Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 2

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 2
(Shanty’s Dilemma )
©Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved
Dear Diary, The world is full of different people from all walks of life, looking at the race, ethnicity, culture and even appearance.
I have gotten to realize that, when it comes to b©yfri£ndgirlfriend matter in this pres£nt dispensation, everyone wishes to d@t£ the cutest, the S-xiest, the riche-st and the whatever whatever, that’s cool, but should we be soo selective when it comes to relationsh!pmatters, leaving love behind the whole episodes?
I could see Shanty from where I was, she was speaking to this guy and only heaven knows where the guy comes from, no ha-rd feelings ooo, I am just being caring….Shanty has never told me anything about him, and that was my first time seeing him anyway, or maybe too they just got to know each other…But from the way the girl was smiling and the guy was behaving…Its gone beyond what I believe I could imagine…
I went straight to check on Shampaigne, the door wasn’t locked knocked, but no one responded, so I had no option but to f0rç£ myself in, there was no one in there, but the abstract pres£nce of someb©dy could be felt in the room, I could hear the buzzing of something, maybe an electronic gadget coming from the washroom, followed by m0@n ing, like someone being plea-sured…And I didn’t nee-d to be psychic to know who it was and what that person was doing.
Shampaigne owns a dil-do, and she plea-ses herself anytime she gets the chance…she’s the direct opposite of her twinie…Ap@rt from the striking resemblance between them…in terms of character…there’s nothing in common they can share.
I know Shanty was single, she had to break up with one silly guy who only wanted to use her as his S-x goddess, so I know she’s in desperate nee-d of a guy, there was no way this girl will survive without a guy…she always wants to feel wanted and loved by the opposite S-x…So whatever she was doing with that guy down there…she starting something..
I was about leaving for Shark’s place when Shanty entered the room, she seem surprised seeing me..
Shanty: How long have you been here?
Me: Since you started talking to that guy down there
Shanty: You saw us, where you looking at us?
Me: Of course not, I just saw you two
Shanty: And where is Shampaigne?
Me: I believe she’s in the washroom
Shanty: You believe? Haven’t you seen her since you c@m£ in?
Me: I only heard her m0@n from the washroom, I have not seen her
Shanty: Oh not again, this girl is crazy
Shampaigne: Will you two girl’sfu-cking st©p talking about me like I were dead, I can hear you
Shampaigne emerged from the washroom looking soo weak and sweaty, like someone who had just finished a 1000 meter race…she’s on cloud nine…she walked to her drawer and slid in her toy, not caring whoever was watching.
Shampaigne: Hey, who was that guy who took you out?
Shanty: Errmm, he’s nob©dy
Shampaigne: You think he ain’t nob©dy, you still followed him outta that door like a zombie? C’mon Sis am no kid
Me: Are you telling us who that guy is or not?
Shanty: Errmm, okay, He’s Jamal, and I met him before we went on vacation…..he’s a new friend
….Why are you both staring at me like that, that’s the truth…
Shampaigne: You mean he’s the dude you spent almost every day talking to over the phone back at home?
Shanty: I didn’t spend almost the day speaking to him
Shampaigne: Whatever
Me: Just that, I don’t believe you
Shanty: He proposed to me, and I don’t know what to do
Me: You mean he proposed to you, you just broke up last month or so, so which kind of relationsh!pare you going into again…
Shanty: Hmmm, I know
d@t!ngthe Jamal wasn’t a problem to me, but she just broke up not long ago, so which kind of feeling is she having for the guy, is she in love or she’s just lvsting after him…or it’s the other way round…they might be crushing on each other…but are they worth d@t!ng?…You don’t just jump into relationsh!ps when the chance comes your way. The right thing to do is take your time to form a strong friendsh!pbefore…If you end up d@t!ng, the friendsh!pbond you created will cushion the relationsh!p.
Shanty knew I wasn’t too happy with whatever she was doing,first,we agreed never to hide stuffs, especially when it comes to relationsh!ps, and she knew I might be feeling disappointed. But I wasn’t disappointed…I was worried.
“I wish I can d@t£ him, He drives on campus, he’s a nice guy, he’s smart and caring. Shanty said
Shampaigne: So what prevents you from d@t!nghim?
Shanty: He’s a Moslem
Shampaigne: And you are a Christian
Shanty: Yeah I know, but C’mon
Me: He’s a Moslem, so what prevents you from d@t!nghim
Shanty: Am afraid, like Moslem-Christian relations are always prone to coll@pse
Me: And who said so?
Shanty: Our culture, our religions and the community
Me: Yeah I know, but you know, they don’t always seem to have a future, I mean d@t!ngsomeone from a different religious sect….Your church, your pastor; your family will see you as some kind of alien
Me: You know something, if you love someb©dy, don’t pay attention to the rest of the world, yeah; you would be criticized for the choices you make in life
Shanty: Hmmm
Shampaigne: Yeah Hmmmm
I began to feel some kind of sympathy for my dear friend, she might have fallen in love with Jamal in that short of time, but religious belief has become a sort of barrier to them.
I left the twins and went straight to meet Shark, the guy c@m£ with something I really nee-ded badly…”Black p@n-ther”…Wakanda forever you know…
But before that, I had to prepare some jollof for him, that was the condition we agreed on…Hun joined us after some hours, she’s become soo lovely and cute…Japan might have pla-yed the magic…Like, she was looking soo white…I bet you. The sun will tan her skin very soon…Don’t
NB: Will you be in a relationsh!pwith someone  of different religious beliefs, Knowing very well that, it might not have a future? Why?
To Be Continued….
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