Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 1

Diary of A Legonite 2 Episode 1
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Dear Diary, I miss you, and you know that…don’t you?
The Christmas break was a mixture of fun and boredom, ap@rt from the fact that I got to meet old friends from different universities or any random place, It was soo boring for me…I don’t really celebr@te Christmas like I used to do when I was a kid, I just observe it now.
Being on campus was cool, Shanty and Sharrione were alre-ady on campus, I was wondering if they were chased out of the house, but the fact is, their parents were back together and had travelled out of the country during the festive season, maybe they travelled for another Honeymoon.
My Mom drove me to school, I knew this woman is really going to miss me,yeah she always does, and anytime she does, I get to know, am the only one she’s got, so ap@rt from me, who could she be missing. I could see she wasn’t too happy as she pu-ll-ed up at the parking lot.
Me: C’mon Mum am going to be fine
Mum: And who said you aren’t gonna be fine?
Me: I know you going to really miss me, so st©p pretending
Mum: And who told you that?
Me: You know Mum, any time you try to lie, you end up smiling at the same time, and I think Grandma didn’t really teach you how to lie
Mum: Whatever, c’mon park out your stuff
Me: Are you throwing me out of your car
Mum: Oh yeah, you can buy yours if you wish
Shanty was laughing at us the whole time, I really miss my best friend, I really do, but I had to hide it to prevent her from heckling me
Shanty: Are you going to hvg me or just stand there like a mast
Me: Why should I?
Shanty: Silly girl, I know you miss me a lot
Me: Meee, apuuu, why would I miss you?
I didn’t really know the time we ended up in a cozy hvg, my Mum smiled to us from the window and I could see tears trying to break boundaries, I quic-kly went into the car to comfort her as Shanty brou-ght out my stuff from the car.
“You guys should take care of yourselves “Love you all”, My Mum advised as she drove out of the school
Shanty: Whaat? Are you going to spend the rest of your life on this campus or what?
Me: Why do you say that?
Shanty: Why all this still?
Me: Silly girl, I got enough for everyone
Shanty: Awww, so sweet of you, and silly me…
Me: Where is Sharrione?
Shanty: She’s in the room
Me: Let’s call her to help us carry the things errr
Shanty: Who? Sharrrione, you know she ain’t gonna do any of that, she’s wearing nails
Me: So? You are wearing nails too
Shanty: Why don’t you call her yourself?
Me: Whatever
My hall was a bit empty, only God knows what the rest are doing at home, I saw a couple of guys from my course, and some guys from my denomination and etc.
My room wasfu-cking dusty, how the heck am I going to clean this room all by myself, there was no way Shanty was gonna help me cleanup, My roommate,Adiya had told me early on that she’s gonna stay home for another week…Like seriously?
Shanty: Have you taken something? Am hungry
Me: I took some snacks back in the car
Shanty: Snacks? I mean food…fooood
Me: Ah, ain’t snacks food too
Shanty: Mtcheeew, look, am going to get something to eat, are you coming with me?
Me: I don’t think so; I have to clean up, plea-se be nice for once, and help me clean up
Shanty: See this girl ooo, me help you clean up, for how many goddamn reasons?
Me: If you won’t help me, just shut up; don’t take me to the cleaners
Shanty: Aww, see her innocent face that has no amount of innocence in it.let me clean the room, you can take care of the washroom and the windows
We were done cleaning after some two hours and were heading towards a food joint on campus, from a distance, I could see Shark, my weirdest friend, and his head was buried in his phone and only heaven knows what he was busy doing
“SHAAARK”….I shouted him back to his s-en-ses
Shark: Whaat? Fafa, I miss you so much
He quic-kly run into my arms and the hvg was really warm
Me: When did you arrive?
Shark: I c@m£ yesterday
Shanty: Like yesterday, and you didn’t even care to give me a call or something
Me: Or even flash me k3k3, eeeii…me
Shark: Oh you know, is not my fault, my handset is kinda messing up
Me: See his British accent bi…you know!! You know!!…And you travelled from London to Ghana with a faulty phone?
Shanty: Nope, I dropped it really ha-rd in my room. Have any of you seen Hun Ying anywhere
Shanty: Are you expecting us to answer that question?
Me: I know right!!
Shark: Guys C’mon, don’t be soo mean
Me: The last time I checked, you guys were supposed to be love birds or something I can’t really describe
Shanty: So, we should be rather asking you that question
Shark: She told me she’s reported, but I have not heard from her
Me: A British guy d@t!ngJapanese lady…Gracias!!
Shark: Spare me that doctrine, you should know better than that
I was stealing glances at Bryan’s window; I miss him very much…I really do miss him.
Let me describe myself to you again
I am Fafa, yes, Fafa, as in F-A-F-A, easy to mention, and I am a student of Ghanaian’s premier university, University of Ghana.
I have a couple of really nice guys in my life, Shanty (Sharon) is my best friend, she’s a twin to this Ghanaian American girl Sharrione,yeah,Sharon and Sharrione got to know each other just last year, and you can open to the previous pages of this diary to know what happened. Sharrione is a crazy twin with serious Black American Accent…she uses the “F” word likes thousand times per hour.
Shark is my clas-smate, I like him like something, he’s a genius full of ideas, and Hun Ying is a Japanese girl, she’s Sharks girlfriend.
And Finally, Bryan, that is my b©yfri£nd. We started d@t!nglast year; we k!$$£d, smooched and had safe S-x….yes, am proud saying that. If you ain’t proud…hvg a “transformer”…In Akwaboah’s voice.
We were walking back to our hall when we met Sharrione coming towards us, she was wearing a really “short shorts”…what Ghanaians will call a bo-xer. She looked pissed off…and really strikingly beautiful, you could see both guys and ladies looking at her.
Sharrione: Where TF have you guys been
Me: Hello, Sharrione, I miss you
Sharrione: I don’t…..Come here girl, I really miss you. I do
Me: Me too
Sharrione: And hey, don’tfu-cking call me Sharrione…just call me Shampaign…
Shanty: Whatever
Sharrione: Shut up girl. Am hungry, you got any edibles?
Shanty: Yeah
We walked our way back to the hall. Darkness was soon visible everywhere, we are back to campus, everyday has its own palava……I miss school
Dear Dairy, Catch you later…..
To be Continued
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