Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 17

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 17 (Nicklaus)
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Dear Diary,
I am damn tired and I can’t really feel my legs, the program yesterday was successful and awesome, just that no matter how I tried as the MC, we couldn’t close at the right time.
I have to go home today, Bryan has not called to check on me, I was a bit surprised and at the same time guilty, and I know he might be hurt by my attitude yesterday. I will do well to pas-s by his place before leaving for the house.
Shanty was good to the guy she shared the dinner table with, I could see how she flowed with the guy throu-ghout the whole program, they danced together and even popped a champagne, I shadda called on them to do that, and she knew I called them on purpose.
I went to their room to hear more jist about the guy, and they were washing, Shampaigne was getting used to washing with her hands now.
Shanty: Come and help us wash errr
Me: Did you invite me when you were wearing them
Shampaigne: You’ve dressed up, where are you going to?
Me: Am nee-ded at home
Shanty: Family business right?
Me: I think so; my Mum told me I nee-ded to come see someone
Shampaigne: Oh, then that person must be a gem
Me: I don’t know ooo
Shanty: When are you leaving?
Me: Immediately, I c@m£ to check on you guys first
Shampaigne: Awww, so nice
Me: And hey Shanty, how far with you and the guy?
Shanty: Which guy
Me: The guy you shared the table with at the dinner
Shanty: Oh him, I don’t know, we just shared a table and nothing else
Me: Not even his name and contact?
Shanty: Yap
Me: Weirdo
I was now convinced it will take a miracle for Shanty to really open up to any other guy, I was soon on board a taxi towards home, I had forgotten to check on Bryan as I planned, I checked his whatsapp status and he was online and had re-ad my message without replying…”Blue ticks”…I was now much aware I messed up yesterday, my f!ngerswere desperate to punch in other message, but I couldn’t think of any message…But what could he be thinking?, I have never seen him take things this far, He Is always the first to apologize even if am at fault, and he calls or text me every morning…or is he crushing on another girl?, chills run throu-gh me at the thought of this, this is the first time I have feared for my relationsh!p. God save me!!
Shark and his girlfriend strangely terminated the pregnancy, Shark told me Hun acquired these medications from her sister in Japan, and after she had taken them, she had a miscarriage…Like she ab-orted the baby anyway. Hun has been hiding from me; I know she’s kind of shy to meet me, like she feels embarras-sed, because I had told her before to protect herself before having S-x.
In Ghana here, we don’t encourage teenage pregnancy not to even talk of committing ab-ortion, so I think she acted smart when she had the drugs from her country.
But that does not change the fact that, she expo-sed herself to danger, committing ab-ortion is something you can rely on, you can ra-pture your wo-mb or even cause your own death. Due to this, our communities frown on it, and no parent will advise their children to engage in promiscuous activities that might get them pregnant.
The questions is, how will your parents receive the news of your pregnancy How will you even break it out to them in the first place, not all parents are re-ady or will be re-ady to accept children born out of wedlock. Some will not even accommod@t£ a pregnant teenager un-der their roof, a ploy in other to save the respect they have in the community. Hence, we see a lot of pregnant girls on the streets, majority of them have homes; a simple pregnant control method could have saved them from getting pregnant at the wrong time.
I got home and met my Mum watering her flowers; I knew she had just returned from the church
Mum: Hey, I was expecting you yesterday
Me: I told you I had a program, Mum; I nee-d money to pay the taxi driver
Mum: Check in my bag inside
When I went in and saw this guy slee-ping in the couch, like dead asleep, I just as-sumed it’s one of the guys from my mother’s work place, I took out the money I nee-ded and went to pay before questioning my Mum.
Me: Mum, who is the guy in the couch
Mum: Didn’t you talk to him yourself?
Me: Nope, he is fast asleep
Mum: He might be pretending, I just left him minutes ago
As we spoke, the guy walked out, and I just nee-ded his name to confirm who he is
Guy: Hi Fafa
Me: Me, Hi, are you?
Guy: Yea, I am Nicklaus Mensah, call me Nick or Klaus
Me: Oh my God, I don’t know what to say shake you or hvg you
Before I knew, he had held me into a warm embr@ce, my Mum left us there to talk, I remain in his hold for some time.
Nick: I have wanted to meet you for ages after Dad told me about you
Me: Me too, he told me not long ago, I saw your picture, but you look so different here
Nick: Yea, I refused to settle until I see you when I c@m£ to Ghana
Me: Where have you been?
Nick: South Africa, attending school. I was there with my Mum
Me: Oh cool, let’s get inside
You know, I have been waiting for this all my life, the guy is so cute, I mean Nick, with the beard and stuff, he has this South African accent and nice skin, We are going to spend some time knowing each other…Stay Close.
To be continued…
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