Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 10

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 10 (My Dad?)
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Dear Diary,
As I said early on, I couldn’t just wra-p my mind around what I had said or done, I knew Bryan will be hurt or something, but I don’t really know what he might be feeling or planning, He has less spoken to me since then, and I know am at fault.
My Mom arrived sooner than expected, she had gotten some groceries from the sto-re, I hvg her warmly like someone I have not seen in ages.
Mum: Where is she
Me: she’s in her ward
Mum: Have you guys seen a doctor?
Me: Yeah,I had called Uncle Fort to inform him, so he attended to us immediately we arrived
Mum: Oh okay, let’s go to her ward
We met Bryan in our way in, he was coming out, maybe to check on me or something, my Mom was good to recognize him immediately, and the plea-santries they exchanged was just too nice….
Shanty had awoken, she looked emaciated and fragile, but what could be wrong with her, Mum asked
Shampaigne: The doctor said she had three mosquito parasites in her b©dy
Mum: Oh too bad, she’s gonna be fine
Shampaigne: But have you heard from my Mum
Mum: Yeah,she’s on her way her,she was in a meeting
Shampaigne: Am gonna have to pick a bone with her when she arrives
Mum: You don’t have to, she was in a meeting I told you
Shampaigne: A meeting over the wellbeing of your daughter?
Mum: Hmmm,I know it’s not her fault
Shampaigne: Hmm
Everyone might think Shampaigne is being disrespectful to her Mum or something, but the thing is, that is how she was brou-ght up, she grew up in a society where parents do not have absolute control over their children, where you can be quarried by your children if you go wrong as a parent.
“Mum, can you help me with something “..I asked my Mum
Mum: Something like what?
Me: Like pri-vately
Mum: Okay, let’s hung out
Me: Hmmm
Mum: What is it what is wrong
Me: Mum is about what I did to Bryan
Mum: What did you do?
Me: I didn’t know Shanty was not well, so I went to Bryan’s room unannounced and found Shanty slee-ping in his be-d, which I have never seen before…I did not take it cool with Bryan
Mum: What did you say to him?
Me: Something that will make him feel he was kinda cheating on me
Mum: Have you guys spoken about it after the
Me: Not really, he has said nothing to me, am really sad
Mum: You should apologize to him
Me: I know, but what exactly should I say to him
Mum: Look young lady he’s your b©yfri£nd, your apology shouldn’t b explanatory…Just apologize, the care and friendsh!pyou guys have will keep you together
Me: Okay Mum, thank you Mum
It was almost getting dark when the twinies Mum arrived, she looked tired, and it even took some time for her to get down from her car, she complained to my Mum about how so-re her feet and knee were, they two women later walked back into the hospital leaving me out there, I decided to go join them, but then Bryan was walking out of the OPD.
Me: Hey
Bryan: Hey,my phone is dead low, am gonna charge it in my car
Me: Oh okay, mine would be off soon
Bryan: Lol
I knew this was the very time I have to say something, I don’t really know whether he’s really expecting me to apologize or say something, but whatever it might be. He’s thought about it anyway
Me: Errrm,Bryan, can we talk?
Bryan: Of course dear, what’s up?
Me: Am sorry for what I said back there, at your place, I was just too jealous and my words were not guarded
Bryan: Don’t worry dear, that’s how it’s supposed to be, a Lil bit of jealousy makes everything cool
Me: Have you forgiven me?
Bryan: Yeah I have.
Me: I love you
Bryan: Me too, dear
I went back into the ward to check on them, from the look of things, Shampaigne had really delivered as promised, and her Mum was kinda apologetic..
Shanty’s Mum suggested we go back to campus to freshen up, I agreed, but Shampaigne said she was not moving an inch from her sister., I really wished I were a twin when I heard her say that.
Shanty was gonna be well soon, I know she’s been thinking a lot after her encounter with that heartless Jamal, she’s not only sick of malaria, but a Lil bit of disappointment and maybe a pinch of heartbreak.
I went back to Bryan car, but instead of driving to campus, we ended up in Afrikiko,a restaurant around TV3 there, we were hungry like hyenas, so we ate like hyenas, and paid like hyenas.
We sat back to enjoy the live band performance from this only “God knows band” who were just good on stage, they made my night ,but it wasn’t really complete without Shanty you know.
It was almost ten in the night when we got back to campus, I wanted to sleepover at Bryan’s, but he refused, knowing very well we might end up going cloud nine when our friend was sick in the hospital…We have tried that a couple of times, like me slee-ping over at his place with the promise that, we were not gonna do nothing…but by the break of the day, we will have done the worse.
He did well by esc-rting me to my hall, I walked lazily to my room, and on opening the door, Adiya was dancing her head off(twer-king) with this guy foolishly grinding her from the back, they saw me and st©pped immediately, the guy left without the manners to greet…anyway I wasn’t in nee-d of greetings
Adiya: I thought you ain’t coming back tonight
Me: You thought, we’ll I did
Adiya: Good
Me: And you turn the place to a club?
Adiya: Oh c’mon
Me: Ayoo
“Errrm,one man c@m£ to look for you, he s£nt someone to get you, but you weren’t around so I had to go meet him” …Adiya said
Me: One man, what did he say his name was?
Adiya: He said, you are his daughter…your Dad.
Dear Dairy, Catch you later…..To be Continued
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