Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 12

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 12 (Warren Mensah)
©Danny Biitka
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Dear Diary,
I was so drenched in my own tears, but I did not really un-derstand why my Mum was also weeping, because she told me she’s okay without a husband and wouldn’t care whether my biological father ever comes back or not.
After we had soa-ked ourselves well, we got into the living room, my Mum will be living for work in guess, I could see she just did some ironing.
Mum: How was the man, did you see him very well
Me: I look just like him, everything, except that he’s a man
Mum: Hmmm
Me: Mum,Hmmm what ?…
Mum: I don’t know what to say
Me: Really, then you have to improvise, I can’t keep my cool now, someone
went missing for over twenty years Just appears from nowhere?
Mum: What do you expect me to say, I have not seen this man you guys are talking about, how will I know he is really your dad?
Me: He is not my dad even if he is, I don’t have a Dad
Bryan: Fafa,st©p saying that
Me: St©p?….This man made me a b****** my entire life, and all I hear is “st©p”?
If you have stayed with a single parent all your life, you will see or feel how it is, knowing very well the other parent might be alive somewhere.
I was so anxious, I wanted to really get to see this mystery man again, but the fact is, I have not heard his p@rt of the story, I mean the reason why he left, I just heard my Mum’s p@rt, so I can’t judge from what my Mum told me.
My Mum had told me my dad had travelled to space when I was very little, I told my friends back in nursery and they trusted me, but later they started ma-king fun of me ,then my Mum later changed it to, “He has traveled to USA”,but my friends were wiser now to believe all my fantasy dad expeditions, so one guy just concluded my dad is dead,herrr, I cried the whole day because everyone believed him, everyone’s Dad dropped them in school, and sometimes Mum’s…but my clas-smates were just concerned, they have never seen my Dad….
I had to boldly ask my Mum about his where about when I completed JHS,there was no way she was gonna tell me back in JHS,she narrated her p@rt of the story tearfully, That my Dad left when I was born.
But the reason behind him leaving wasn’t clearer to me, I just took the story like that and decided to forget I ever had a Dad.
My Mum was in the inner room dressing up for work when we heard a car park outside there, I didn’t bother going to check who it was, I dashed into my room to clean my face living Bryan there, Bryan took the task and went out to meet whoever it was, and it didn’t look new to me.
Bryan: Fafaa, Fafaa
Fafa: I think you should come see this
Mum: Who is there
Bryan: Am not really sure
My Mum bust out weeping when she set her eyes on the stranger, It was my “dad”,I can now confirm that from the way my Mum reacted,she run back into the room throwing her bag and shoes haphazardly, I was done crying, and am not gonna waste my tears again.
He was still standing in his car, at least waiting for an invite into the house, I went back to check on my Mum, she was on her be-d weeping, then I c@m£ out to meet him again.
I was looking straight into his eyes, I could see the innocence and how cool he looked, we stood transfixed for minutes until he spoke out.
Man: Hi, Fafa
Me: Hi
Man: Call me Warren Mensah
Me: Okay
I think I have seen that name somewhere I don’t remember, but it’s somewhere in my Mum’s stuffs, my Mum had actually taken off anything about Warren Mensah after he had left, including their wedding ring, but the most surprising is that, Warren Mensah was wearing a wedding ring. The cries of my Mum was just too much for a daughter to bear, I went in to check her out
Bryan and Warren Mensah took the chance to exchange plea-santries.
Warren: Young man, how are you?
Bryan: Am good,wha’bout chu?
Warren: Am doing well
Bryan: Nice
Warren: You live in here?
Bryan: Nope, come here wid’ your daughter
Warren: I know you heard a lot, but just wish me luck in getting back my family
Bryan: They nee-d you, good luck man
Warren: Thank you
Bryan: Remember to be strong
I c@m£ out to meet him again sitting in the straw chairs with Bryan, I went out to me him like how you would meet a stranger.
Warren: Hey,Am sorry for tailing you all this while
Me: You have been tailing me?
Warren: I have been tailing you for five months now
Me: Whaaat?
Warren: I know you a lot of questions to ask, and you nee-d a lot of convincing answers
Me: Your answers wouldn’t change anything anyway
Warren: Yeah I know,I just c@m£ to ask for forgiveness
Whiles we spoke, I could hear my Mum coming out, Warren begged me to get her to sit, I did and my Mum c@m£ out to sit with us, but after some five minutes, four cars pu-ll-ed out at our compound, it was my Mum’s family, they looked angry and bitter, and then another set of cars pu-ll-ed out, this time, Warren’s family.
This is going to be fun, especially when I got to know Warren’s family had a soldier and my Mum’s a noisy journalist.
Back at the hospital, Shanty was recovering, she was yet to hear about my ordeal, she had WhatsApped me a couple of times, I saw her calls but I wasn’t in a position to talk on phone, she might be discharged anytime.
The anger the two families were crying was enough to boil the dead sea, I quic-kly sat somewhere in between the two families, nob©dy was saying nothing until one of the women from Warren’s side decided to talk, then hell went loose, they shouted on t©p of their voices accusing each other on various stuffs, I turned my head from this person to this person, according to who is saying something I want to hear.
They were not re-ady to shut up so I c@m£ in ha-rd
Me: What are you grown ups behaving this way, why are you guys even here? when was the last time you all c@m£ to this house, I don’t even know almost all of you, why do you pretend you care ,especially you those from my Mum’s, why are you guys pretending you care about her, I wonder why she even called you guys here, I might not know much about whatever is happening, what ever it is, it’s my ultimate business, and all of you here except my Mum and Warren, really have little or nothing to worry about.
So it’s either you guys settle your differences in a peaceful matured way, or
I call the estate police to inform them about invasion.
When I was done talking, everyone was quite, some heads were bowed and others looking soo silly, at least I just silenced them.
NB: How long will it take you to reconcile with your parent who left you when you were very young, will you even reconcile with him/her?
To be continued…..
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