Dirty housewife Episode 12

🥀Episode Twelve🥀
🌹Nancy 🌹
“Kachi … How could you! How could you suggest such a thing?
Now, there’s a devil in my house! ” I wept that morning as I sat in Kachi’s living room.
She paced about angrily. “I never knew it would turn out like this!
What the hell is wrong with Lucy? Did you get selfish? ” Kachi asked.
” I’m the main cause of everything. This wouldn’t have happened if I had been a good wife. What am I gonna do now? I can’t lose my marriage to that desperate witch! ” I cried.
” We will come up with a solution. Don’t cry. ” Kachi as-sured me.
🌹 Lucy 🌹
I was cooking in the kitchen and singing happily when Nancy entered.
“Lucy….. That cooker is for me and I want to use it. Why can’t you just get a new cooker and st©p looking for trouble.” She said and I turned back to look at her.
“Really? How is using your cooker looking for trouble?”
“Well that’s because I wanna use it right now. I want to cook for my husband. “She replied and I laughed.
” You don’t have to stress yourself, dear. I’m alre-ady doing that. ” I replied.
” Why are you tormenting me, Lucy? Why?? ” She asked and I shook my head innocently.
” No I’m not ohh. As a matter of fact, you are the one tormenting me here cos you’ve refused to accept me as one of this family.
But I don’t nee-d your acceptance. All I nee-d is Patrick to love me and my unborn baby ” I said and laughed.
“Hurry up with that…. I won’t banter words with you. You are just a desperate witch. ” She said and that got me immediately annoyed.
I stepped in front of her. “What did you just call me?”
“You heard me right Lucy. I feel so sorry for you. ” She replied.
I raised my hand and gave a her thun-derous sl@p. “Don’t you dare talk to me that way!!”
She turned back to look at me. ” Is that all you’ve got? Sl@pping?” She asked and I laughed.
“Watch what you say to me, Nancy. I’m dangerous. ” I said to her before turning off the cooker.
I left her standing there and walked out of the kitchen.
She thinks I’m here to joke with her! But I’m gonna show her I’m really here to take her place.
🌹 Nancy 🌹
I wept bitterly when she left. I don’t really think I can endure this.
But then, I can’t leave my matrimonial home all because of her.
I wiped my tears and br@ced up.
This is my cross. And I have to carry it.
I won’t run away from it, loosing my home.
🌹 Lucy 🌹
I walked into my room and almost immediately, my phone began to ring.
I picked up the phone and the doctor’s voice c@m£ on line.
“Why are you calling me now? I’m still at home!” I whispered into the phone.
” I’ve been waiting since yesterday. Where is my payment? “He asked and I looked back nervously, ma-king sure no one was eavesdropping.
“Calm down doctor. I will come later in the day with your money. Just don’t fail your promise. “I whispered into the phone and cut the line immediately.
I breathed in and arranged some money for the doctor.
I’ve got to take it to him immediately so my plans would be intact.
Hold on a sec….what plan is she talking about??