Dirty housewife Episode 2

💧🤱 Dirty Housewife 💧 🤱
🖌️💝 Episode Two🖌️💝
🤩 Kachi 🤩
I brou-ght out the beautiful clothes I took along with me and made sure my dirty friend had a cool nice bath.
I ordered her to wear the clothes and when she was done dressing up, I sighed appreciatively.
Nancy is such a beautiful girl but this her dirtiness has killed her!
“Now you look awesome! The guys there are gonna die! ” I laughed.
Nancy rolled her eyes and we went out of the house.
We took a bike to our destination. It was midday and the p@rty hall was alre-ady going on.
Nancy and I occu-pied a table and the servers quic-kly brou-ght us wine.
Nancy coughed right inside her wine without covering her mouth.
I looked around and was glad no one was watching her. I pinched her on her arm.
“Ouch!” She cried and glared at me.
“Why would you do that!” I whispered angrily at her. ” Even here?
Ogini zi?” She asked.
Just then I saw my workmate, Esther who was celebr@ting her fifth marriage anniversary.
I quic-kly stood up. “Nancy…I will be right back. Let me quic-kly congratulate my workmate.” I said and walked towards Esther.
🤩 Nancy 🤩
I belched loudly but I knew no one heard me because of the loud music.
I felt like easing myself and quic-kly got up.
I walked towards a door at the inner p@rt of the hall and entered.
I eased myself and c@m£ out to find some guy waiting outside.
He glared at me. “Aunty, did you even look up at all? Didn’t you see the sign post at the door t©p?”,he asked and I glanced up the door with a frown.
” Male. En en?, we-tin come happen?” I asked.
” This place is for male only.” He said.
“Oh…. male piss and female piss….abeg, we-tin be the difference?” I asked him.
” Just follow instructions madam”. Be matured enough.” The stupid guy said and that got me angry.
” So are you opening that useless mouth of yours to tell me I’m not matured? Are you mad?” I asked him getting re-ady for a fight.
“Do you now want to beat me?” He asked with an amused look.
” See I will beat you and beat all your generations join. Are you mad!” I yelled at him.
I heard movement behind me and turned to see another guy walking up to us.
“And what’s happening here?” I heard him ask in a very de-ep voice.
🤩 Patrick 🤩
Even watching the action girl from the back,I knew she was gonna be beautiful.
But what’s a beautiful girl doing with a guy in front of the rest room?
They were quarrelling. I noticed when I got closer.
“What’s going on here?” I asked as soon as I got to them.
The girl turned to look at me and I hid a smile. I knew she was gonna be gorgeous.
“Bro….this girl is insane.” The other guy said and walked into the rest room.
” It’s your generations that are insane. Look at his head like ‘molue’ head light.” The girl shouted after him and I almost laughed.
” It’s okay.” I said instead.
I esc-rted her back to the p@rty and just few conversations with her,I quic-kly liked her immediately.
She was so lively and full of fun.
I asked her for a dance and she quic-kly took my hand, dragging me to the dance floor herself.
I laughed as we danced together.
I’m not really a fan of many women but meeting her that day,I knew I had to keep in t©uçh with her. She made the p@rty more enjoyable to me.
🤩 Kachi 🤩
I watched with amusement as Nancy danced with the strange guy and was like laughing.
A whole Nancy? With a guy?
Well…I couldn’t blame her though cos the guy looked like a prince.
Young…. richly dressed and composed.
I walked towards Esther who was busy laughing with another work mate.
“Who’s that guy?” I asked her pointing at Nancy’s direction.
“Oh the guy with your friend? That’s Patrick.
He just got back into town from the United States.
He’s a childhood friend to Jimmy my husband.
And I heard he’s searching!” Esther whispered and we laughed.
” I’m still waiting for the lucky lady to show up. Maybe it’s you.” Esther said and laughed again.
” Me? Abeg, where do you want me to put my Akin? plea-se oh. But I think he likes Nancy.
Just look at the way they quic-kly relate.” I said looking at them as they walked over to a table to sit after the dance.
“I noticed that too. I mean….Patrick doesn’t talk much.
He’s a decent guy. Nancy will be very lucky to have him as her man. ” Esther said and I nodded.
And they look perfect together. Maybe Nancy’s life will change when she finally have a man in her life.
I watched on and suddenly, some grains of rice fell off Nancy’s spoon as she was about to push it into her mouth.
Oh no! I watched in horror and got re-ady to run to st©p her cos I knew what she’s gonna do next… in front of Patrick.
Everyone knows
what’s she’s going to do next 😂😂😂😂