Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 14

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 14 (Back to Campus)
©Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved
Dear Diary,
I had gone to sleep earlier the previous day than usual, I was fed up listening to all those CIA stories, Warren Mensah was trying his best to reconcile with my Mum, and after that he owes me a great deal of reason why I should accept him as a father.
Me: Mum, am going back to school this morning
Mum: Just like that, we are not done talking yet
Me: Talking about what? CIA?
Mum: Hmm, st©p acting funny
Me: Warren Mensah is trying to get back to you, that’s what I see, He owes me a lot of answers, and he knows where to find me when he is re-ady, but until then, am leaving for school this morning
Mum: Hmm, okay, hurry let me go drop you then
Me: Okay Madam Delly
Mum: You heard that name?
Me: Of course I did, what’s that name about?
Mum: That was how he used to call me when we were together, Delly, when he mentioned that name to me yesterday, I felt really alive again
Me: Alive? der norrrr?
Mum: What is der norrrr?
Me: Nothing ooo
I was expecting my Mum to be somewhat mad or something, but she was all smiles and kind of full of laughter, she surprised me ooo…Not my case though
Back on Campus, the growing love episode between Shampaigne and Danny was growing stronger and stronger,Shampaigne’s honesty was the key, Danny was helpful and supportive, He learnt about the past life of Shampaigne, but the way he un-derstood every single word was enough to give him an accolade…Not every guy will like to d@t£ a lesbian..
There is this thing I love about this Western people, when they are d@t!ng, they do well to be very honest and truthful, you mess up with them and they are gone….It’s fun to me…There is this p@rt I never said, When Shampaigne arrived, after I had introduced her to Bryan, she spent more time talking to Bryan, when we all meet, she will laugh and jump and sometimes hvg, I will look at them with the corner of my eye, like very jealous, and I will say in my head…Bryan alre-ady falling for this girl, because they all slang or what?…But later, they were just ma-king friends…I felt bad.
My Mum dropped me at my hall and left, I went straight to meet the twins who were not aware I was coming, I opened the door without knocking, and I heard the voice, or let me say the m0@n s of Shampainge,like someone having S-x,The first thought that c@m£ to my head was…
“This girl is using the dil-do again?” but nope, I saw her clothes on the ground, and then those of a guy, the bag that was on the be-d confirmed to me, Shampaigne and Danny were exploring the wonderlands, I just ti-ptoed back and closed the door ti-ght behind me…”But why TF will they not lock the door?”, and where is Shanty?.
I helped myself to my doorstep, I knocked a couple of times before I heard the key cli-ck, and there she was, Shanty, and she was surprised to see me at the door.
Shanty: WTF are you doing here?
Me: This is my room and I should be asking you that question, WTH are you doing here?
Shanty: I sle-pt here last night, am yet to go back to my room
Me: I just wanted to surprise you, like coming without informing you
Shanty: Where is my ice cream?
Me: Look in the bag, its two, one for you and the other for Shanty, but I’ll eat some of yours
Shanty: You are mad
Me: And hey, what’s happening in your room, look like some people are having good time in there
Shanty: I knew it; I knew they will not leave the room without having S-x
Me: I didn’t say they are having S-x, Did I?
Me: Then what do you mean by they are having good time?
Me: Okay, you win.
Shanty will pretend to be fine I know, I have been looking forward to see her have a kind hearted guy who will respect and love her, she is yet to see a successful relationsh!pwith the right guy.I know she might have made up her mind to shut her heart off to guys, I know definitely that’s what she has decided to do, and I wouldn’t pressure her to do go in for another guy…At the right time, the right one will come, I know. Girls by default pretend they will never engage any guy when they feel they have been deceived or broken hearted, but in few months you see them clinged onto the shoulders of a guy.
It was noon when I knocked on Sharks room, he opened the door p@rtially and he looked half n-ked, I didn’t nee-d to be psychic to know what he was doing in there, I just told him am around and moved on to Bryan’s.
I miss Bryan soo much, He was very happy seeing me, we took few seconds French k!ss!nguntil he broke away to, He asked about my Dad and how things were going on back there, then he told me how my Dad had begged him to talk to me.
Bryan: Weather you like it or yes, He is your Dad, you know that?
Me: He is a coward
Bryan: You can describe him anyhow, but you just have to know…..
Bryan could continue talking,why,I was not re-ady to hear any of this stuff now, to prevent him from talking, I continued from where we st©pped few minutes ago, k!ss!ngour head off.
I started feeling funny when I heard Shampaigne and Danny, and later Shark and whoever he is butchering….I am not firewood…
We tossed and helped each other go n-ked, as I always said, it’s always cool to do this the right way, but we also have to do this right in certain situations, So, always remember to use a c0md0mor use the right contraceptives before you have S-x to prevent unwanted pregnancies and S-xually transmitted diseases. Yes, you trust you p@rtner, but how sure are you? Until then, don’t disturb my peace, am on cloud nine.
To be Continued…
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