Dirty housewife Episode 13

🥀 Episode Thirteen🥀
💧Nancy 💧
“I can’t take this anymore!” I cried as soon as Patrick c@m£ into the guest room to see me.
“What are you gonna do then? All we have to do is exercise some patients. She’s carrying my baby. ” Patrick said and I g@sped.
” How could you say that to my face!!” I cried.
“Look….. No nee-d to start crying over spilled milk, Nancy. What we nee-d right now is solution. That’s it. ” Patrick said and turned away, pissed off.
I stood up looking at him. “I know this is all my fault, Patrick. But we can’t allow that woman into our lives! ” I wept.
” So… What do you suggest we do? No, what do you suggest I do? Throw her out with the unborn baby??” Patrick asked and I glared at him.
” That woman has got to leave or I’m gonna walk out of this marriage. ” I said sternly but to my surprise, Patrick nodded and shrugged.
,”Your wish.” With that, he walked out of the room. I g@sped in tears and sat down on the be-d, crying heavily.
What have I done??
Angrily, I walk over to the closet and flung out all the clothes in it. I got my bag and packed the clothes together.
Either ma-king a mistake or not, I really didn’t care at the moment.
I just wanted to get out of the house cos Lucy’s pres£nce kept tormenting me.
I was pu-lling my luggage with me down stairs when Lucy walked in and saw me.
She stood and had a good laugh. “What a wonderful decision you’ve taken my dear.
It’s high time you really left this house and thank goodness you didn’t allow me s£nd you packing instead. ” She said and laughed again.
I smiled at her. ” I just want to remind you of something Lucy.
You can never reap what you did not sow, okay? This is my place and I’m coming back to take it!! ” I yelled at her.
💧 Lucy 💧
I couldn’t st©p laughing when she said that.
“It’s your place alright but you misused it! I’m a good user and I will help you manage it very well.
Don’t worry darling!!” I laughed again and walked past her, going upstairs to the couple’s be-droom.
I got in and looked around happily. Finally she left!!
Oh my God!! I’m gonna have Patrick and this whole beautiful house to myself??
I couldn’t have been more happier!
I got into the bathroom first and had a cool bath.
Then I changed into a casual wear and got re-ady for Patrick.
Maybe after another round of S-x,I might really get pregnant and cut this whole fake thing with doctor Ambrose off.
My phone began to ring. I looked at the screen and was immediately alarmed.
It’s doctor Ambrose again!
I thought I gave him his money not long ago. Why the hell is he still calling me??
“Hello!” I snapped into the phone once I picked it up.
“Don’t shout.” Doctor Ambrose hisses from the other line.
“Fine…what do you want again? I thought I gave you the money alre-ady today?”
” Yes you did but the money is not complete. You said he’s gonna come tommorow for tests that will show you are really pregnant.
I will have to fake out a test result. You think it’s gonna be easy?
You have to pay for that too!” Doctor Ambrose said and I sighed.
” Okay I will forward the money to you for the fake results. I’m counting on you doctor Ambrose. My life depends on this!!”
” You don’t have to worry so far you pl@yyour p@rt well.” Doctor Ambrose replied.
Minutes later,I cut the call and sighed.
That was a close one.
💧 Nancy 💧
I g@sped with shock at what I heard!
Fake test results??
I’ve been eavesdropping on her ever since she started the call.
I c@m£ back upstairs but got interested in the phone call so I listened.
Wait a minute…what fake test result is she talking about?
Who’s doctor Ambrose??
She Finally caught her!!!💃💃