Dirty daughter episode 5

.Chapter 5 & 6
I was too perplexed to find words as Ken looked down on Fred and I disgustingly before he angrily left the room without saying a word.
“Ken!” I called after him but he left the club going towards the car. Gina tried asking questions as I ran after Ken but I ignored her and finally caught up with Ken as he was about entering the car.
“Ken! I’m very sorry, you won’t un-derstand, he is my ex and I was drun!k, plea-se forgive me” I said trying to pl@ythe drun!kcard.
“Joanne, how could you do that to me? I’m not just having a fling with you, I want a real and committed relationsh!p” he said as I could see the hurt in his eyes.
“I know baby I’m sorry” I pouted moving closer to him and tried to hvg him but he pu-ll-ed away.
“We will talk later” he said before entering his car and he zoomed off.
“What the f*@k?” I muttered to myself. I went back into the club feeling uneasy, Ken words pierce throu-gh my heart, I have never fell in love before or let me say I’ve never felt loved by someone before the way Ken has made me feel special. The rest of night was gloomy, before I c@m£ back to see Fred, he was alre-ady having S-x with some other girl.
“Fred, how dare you disrespect me like this” I yelled yanking the girl’s hair.
“Joanne, what’s all this ru-bbish?” He asked pu-lling the girl’s hair from my hands. I pushed him down and beat the girl up badly and left her bleeding as Fred took his anger out on me, I fought back but he was stronger and he took the girl away and pushed me down before he left the room as I sobbe-d on the floor as I remembered all that had happened that night. I couldn’t wait for the night to be over. We got home that night except Gina who went to spend a night with her b©yfri£nd.
“Girl what’s up?” Becky asked as she noticed my mood.
“Yea, J what’s up, why were you running after Ken earlier?” Tessa asked also. I told them everything that transpired between Ken and I that night.
“I think you should forget about that Fred that treats you like trash and focus on Ken who is re-ady for a committed relationsh!p.” Tessa suggested.
“I agree J, forget about that lunatic who only remembers you when he feels like getting down, I mean that dude is trash and he messes around with other girls, no respect for you” Becky ch!pped in as I l@ydown in confusion.
“But I’m fine with Fred.” I replied.
“Then what’s the problem?” Becky asked.
“Why did you accept Ken then?” Tessa questioned further.
“Good night girls” I replied and faced the other side. The ap@rtment is a two be-droom flat. Gina recently c@m£ to join us for second semester and we shared the same room while Tessa and Becky shared the other. But I decided to spend the night with Tessa and Becky because Gina wasn’t around and I felt like spending the night here with them.
A beep from my phone woke me up, I got up and saw that it was a text from Debbie reminding me about the JHD crusade. I hissed and tried calling Ken but he wasn’t picking up, I texted him but no reply. I scanned the room but no trace of Tessa or Becky, I wonder where they went then I remembered, I have early morning clas-s
“f*@k!” I cursed un-der my breath.
I rushed into the bathroom, had my bath and dressed up in r!pp£djeans and an oversized hoodie with a white sneakers, I tried calling Gina to remind her about the clas-s but she wasn’t picking up. I boarded a taxi to school, my father didn’t buy me a car, he said I should pas-s my MBBS exams first, that means I must get to 400 level first before I have a car, same with Gina but Tessa and Becky both have cars. I got to clas-s very late and the annoying lecturer Mr Jerry was alre-ady in clas-s.
“Hey you girl!” He called out to me with rage.
“Yes sir” I replied.
“Why are you late and dressed like that, don’t you know you are a medical student? And yet you are dressing like a prostitute” he added looking at me from head to toe.
“And so f*@king what” I replied cl!çk!ng my ton-gue. I had sle-pt with Mr Jerry during our first semester just to pas-s his course and now he is disgracing me.
“See me in my office later, I’m going to deal with you” he blared as I eyed him and cli-cked my ton-gue.
“Deal with me with your d*@k” I muttered to myself. After clas-s, I strolled to Mr Jerry’s office alone since Gina didn’t attend clas-s today.
I knocked on the door and he told me to come in.
“n@ûghty Gina!” He laughed.
“It’s Joanne” I replied
“Oh I see!” He looked at me l!çk!ng hisl-ips.
“What do you f*@king want? This?” I asked unZi-pping my jeans and pu-lling it down, I moved closer to his desk as I could see the lvst in his eyes. I t©uçhed his trou-sers and I could feel it, he m0@n ed. I looked at him and smiled dragging my jeans up. “Well you ain’t getting any of it” I smiled and for the record I recorded everything that happened just now so you ain’t going to mess with me again or else I’d report to the school board and you know what that means” I smiled. He laughed not believing me but I just smiled.
“Tessa!” I shouted and she c@m£ into the office showing him the video cl!pand laughing too as she had recorded everything behind the door, I didn’t completely lock the doors.
“How dare you?” He shouted.
“You are still talking, shut your fvc*king mouth dude” Tessa added.
“Thanks babe” I added and we left the office laughing.
“That’s my baby girl!” Tessa gave me a high five before she hurriedly left because she had a clas-s to attend.
I sighted Ken from far, he was laughing with his friends when Jaden c@m£ with his friends and started embarras-sing him. I moved closer so I could hear what they were saying.
“Stay away from my girl” Jaden shouted.
“Who’s your girl?” Ken asked confused.
“Who’s my girl? You want to know my girl? Guys deal with this fool” Jaden ordered.
“St©p!!!” I quic-kly intervened.
“Joanne, what are you doing here?” Jaden asked.
“Is this your girl?” Ken asked because he had no idea Jaden was my brother.
“No!” Jaden and I said at the same time.
“Jinx” we both said at the same time again and laughed.
“What’s going on here?” Ken asked.
“He is my brother” I replied as Jaden was pissed that I’m even talking to Ken.
“Let me deal with him Joanne, leave him to me” Jaden tried pushing me lightly out of the way because I was standing in front of Ken.
“No way Jaden! Ken is my b©yfri£ndand you are not tou-ching him unless you want us to have a problem.” I said and dragged Ken along with me taking him to a quiet place.
“Ken baby, I’m very sorry about what I did, I know…” Before I could continue, he had taken myl-ips in his k!ss!ngme pas-sionately.
“I’m crazy about you Joanne, plea-se don’t hurt me again!” He replied hvgging me ti-ghtly. In this moment, I made my decision that I’m ending my so called relationsh!pwith Fred, I can’t let this Ken go, he loves me so much and my friends are right I deserve to be treated like a princess. After spending some quality time with Ken, I called Fred that we should meet up, he obliged and we met at a fast food joint inside the campus.
“I can’t do this anymore!” I said firmly.
“Do what anymore?” He asked sarcastically.
“I mean us, I don’t want us to be together anymore” I replied.
“Wait, let me get this straight, were we together before?” He asked and his questions pierce throu-gh my heart like a sword, I could feel the pain, I had been with Fred for the past 4 years now, since secondary school and he dares ask me if we were ever together. His father is our family friend, we didn’t attend the same secondary school but we started d@t!ngwhen he normally come to visit us during the holidays. Fred was handsome, very handsome with nice built b©dy and his dark skin drew me more to him and his eyes were like sparkles. I starred into those eyes as he told me this cra-p.
“What do you mean?” I managed to say because I was too shock and weak to find words.
“F*@k you Joanne, I’m out of here, I don’t know you called me out here for this stupid reason, us be together? Be together indeed.” He laughed and hissed before he walked out on me, I could feel h0t tears flowing down my cheeks. How could he? After everything? I sat there crying when I saw him coming back, I thought he wanted to apologise to me but instead he said “you are not even good in be-d. Useless s–t” he hissed and k!$$£d a random girl right in front of me, I was dumbfounded, I felt like trash. I
managed to find my way home feeling sad and dejected. Gina was the first to notice my mood during our conversations.
“Joanne, what’s wrong?” She asked trying to re-move my hands from my eyes as my hands were on my eyes.
“I got in a relationsh!pand was dumped all in the same day” I cried out like a baby.
“Oh my God Joanne, plea-se st©p” Becky pu-ll-ed me into her arms.
“Let me get this straight, A guy asked you out today and dumped you today after he had S-x with you?” Tessa asked puffing smoke into the air and drank liquor.
“Ah ah Tessa, Joanne is not cheap to meet a guy today, have S-x with him today and get dumped today. I’m sure any guy who even have S-x with Joanne will come back begging for more.” Gina added wiping my tears as Becky rocked me like a baby.
“Just tell us what happened so we would know what to say instead of all this as-sumptions” Becky added.
I told them all that happened, how Fred dumped me and how Ken and I got back together.
“So you and Fred are over? Thank you Jesus!” Tessa shouted out for joy.
“Hallelujah, Fred is out of our girl’s life” Gina added and did a victory dance and this made me laugh because Gina is a bad dancer.
“You should be grateful, you’ve got h0t Ken all to yourself” Tessa win-ked at me. They tea-sed me and made me laugh till I fell asleep.
Next morning, a call from Jessica woke me up. I was surprised, the she devil herself called me today.
“Hello” I said but all I could hear was Jessica crying and rushing her words.
“Wait wait wait, you are pregnant? What do you mean you are pregnant?” I asked.