Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 4

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 4 (The p@rty)
©Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved
Dear Diary,
Sleepless nights aren’t so cool; I had taken a bottle of storm energy drink last evening
And I think the caffeine, which wouldn’t dare let you enjoy your sleep, anyway I managed
to steal a dream.
Adiya, my roomie was back, she’s become soo pretty and lovely…wft has she been swallowing during the vacations…
Only God knows.
Today, it’s Saturday and I have no lectures…but there is this annoying dance clas-s I have…annoying!!
Shanty and Shampaigne had a misun-derstanding; Shanty had cautioned Shanty on her daily misuse of her toys…
Shampaigne didn’t take that advice lightly….she saw it like some kind of intrusion into her pri-vate life…But you as twins..
no matter how they fight. They will still get back smiling at each other.
I did some washing and re-ad a book I had acquired from the bookshop….
am not that a regular book re-ader, but I just kinda want to develop that habit…
The habit to re-ad more books…I have vowed to re-ad at least, two books per month, depending on the number of pages.
My re-ading was interrupted by Adiya’s voice
Adiya: Hey, Fafa…will you go to the p@rty some?
Me: Which p@rty are you talking about? Am not aware of any p@rty
Adiya: It’s happening at the Poolside
Me: Which Poolside are you referring to?
Adiya: The one we visited last time
Me: Oh okay…but which kind of p@rty is it?
Adiya: Just wear your bikini and how splash some warm water on the skin dear
Me: Oh C’mon, I don’t even have a bikini
Adiya: But you have a swimsuit don’t you
Me: Yeah I do…
Adiya: Good…I have some tickets here…Can you plea-se invite Shanty and Shampaigne over…or Bryan..
Me: Let me ask them first
Adiya: Buy two tickets and get one for free…There will be free drinks for everyone
Me: Okay…which time is it?
Adiya: 4pm till till till…
Me: Okay….15 cedis for a ticket..?
Adiya: Yeah…it’s cool
Me: See her ooo…
Adiya: Lol
I have to really rep this p@rty some, am not a donkey…sometimes we have to really refreshment the system. Just like your cli-ck to refresh your computer.
I picked up my phone and called Shanty…..the Girl was not picking up…I dialed that off Shampaigne. Same…why have they swallowed their phones or what?
Or maybe they are still not in talking terms after their little expo…
Within minutes, I was standing in their doorway…They were both slee-ping on respective their be-ds and saying nothing….which means they are still pissed off..
Me: Are you two gonna st©p acting funny?
Shanty: Mtcheeew
Shampaigne: I tried speaking to her….she wouldn’t just mind me…I apologized and she’s said nothing
Me: Really Shanty? You didn’t mind her after she apologized to you?
Shanty: Oooohhh
Me: Shampaigne. I want to show you something in my room, Let’s go and leave her here..
Shanty: You guys can even go hvg the transformer
Me: Silly fowl…shut up
Shampaigne was not too happy, even though she their craziest amongst them, she’s also the quic-kest to show remorse and apologize, so I don’t really know why Shanty is trying to pl@yha-rd girl ha-rd girl…
Shampaigne: I threw my dil-dos into the bin; I know that’s why she’s pissed off
Me: You did? Wow. That’s good dear
Shampaigne: I just nee-ded to plea-sure myself…Like to the brim
Me: You know Shanty wouldn’t sit and watch you do that to yourself
Shampaigne: Yeah I know
Me: Imagine if the toys were your b©yfri£nd…she wouldn’t still allow you mess up your life like that
Shampaigne: I know
Me: But it’s cool you apologized to her…she’s happy you did….she just shy to say something. It’s just her things
Shampaigne: You think?
Me: I know…She’s your sister…but I know her more than you do
Shampaigne: Thanks for that. I happy to have you in my life
Me: Me too
Shampaigne is one of the most sincere persons I have ever met, she’s always truthful and open to whatever she’s expo-sed to…If she tells you anything…You don’t have to doubt her…take it like that, whether it’s a Positive comment or negative.
Shampaigne: You wanted to show me something…
Me: Lol. Not really, I just wanted to make Shanty feel jealous
Shanty: I am not jealous wai…kokonsa girl
Me: I told you she will feel jealous. That’s why she followed us
Shampaigne: Yeah you did…shame on her
Shanty: Whatever
Shampaigne: And what is the meaning of what she said…kookoosa or whatever?
Shanty: Get yourself a Twi teacher
Shampaigne: You were supposed to be my tuiii tutor
Me: Don’t mind her self…My dear… Kokonsa means Gossip….Kokonsa
Shampaigne: Oh okay cool…kookoonsa
Me: Yeah, great
Shampaigne: My twin sister is a kookonsa
Shanty: Mtcheeew
I told you, they cli-ck like something…I quic-kly seize the opportunity to tell them about the p@rty Adiya had invited us to, they all agreed to go, Shampaigne volunteered to get us tickets…
Bryan will be rehearsing with his friends for church come tomorrow Sunday…He’s an organist with the Action Chapel….He might not come with me …Not that type of p@rtying guy….He’s not boring plea-se.
I was soon in the washroom wearing make-up, its past three, and the p@rty will soon be coloured, I had planned with Shanty to get Shampaigne and Danny get to meet each other, Danny had promised to come over to the p@rty after I gave him some small pressure, or maybe after I mentioned to him Shampaigne was gonna come…That silly boy!!
I saw myself in the mirror and liked what I was seeing, Adiya was not there to compliment my looks, so I just appreciated myself anyway…I knew Shanty and Shampaigne had entered my room, I heard the door open and footsteps…They were not taught how to knock before entering people’s rooms. For Shanty, she’s just a bushiatic girl who has no manners. Shampaigne also said she will bruise her knuckles…she will only use a doorbell.
The twins were looking so beautiful and their resemblance was very very visible this time, just that Shanty looks so burnt from the heat of the African sun…
At the p@rty, it was packed, like almost everyone was there, immediately we entered the place, we had like eyes looking at our direction, Adiya c@m£ over and offered us some c0cktails and promised to come back with more
“Hello girls”. c@m£ a masculine voice
Me: You this boy
Shanty: Danny right?
Danny: Yeah dear, hope you good?
Shanty: Yeah
Me: I bored with you
Danny: I know, but let me get you guys some drinks
Me: Yeah, that will be cool, remember to add some kebabs
Danny: But I can’t carry all of that by myself, at least I nee-d a hand
Me: Errmm have to visit the washroom
Shanty: I have to get us a table for the drinks
Shampaigne: Ah, really, am I gonna follow him to that far end?
Danny: Am at your service, can we?
Shampaigne: Yeah, but just don’t talk too much
Danny: I wish I can’t
I saw Shanty from her end and gave her thumbs up; we are getting them started alre-ady…..
Dear Dairy, Catch you later…..To be Continued
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