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Diary Of A Legonite – Episode 8 (Finale)

Dear Diary,
Days weaved into weeks, weeks crawled into months , and my relationship with Bryan had been of positive benefits to me than I thought.
Being in a relationship I thought was some kind of jail term, but taking a bite from the right fruit would reveal its best side.
Sharrione joined us as a transfer student from the USA,she stayed at ISH, and soon, guys were hovering around her like some kind of flies, the girl get no chills…
Shanty’s divorced parents came to visit the twins one day…And nobody knew why that happened.
Shanty:…Look guys, the last time I saw them together was in a picture my Mum has in her closet, seeing them together is just strange..I can’t think straight..
Sharrione:..Yea, you hit it right, look like they kinda miss each other
Me: I pray what am thinking comes to p@ss..
Sharrione:Are you seriously thinking what am thinking?
Me:What are you thinking?
Sharrione:What you are thinking..
Shanty:..Look,you guys should stop this thinking stuff and let me think ok..
Me:..Maybe they are tired of being single
Sharrione:I think so..
Shark’s relationship with Hun Ying yielded positive results,they are dating after all..
A British dating a Japanese?…I want to see how their kids would look like…Lol
Hun Ying is more of a sister to me now,she’s soo lovely and caring…I had a whole lot of negative s£ntiments about her at first…the “Annoying Girl” thing nu..
Adiya,my roommate broke up with her boyfriend,the dude had been using the girl all this time,that is the wicked part of guys I hate….They can’t eat from their own bowls…
Adiya was broken to the core,that is logically how a girl who went into a relationship with her heart is supposed to feel..yes.Broken…But she can be repaired…
Shanty and Shampaigne(Sharrione) did well by building the bonds that were destroy some time ago,they became proper twins,I loved seeing them together..But until I see them fight,they ain’t really connected,
Sharrione is just some crazy girl,she drinks beer,smokes and curses guys like anything…That is a perfect character of a black girl who was born and raised in the USA…and another mind b!0wing fact about is that,she does not do men…She is a l£sblan..She has a libdo in her closet…she’s not shy saying that….Ah Well…I got myself a l£sblan sister,I hope with time she comes back to normality…I pray
And I never told you about my Dad..always my Mum my Mum…The fact is my Dad is this man who left the country some ages ago after He cowardly signed a divorce paper….I don’t know why,But the man I call my Dad is actually my Stepdad,and am happy to have him…Very lovely…
Bryan’s parents got to know mine,my Mum and his became friends,my cycle of friends became more of a family,I just pray we remain so
Bryan taught me how to drive,my parents own four cars and I can’t wait to make my pick right after graduation…
I had had some few misunderstandings with Bryan,not a big deal tho’…He is always bored when I refuse to tell him why am quiet…”The fact is,the silence of a Lady means a lot”,and that silence is what pisses guys off…Our misunderstanding is always solved within some few minutes of dawging..He finds a way to get back to me,sometimes by klzzing me or hugging me…Sometimes,I just shadda play stubborn..He still pampas me…
As simple as that,misunderstanding in a relationship is not all about breaking up,sometimes it needs a second look,if your partner is caught cheating,that does not mean the relationship should be dissolved..I don’t think you will really breakup with your partner you love because you caught him/her cheating…Sometimes,breaking up is not always the solution…
People do a lot of crazy things after a break up,some go as far as committing suicides and invoking curses on their partners…So sickening…..
A lady who dates more than three guys before getting married has a big problem,she is qualified to be termed “A Gold digger”,that’s my perception ooo….Its something different on the side of guys..they always have the upper hand,always remember they have nothing to lose when you break up with them..They always feel they can start with a different lady..
Diary,we did it..Yes,I had s£× with Bryan,it was not something we planned to do,but we couldn’t stop what I started.
I went to his room as usual,we engaged in a hearty chat which later drifted into an £r0ti¢ convo..I started klzzing him,he peeled off his shirt and I my dress,leaving us in our under wears..we did lot of dirty stuffs…before I got to know,we were starring at each others n@k£dness for the first time…He was a pro when it comes to romancing a lady,He guarded me but he was not desperate….The music he played filled the room to prevent our m0@ns from escaping his room….
Before he popped my cherry,He made me @ssure him am cool with that…I was cool,I was at the gate of no return…
He used a ¢0nd0m,and before I knew,an excruciating pain run through my being as He popped my cherry,I couldn’t help but cried out in pain,and later,the pain became something of a pleasure,and then the glories of all glories engulfed me….We had a couple of protected intercourse in subsequent days,but that was not our occasional activity.
In a relationship,being a v!rg!n does not make you a hero,being a v!rg!n does not make you a better lady than your fellow girls who have their cherries popped…Its how you make it after you are unv!rg!ned..
Breaking your v!rg!nity too does not mean you are now a s£× doll,you must learn to avoid multiple s£× partners..Its the major key..
Telling Shanty about it,She looked at me with this crazy look
Shanty:How do you feel after that?
Shanty:..How did you feel before that?
Good,the whole idea of being a v!rg!nity is overrated,our cl@ss teachers only advice us to remain v!rg!ns,but they don’t tell us what we ought to do if we loose them,that is where the problem is,that is when we the girls tend to engage in unguarded s£×ual activities which may lead to unwanted pregnancies and STI’s…If we had a better education on how to keep ourselves safe after popping our cherries,this problems would have been minimal,but what we see is just bad..
Teachers and Parents prefer dragging us in the mud,forgetting that we are all still the same..Shanty said…
I agree totally with her….If v!rg!nity is dignity?….What do you become when you are unv!rg!ned before marriage?..
Am not a v!rg!n,but I have my dignity,what about that?…..
I have a friend who is a v!rg!n,but she is the direct opposite of the word “Dignity”..What about that too?….
Am still the good girl I have always been…A level 200 student of UG pursuing Law…I mean Law oo….I have a lovely boyfriend who happens to be responsible….I mean responsible…He did not dump me after we had s£×,but he loved me more…I said More!!!…
My friends,Shanty and Shampaigne,Shark and Hun Ying have endorsed my idea of educating the younger one’s on how to keep their selves safe after popping their cherries…But its more of a Girls convo…No Guys Please…..
Dear Diary,this in your last page,Am sad I have to close you finally,but I promise to read through you…I promise..
Am sad tho’…But we have to call it goodbye here….Love you!!
Yours Faithfully
Dearest Me
NB: Dear Reader, Do you agree with Fafa’s advice on “Not being a v!rg!n”,Do you think there should be better form of education on how to keep yourselves safe once you pop your cherry?
Your feedback is humbly required.
Diary Closed…
Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved.
DISCLAIMER: This story,Diary of a Legonite is pure fiction,There is no Fafa writing this,All names in this story was made up by the writer..The Author,Danny Biitka is a Poet and not a student of the university of Ghana….Please draw our attention when you see any part of this story being  plagiarized…Always watch out for the unique signature “ҰҨҦӁҸ”…..
Thank you all for reading….I hope we have been advised… comment below pls 🙏

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