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Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 18(Finale)

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 18 Finale (At Last, Family)
©Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved
Dear Diary,
Getting in touch with Nick was the best thing that ever happened to me, he was soo me and I was soo him, like the resemblance between us, He seem to have inherited nothing from her Mom, and it was evident, he was the chip of the old block.
I was soon ready to go back to school, Nick was also getting ready to go back to Warren Mensah’s house, my Mum begged him to stay some more days with her in other to build up their relationship of Step-son and Step-Mother, It was a good move, but I didn’t see it necessary…
My Mum was supposed to drop me in school, but she was all dressed up and wearing make up like never, I was looking at her quietly, she saw me and pretended, I know she was praying h@rd I don’t ask her any question.
Ah Well, I’ll get to know where she was going anyway.
Me: Errm Mum, where will you go after you drop me in school
Mum: Am going to drop Nick at your father’s house
Me: My father? Since when did you start calling him my father?
Mum: Don’t be silly, he is your father anyway
Me: Lol, so you are not just going to drop Nick, but you will also play the role of a wife I guess
Mum: Are you jealous or something?
Me: Me? Jealous? Nooo.
Mum: Then shut up, you can also call you husband if you wish
My Mum mentioning “your husband” made me come back to my relationship s£nse, I have not heard from Bryan for the second day running. Has he really taken this far as I thought? I was now so scared to call him or something, He was visibly online and had seen my status, and he did not give a heck to say nothing. What’s wrong?
I was so desperate to go back to school, like I really have to get in touch with Bryan and say sorry, whatever it is, I know very well he has started developing a stubborn heart or something.
Sometimes, we girls really drag guys to an extent that, they really go off the balance and go wild, and we find ourselves wanting, and that has led to a lot of breakups in relationships.
Mum dropped me off at school a little after 14hours, I just run into another kind of web without knowing, C’mon, Warren Mensah in my room again?
Me: Tell me you didn’t plan this with my Mum?
Warren: Of course, I did plan everything with your Mum, and Nick
Me: Well, let’s talk later, I have lectures this morning
Warren: Well, I just checked your timetable, that on the wall, and you don’t have any lecture
Me: How sure are you that I don’t have a cl@ss?
Warren: Your Roomie and your friend Shanty all confirmed that
Me: What do you want?
Warren: What do I want?, I don’t know why you are acting so difficult to deal with, I have reconciled with your Mum, and your Mum did well to accept your brother Nick, so why don’t you let us complete this puzzle by accepting me Fafa, I know I did a big mistake, but we all do mistakes, I don’t really know what to say now….Hmm
I could see tears forming in his eyes, Warren took out his hankie to wipe his tears right in front of me, you know that thing, when you see your parents cry, and automatically, you see yourself crying; That was what happened, I didn’t realize when I started shedding tears, I run to the washroom and locked the door behind, Warren I think left after some thirty minutes or more.
The next voice that made me emerge from the washroom was Shanty’s, and I was amazed when I came out, Bryan was there with her, and Shampaigne too.
I run back into the washroom again more teary, Bryan tried h@rd to catch up with me, but he was not all smart, the key clicked..
Bryan: Fafa am not mad at you, I still and will always love you, and we all love you
Shampaigne: Fafa, you know, we all miss you, please come back to us
I could hear someone cry, and I knew it was Shanty; it brought more tears to me.
Fafa has been missing from our lives for some time now, She is always there with us to find the answer to everything until her family issues came up, I know and understand how it feels, especially for a lady in the university who should try to focus, but all through this, we will be with her, she is a sister to us and a friend to everyone.
Bryan: I didn’t call you because I didn’t know what to tell you, I was scared you will explode and say things might severe our relationship, please, I miss you and come back to us.
I couldn’t hold it anymore, I opened the door and run into Bryan’s arms, I melted into his broad shoulders before he lifted up my head and planted that long missed klzz onto my l!ps.
Shanty: Come here you silly girl, I miss you
Shampaigne will always act weird, she pretended to be mad now and was saying stuff, I hugged her from behind before she was cool..
Shampaigne: Don’t ever let us miss you again
Me: I promise, I wouldn’t.
Shanty: And you have to accept everyone back to your life
Me: I just did
Bryan: Not we in particular, everyone you need to accept into your life
Shampaigne: Yes, you deserve better that this, we have been with you since it all started, but we were working in support of your Dad, Warren Mensah
Me: Whaat? You guys never told me nothing, how wicked of you, Bryan, Shanty, you all knew this
Shanty: Of course yes
There was a sudden knock on the door, and it sounded familiar
Me: That sound, it’s my Mum who knocks the door that way
Bryan: Then why don’t you get it
I walked slowly to the door and turned the knob, and standing outside was all three, Mum, Warren and Nick.
Mum: You are not expecting these we all know, but we have no option too
Warren: Hi again Fafa
Me: Hi, Dad
Warren: You called me dad? Did you just call me Dad?
Me: Yes, Dad, I did call you Dad
Like, I run to embrace him for the first time, I have never felt that my entire life, we remained that way for sometime
Shanty, I could see she and Nick exchanging that looks, I only smiled at Shanty, maybe this is him I guess, the way they looked at each other de3.only heavens can tell.
My Mum and Nick joined us, we shared  a family embrace, later all my friends came to join us, I feel complete now, I have a family, A lovely boyfriend and friends I can call sisters…And I have you too, Dear Diary.
The end.
Thanks for reading, pls Luke and comment.
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