Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 3

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 3 (LGBT)
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Dear Diary,
Today looks soo promising, the sun was shining up in the sky, but mild to the skin, I was all re-ady for lectures, my first lecture for the semester.
I met Shark on my way, and as usual, there was a lot to talk about. He’s gonna make noise all day…
Shark: Ermmm, Fafa, why ain’t LGBT legal here in Ghana?
Me: Seriously, do you really expect me to answer that?
Shark: Why not, I just nee-d to hear from you
Me: It’s not illegal in Ghana here, and it’s not legal either..
Shark: So what is it then…
Me: Like, there is no concrete law that frowns on it, the constitution does not clearly state its stand on LGBT…so…Until then
Shark: Until then what?
Me: It’s the society that frowns on it…You know, culture and etc…Our societal practices and our various culture frowns on it…if you are caught practicing such act, you might be beaten by a mob; you can be banished, or fined. But am yet to hear the court jail someone for being g@y.
Shark: During the holidays, I heard in the news that I Ghanaian has gone in to change his gender to a “she”. He is now a She. Transgender…what did the community do about that?
Me: Yeah I heard about that, but nothing really happened to him. She’s still free out there
Shark: So you mean, LGBT…The “T” is no big deal. Transgender is normal?
Me: Ah, why are you asking me all this questions, am not the law for Christ’s sake
Shark: The last time I checked, you were supposed to be a law student
Me: Yeah, I did not make the law, I don’t interpret them…and I don’t enf0rç£ them…Am not yet in the Law school. I am not a Lawyer okay…
Shark: Am sorry for crying out loud. But are you seriously for real?
Me: You shouldn’t have cried out loud, am originally for real…now shut up let me think
Shark: Am not done with you yet
Me: Mtcheeew!!
It has never occurred to me this way, but like seriously, does LGBT have a future here in Ghana, I have fears that they will one day form p@rt of our culture…Yes; it might become a norm here in Ghana. Because our Parliament accepts any bill that comes with a dollar tag.
I have someone close to me, and who now forms a p@rt of my inner circle of friends. That is Shampaigne. Shampaigne had told us about herself, the kind of life she lived back in the USA,she does not do GUYS….she was a lesbian, and it was something normal for her, she had a girlfriend and had multi-ple S-x p@rtners…Yeah..I don’t blame her, neither do I condemn her. That is what she grew up to…It was either you take a b©yfri£nd, or you get yourself a Girlfriend, not taking your gender into consideration…so up there somewhere…It is a matter of choice. And she made her choice Lesbian….
I have this strong feeling that, she’s gonna change to “normality”, that is according to the la-id down believe we have as Ghanaians when we come to same S-x relationsh!ps, I can’t talk her into that, but we will draw her attention to guys…with the help of Shanty. We will get her a guy.
Back in the lecture hall, I was abs£nt minded; Shark’s brief interview had thrown me into my world of confusions. I was confused and thinking soo ha-rd until I felt someone standing soo close to me…It was the lecturer…
“Do you believe Ghana might be f0rç£d to legalize same S-x marriage, if the Government is being pressured? “That was the question from the lecturer..
You have to answer that for five marks…He added…
Whaat?…Five marks…I asked…Five marks can boast you GPA from Zero to Hero in a University…I looked straight into Sharks eyes, how did he bring up that t©pic before the lecturer…Genius indeed.
“Errmm, Sir. I have a strong feeling that, in times to come, if the law on Same S-x marriage is not amended, a Government in the future might be f0rç£d to legalize LGBT here in Ghana.
There are countless number of HomoS-xuals and Lesbians out there, they live with us in our SHS’s,in our neigbourhood,Halls,Hostels,Workplaces…and even in the Lecture halls…They form a reasonable percentage of our population as Ghanaians, and with time, if care is not taken, we will have to live with them like that.”
Lecturer: I will give you 3 for that, or will you add something for the full mark of 5?
Lecturer: Look like you have nothing more to add….You did well anyway
After lectures, the expression on Shark’s was weird…
“You see, I can time travel, He said
Me: Hey, heey,hey…don’t come and disturb me with your same S-x marriage thing
Shark: Nope,I wasn’t….I was just trying to draw your attention to someone over there…
Whaat?…..It was Bryan, but why on earth didn’t he tell me he was reporting today…?
I run into his open arms and the smell of his b©dy kept me more comfort
Me: I miss you soo much
Bryan: I do to. Like very much
Me: And why didn’t you tell me you were coming?
Bryan: I just wanted to surprise you, and I did
Me: Mtcheeew!!!
Bryan: C’mon, let’s go get something, am starving
I was still thinking about the whole same S-x marriage thing, my fears were now visible now, Bryan said it’s something that is prone to happen if Ghanaians remain silent, and he was very right. If we are silent…We will witness it happen live and coloured.
Our religious leaders should have been preaching about this, but they don’t really care.yeah they don’t.
Back at campus, Shanty was getting worried, Shampaigne seem be too add!çted to her tools lately, she gr-abs them at any given chance to plea-sure herself..
Shanty: It’s becoming too much, I don’t even know what to tell her again
Me: Do you have any idea why she’s doing that?
Shanty: I wish I do dear, but I don’t
Me: Look, let’s drag a guy into her life; don’t you think at least it might help her?
Shanty: You think?
Me: I know. She’s missing her life back in the USA, so the best way she can help herself out it with the toys.
Shanty: Yeah, let’s try that out
Me: Do you have any guy in mind
Shanty: You mean us getting him a guy?
Me: If we don’t, she’s not going to allow any guy approach her, and you know that yourself
Shanty: Yeah,I don’t have any guy, do you?
Me: Yeah, Danny, the guy in the Basketball team…He kinda admires her a lot
Shanty: How did you know that?
Me: Oh yeah,I do…let’s just get them
Shanty: What if he’s d@t!ng?
Me: He is not d@t!nganyone
Shanty: How did you know that?
Me: He’s a friend. Believe me
Shanty: Okay, let’s go get them connected alre-ady
Dear Dairy, Catch you later…..To be Continued
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