Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 5

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 5 (Small Small)
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Dear Diary,
I feel soo weak and lazy today, it’s Sunday, and I know am definitely not gonna rep church today…The p@rty we attended the day before has rendered me soo tired and weak to the bone, dancing and swimming, shouting blaablaablaa!!!…Ahaa, I forgot to tell you what happened between Shampaigne and Danny…
Danny was trying his best to keep close to Shampaigne who kept fidgeting with her phone; He made sure he kept his pace with her, not ahead of her and not behind too…
Shampaigne: You can walk ahead…do you really have to wait for me?
Danny: Why wouldn’t I? I go take bullet for you
Shampaigne: Lol, you funny
Danny: I take that as an official confirmation of me really being funny
Shampaigne: Haven’t anyb©dy ever told you that?
Danny: A lot…especially Fafa, and the last time I met Shanty, She said am funny
Shampaigne: Oh real, nice
Danny: Yeah, and I will say, you really beautiful beyond my wildest thoughts
Shampaigne: You don’t have to tell me that anyway
Danny: I had to say it anyway
Shampaigne: Lol
I was enjoying the whole scene with Shanty, from the way they were laughing and talking, we knew the heaven gate has opened a bit for a customer…
I was yet to tell Danny to take chance and start something with her, but looks like he has taken the chance alre-ady, but he nee-ds to really get her well…like gr-ab her…
We did well to give them space where they could continue chatting, how Shampaigne was laughing and cl@pping amazed me a lot….this girl?…God bless Us…
After we had closed, we took a lot of pictures, we were also lucky to get a cli-ck with King Promise who pas-sed by…yeah King Promise!!
I could see the lit in Shampaigne’s eyes, but she was kind of pretending…
Me: So Shampaigne, you made a new friend today?
Shanty: I know right, she was soo chatty today
Shampaigne: C’mon, can’t I make new friends
Shanty: Thank Goddess, what happened to you?
Shampaigne: Why are you guys sounding soo weird…Ain’t I human too?
Me: You are now human
We were all happy; at least changing the S-xual exploit of our friend to tally with the normality of our culture is really cool.
So today being Sunday, am gonna spend time with my baby boy, Bryan, I really miss him and can’t wait to take a taste of his softl-ips.
Its been long I really went natural with my Bryan,I know he is sometimes kind of shy when it comes to somethings,like asking for S-x or BJ or whatever whatever that you think is nee-ded in a crazy relationsh!p,so sometimes,being a lady…you should be good enough to be very nice to them…expecially the shy type of guys.
Shampaigne was laughing loudly on her phone, she has been speaking to Danny for some hours now, and Shanty wouldn’t dare complain because she really wants her sister to get some amount of normality, and if speaking to a guy over the phone will prove futile, then she should speak to Danny for the rest of the day…
Shanty herself had her own plans,Jamal,her secret crush was taking her out for dinner outside campus, Jamal had proposed to Shanty for like three times now, but the girl is just being careful this time, you know, not every crush nee-ds to be in a relationsh!pwith you,sometimes,its just cool you remain crushes. Jamal is a guy who likes p@rtying a lot,clubs,shisha and etc…Shanty wouldn’t take any of that, she told him he should st©p those stuffs if he really wanted to d@t£ her…but looks like the guy is just add!çted to whatever he’s interested in doing.
Shampaigne: Hey, Shanty, Imma check on someone
Shanty: Check on someone? Since when?
Shampaigne: Its Danny and nob©dy else just want to pl@yBasketball with him today
Shanty: Since when did you become a Basketball pla-yer?
Shampaigne: I was p@rt of my school team okay…It was p@rt of my course
Shanty: Alright dear. I wish you luck
Shanty was more confident this girl is now opening up to guys, Danny is a handsome guy that every lady will love to be with, his cute and easy going, funny and that, you now, I just hope he pla-ys his cards well..
I was lying in Bryans bosom, we spoke a lot, like everything we missed during the vac,and the p@rty we had attended yesterday…at the same time, Fifty Shades Darker was pla-ying on the l@pt©p, at least to keep us cozy…like really cozy. After some time I excused myself to visit the washroom, as usual, a little toothpaste was used to refresh my mouth before I c@m£ out, but before I could get on the be-d, Bryan pu-ll-ed me back, and it was a k!ss!ngdistin that followed…
Back at the Basketball court, Shampaigne seem to have made the rest of the guys look so silly and dumb, even Danny was amazed, the girl was really a pro in the three and two pointer sh0ts, she did it really easily, irrespective of the angle she was shooting from, she caught the attention of everyone around the court. Especially the guys who couldn’t just take their eyes off the beautiful damsel who was displa-ying with the ball…she was a sight to watch….
After the game, she exchanged plea-santries with the guys in the team before Danny asked to esc-rt her back to her hall.
Shampaigne: Of course, where you expecting me to walk back to my hall all by myself?
Danny: I didn’t say that, did I?
Shampaigne: That’s what you thought…
Danny: Hey, do you know Keleweley?
Shampaigne: I love Keleweley
Danny: Let’s go get some…
Shampaigne: Oh yeah, but if only I pay for that
Danny: Okay, deal
They walked holding hands without even realizing, at the Keleweley joint, Shanty was there with Jamal, and Shanty broke out laughing when she saw Shampaigne holding hands with Danny, but she didn’t dare comment on that…
I emerged from nowhere with Bryan just in time to see them holding hands, and lil laughter escaped, the expression on Shampaigne’s face shows she’s gonna give us some “F’’ later when we unite.
Small small, they will definitely grow together…”In Mzvee’s voice”
Dear Dairy, Catch you later…..To be Continued
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