Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 16

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 16 (Am Your MC for Tonight)
©Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved
Dear Diary,
So, today being Saturday, I have no idea what I’ll be doing, I had this heap of dirty clothes, but Bryan will do me some favour by letting us hit the Laundromat today…Everyone hates washing…
Later in the day, I had a call from one of this too-knowing girl from my church, she wanted me to Emcee this program later in the evening, like some kind of Dinner, and she didn’t tell me that early on. Well, am a good public speaker, especially when it comes to being and M.C of a program, I’ll do it very well for you.
Its dinner, so I have to be there with my d@t£, I mean Bryan, but will he even agree to go with me, I know he has Rehearsals come tomorrow Sunday, and he wouldn’t substitute that for a Dinner, I know him very well, but I’ll try, but before then, I have to tell my guys about the Dinner.
My Mum has been behaving funny over her whatsapp status, like praising God 24/7,she has been really excited over something I feel she has been praying about, and I knew what it was…”Warren Mensah”…So early?, she’s alre-ady blu-shing and upd@t!ngpictures of them together back in the University,Yes,they met in the university..
I was expecting my Mum at least to show some kind of toughness before anything else, she seem to have fallen to easily for the story of Warren, what if he’s lying about the whole CIA thing, he could have fabricated all of them just to find his way back into our lives.
I called my Mum a couple of time to register my disapproval towards her sudden love flashbacks she’s been posting on Whatsapp, but she wouldn’t pick up my call, and I know why she isn’t picking up.
I spent some time revising my dictions and choice of words I’ll be nee-ding at the dinner, I was rehearsing well until my Mum call
Mum: Hey Lawyer Fafa…”That is how she calls me, when she’s in a good mood”
Me: Mum, how do you do?
Mum: How do you do?
Me: Am doing well
Mum: Errrm, can you come home today, there is someone you have to see
Me: Someone? Is that person known to me alre-ady or what?
Mum: Nope, you guys don’t know each other, but you two desperately want to see each other
Me: Will you tell me who it is alre-ady?
Mum: Come home if you want to know, bye
Me: Wait Mum……
She’s just sometimes annoying, she could have just at least mentioned a name, going home today was not p@rt of my plan, I have a program to Emcee at 7:30pm, I mean a program that will see students from UG and other institutions troop in here, and there was no way am going to miss that, that person can wait, he/she isn’t time that can’t be retrieved.
Bryan was alre-ady trying his hands on this keyboard he just bought yesterday, I went with him, he bought the keyboard and bribe-d me with some traffic “Broukina”, and he knew I was still bored with him when he saw my face.
Me: Why are you laughing?
Bryan: Am not laughing at you, I always do laugh
Me: Always? It’s an abnormality; you have to see a psychiatrist
Bryan: Lol, what’s up, am hungry, what did you prepare?
Me: Nothing
Bryan: Unro-mantic soul
Me: Whatever, errrm, Can we hung out tonight? I mean for a Dinner?
Bryan: I saw the circular on whatsapp, and you are the M.C? Wow, that is nice
Me: Yes, I am, are you coming with me?
Bryan: You know I have to be at rehearsals tonight Fafa, plea-se, I wish I could
Me: Just say it and st©p beating about the bush, Yes/No?
Bryan: Nope, for tonight
Me: Okay, I hear, pla-ying keyboard is more important
Bryan: Oh, C’mon I didn’t say that
I didn’t wait for him to really say anything again, I was hurt, this was the second time he has refused to hung out with me, I can’t just roll on my sleeves to the program without any guy with me, and ri-ding in his car to the place would have been awesome.
BRYAN: “I don’t really un-derstand girls somehow, they seem to translate everything to suit them sometimes, I didn’t say pla-ying keyboard was better than having a nice dinner with your girlfriend or something, you have been booked for a program, and I have a choir to direct this evening, so why can’t we both suit ourselves without any emotional judgment?”
Shampaigne was all lit up when I broke the news to them; I mean about the dinner, she was alre-ady planning on what to wear after she called Danny to tell him about the dinner, he agreed to go with her. And then there was this girl who just showed no sign of life when I said that, I knew she wasn’t too happy, her twin sister just called her b©yfri£nd, and she knew I’ll be going with Bryan too.
Shanty: Am not going with you guys
Me: Oh c’mon Shanty, we have not come to that
Shanty: I have no reason for not going, and I have no reason to stay back too
Me: Am going alone
Shanty: You guys can go
After some little pushing and pu-lling, she agreed to go with us, At least, who knows what could happen, the guy who holds the real keys to her heart might be waiting for her with an empty seat she will occu-py. I have a strong believe.
I am feeling really sorry for my behavior back there, I mean back at Bryan’s, this is not soo me, I was supposed to un-derstand our every move, now I don’t really know what’s he’s thinking, maybe he will paint this weird picture about me, I have to be the first person to apologise.He is always the first to say sorry, irrespective of whoever is at fault. He is the rear type of b©yfri£nds around, trust me.
Until then, I am your Emcee for tonight, MC Fafa.
NB: When it comes to apologies in a relationsh!p, do you have to only apologize when you are at fault?
Next Story: Circle, Accra…..
To be Continued…
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