
“The party isn’t for me granny!” I said.
“Even at that, you’re supposed to be there with Darry! Now go get ready”. She said but I remained adamant.
“But granny! I’m tired” I said and put my head on her lap”
“Ouch” I screamed standing up.
“Why did you pinch me so hard”
“And I’ll do it again and again as long as you remain stubborn”
“I hate you granny!” I said and picked up the bag, walking away.
“I love you too” She yelled and I broke into a smile.
I walked into my parents Mansion looking a bit sad.
What’s Emily going to think about me when she finally knows the truth?
“Son? You’re here! c’mon the make up artist is here” She said pulling me along.
She must have noticed how sluggish I’ve become, because she stopped walking.
“Is there a problem?” She asked and I signed.
“I’ve found the one I truly love Mom”
“What? is it Susan? Son, think about her bad her behavior is. How could you fall in love with her after all….”
“Mom… mom.. She’s not the one” I said and she heaved a sign of relief.
“Who’s the lucky girl?”
“You’ll get to meet her mom”
“So tell me, Why are you sad?”
“I’m scared she might hate me. She doesn’t know I’m the real Harry!”
“But she loves you even if you’re poor, doesn’t she?” Mom asked and I nodded.
“Then it’s genuine. If her love for you is pure, then she’ll understand” she said and I nodded.
“I just hope she’ll understand me”
“She will. Now get inside and get dressed. it’s almost time.” She said and pushed me inside.
I stood in front of the mirror getting dressed.
Today, Everyone would know that I’m engaged to the rich Harry Kenwood.
Even though he’s a jerk, I’ll still benefit because of the respect I’ll get from people.
I turned and saw Harry getting dressed in a cheap suit.
I mean, it’s not too cheap but being the son of the Kenwood family, isn’t he supposed to wear an expensive suit.
I rolled my eyes and turned, facing the mirror again.
suit himself!
My gown is an expensive one, diamonds all over.
I wore my diamond necklace, shoe and earrings.
I hurridely took my bath.
Gosh! Granny was right.
The time is speeding up and now, I only have half an hour left.
I began to get dressed.
I wore the gown Darry bought for me. I looked extremely gorgeous in it.
perfect size!
Pretty but simple design!
Sparkling White!.
Darry is such an amazing boyfriend. But I’m sure, this gown is expensive.
I stood in front of the mirror.
I began to pack my hair in a messy bun making some time hair drop on my face.
I wore the earrings and necklace that came along side with the gown.
I picked up my eye liner and applied it.
Eyelashes isn’t a problem, I’ve got a natural long lashes.
I picked up my lip stick. Now red or pink?
I stared at it confused. I think I should go with the pink lip stick.
I applied it and stared at myself.
I wore my shoes. it’s a good thing I know how to walk with high heels.
I stared at my reflection.
I feel like I’m over dressed for this party, but it’s for my Love anyways.
I’m sure he’ll be fu*king handsome tonight.
A car horn brought me back to conciousness.
Guess my ride is here!
I picked up my purse and walked out of the house.
I meet with the flashy car that brought Sir Harry and Darry back from the airport.
I just stood staring at it.
“Miss Emily?” The driver called and I nodded.
“Come with me ma’am, Sir Harry asked me to pick you up” He said.
Sir Harry?
oh I get it, Darry just told him that so he could pick me up.
What a cunny boyfriend I’ve got!
“Let’s go Sir!” I said and he opened the door.
“Thank you!” I said and sat down.
He walked over to the driver sit and ignited the engine. With that, we drove off.
Episode 16.
I came down from the car. I looked around in admiration.
The whole Mansion is decorated and lights everywhere.
Different exotic cars parked. Classy people from rich homes filled the Mansion.
I won’t have come here if not for Darry. I feel out of place!.
With borrowed courage, I began to walk inside but not without murmurs from people.
👥 Who’s she?
👥 She’s pretty!
👥Like a goddess!
I think they’re talking about me because all eyes where on me.
I felt my face flush as I began to blush.
I walked past them without even sparing them a glance.
I walked in and meet the entire place filled.
That’s one thing with the Rich!
I looked around in search of Darry but he’s no where to be found.
I signed and called a waitress. I picked up a glass of Juice and began to drink.
Just then, Harry and Susan walked out.
I burst into laughter!
Her outfit is as ugly as my poo! even if it is expensive.
Her heavy make-up and her dark lip gloss!
She looks like those Wicked ugly witches in catoons.
I continued to laugh until our eyes meet and I quickly stopped even though I was boiling with laughter.
She frowned, spoke some words to Harry before walking towards me.
“Hey! Why are you staring at me?” She asked.
I kept mute and continued to stare at her smiling.
“Oh! I get it! You can’t get your eyes off my beauty because I’m the most pretty in this party right? You don’t have to get jealous. Just swallow your pride and tell me how beautiful I look” She said and kept her hands on her waist.
“That’s right Susan. You might think you’re beautiful but permit me to be the mouth piece of everyone present. You don’t look beautiful, rather you look like a frustrated peacock, a rejected monkey and a castrated Lizard. Do you think your outfit made you beautiful? Baby girl, you look like a blotted buffalo” I said.
“You Wretch!” She yelled and raised her hands in an attempt to hit me.
“Go ahead! Show everyone here that the daughter in-law of the Kenwood family has a disgusting attitude” I said and she looked around before bringing down her hands.
“You wanted a compliment so badly and I gave you one. Why the anger?” I asked and she glared at me.
🎤Ladies and Gentlemen… Can I have your attention?
“The event is about to start. I need my privacy” I said and she glared at me.
“This isn’t over Emily!” She threatened and walked away.
Empty vessel makes the loudest noise!
I shrugged.
🎤 The Kenwood family just arrived. Can we give them our utmost respect.
We all stood up and started clapping!.
The door opened and Mr &Mrs Kenwood walked in with a bright smile on their faces.
Wait! Nanny Maria is behind them and she looked really different.
She doesn’t look like the nanny Maria I used to know.
They walked to the mic.
🎤”Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all to this party. I want to say thank you for honoring my invitation.
Thanks to my lovely wife and my ever- caring mother for their support” Mr Kenwood said and everyone clapped.
Wait! Did he just say mother? He was actually referring to nanny Maria! What’s going on?
🎤”I know you all have waited patiently for the arrival of my only son! Harry Kenwood. You all have come from far and near just to see what he’s become and celebrate with us as he turns a year older and I appreciate all your efforts. Just to spice up the party, My son is going to present his fiance” He said and I looked at Susan who’s smiling like a lost sheep.
“Let’s welcome! The heir to the Kenwood’s Empire, Harry Kenwood!” He said and I looked at Harry expecting him to move but he didn’t. He just fixed his eyes at the door smiling.
Isn’t he supposed to go join his parents?.
Even Susan stood shocked like a ghost.
Screams filled the entire place.
What’s at the door anyways? I should check it out.
I turned and looked at the door and I felt my heart stopped beating.
No! it’s not Possible.
It must be his replica.
He looked different. Rich!
I don’t know why but I felt tears gather in my eyes as I stared at him.
I felt hurt.
He walked to his parents and hugged them including nanny Maria.
Then took the mic from his Dad.
🎤”Good day everyone and thanks for coming!. Firstly, I want to say thank you to my Dad, mom and granny for being supportive in every step I take. I love you all!” He said and everyone clapped.
I became instantly weak. He’s the true Harry! I’ve been in love with my boss.
🎤”Thank you all who came to celebrate with me as I turn a year older”
🎤”I was engaged to someone I don’t know, someone I haven’t met before. I came up with a plan, to Disguise myself as a driver and allow my real driver take my place. I wanted to observe the lady I was engaged to and see for myself if she’s good for me. I spoke with my parents and they supported me. My granny here Disguised herself as a maid. I wouldn’t want to mention the name of the lady I was engaged to, You know yourself already. I observed her behavior and found out how disgusting it was. But I still have to go ahead with the engagement”. He said.
At this point I couldn’t hold the tears that rolled out of my eyes.
It was all a lie! Everything was a lie! His love for me is also a lie.
He’s gonna marry Susan!
With that, I ran out in tears.
Just when I was close to the door, I heard my name.
“Emily!” I heard him call but I ignored.


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