Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 15

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 15 (Good Life)
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Dear Diary,
So the thing is, after my rather weird be-d paly with Bryan my b©yfri£nd, I did well by slee-ping over only to be awoken by Shanty who had called early on, It was alre-ady past 9Am, and I have sle-pt for so long, Bryan was not in the room, and his car was not parked at the parking lot either, so He was gone to lectures, He has like Three clas-ses today, but me, am free like a bird, the lecturer isn’t coming.
I quic-kly called Shanty to check on her, she didn’t pick up, so I made my way to my room, where I knew she’d be.
On opening the door, I was surprised at who was sitting on my be-d and fli-pping throu-gh my SHS Diary, Warren Mensah.
“What on earth do you think you are doing with my diary?” I busted out
Warren Mensah: Oh sorry for re-ading throu-gh that, I couldn’t just help it
Me: And how did you know my room anyway
Shanty: Errm, he’s your visitor
Me: Shanty, meet Warren Mensah
Shanty eye lit, she looked keenly at him for some time before putting on a smile
Shanty: I knew it, that resemblance is really striking, look, I’ll leave you two here to talk
Warren Mensah: Sorry I didn’t inform you before coming, I was afraid you might not agree to see me
Me: I am bored because you re-ad throu-gh my diary
Warren Mensah: I see you really wrote a lot about me, the Dad you never got to meet
Me: That was then, now I don’t, I’ve gotten over it
Warren Mensah: You have to forgive me for leaving you, I don’t really know the best words I can put together to apologize to you
Me: And you don’t have to improvise apologies, did you ever even imagine the ha-rd sh!ps I went throu-gh growing up? Knowing very well I have nob©dy to call a Dad? I have felt like a b****** the whole of my life and I still feel like a b******, I never had anyone to wish a father’s day; My Mum took all the glory, pla-ying the role of a father and a mother at the same time.
Warren Mensah: I know, and I can’t forgive myself for that, as I told you guys, I did that for your own protec-tion
Me: And you never called, or even wrote to us?
Warren Mensah: I had to cut communications with you guys, I didn’t want the CIA to know my where about
Me: How would they have known if you wrote a common letter?
It was a long convo, I didn’t know when I started laughing to his jokes and stuffs, by the time I realized it was almost 2pm, and I got to know Bryan was the br@in behind all that…Am going to break his n£¢k later.
But wait, who should we call a mother ,or a father, is it anyone who we are biologically parented to?, I don’t think so, we celebr@ted mother’s day with a whole lot of wishes to our Mothers, and some fathers got some accolades for pla-ying the role of a Mother, and the same thing happens when we celebr@te father’s day.
It’s always about the care, the love, the security and protec-tion, who was really there to pl@ythose roles. You can’t dump your family for years without any reasonable reason, and later appear from nowhere and expect to be called a Father, or a Mother. Hell No…
Warren Mensah’s reason for leaving is quite clear and reasonable, but that not mean I’ll start calling him Dad…that is not how it works, It might happen maybe, but it will take a great deal of time.
Shark is just a silly guy; he had S-x with his girlfriend. I mean when I saw him half n-ked told me he had had unprotected S-x,and the girl is complaining of stomach pain followed by vomiting, like in Africa, that’s the best way to confirm pregnancy….Stomach pains and Vomiting. Until you see these two symptoms, you are not pregnant. That is according to our Nigerian Movies and Kumahood Movies…
But this time, the girl was really pregnant, I mean pregnant…
Shark: It’s not my fault, I tried using a c0nd0m, but she refused
Me: You are the guy here; you were the dominant one, so you decide what happens when you two have S-x, for once, what were you thinking?
Shark: I couldn’t withdraw; I don’t know what c@m£ over me
Me: You know, you are about to become a father, so you better paly smart and st©p all this things you doing
Shark: Pl@ysmart? I don’t get you, what do you mean by that?
Me: I mean go to the hospital and confirm before anything
Shark: Hmmm, I hear
But wait oo,I don’t get it, why will couple put themselves in this kind of situation when they know they wouldn’t be able to control it when the worse happen, some girls are just too smart, they want to enjoy the whole show forgetting that you will be the one who will bear the consequences greatly. And the guys, you know you are not using a c0nd0m, and you still went ahead to spurt all those motherf*****g substance into her, what do you think you will get as result…Cocoyam?
I later joined Shanty and Shampaigne at the Basketball court, Shampaigne was again embarras-sing the guys with her three point shoots, and Danny seem to be taking all the accolades.
“Oh Charley, your woman dey drag we paa ooo, take her give me errr”…I heard one guy say
“Her, spy in b©dy, I get her aaa,Ago hia nothing again,shoddy wey dey pl@yBball,Allah…Another said..
As for me and Shanty, we are good at nothing, we do well at minding our business, exercising the b©dy was limited to walking, and the stairs we climb a day alone is enough to burn over billions of calories within our b©dy…more than pla-ying Basketball.
Shampaigne joined us after the game and we headed towards the hall, she was sweaty and looking even prettier in the sweat.
Shampaigne: You guys should exercise your b©dy, try to
Shanty: See who is talking
Shampaigne: You know wha? Imma start hitting the gym wid you two
Me: Do wah?, Gym clas-s, spare me that jokes, am not re-ady to toughen my b©dy
Shampaigne: I have been training for years now, and my F*****g b©dy is h0tter than that you two, so wha TF are you telling me?
Shampaigne was right, she was more curved, nice skin, nice hair and etc. than her twin sister, not to even talk of me, am pretty ooo….am just trying to clarify how beautiful Shampaigne is.
She’s being hitting the gym every weekend, jogging with Danny and pla-ys Basketball with guys.
NB: Girls, Give me one reason why we shouldn’t exercise?
To be Continued…
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