Diary Of A Legonite – Episode 4


Dear Diary,

Today, I woke up late, lectures on Fridays starts at 12:00Am,so I had the whole morning to myself

After I had taken my breakfast and cleaned up, I went straight to Shanty’s room to get vibes on how I would approach Hun Ying to discuss her weird relationsh!pwith Shark.

I knocked on her door and she didn’t respond, which to me was unusual, I turned the knob, and there she l@yon her be-d with a blanket covering her whole b©dy

Me: Shanty wake up, its almost 8:30

Shanty: Fafa is that you?

Me: No, its my shadow, wake up you lazy girl (My hand t©uçhed her b©dy and her temperature was very abnormal)…Shanty, what is wrong with you, is everything alright…your temperature is high.

Shanty: I don’t know Fafa, It started this morning, I feel weak and have been vomiting..

Me:Weak? Vomiting..oh God!…Have you taken any drug..like gotten medications from the pharmacy

Shanty:Yea,I took some drugs I had in my bag..

Me:Whaat…that is drug abuse…don’t you know is very dangerous?

Shanty:I know…

Me:Have you called your Mom..

Shanty:Her phone is off, and I can’t reach my sister..

Me:Oh gosh…”Shanty leaves with her Mom, her parents are separated, but she is still in t©uçh with her father”..Rich Mom tho”…No Shanty, get up and let me take you to the hospital…

Shanty: No,I will be fine?

Me: Fine?…You just had S-x with your b©yfri£nd, and the next day you are sick all over and you think you are fine…You better get up before I tell your Mom about that…

Shanty: Ok fine….

At the hospital,Shanty did not have a NHIS card,I called my Mom and she quic-kly c@m£ to the hospital,”My Mom knows almost all my friends”..She paid all the necessary fees and Shanty was asked to go for a laboratory scan…Then I realized her mood switched immediately..

I quic-kly gave her a sign to meet me outside…

Me: Mom, I’m going to get some food for Shanty,she has not eaten since morning..

Mom: Ok, you guys should hurry and come,I called your Mom and she says she is in a Board meeting.

Shanty : Ok Ma’..Thank you..

We walked outside the OPD building and walked towards the mini mart..

Shanty, you look scared, listen, you have to run this scan ok, is better you know what wrong with you now,I know you are afraid you might have contracted some kind of STI, or maybe pregnant…But don’t be too judgmental…Everything will be alright..trust me..

Fafa,I un-derstand you,what if I test positive to an STI? what will your mother say? Is she gonna accept the fact that her daughter is a friend to a girl who has a S-xually transmitted disease?..Shanty said with tears forming in her eyes..

I tried to console her whiles we made our way back to the OPD after Shanty bought a bottle of Vita Milk..

The nurse soon signaled Shanty to follow her,she looked at my face as if she was being led to the slaughter house,I signaled her to move on with a smile..

Mom: Are you going to tell me what those looks are all about..I have been watching you and Shanty the whole time,and she looked scared when they mention Laboratory scan..

Me: Oh C’mon Mom,she’s just nervous ok..

Mom: nervous of what?…

Me: Am I supposed to answer that,am not re-ading her mind ooo..

Mom:Yoo,you sit down and make your mouth “toubeitoubei”..

After two hours of waiting,I saw the nurse coming towards us with a white paper in her hand,but Shanty was not with her,My heart skipped a beat..

Ma:Where is Sharon…”That is Shanty’s real name.I wonder where she got Shanty from”..

Nurse:Your friend is being admitted..

Me: Whaat,admitted,but why?

Nurse:She tested positive to…..

Me: Huhh?…tested positive to what?

Nurse:Let me speak to your Mom,you stay here..

The two distanced themselves away from me,I couldn’t hold my chill…positive?…Oh God…don’t let what am thinking come to pas-s…

Mom: Hey Fafa,Shanty nee-ds to rest,lets go get her stuff,I don’t think her Mom would be coming here anytime soon..

Me: Am not moving an inch till you tell me what I nee-d to hear..Positive to what?..

Mom:Shanty tested positive to Malaria and Cholera,she has two malaria parasites in her b©dy.

Me: I sighed a relieve,but still pretended it was serious..Oh Nooo..

Mom: Come,let’s get going,She’s been put to sleep,it will help her recover fas-ter..

I sat at the backseat of the car as my mother started driving towards the school,I was lost between two feelings,a mixture of happiness and sadness,happy because Shanty has no STI and sad because she has Malaria and Cholera combined…Oh lawd..

Mom pu-ll-ed up at the car park I went to select things Shanty would be nee-ding at the hospital,I explained to her roomies she wouldn’t be coming back to the room today…I made my way to my room to get my stuff too,I would be staying with Shanty till she is discharged..I wrote a short note and pasted it on Adiya’s wardrobe about my whereabout,after that,I started going towards my Mom’s car and guess what?..Prof.Koku,one of the most boring lecturers I have ever meet in my entire life was having a lively chat with my Mom,I quic-kly hid myself and waited until they were done chatting,I was not re-ady to let him know am the daughter of her friend or whatever they are..

I composed myself and entered the car and my Mom started driving back to the hospital.

Mom:Did you see the man I was chatting with?

Me:Yea,you mean Prof.Koku?

Mom:Yes,He was the one nearly married me…

Me:Whaat?…This man?…He is the most boring man ever..

Mom: I told him you are a law student,and He promised to look for you the next time He comes over for lectures..

Me:Oh Mom cmon,I don’t mention my name to lecturers for Chrits’s sake,you shouldn’t have..

Mom:Well I did,and I don’t see anything wrong with that…

Mom took a different route to prevent us from getting stuck in traffic,we reached the hospital and went to the ward room where Shanty was,and there her Mom was,looking soo worried,she quic-kly c@m£ over and gave me a warm hvg….

After that,she left with my Mom to pay off all bills,I sat by Shanty and looked at her as she sle-pt peacefully..

I have never seen her sleep like this,in school,she sleeps as if she is acting some kind of Chinese movie in her sleep..

She looked so beautiful and innocent…innocent paa,her sins can fill the Atlantic Ocean..Lol..

She was on drips to help with the Cholera and other liquids I don’t know where also connected to her b©dy…Hmm…Get well Shanty..

I dawned to me I had missed lectures,I quic-kly called Shark and He told me the lecturer didn’t come,I explained what happened and He promised to upd@t£ me on campus happenings,I again promised to talk to Hun Ying when I return..

Fafa,I told her myself and she was cool,I mean I told Hun Ying about it,she looked sad tho’ but we agreed to be best friends…Shark said..

Wow,you did well…I will get back to you later ok..I said..

But something was not right,look like I have forgotten something,Something I was supposed to do today,I kept wondering,It was 6:15Pm alre-ady,and I felt I had to be somewhere,then my phone started ringing…

Bryannnn???…I mentioned with awe..

Me:Hello Bryan

Bryan:Hi,Am here,are you re-ady yet?

Me:Urrmmm Bryan..

Bryan:Oh,you will be fine,I promise..

Me:Not that Bryan,I mean,I can’t make it to you today

Bryan: Whaat?..But I paid for reservations alre-ady?..why?

Me:Oh sorry,Am at the hospital with my friend,she is not well

Bryan:Ok fine,I think I have to get a different girl and get moving..Bye!!

He said and hanged the call..

OMG!!..I should have called to explain things to him,He will think am trying to avoid him..Did He say He was going to get another girl?…He’s got to be kidding me..

Hey but wait,If he is going to get another girl,was that supposed to be p@rt of my business?

Am not in love with him…No..Am not in love with him….

The two mothers c@m£ back,but my Mom was preparing to leave,she asked to drop me off at campus but I told her I would have to stay with Shanty whiles they both go get some rest at home..

Shanty Mom begged me to go but I insisted,my Mom had to come in before she agreed,they both left but promised to visit tomorrow Saturday.

After they left,I switched on my l@pt©p to stream a movie online,that’s when I heard Shanty call out my name with a weak voice

Hey Shanty,don’t move,you are on drips,I said..

Fafa,where is your Mom,and mine?,Shanty asked.

They left not long ago,they would be back tomorrow,am here to stay with you..I said

What did the report say,I mean the lab report…

You have Malaria and Cholera..I replied

Just that?..she asked,,

Yea,where you expecting a bonus disease?..St©p those thoughts and stay low,I will get you some food,you look hungry,,I said..

I could see the lie in her eyes when I told her about the lab report,she was a bit relieved now,but I told her she shouldn’t un-derrate the danger of Malaria and Cholera,especially if they are combined..

The hospital be-d was big enough to accommod@t£ the two of us,I sle-pt near her and we watched the movie together,she seem ok now..

Later in the night,a nurse c@m£ in with some medications for Shanty,she also gave her an injection..Shanty hates injections,I do too…every girl does..

After this,I realize the girl had sle-pt ,the drugs are working..

I switched off the lights and continued watching my movie..

Dear Diary,you heard a lot today,you must  be tired…..Get some rest…I’ll get back to you tomorrow with another daily dose of konkonsa….goodnight..

Yours Faithfully

Dearest Me

NB:Will Bryan really go out with a different girl?…or is it a bluff?


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