Dirty housewife Episode 11

💧🤱 Dirty Housewife 🤱💧
Episode Eleven
💧 Patrick 💧
I paced about in the living room really angry.
I snapped around to look at Lucy again.
“Did you just say you are pregnant? For me?” I asked.
She nodded with a smile. “I’m carrying your baby, Pat. Yes! I’m pregnant!!” She exclaimed happily.
” Who’s pregnant?”
I turned around to see Nancy coming towards us. I breathed in and sat down heavily on a chair.
“What’s going on here?”, Nancy asked again.
” You wanna know? Well I’m pregnant for our husband!”Lucy snapped.
,As expected, Nancy looked hurt and shockingly at me. “Patrick?”
I nodded. “I’m sorry.” I replied and watched her back upstairs.
I looked at Lucy again. What have I done to myself?
💧 Nancy 💧
hvge tears dropped off my eyes as I sat on the be-d, thinking.
So this Lucy of a woman has finally succeeded in dividing my home?
I wept like never before cos I knew everything was my own fault.
If I had been a good wife, Lucy would never had the chance to come into my home and destroy it.
The door opened and she c@m£ in with laughter.
I stood up, facing her. “What exactly do you want Lucy, why can’t you just leave us alone? “I asked.
” Leave you alone? Oh no. You know that’s not possible. And for your information, I will be the first wife to be having his baby so I deserve some respect from your side. ” Lucy said and I shook with laughter.
” Is it funny to you?” She asked and I look at her.
“Whatever your plans are, they are never gonna work. re-ad myl-ips… They aren’t gonna work! ” I yelled at her and she laughed.
” Don’t shout yet my dear. Save it for later when I’m gonna be getting married to Patrick… My dream man. ” She said and laughed again.
I almost wanted to sl@p her but refrained. I smiled instead.
“You are just a frustrated desperate woman, Lucy.
Let me remind you that you are nothing but a concubine in this house!! ” I yelled at her and her countenance changed.
” If that word comes out of your mouth again… I’m gonna sl@p you…!”
“Try it and see me in action!! ” I cut her short, edging closer to her.
Her che-st heaved up and down in anger but I didn’t really care. I stared at her eye ba-lls to eye ba-lls!
“No mater what you do… You will always be a concubine! ” I whispered at her and she raised her hand to sl@p me.
Just then, the door opened and Patrick c@m£ in.
“And what the hell is happening here!!” He yelled.
💧 Lucy 💧
I scoffed before looking at him. “I will advise you talk to her, Patrick. She’s trying my patience! Let her un-derstand that I’m carrying your child! ” I fumed.
” Hold on! Wait a minute! Why do you keep saying you are carrying my child?
I’m here to say no to that! ” Patrick thun-dered and I laughed.
” Wow….. Look at you,what a Marvelous joker! You don’t know what you are saying!
Whether you like it or not Patrick.. I’m carrying your child and that’s final! ” With that I left the room.
Once downstairs,I bur-sted out laughing. Oh,I’m gonna enjoy this in a very long time!
Hmm…..devil in the house!