Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 11

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 11 (A Dad)
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Dear Diary,
Okay let’s continue…..
Adiya just told me something that made me freeze,like grounded…She was looking at me in a way that shows she was surprised at my behavior when she mention..”Your dad”.
Adiya: Did he call you before coming, weren’t you aware your Dad was gonna visit you today?
Me: Did you meet him outside or he c@m£ in here?
Adiya: I said I met him down there
Me: And?
Adiya: Why are behaving strange, don’t you like seeing your Dad?
Me: Dad?…Adiya, I don’t have a Dad….I have never seen my Dad
Adiya: Whaaat?
Me: Yeah,I can’t just believe what you told me, did he say anything like he’ll be back?
Adiya: No, he just left in his car
Me: Which kind of car was it?
Adiya: It’s was this Chevrolet or something…it’s has this loud engine
Me: Colour?
Adiya: It’s Black, But how come he c@m£ over to look for you
Me: I don’t know
Adiya: The man,you don’t nee-d to look twice…the resemblance is stricking,believe me
I was not in a position to doubt whatever Adiya had told me, But how and why…how did he get to know where I school, he even knows my hall and my name?..”Christ”…And why is he even back?
I was asking myself a lot of question, a Dad who will just leave his family and never return, what was that all about?, and it’s only coward men who are scared cater for their kids do that.
The next thing was for me to call my Mum, I tried several times, but her phone was not reachable., maybe she’s asleep or something, come tomorrow, am gonna do all I can to get her.
The day was new and clear, I stretched out and gave a sign of gratitude for a good night, I went to the washroom to wash down, I don’t any clas-s today because the Lecturer had canceled the lecture. The joy when a lecture is canceled.
Singing as I swayed my n-ked b©dy in the shower, I suddenly froze, I had forgotten about that mysterious man who c@m£ to visit me…my Dad. I mean the man who claim to he my dad.
I quic-kly hurried up my clean your and got dressed, I tried getting to my Mum…but still off…ah!!
A cu-p of coffee will start my day, I went down the stairs and hurried towards the taxi rank, I was actually going home…It’s was like 10am,I had ba-rely made it anywhere when Adiya called me, she directed me to her location where I went to meet her…and she was not alone…Adiya started leaving after she pointed a this Black Jaguar parked few meters away from where she was.
I stood frozen, staring at the car, who ever is driving that is deadly rich, I was not going near the car anyway…The glas-ses were all tinted, and the man wasn’t opening the windows too….or maybe he’s scared seeing me….or what..
The door opened, and man who seem to be in his late forties or early fifties stepped out, I looked at him with much surprise I thought I looked like my Mum…but this man was my twin…He didn’t move. He looked emotional and “vimless”…or nervous.
I was still in my position, and then he went back into the car and drove way at a crazy speed….
What on earth did I just witnessed, tears were forming in my eyes, and I was not re-ady to cry in the public, luckily, I saw Bryan negotiating a curve towards where I was, I waved him to a st©p and quic-kly jumped into the back seat with tears.
Bryan: Hey,what is it, and why are you crying?
Me: Am confused Bryan, take me home
Bryan: Confused, and more confused too
Me: A man who claim to be my dad has been here, he was here yesterday but met my abs£nce, and he just drove off few minutes ago after we saw each other
Bryan: You saw or met?
Me: I didn’t go to him, he also just stood near his car,like someone who was seeing something for the first time, and made then he just drove off saying nothing
Bryan: Wooow…your dad, have you spoken to your Mum?
Me: I can’t reach her, that’s why I said drive me home
Bryan: Okay, am gonna miss clas-s today
Me: Sorry for that
When we got to our house, I mean the entrance, my Mum was busy doing what she enjoys doing every day, watering the flowers, she noticed the car and c@m£ to open the main door, I stepped out of the car and run into her arms with tears, she was confused and kept asking me the reasons for the tears, but the more she asked, the more I cried.
Mum: Bryan, what’s the matter with her?
Bryan: I wish she told you that herself, myl-ips are too heavy to say it
Mum: I beseech you Bryan !
Bryan: There is this man who c@m£ to look for her yesterday when I think we were at the hospital, and he was there again this morning
Mum: A man, which man, what did he do to her?
Bryan: Oh nothing
Mum: What is the relationsh!pbetween them
Bryan: They could be father and daughter…
Mum: Whaaat?
Bryan: According to Fafa,the man claims he’s the biological father
BRYAN, What did I just do,Fafa’s Mum hvgged her daughter and that fueled the teary p@rty…It was just saddening and I wished like crying…I have never actually seen something like that…Hmmm,I did well to drop a tear for the mother and child
To be continued….
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