Diary Of Legionite – Episode 6


Dear Diary,

Did I even sleep last night?,I had a chat with Bryan on whatsapp,we discussed a lot of issues you wouldn’t like to know…It was fantastic….

I had taken my bath as early as 5:30Am,that is a record……I took time to steam my face,Pony tailed my long hair and wore an exquisite make up..You should have seen me today,I took a lot of selfies and s£nt it to Shanty,She wasn’t coming with us,Her father would be visiting her today and she has to stay in school…There might be more crying for her today….hmmmm,she would be meeting her twinie…

I was done dressing,but I couldn’t locate my Bible,only God knows the last time I attended church here on campus…I finally found it un-der my be-d covered with dust…Lord forgive me…I quic-kly made my way to Shanty’s room to see how she was doing,She was busy arguing with roommates,we spoke for sometime and I advise her to control herself when her father comes..After that we exchanged goodbyes..

Bryan had come to meet me and was waiting outside the hostel,He praised my looks and my head started swelling..Am blu-shing alre-ady…

Me:Ok,can we go now?

Bryan:Yea,after you

Me:We have to go over there to get a car..

Bryan:Hahaahaa…That is my car packed over there

Me:Whaaat?…You drive on campus….?

Bryan:Oh ya,I’ve always been driving on campus


Within few minutes,we were on way to Action Chapel at Spintex,where his family fellowsh!p,I was very nervous,the journey to the church was delayed by this annoying traffic jam,He pla-yed this cool gospel song to keep us activated in the spirit before getting to church,we were both silent till he pu-ll-ed into the car park of the church.

The church was filled to the brim with worsh!pers,an usher gave us a seat at the back and I saw that perfect..

I made him aware I wasn’t getting up when they call for first timers,I wasn’t re-ady to stand and face this hvge congregation…For how many reasons?…

Worsh!pwas spirit filled,I was so immersed in the spirit as if I were a spirit myself…During praises,we danced slowly as we swayed our bodies from left to right like some kind of zombies…”That is how the English speaking churches in Accra dance…Slowly like Zombies”.

Preaching was directed directly to the Youth,I felt this man was waiting for us,we kept stealing glances at each other and smiling,Arch Bishop Duncan Williams taught us how to build a strong relationsh!pbefore marriage…Is was motivating..Bless him!!

During offering,I mistakenly dropped my GHS50.00 in the offering box instead of GHS5.00..Whaat?….That was not from my heart…I wish there was a way to retrieve it…GHS50??…Hmm…well that is another record…

Service was soon over and we found ourselves outside the auditorium..I saw Bryan walk to some people bi and there norr k!ss!ngand hvgging started..He hvgged this lady for few seconds,followed by another k!ss,and a hvg…Oh Lawd..Wah Riz Dat?….

Bryan: Hey Fafa,meet my Mom

Bryan’s Mom: Hey young lady,how are you,you look beautiful

Me: Am good Ma’,and thank you Ma’…

Bryan’s Mom: Good..Bryan,are you guys coming home with us?

Bryan:No Mom,we have somewhere to go…

Me:Somewhere?,He never told me about that

I left him with his Mom and went to sit in the car,He soon c@m£ and told me we were going for lunch at the Chinese Restaurant…I couldn’t hide my joy..I just hope I dont bite something unusual…That lady she was hvgging hvgging is her aunt

Sitting in the Chinese Restaurant was a dream come true,we were served and ate quietly until I heard him clear his throat…

Bryan:Fafa,Urrhmm,I have to confess this

Me:Confess what?…

Bryan:Fafa,Am in Love with you,and I nee-d you to believe me,I know there is a p@rt of you that likes me…

I couldn’t talk for some seconds,I quic-kly excused myself to use the washroom,

He did confess his love for me,Oh….am I re-ady for this?…I tried to relaxed….I washed my face with warm water to feel some refreshment…

Then I saw this post on the wall of the washroom which says..”Let your heart do the listening,not your head”…..I re-ad it over and over again…I felt this happiness in my heart and I knew what it was…Yes…Am in Love with Bryan….

He was done eating when I returned to my seat,He looked at me with an innocent look…

Me:…Bryan,Can you say it again?

Bryan:I love you Fafa…Trust me..

Me:I trust you Bryan,you are worth me…and I love you too..

I said this with tears building in my eyes,He held my hands ti-ghtly and promised to be by my side always..

I felt new…

After lunch,we st©pped at the Accra mall to do some shopping,We bought some ice cream ourselves ..and took some pictures..

We were soon on our way back to school,we held hands as he drove with the other hand,I wish we were married…Like our wedding day or something…Fafa finally started d@t!ng..That is a miracle..

He dropped me at my Hostel and I promise to come to his room later in the evening,a warm hvg sealed it for that moment..

I was about taking my keys from the porter when I saw Shanty standing near this vehicle,I called her and she motioned me to come over.

I nearly shouted at what I saw…The other twin…What?…Blood is really thicker than water…I had to take a second look to really confirm weather Shanty was really my Shanty…Sharrione was no different from Sharon,I could see they have had enough tears alre-ady looking at their faces..

Shanty:Fafa,meet Sharrione,My twin…Sharrione,this is the Fafa I just told you about..

Sharrione:Hi Farrfarr..

Me:The name is Fafa…not Farrfarr,But don’t worry..your American accent..Hope you good…

Sharrione:..Yea am good…Nice to meet you

Me: Nice meeting you too..Shanty,where is your dad?…and did He tell you something?

Shanty:He went that way with a friend..He did say something… Hmm,Sharrione’s foster Mom in the USA,I mean our aunt was the one who introduced my Dad to my Mum in the USA,she had to sign a contract with them,And the contract was that,My parents will give her one of their children when my Mum gives birth,She was barren and nee-ded a child badly,and our parents too we in nee-d of green card to secure their stay in the USA…My aunt was the only one they knew who could help them get the card..And she did…she financed their wedding…got them jobs and rented an ap@rtment for them,We were born throu-gh Cesarean operation which ruptured the wo-mb of my mother,she couldn’t give birth after we were born…So they had to sacrifice one of us…And Sharrione was the one she chose…she left with Sharrione after we turned one and a half….My Mom was angry and that started the issues with her and my dad,it went worse that my Mom filed for a divorce from a US court,they soon divorced but the judge told them my Mum will take me home,but my father will have the chance to see me anytime…

After I tuned three,my Mum c@m£ back to Ghana with me,and my Dad c@m£ later,leaving Sharrione with her new Mum…So,that was the secret they kept…Sharrione is back,my Aunt disclosed the secret to her and she went mad,she asked to come see her real parents…

She let her go,all her estates and riches have been given to Sharrione and I,she has a month to draw air from this world..She has stage three cancer..

So,that is the story…..Hmm

That was the first I’ve heard something like that…exchanging your child for a green card?…Awful…Any way,,,you two should find space in your hearts to forgive them…you have to…I un-derstand why they had to keep it a secret for that long…So you have to really forgive them….plea-se..

Sharrione was very beautiful,her skin was glowing and her natural hair was long to the w@!st..”I want that hair”..She was the direct opposite of her sister,Shanty had short hair with an near dark skin,that was the only way you could differentiate them…or maybe their voice….One has an American Accent,the other too…Pure Ga accent…Lol..

I left the two to discuss and know more about each other..”I wish I were a twin”…

Reaching my room,I s-en-sed something happened here,Some kind of detergent has been used to clean the room…Adiya is back,her phone was on charge but where is she?….She did well cleaning the room tho’…Applause..

It was alre-ady 5:30Pm,I soon found myself preparing to go to Bryan’s room,Shanty was still talking with Sharrione,but this time,their Dad was around..I went over to say hi to him…He has been here a couple of times so He knows me very well…I told Shanty where to find me when she should in case look for me..

My phone started ringing,Is Shark.

Shark:Hi,look ahead,can you see me wave?

Me:Oh ya,am coming over

Shark was sitting on a bench alone,I went over to him and I could see He looked sad,I was soo not happy,this guy is sick or something might be wrong somewhere..

Me:Shark,what is wrong with you,are you alright?

Shark:Yeah,I am..

Me:..Ok…and yes…what was that about yesterday..When you saw me with Bryan..

Shark:Oh nothing..I was just feeling this pains in my ears..If I had st©pped,your voices would have given me excruciating pains…so I had to keep walking away from all kinds of noise..

Me:Ok oh,you made me worried..

Shark:By the way,what’s up with you two..I mean you and the guy

Me:..Ok..We started a relationsh!p..I love him…Trust me..(His facial expression changed immediately)

Shark:Whaat?..you d@t!nghim…Fafa..what about me?..Do you know how much I love you…I wanted you to build this love for me,I thought you would..I actually thought you had…why Fafa?

Me:…Whaat?..what are you talking about,Yes I do love you Shark,but we have to remain friends and keep loving each other as friends..I appreciate everything,But I have to listen to my heart,not my head…Am sorry Shark…

Shark walked away and told me to stay off him,I was so broken and felt pity for him,I felt like crying,He is a very faithful friend I can rely on,but seeing him go was just not a sight for me to see…My mood changed immediately,but I still made up a face and went over to Bryan’s room.

I think He saw me coming because he opened the door before I could knock,we hvgged..I refused to let him go,we continued in that posture until tears c@m£ from my eyes….He didn’t say anything but led me to his be-d..”I mean be-d”…we both sle-pt on the be-d and my head rested on his che-st as I continued sobbing….He knew that was not the best time to talk,….

I dont know what happened,But I slumbered into a de-ep sleep,I was tired for Christ’s sake,I woke up later and found him watching a movie…

He had gone to buy some food when I was asleep,we ate together and I told him what brou-ght about my tears..

Byran:..You have a soft heart,Do well to go check on him…

Me:He doesn’t want me near him

Bryan:Call that a bluff,go check on him first thing tomorrow morning,do that before you come here ok

Me:Ok….I promise

After sometime,I asked to go back to my room,He drove me to my hall and we again hvgged,but this time He spiced it with a l!pk!ssand said goodbye…I wished it was french..

Adiya was streaming a telenovela when I got in,she said Hi and explained a lot of stuff,but my mind was too tired to concentrate on what she was saying….

I went for a shower and soon found myself in be-d…with Bryan in my heart..and me in his

Dear Diary,the day is over and I nee-d to catch some sleep now…Today I finally did one of the “undidables” in my life…Am finally d@t!ng…Wish my luck in my new relationsh!p..

Good night..

Yours Faithfully

Dearest Me

NB: Dear re-ader, Is it better you propose to someone you love,even if she is not in love with you?…Looking at Shark’s situation..

Your feedback is humbly required.

Diary continues…

©Danny Biitka

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