Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 6

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 6 (How Love Goes)
©Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved
Dear Diary,
Everyone hates Mondays, and I hate it more than you can really imagine, like with my heart, my b©dy and my soul…I hate Mondays….Getting up from be-d was the toughest task I faced, I was awoke, but the strength to pu-ll my outta be-d was nowhere to be found…My eyes were still closed when some idiot spilled water on me..I quic-kly jumped out of be-d and the following s£ntences that c@m£ out should remain a secret…It was Shampaigne…
Shampaigne: Am gonna pronounce more bitter words to you very soon, believe me
Me: Awww, baby girl, I didn’t even see you come in…Soo…
Shampaigne: So what?
Me: Just forget…why don’t you have lectures this morning?
Shampaigne: Nope, you?
Me: I have a clas-s in the evening, 4 der kraaa
Shampaigne: Shanty left with that her fantasy b©yfri£nd
Me: Okay
Shampaigne: Am starving, I c@m£ here because I want to eat poach eggs and some sweet coffee. You prepare it best, so plea-se get outta be-d and get me some…
Me: Just that?
Shampaigne: plea-se…I know you want me to say plea-se…So, plea-se!!
Me: Good…
Shampaigne: Cool
Me: So how far with you and Danny?
Shampaigne and Danny were really growing into each other fas-ter than we expected, she confessed the two went for dinner without telling us, eii…hmmm…But it all cool you know…cool.
Shampaigne registered her displea-sure about the way Shanty was going about her whole fantasy b©yfri£ndthing. The guy seem to be in desperate nee-d of something, he is not all interested in having a relationsh!pwith Shanty or whatsoever, but Shanty seem to have been blinded by the sugarcoated words the guy poured at her doorstep…And the fact that he is driving on campus, who wouldn’t like it if her b©yfri£nddrives on campus?. Every girl will love that…
Bryan drives on campus; we started our relationsh!pbefore the whole relationsh!pthing started, so the car didn’t attra-ct me to the guy in the first place. You Know!!
Girls might be attra-cted to guys based on different stuffs…some want the money, others lookout for the luxury, others too want the looks,dressing,etc,etc and etc….Just a few will fall for a guy based on LOVE. And it’s real….if not, why do they seem to breakup after a short time??
The relationsh!pseems to start falling immediately whatever which attra-cted you to him? Her starts to diminish…When the last cash falls, the relationsh!pfalls…
If you really fall in love, you wouldn’t dare look at what he brings into the relationsh!pap@rt from love, care and faithfulness…
Adiya my roomie told me how she felt wasted and used, like used and dumped….hit and run. Police no catch…she told me how the guy baited her with the luxury he had….And she Adiya, the only thing she could offer in the relationsh!pwas S-x,S-x and S-x…I said Seeexxx!!!…How she swallowed postino 2 and whatever contraceptives that the guy handed over to her…
I went to Shark’s room to pay a visit, he was seriously pla-ying game with some guys bi, he jumped from his be-d and gave me rather an unusual hvg, I could see how his friends were looking at us…what could he have told them… He will explain to me later…
His friends left the room after some short time, I locked the door and asked him about the hvg and that looks from his guys.
Shark: C’mon, this is not the first time I have hvgged you
Me: I know, am not concerned about the hvg thing…That look from your friends
Shark: Which look?
Me: When you hvgged me, every one of them looked at us with some lit eyes, like something crazy
Shark: Oh nothing, it’s just a boy thing
Me: If you don’t tell me what you told them, Am going to ask the tall guy amongst them, I know him…and if he tells me anything, whether good or bad…I will not talk to you ever
Shark: I call that a bluff
Me: Well, watch me, am going out to meet him
‘I made an attempt to leave his room, he quic-kly c@m£ for the door and the look on his face meant he was re-ady to talk.
Me: What? Why are you st©pping me?
Shark: Hmm, I just had to lie to them to save my head from heckles
Me: Lie, which kind of lie?
Shark: They told me I was just following you anywhere you go for ages, without having the nerves to propose to you
Me: And then what happened?
Shark: They will tease me for days, so I told them we are d@t!ng
Me: Just that?
Shark: Yeah, just that I swear
Me: Good, you told them…But we are not d@t!nganyway..
Shark: Yeah…so we cool?
Me: Before that, I nee-d you to do something for me
Shark: What?
Me: Type my as-signment
Shark: How may pages
Me: Like 5…
Shark: WTF!!!
Am yet to meet a University student who enjoys doing as-signment, especially when it comes to pres£nting it in a printed format…
Shanty had closed from lectures, Jamal was asking her to follow him to his hostel, this is not the first time he might have asked her to follow him there…Guys who leave in pri-vate hostels are more of savages. Especially when it comes to girls…They will be like…”Ei,come and visit me errr”, come and do this come and do that…and by the time you realize, you might be warming his ba-lls to.
I could see them from where I was, she wasn’t looking soo cool, I took out my phone and call her number, at least to save her from her dilemma..
I told her to come to her room quic-kly; she excused the guy and headed toward my direction without looking back…
“What on earth is between you two” I said to her when I pounced into her from hiding place
Shanty: He’s begging me to follow him to his place
Me: I knew it, that why I call you
Shanty: Good, at least you acted smart small
Me: Ohh saaa….I will get you again
Shanty: Whatever
Dear Dairy, Catch you later…..To be Continued
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