Diary Of A Legonite – Episode 7


Dear Diary,

I woke up late today because I had no lectures, I took time to do all my as-signments before dashing into the washroom to clean up, after that, I had break fast and washed some dirty cloths I had….later, I left campus to go plait my hair, I have been carrying this hair for far too long, I nee-d a new look…

I c@m£ back some hours later and went straight to Shark’s room, I had to beg him for sometime before He open his door to let me in, His room was unkempt with cloths and books scattered all over…

But what has come over him, has He taken this too far?…I asked my self

Me: Hey Shark, are you gonna look at my face or not?

Shark: Am not..I thought I told you to Stay away from me

Me:..Yes, but you still welcomed me into your room, that means there is some kind of humanity left in you…Listen Shark, Its not my fault it did not work ok, you told me nothing …at least you could have given me a hint,But you did or said nothing….So tell me where am at fault..Is it me falling in love with Bryan or what?…

Shark:..Hmm…Its my fault ok,I was supposed to tell you everything in the first place,but I was just afraid I would have destroyed our friendsh!p,you once told me you ain’t into guys..Remember?….So I had to keep it to myself..

Me:..Yes,I did tell you that ok,but that shouldn’t have st©pped you if you think you were really serious about it…I just met Bryan not long ago,He gave me all the hints,I felt wanted by him,so I couldn’t deny him when he confessed his love for me…I couldn’t because I love him too…

Shark:Hmm…Am cool with you guys together,forgive me for my behavior I portrayed to you yesterday…

Me:..Oh don’t worry…But promise me we still remain friends..Am not re-ady to lose you

Shark:I promise…Am cool..Bryan is a cool guy..you deserve each other.

Me:..Thank you..Look am going to check on Shanty ok..And there was a revelation by her parents…Shanty is a twin,and she just reunited with her twin sister yesterday…

Shark:Woow,that’s cool,Can’t wait to meet her other half…

Me:..Oh ya,I’ll call you later ok..Am gone

Shark:..OK,close the door behind you

Me:..I’ll…and hey,clean up your room…it looks horrible..

I called Shanty to check whether she was in her room or not,she told me she’s outta school to buy some foodstuffs..

I then made my way to Bryan’s room,I have not heard from him the whole of today and it seem like ages to me,getting nearer to his room,I heard this annoying loud arguments from his room,He was pla-ying this fifa game with his course mates,And you know how guys behave when they pl@ythis score games,its almost impossible to accept defeat even if you have been scored thousand times…I know Bryan is a good pla-yer..I know..

Hey guys,get your as-ses outta my room,I have a guest…I mean be gone…you’ll gotta get proper tutorials before you can win this game…go get yourselves a teacher..Bryan tea-sed them..They were his closest friends on campus…they took turns to shake my hand,some even demanded for hvgs which really pissed Bryan off….he pushed all of them out and locked his door..

Hey baby girl come here,I’ve missed you a lot,Bryan said…I walked into his opened arms to receive the usual hvgs,but this time,He was in his bo-xer shorts so it had a different flavor..A better flavor…You know the flavor right?…Lol

Me:Have you eaten anything?

Bryan:Not really,just cereals..

Me:..You think you are okay with that?

Bryan:..For now yes,but will eat something later..


Bryan:Hey,I downloaded this movie,wanna see it

Me:Ya sure..

Bryan reached for his l@pt©p and climbe-d onto his be-d,He invited me and I joined him,It was a ro-mantic comedy,perfect for a couple….I sle-pt on his che-st as we watched the movie silently,there was this S-x scene and he forwarded it,I protested and he pla-yed it back…we watched it together with his eyes gazed at myl-ips…I knew what he had in mind,so I excused myself to visit the washroom…That was close…

I washed my face and refreshed my mouth with this toothpaste I got on his sink,I can’t deny him a k!ss…k!sses ain’t roses,they don’t kill…He is my b©yfri£nd….So I can’t say No to his k!ss…

I c@m£ out and saw him dressed up

Hey,lets go get some foodstuffs from the mall,I tired of eating takeaway foods,you can cook,the Ghanaian Jollof….you can right?..He said

Nope,I can’t..I replied..

Oh C’mon,every lady do cook Jollof here in Ghana…He said

Am kidding,lets go…I said

Bryan soon parked at the Accra Mall and we entered shop rite to get the foodstuffs nee-ded…Rice,Cabbage,beef,chicken,spices,etc,whatever,whatever…We also bought some wine,soft drinks and chocolates….

After that we went to put them in the car and c@m£ to sit at KFC for some c0cktails,and there she was….

Shanty,what are you doing here?…Hi Aluta

Shanty:…I should be asking you that,Hi Bryan..

Me:..You were supposed to be buying foodstuffs

Shanty:Yes I did,its in Aluta’s car,and you were supposed to be in school

Me:..Well,we also c@m£ to get some foodstuffs for Bryan..

Shanty:…Oh ok.Aluta had a scan over there,those nurses are having a checkup,I propose you guys should go check your bloods,for safety reasons…

Me:..How much are they taking…I’ll love us to

Shanty:..Oh you just give them anytime above GHS5.00 to support the children’s unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

Bryan agreed we go for the scan,and we had our system scanned for HIV AIDS,Gonorrhea,Syphilis and other Infectious disease..

Nurse:Your report is here,can you guys should sit for a minute

We did…

Nurse:..I guess you guys are d@t!ng,or you are in some kind of relationsh!p?

Yes we are,Bryan replied

Nurse:Good,you have to stay faithful to each other to sustain your relationsh!p,if you really want to stay as couples till death do you ap@rt,its good you had this test,it will help you wipe all doubt you might have,If I may guess,are you both vir-gins?

Bryan:..She is…Am not,broke my vir-ginity at 17,I have had S-xual int£rç0rs£with three different girls back in the USA,and Fafa knows about that.

Nurse:..Good,you must learn to stay with one p@rtner at a time to help you stay away from STI’s,so I have a box of c0md0mfor you two,one for each of you…Here you go…Use this to prevent unwanted pregnancies,and you Fafa,ab-ortion is never an option..If you are not re-ady to have S-xual int£rç0rs£,make it known to Bryan,I hope he un-derstands…

Me:..Ok Ma’..Thank you

Bryan was good to put GHS50.00 in the donation box,we c@m£ to where Shanty was seated with Aluta at KFC..

Shanty:..Fafa,you got the box of c0nd0ms right

Me:..Yes..any problem?

Shanty:..Oh nothing..I just wanted to let you know they ain’t balloons or meant to be chewed.

Me:…Mtcheeew,we must get going…Annoying girl like you

Bryan and Aluta exchanged plea-santries as we made our way towards the car park..

Me:Shanty,why don’t you join us here and let Aluta go back to his campus

Shanty:..Fafa,that’s a good idea,but am going to prepare some food for him at his place,we will come back here to see a movie at the Silverbird Cinema,I might sleep over at his place..

Me:..Alright,but you must come back to school,you have lectures tomorrow..

Shanty:….I promise.

Some minutes later,we were back in Bryan’s room,I left him alone and went to his corridor to prepare the Jollof rice he has been yearning for,and some minutes later,Food was re-ady,

I dished the food as he poured us some wine…Woow…What a dinner we were having…

It was getting dark,I washed the place we used for eating and swept his room,Bryan started the Fifa game,I wanted to pl@yit with him,we did pla-y,He made me score a some of goals before he made my team look miserable on the field….Lol..Its not a girl thing you know…They Pl@ygames,we watch telenovelas and soap operas…

Then it happened suddenly,He reached out for my chin and planted this de-ep k!sson myl-ips,I closed my eyes and ti-ght£ñed myl-ips…But I couldn’t resist,I unfolded myl-ips and we soon got ourselves on his be-d again,k!ss!nglike crazy…I didn’t nee-d k!ss!ngpractice,I watch ro-mantic movies and I see people k!ssing..So its not a big deal….

Bryan soon broke the k!ss..I should’ve done that,not him,He asked to see me off,I told him to stay back as I was going to see Shark..

Bryan:Did you talk to him

Me:Yes I did,am going to take his as-signment

Bryan:OK,see you tomorrow..I love you,And hey sorry,for what just happened,it happened soo fast and I couldn’t st©p

Me:..Oh cmon,We did that together,am not complaining,Am I..?

Bryan:..Am just saying..

Hey am gone,I hvgged him and gave him another de-ep k!ss,I left him standing and staring at me as I vanished from his sight..

On reaching Shark’s room,I realized the door was p@rtly ajar,I knocked whiles opening the door..Shark,where are you..

Shark:Fafa,plea-se don’t come in

But it was too late,I had entered the room and there they were,stack n-ked..Shark and Hun Ying…Oh Lawd!!

What is this about,I thought you guys settled your differences,are you guys crazy or what?….An d Shark,you did that without a c0nd0m?….Do you know the danger you too are posing to yourselves..

And you Ying,wait till you get pregnant,if am right,your family members are thousands of miles away from here,far away in Japan…Can’t you just protect yourselves?…I don’t blame you two..

Shark,can I speak to you pri-vately?…We moved to his corridor

Shark:Look,am sorry ok,I have been drinking ,I was drun!kwhen she c@m£ in,I tried to st©p her,but I couldn’t just say No to her n-ked b©dy..

Me:drun!k?…since when did you start drinking again?,I thought you promised to control your bad drinking habit,what happened?

Shark:I know,but I was soo depressed…

Me:..You know,I can’t st©p you two,am done advising you…I nee-d your as-signment

Shark went to get me the book I nee-ded..

Me:..Hey,take this c0nd0ms,We got it after we had a scan,and I will advise you,If you want to continue like this with this girl,you better go with her for a check up…

Shark:..Thank you,but sorry you saw us this way

Me:..And again,learn to shave…and also lock your door the next time, or else someone might take a video of you two without your knowledge…Legonites like S-x tapes wai…

I left him with Ying to continue where ever they st©pped,I can’t st©p them,and that was enough to make Shark know He cannot still hold any feelings for me…

Back in the room,Adiya was enjoying a hearty chat with his b©yfri£ndon the phone,I gave her some c0nd0ms and a bar of chocolate…Today de3 am a c0md0mdistributor…Ikr

I later showered and took some h0t green tea,Mom said its good..

Then I remembered my k!ss!ngsession with Bryan,it felt soo good…I wish I had more..

Dear Diary,my eyes are closing by itself…am very sleepy,lets put a full st©p here.

catch you soonest…goodnight…

Yours Faithfully

Dearest Me


NB: Dear re-ader, Do you have to spend some time with your p@rtner before any S-xual exploits?

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Diary continues…

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