Diary Of A Legonite – Episode 5


Dear Diary,

I was dead asleep until some cool music interrupted my sleep,I wanted to open my eyes but they wouldn’t, but after some minutes,I was wi-de awake, but Shanty was not in be-d with me..

Hey Fafa you are awake?,I un-derstand how tired you are..Sorry I woke you up with the music..Shanty said..

Ah,you were supposed to be sick,what are you doing there?…And who took you off the drips?,I asked..

Well,the nurse did,she said I’ll be discharged today when my Mom comes,Shanty said..

Are you sure Shanty?..I asked

Oh c’mon I am..just get up and st©p asking me crazy questions..,She said.

I was happy Shanty was gonna be discharged today,I thought we would spend some couples of days here looking at how weak she was,but I was just happy we will be leaving this place,I hate hospitals!!!

Shanty’s Mom arrived at 8:45Am,she told me my Mom wouldn’t be coming..Oh Thank God..

Few minutes later,a nurse c@m£ to discharge Shanty and within some minutes,we were on our way back to school.

Shanty,your Dad would be visiting you tomorrow,Shanty’s Mom said..

How did you know that? Shanty asked.

Shanty’s Mom: He called to say Hi last night..And Shanty,there is something I must tell you,and I hope you forgive me.

Shanty:..Something?…Ok Am listening

Shanty’s Mom: You have a sister,but she’s with your Dad’s sister in the USA,your blood sister

Shanty:Whaaat??,I thought you said I was the only child

Shanty’s Mom: Yes I did..but hmmmmmm…

Shanty: A sister?,,,,but what?

Shanty’s Mom:..Shanty,her name is Sharroine,your twin sister..Sobbing!!

Shanty:Whaat,my twin sister?,Mom how inhuman are you,to keep this vital information a secret,how come we were separated,Fafa,did your hear what she’s saying?..why are you now telling me this..Shanty said weeping..

Shanty’s Mom:She’s back here in Ghana,and stays with your Dad.

Hmm,I couldn’t hold back my tears,the three of us cried after hearing such a secret being revealed,but how could she,after Shanty had grown into her 20’s?….Shanty a twin?..

Well,we reached the school and Shanty left me with her Mom,I called her to returned but she ignored us,her Mom gave me some money for our upkeep and left the school in tears..

I made my way to Shanty’s room and there she was,she was quietly sitting on her be-d with her roommates trying ha-rd to get her to speak,I told them that was not the right time for conversations,I left Shanty’s room to go refresh myself,She still said nothing..

Adiya is not yet back,this girl must be sick,how can you leave school for that long,Is she even home,she might be somewhere warming her blood and am here ma-king her my business…tsw!!

I checked my phone and saw a message,it was from Shark,He wanted me to help him prepare Jollof rice…White guy who loves jollof..

I took my bath and changed into new cloths and made my way to Shark’s room at the ISH,(International Students Hall),I was about getting inside when I mistakenly crushed into someone…Bryan?..I said involuntary

Bryan:Fafa,you?,What are you doing here?

Me:Oh,Am going to see a friend here

Bryan:You mean Shark?,the guy you’ve been walking with?

Me:Yes,but do you guys know each other?

Bryan:Not really,we just stay in the same hall

Me:Oh you mean this is your Hall?


Me:And hey,Sorry about yesterday,my friend was just discharged this morning,I c@m£ back to school not long ago

Bryan:Oh don’t worry,and hey I didn’t go out with anyone,that was just a bluff…hahaha

Me:Oh ok

Bryan:So can we?…maybe at my room..

Me:Room?,Mmmm ok,but can I come with someone?

Bryan:Oh why not,we can watch a movie together

Me:Ok,Let me get back to you,I’ll call you when we come around,at 7:00Pm

Bryan:Ok,I will be expecting you.

W ooh,so He didn’t go out with anyone,that’s nice of him,I was so finally relieved..But seriously looks like am liking him some way bi ooo…

Shark was busily chatting with his friends back in UK throu-gh Skype,he told me he was very hungry and wanted to eat only Jollof rice,I got the things re-ady and an hour time,the food was served.

Shark:How is your friend?

Me:She’s fine,where is Ying?

Shark:I have not seen her the whole of today

Me:But have you checked on her?

Shark:Not really

Me:Be nice and go say Hi later ok

Shark:Ok,I will try

After lunch with Shark,I went straight to Shanty’s room,she was busy eating the waakye we bought at the school junction

Me:Herr,so you are eating the waakye without calling me errr?

Shanty:Nons-en-se,check your phone and see the number of calls you’ve missed from me

Me:Oh sorry,Am full tho’..Hey your Mom gave me this cash,its Ghc1,000..

Shanty:I don’t nee-d her money keep it

Me:You are crazy,its good she told you that now,you never asked why she kept this a secret,and why she is telling you this now,you were busy blaming her and didn’t give her enough space to explain things to you..

Shanty:Hmmm..A twin sister..So am a twin?

Me:No,you are a triplet,are you taking the money or not?

Shark:You keep it, am not good at keeping monies,you know it

Me:Yoo,I hear…Ahaa,this evening we are going to Bryan’s room to see a movie

Shanty:Whaat?,so you have alre-ady been introduced to his room?…What did I miss?

Me:Oh nothing,I just met him at ISH when I went to Shark’s place,so we agreed to meet at his room,and I asked to come with you

Shanty:Ok,which time


Shanty:Ok,will prepare for that…

Me:Am going to take a nap….I call you when am re-ady ok

Shanty:Ok,but hey,wear some nice…I mean S-xy

Me:…Sias3m kraaa

Back here in my room,I couldn’t sleep as planned,I was busy going throu-gh my wardrobe to find something I’ll be wearing to Bryan’s place,I finally settled on this shorts and a polo shi-t,I wanted to look like a tomboy tonight, it was perfect,after all we ain’t going to a restaurant or something…Next,I ret©uçhed my hair and did some facial treatments…Was that all for Bryan or what?….

Minutes pas-sed into hours,and I soon found myself walking towards Shanty’s room,she was done and was waiting for me..

Herr,whaaat?…Tomboy?..Hmmmm…Its cool tho’…Just wait till the Lezzies on campus locate you wai..Shanty said as we made our way towards ISH,I had called Bryan early on to inform him we were coming so by the time we reached there,He was waiting for us…

Bryan welcomed us and led us to his room,His roomie was not around so I was a bit relieved because I was not re-ady to make another new friend.

Bryan’s room was beautiful,Plasma Television,Game Console,Mini Air Conditioner and other stuff that will attra-ct ladies to guys on a university campus…

We made ourselves comfortable and the movie was being loaded,Bryan was smart enough to get us some drinks and popcorn,Shanty was quiet,I knew she wanted me to talk to Bryan myself…Wicked girl..

It was the first episode of Game Of Thrones Season 7…I had watched it with Shark,Shanty has been dying to watch this movie..

Shanty:Oh Fafa,you’ve watched this movie alre-ady haven’t you?

Me:Yea I have

Shanty:What about you Bryan?

Bryan: Oh ya…

Shanty:Then,I will like to watch it alone without disturbance,If you guys wanna make noise,go to the corridor and talk….And I mean you guys should go out now!!!

Fafa:Ah…Is this place your room…See power ooo?

Bryan:Oh..Fafa,lets go catch some air outside and leave her…

Me:Ok…But where is your roommate?

Bryan:Oh,He does not sleep here again,He packed out..

Me:Oh ok..

Bryan:Shanty,lock the door with the keys…Don’t open until you hear us

Shanty:..Ok..Be gone now…

I gave Shanty a weird look and she replied with a thumbs up…I knew she intentionally did that to make Bryan talk without feeling uneasy…That was smart tho’..

We spend almost 3hrs of chatting,and by the time we were done,we had exchanged a lot of vital information about ourselves.

Bryan is an African American,He applied to the university of Ghana because he wanted to stay with his parents here in Ghana,He is 23 years old,that makes him two years older than I am,He comes from a rich home,very rich home…He is single..and a Business Administration student..Level 200….

We had a lot to laugh about,I was bored when we agreed to go back to Shanty,It was a nice experience with him,I didn’t even realize the time we held hand…I swear I didn’t..

We were about getting in when I saw Shark,He looked at me and just smiled,I was a bit confused,I called him,but he just kept walking…What was that for?…I will know about that later..

Shanty had finished watching the movie and was sitting down pla-ying candy crush with her phone,she had eaten all the popcorn and had consumed the grilled chicken..This girl can eat!!!

We asked to take our leave,Bryan asked me to attend church with him the next day..Who am I to say No?…I agreed..

We said goodnight to each other and a warm s-en-sational hvg from him demystified all the mysteries that had engulfed my whole being…I felt soo refreshed..

Shanty couldn’t st©p teasing me…

Herr..finally you hvgged a guy?..She said..But did he propose to you?…She added..

Oh nooo,soo fast like that?…c’mon..I replied.

Shanty:..Ah,whats wrong with that,you should have seen your face when he threatened to hung out with a different girl last night…hihihi

Me…Hey..go to your room..gossip!..

We p@rted ways and went to our respective rooms,I kept smiling and talking to myself,Bryan feels like some kind of new breath to me…I couldn’t deny my heart what was at stake…

Tonight am not going to sleep,Am going to select the best dress I’ll be wearing to church tomorrow…I cant miss this..

Dear Diary,today is probably my “our day”…lol…I feel soo good right now…But we gonna call it a pause here,I promise to jist you happenings later ok…Stay close…

Yours Faithfully

Dearest Me


NB: Dear re-ader, Do you think Shanty’s Mom should have revealed the truth to Shanty before she entered her 20’s…?

Your feedback is humbly required…

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