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Diamond in the rough episode 6 & 7

💎Diamond In The Rough💎
💎Episode 6💎
💕Madison’s POV💕
I yawned as I sat up from the bed,I raised my head up to the wall clock and its 6am..I gotta get Mich ready for school.I’ve informed Madam Oliver of my abs£nce today,I didn’t tell her the real reason I just told her my mum is sick and I need to stay with her
I got up from bed and made for the kitchen..I guess I’ll make Spaghetti and Meatballs this morning..I placed the water filled pot on the burning g@s cooker and went to the bathroom..I quickly brushed my teeth and went to check the water and its already boiling..I pored the pasta into the boiling water and made for the bedroom…took my bathroom and woke up Michelle
“I wanna sleep”he mumbled in his sleepy voice and I carried him up
“You’re going to school today you know”I said as I carried him into the bathroom..I took his bathe and dressed him up..oops,I almost forgot about the food I’m cooking
I went to the kitchen and sieved the already cooked pasta..I prepared the sauce for it and mixed them together
I also prepared meatballs and ding!..meal’s done
I packed it into Mich’s lunch bag and I cleared the kitchen..I glanced at my wrist watch and its already 7.20am,how time flies
“Come in Michelle let’s go”I carried him and made for the door..we exited the house and I locked the door before proceeding to hail a cab…seems Mrs Russ has gone to work already
“Now be a good boy at school so I’ll buy you Popsicle okay?”I said and he nodded
“I want..two”he demonstrated a “two”with his f!ng£rs and i nodded with a smile
“That’s if you behave in school”
“Okay mama”
I dropped him off in his cl@ss and left the school premises.I hailed a cab back home and I slumped on the sofa immediately I got back home
I guess I’ll be waiting for Alexa’s the mean time,I have to clean the house
And also I have to find a safe place to keep the money before I take it to the bank..hmm let’s see,oh..I’ll keep it under the bed
I reached to where I placed the envelope and I kept it under the bed..the bed is super thick and huge so no one would know there’s something under it
Now that that’s settled,I need to clean the house
After an hour of intensive cleaning,the door bell finally rang and i went to open it…I opened the door revealing a grey haired man..probably in his fifties
“Good morning ma’am”ma’am? ma’am?I’m just nineteen
“Good morning sir”
“You must be Miss Abigail,Madam Alexa told me to bring you”
“Yes,um..let me just grab my bag and change”I said and he nodded
“You can come in”I said as I left the door for him to enter
“I’ll be right back”
I scurried to my room and roamed my eyes round my wardrobe..what to wear?..I can’t go meet a person as influential as Alexa looking like a old rag
Okay..I think this will do..its a black long sleeved turtle neck gown that stopped right above my knees clinging tight to my body not hiding a single curve..
I took a white sneakers and a white scarf..I combed my hair and packed it upwards,I applied a little l!p gloss and took my handbag..satisfied with my look,I went out of my room to the sitting room
“Shall we?”I said and the man nodded
He led me to the car and helped me with the door
“Thank you”
He got in and started the car as well hit the road….after one hour drive,we got to our destination..the automatic gate opened as we approached it and my breath got stuck in my throat as I got down from the car
This place is paradise…the compound is so huge…cars packed at every corner,3 water fountains…beautiful flowers adding to the beauty
I raised my head up to the beautiful cream coloured mansion before me and a wow escaped from my mouth..this building is mesmerizing
“This way miss”The chauffeur said jolting me out of my period of admiration
I followed him into the house and OMG…is Alexa this rich?The inside looks much more beautiful than the outside,this place is so sparkly,I’m afraid my leg would break the floor because it’s pure gl@ss
“I can see you’re here”I heard Alexa’s voice and I looked up and there she was,coming down the stairs with a gl@ss of wine in her hands
“Good morning ma’am”I greeted
“Morning my dear,Maximus you can leave now”she said and the chauffeur bowed and left
“Come with me”she said as she left the way with me trailing behind her like a Lost sheep
We finally came to a stop in a beautiful garden
“Have a seat”she said pointing to a chair in front of her
“Thank you”I said as I sat down,she sat down in front of me and she placed her wine on the table in between us
Shortly,some people who I @ssume to be maids came in with bottle of wine and two gl@sses and also,a tray of doughnuts
“You drink?”she asked and I shook my head negatively
“No ma’am”I replied and she smiled
“No problem,they are all nonalcoholic
She poured me a gl@ss and I politely took it taking a sip..hmm strawberry
“So…Abigail”she began and I took my gl@ss from my l!p
“Where did you learn to cook like that?”
I cleared me throat before I answered
“Well,its like a talent”I replied and she smiled
“Why did you change your identity”she asked and my heart skipped a beat..does she know who I truly I’m?
“Um…I don’t know what you’re…
“I know you’re Madison Campbell and not Abigail Maxwell”she cut in and I inhaled sharply…she knows my identity?well,there goes my luck😢
“You do?”
“Yes I do..and I also know what happened a year ago”
I bowed my head in shame without altering a word
Unexpectedly,she held my hand and I raised my head up
“Was that why you changed your identity?”she asked and I nodded
“What really happened?”she asked and I sighed as I remembered all that happened,the shame,the disappointment I brought upon my family
“Well,I guess I was blinded by love I couldn’t see who he truly was”I said
“Your boyfriend back then?”she asked and I nodded
“Jackson and I started dating 8months before the incident,at that time I saw him as my life,I do much loved him that I would do anything to make him happy including,giving him my v!rg!nity…I thought giving him would make him love me more but…I was wrong”I sniffed back the tears and wiped the one on my face away
“I was really wrong,I didn’t know he was a monster,I didn’t know he only wanted to get under my skirt,I didn’t know he only wanted to disgrace me…he took my v!rg!nity and fled,that’s not even the worst..the worst part is that he leaked my nudes to the public…he made me look like a word,a slut,he made me look like a p®rnstar”the tears were already flowing freely as I talked,I remember the pain he made me go through,I remember how he made everyone turn their backs against me..I remember how Clara mocked me…the main question here is why…why would he do that?I’ve been a really good girlfriend to him,I loved him more than I loved myself,I adored him,I made sure he’s happy so why would he repay me like that..I just don’t get it
“So sorry dear,its okay stop crying”she said as she rubbed my hands soothingly…I sniffed and wiped my tears
“Then how did you get here?Did you run away from home?”
“No..3 weeks after the incident I found out I was mum told me to abort it but I said no..the baby isn’t the cause of my misfortune so why would I…I had to do some jobs to take care of myself and the baby because the parents weren’t fending me again..months p@ssed,I gave birth to my baby…I was so happy when I had him..but the worst happened when my parents especially my mum insisted on me selling my child to an orphanage”she g@sped with her hands on her mouth
“Why would they insist that,an orphanage?…that’s inhuman..the child has a mother”she said with irritation
“That was exactly what I said but they paid deaf ears…but I also stood my ground that I won’t and I can never sell my child and my mum said the worst”
“What is that”
“She said if I won’t sell him then I should leave her house”
“Oh my God,that’s so harsh”
“Yeah…but I told her no problem..I’ll leave her house and I’ll leave New York”
“So..that’s how you moved to Texas?”
“Yeah…my brother tried to talk me out of it but..I had already made my up mind”
“You have a brother?”
“Yeah…the best brother I could ever ask for,he was the one that stood by me when others reprimanded me…he was the one that made me have hope..when I even relocated to Texas he s£nds me money so I could take care of myself and Michelle,my son”
“Hmm,so its a boy”she said with a grin and I chuckled with a nod
“So that’s how I’ve been living ever since,with the help of God I got a job at Olivers and I’m able to pay my house rent,enroll Michelle to school and also feed us”
“You’re a really strong girl Madison”
I smiled and said
“Thanks ma’am”
“You’re really strong,I don’t know how many girls that went through what you went through that are like you…some would have became nonentities,some would have became prostitutes,some would even abort the baby but you stood your ground..that’s really brave of you”
“Thank you ma’am”
“I have something for you”she said as she reached for an envelope at the side of the table,she reached inside the envelope and brought out a paper
She stretched it to me and I collected it with a bow
I stared at it and I saw ALEXA GRANDES CATERING SCHOOL written in bold at the eyes roamed down the paper and I saw different things like…
This looks like a…a form?
“That’s a form to my school..if you wanna attend
“Oh my God…yes…yes!!..thank you ma’am..thank you so much ma’am”I squealed almost kneeling down as I thanked her
“Its okay”she said as she pulled me up..tears were already in my eyes,I can’t believe this..I’m holding a form to my dream school
“You’re really emotional…now you’re crying?”I smiled as i cleaned my tears
“I’m just so happy”
“I know…so all you have to do I to fill it,and don’t worry about expenses..I’ll provide everything you need,books,any type of fee,allowance,anything..I’ll take care of it”she said and i couldn’t stop thanking her and my stars that directed this helper to me..
“Thank you ma’am”
“I said its fill the form”she said stretching a pen to me.I collected the pen and I started filling the necessary information..done with the form filling,I gave her the form and she smiled
“Come have lunch before you go”she said as she took my hand and walked back to the house
“So you’ll resume tomorrow or next week?”
“Um..I think I’ll resume next week”I said and she nodded in understanding
“My chauffeur will drive you home when you’re done with you food”she said and i nodded as I took a spoon filled lasagna into my mouth
“Bye Mr.Maximus”I waved at the chauffeur as he drove away..I’m back home and Mrs.Russ has already picked Mitchell from school
I knocked on her door and she opened
“Hey Madison,back from Work?”she hasn’t known about all that have been happening..I’ll tell her soon
“Yeah..where’s Michelle”
“Mama”I heard him squeal from inside and I smiled
“Speak of the devil”
“Mama”he squealed as he ran towards me.
“Hey bunny”I said as I carried him up
“You’re back”he giggled as he wrapped his small hands round my neck
“He was a little of a trouble today”Mrs Russ said and I laughed
“Is that true Michelle?”I,asked and he giggled burying his face in my chest
“Thanks Mrs Russ”I said and she smiled
I left Mrs Russ place and went to my apartment..I dropped Mich on the sofa and I made for the kitchen to get a gl@ss of water
Hmm…I promised Jay I would call dad today,I guess I would call him now..I pulled out my phone from my handbag and punched in his number and clicked on rang and I inhaled goes nothing
📞”hello..who’s this?
📞”hey dad”I said lowly
📞”how are you dad
📞”oh my God Madison!!!”he shrieked and i smiled..he must have missed me a lot
📞”Princess how are you,how have you everything okay,how are you coping,how’s your baby?”he bombarded me with questions without giving me space to answer any of them
📞”hold on dad”I switched to video call and jeez…is this my dad?..he looks old and..kinda miserable..he looks my dad okay?
📞”Dad”I called almost crying
📞”princess,its really’re really there
📞”yes dad…but..what happened to you”he sighed with a sad smile
📞”I guess I’ve missed you a lot it did a lot of bad things to my health.. Hi ohene Ishmael on +233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. but now that I’m talking to you and I’m seeing you,I’m happy”
📞”how is your child”
📞”He’s fine
📞”I bet he would have grown into a big boy
📞”yeah..let me call him for you”
“Michelle,Michelle come over here”I called and he took quick steps to where I was..he snuggled up to me and I carried him on my laps
“Say hello to grandpa”I said and he looked at the phone screen confused..well,why won’t he,this is the first time I’m mentioning his grandpa
📞”Hi grandpa”he said lowly and dad smiled
📞”Hey little guy how are you?”
📞”I’m fine”
📞”What’s your name?”
📞”Hmm Michelle hope you’re not troubling your mommy”
📞”Nah..I’m a good boy”
Dad laughed at his boldness and I smiled
📞”You’re a smart boy”
📞”Thank you grandpa”
📞”I’ll speak to you later okay”
📞”Okay..bye grandpa”
📞”Okay..go play with your phone”I said and he got down from my laps
📞”He has your eyes”
He sighed and chuckled softly
📞”Look,princess I’m sorry..I’m sorry for all the sorrow I’ve brought upon you,I know the past one year won’t have been easy for you,you would have gone through a lot and its my fault..if I had not allowed you to go you wouldn’t have gone through a lot,I would have provided everything you needed..I’m sorry..if I had the power to reverse time i would have…
📞”Its okay dad…its not your’s nobody’s fault so don’t blame were just being a good parent”
📞”_its just..I..I don’t even..I’m just sorry okay”he said with tears falling from his,dad is crying in my pres£nce
📞”Dad its okay,it really fine…I’m doing fine and so is Michelle..and besides if I hadn’t left home,things are really going well for us
📞”I should have stopped you from going ..I failed in that part
📞”its fine…really
I thought of telling him everything that happened..from the first day Alexa came to my work place and to today that Alexa gave me scholarship..but I waved it off,he can’t know..not now
📞”Where are you staying,let me come visit you”
📞”Dad,you don’t need to,its not necessary”
📞”I,don’t worry about your expense or anything,I’ll start s£nding you..oh,let me even s£nd money to you right now”
📞”Thanks Dad,but I have enough..don’t bother”I said and he chuckled
📞”I just wanna do this to make up for what I did”
📞”I know..the more important thing now is that I’m talking to you,that’s enough
📞”Thank you princess”
📞”You’re’s mum”I said and he nodded
📞”she’s fine..”
📞”hope you’re taking care of her?
📞”yeah I am”I hummed a okay
📞”I’m just so glad I get to speak to you and at the same time see your face,I’ve never been so happy in my life”
📞”I’m glad I get to speak with you too dad…you don’t know how much I’ve missed you”
📞”I’ve missed you too princess..I gotta go now…I’ll call you later”
📞”Okay bye dad…love you”
📞”Love you too princess”
The line went death and I sighed deeply with a smile..I’m just so happy today..I got a scholarship to my dream school and I spoke to my dad after so many months..can this day get any better?
.💎Diamond In The Rough💎
💎Episode 7💎
💕Madison’s POV💕
“’ll pick up Mitch from school if I’m kinda late from school right?”I asked Mrs Russ and she nodded
“Don’t worry,I’ll take care of Michelle”I smiled with a nod
Well,its been one week and I’m resuming school today,I’ve told Mrs Russ all that happened since the past one week and she couldn’t hold back her happiness..she was very delightful..I’m happy she’s happy for me
I’m kinda nervous and anxious..because I’m resuming school-not just any school,the biggest catering school in the world..jeez my heart is pounding really h@rd,I feel like I’m gonna explode
Alexa’s chauffeur is picking me up and its 7 30 already..I wander why he’s not here yet,my house to the school is kinda 2hrs drive and I’m gonna be late if Mr.Maximus isn’t here soon
*honk honk*
I heard a car horn from outside and I’m sure its Maximus
“I think the chauffeur is here Madison”Mrs Russ said and I picked up Mitchell
“So..Mrs Russ will take you to school today and bring you back home okay”I said as we stepped out and he gave a little nod
“Good morning sir”I greeted Maximus who was waiting beside his car with his hands clasped together behind his back
“Good morning Madison”
I smiled and proceeded to Mrs Russ’ car..I opened the door to the p@ss£nger seat and placed Mitch carefully on the chair..Mrs Russ entered the drivers seat and I helped him fasten his seat belt.
“Be a good boy at school okay”he nodded and tapped his cheek with his hands..I smiled and pecked him making him to smile
“Bye mama”he said as soon as Mrs Russ started the car
“Bye..bye Mrs Russ”
“Bye dear and make sure you show them what you’re made of in that school”
“Trust me”I said and she grinned
“Bye”Mitch waved at me as they drove away
“Charming boy you got there”Maximus said and I smiled
“Isn’t he”
“Come don’t want to be late on your first day”he said and I proceeded to the car,I entered and fastened my seat belt taking a deep breath
“Nervous?”Maximus asked and I faced him
“Like hell”
“Don’t worry,you’ll be fine”he said with @ssurance and I nodded..I hope so
After almost 2hours drive we finally got to our destination,Maximus parked the car in an empty space in the drive way and i stepped out..this driveway is jam packed with car-expensive ones,well what did I expect,only super rich people have the opportunity to attend this school and I’m here without spending a penny,I’m being sponsored by Alexa herself and I’m not gonna let her kindness be in vain,I’ll fulfill my dreams and make her proud..Oh well,I gotta go in
I turned and my mouth hanged in shock in the sight of the gigantic building in front of me that had “ALEXA’S CATERING SCHOOL”in cream coloured bold letters on top of it…this building is as big as an hotel.
“Go in”I heard Maximus say behind me and I nodded.Okay Madi go get it
I took one last check on myself and..I’m not sure my outfit is fit for today..a high waist black ripped jeans with a black and white crop top hoodie and black lace up boots..I don’t know why my dressing is all black today of all days..jeez I hope I fit in perfectly
I walked towards the door and balanced my white backpack well before opening the door and Oh my sweet God..this place don’t even know what to call it..Alluring?Its so beautiful
Wow,different people going here and there..they all look so cl@ssy,beautiful hairs,sparkling jeweleries,different types of designers..this place looks more like a fashion house than a catering school.Okay enough gawking at people Madi,you need to find where exactly where you’re going..the question is,where exactly I’m I going..I think this school should have like a principal or something..yeah,I’ll just find the principal’s office but..where is the principal’s office?
Okay this is troubling
I guess I have to ask people for directions..I spotted a pretty girl pressing her Phone in front of a locker..shes so beautiful..her blonde and long hair is so shiny,her high waist ripped denim jeans hung tightly to her body like a second skin..her fair skin is so glowy..I’m sure she spent a lot of money on her skin..OMG look at that head phone..snap out of it’re to ask for directions remember,okay,I’ll just walk to her normally and ask for the principal’s office..easy peazzy,besides she seems nice..okay,here goes nothing.
I walked closer to her and she raised her head up from her phone as soon as she noticed my pres£nce..just say Hi Madi,it won’t kill
“Hi”I said with a slight wave and she removed her headphones from her ears
“ look..kinda new”
“Yeah..I just resumed”I said and she mouthed a oh
“Hmm..well,welcome to our school..I’m Crystal”she stretched her hand for a handshake and I took it with a smile
“Ma..sorry,Abigail”jeez I almost said Madison
“Nice to meet you I’m guessing you need my help around?”
“Yeah..I don’t know my cl@ss nor the way to my cl@ss even if I I wanna locate the principal’s office”
“ problem,come with me”she pulled me by my arm and she led the way
I kept admiring everywhere as she led me to the principal’s office with her hands in mine as we walked
“Here we are”she said pointing to a door that has “PRINCIPAL”written on it
“Okay..thanks Crystal”
“You’re welcome now go,I’ll wait for you”she said and I smiled appreciatively..she’s really nice
I turned to the door and knocked on it..
“Come in”I heard a voice-a man’s voice to be precise
I unlocked the door and went in closing the door behind me
“Good morning sir”I greeted and a man..probably in his 60’s raised his head up from his laptop
“Good may I help you”he said pointing to a chair adjacent his table motioning me to sit down
“I’m a new student”I said as is sat down
“Oh..and what’s your name?”he asked
“Abigail Maxwell”I said and he g@sped
“Whoa I didn’t know it was you..I’m so sorry,Ma’am Alexa told me about you”
Hmm,I’m getting this kind of respect because of Alexa?
“Its okay sir”
“Thank you..I didn’t recognize you as you came in sorry for that..Ma’am Alexa as told me about you and your potentials”he said and I smiled
“So,your cl@ss would be…cl@ss 6″he said stretching a map to me which I collected
“These are the things you’ll need”he said as he pushed a white box towards me..I took it with a slight bow and I opened it.It contained a phone,a laptop,some books and stationeries,a school brochure and is that l!p gloss?
“The phone has a app on it called “Yummy”you’ll open it and all you have to know is’re locker number,timetable and other ess£ntial information”he said and I nodded in understanding
“The laptop is for anything you wanna do and of course you have books and other things you might need”he said
“Yes..thank you sir”
“No need to thank me,I’m just doing my job”
“So..any other thing?”
“Nope..that’s all you need to know”
“Okay..I’ll be going now”I said and he nodded..I exited the office and I met Crystal waiting patiently
“ took a long time in there”she whined
Her gaze went to the box in my hand and she g@sped
“OMG”she screamed and I gave her a quizzical look
“You can afford that?”she asked pointing to the box and I kept staring at her in confusion
“No in,no one except Romeo Grande can afford that box”she said and I gulped
“Is it that expensive?”I asked and who is Romeo Grande?..non of my business I guess
“Very..very very expensive..that box is 800 000 dollars”she said and I opened my mouth in shock
“What?”I screamed and she nodded
“ didn’t know?”
“You must be stinking rich..wait what does your dad he a very big politician?..or he is a big business man?..or a owner of a big oil company?come on tell me!”she squealed and I just stared at her analyzing the type of lie I’m gonna lie right now
“Come on..or he works with the president?
“Um..I don’t like speaking of my family status”I lied hoping it will keep her shut
“Well,okay”she said lowly and I mentally breathed out
“So..where’s your cl@ss”she asked as we started walking
“Um..he said cl@ss six”
“OMGeee…we are in the same cl@ss”she squealed and honestly,I’m glad we are in the same cl@ss..I’ll have someone to talk to
“Great..I have to find my locker first”I said as I removed the phone from the its really pretty..I switched it on and I clicked on the app..and as the man said,it has all information I needed..and it says my locker is locker 20
“ twenty”I said
“Its close to mine..mine is 24″she said and I nodded
“Come on let’s go”
We got to my locker and I guess Alexa helped me design it because its all sparkly and pinky-stuff I don’t like..I would have preferred black to pink and I don’t really like sparkly sparkly
“Wow your locker Is so beautiful”Crystal cooed and I gave a small smile..I arranged the stuff in the box carefully in the locker,I put the laptop in my bag and I held the phone
“Okay..let’s go to cl@ss”she said and I hummed
We finally got to the place I @ssume is my cl@ss and we went in..
The students sat in a straight U shape(|__|),if my calculations are right,this cl@ss contains 18students,excluding Crystal and I
All eyes turned to our direction as soon as we entered-i felt kinda awkward
“Don’t pay attention to them”Crystal whispered and I nodded.She pulled me to a seat and motioned me to seat,she sat beside me and she sneered at a guy looking at us
“Hey Crystal,who’s the girl”a blonde cute guy asked from the left side of the cl@ss
“She’s new”Crystal said with simplicity
“Oh..Hi I’m Ken”the blonde..sorry,Ken said with a smile and I just gave a nod with a small smile
“Order”I heard a feminine voice say and I turned to the direction of the voice..a petit young lady came into the cl@ss with two books in her hands..I’m guessing that’s our teacher
“All you people know is to chat and chat and chat”the teacher said and most of the students grumbled
“Anyways,I @ssume there’s a new student among us today”she said and all eyes turned to,what the hell?
“He or she should come out please”
I cleared my throat softly and rose up from my seat to the front of the cl@ss
“I’m Mrs Collins your cl@ss teacher”the teacher introduced herself and I nodded
“Introduce yourself to the cl@ss”
“Um..Hi everyone,I’m Abigail Maxwell,nice to meet you,I hope we get along”I said with my best smile
Some smiled back,some perverts winked while some rude brats scoffed or hissed
“Well,Abigail welcome to our school and I hope you get along well with us”Mrs Collins said and I smiled
“You can go back to your seat now”
I went back to my seat and Crystal gave a grin as I sat down
“You’re gonna love it here”she said and I nodded
“Okay..let’s start today’s work shall we?..I guess we are gonna start without him”Mrs Collins said
“I wonder why he’s not here yet…well,he’s always late to cl@ss”Crystal said and I gave her a quizzical look
“Who are you guys talking about”I asked
She didn’t complete her statement before she gave a loud g@sp..not only her,all other people..especially the girls,some even have their phones up..what’s happening?Why is everyone looking at the door?
I turned my direction to the door and..and..
“Oh My God!”I didn’t know when that escaped from my mouth..who is this dude?..He’s,this is the most gorgeous guy I’ve seen my whole life..did God create him with special sand? he a Greek god?
His physique is more than s£×y..his biceps are almost n@k£d due to the body hug T-shirt he can someone be beautiful,handsome,cute,hot and s£×y at the same time
Who is that dude?
“The one and only Romeo Grande”Crystal said..wait,did I say that out loud?And why does he have the same surname as Alexa
“The most handsome and the best student in this school,every girls dreams..but too bad he’s taken”she said and I frowned..why did I frown?
“ Tiana”she said pointing stylishly..I turned my head to the direction of her f!ng£r and..did that guy just klzz a cl@ss?
“Who’s she”I asked..I hope I’m not being too nosy
“His girlfriend”she answered
“Tiana Gold,the hottest girl in school..the luckiest girl in the world,she flaunts her boyfriend more than anything..rumors are around that she came to this school because of him,that she isn’t really interested in catering and stuff but she doesn’t what to take chances know her boyfriend can be snatched”
“Hmm..she’s possessive?”
“More than anything”
“Mr.Grande you’re kinda late today”Mrs Collins said and the hot dude smiled..OMG look at those dimples
“I’m sorry Mrs.Collins”wow look at that accent..its so beautiful..Jeez Madi stop it!!
“Its not like you to be this late problem”
Romeo nodded and took a seat beside the Tania girl…they are both seating 3seats away from mine
“So..let’s get we’re focusing more on Russian delicacies”Mrs Brown said as she did somethings on her laptop and a picture of Russian dishes appeared on the board..
Okay..first lesson here we go
“ your @ssignments is to search for Russian dishes and combine two or more of the dishes to make masterpiece”Mrs Collins said in conclusion and we all hummed
“Its lunch time Abby..let’s go eat”Crystal said and I nodded
We left the cl@ss for the cafeteria and I’m pretty famished.We got to the cafeteria and wow..this place looks like an expensive restaurant in Paris.
“Let’s go get lunch”she said and we made for the counter
“What can I get for you?”the woman by the counter asked
“I’ll just get a burrito and strawberry smoothie”I said
“Same but I want orange juice”Crystal said and we were given our orders
We got to a vacant table and we both sat down
I took a bite out of my burrito and I m0@ned as soon as I tasted it.Its very delicious
I looked around and I saw something strange
“Why are those people tables far from where other people tables are”I asked Crystal and she gulped down her juice before answering
“Well,that place is reserved for the popular people”she said and I found it ridiculous
“So they are isolating themselves from others because they are popular than them?”I asked with a air quote on the “popular”
Yup”she answered and I turned my gaze to the “popular people”
Romeo and his girlfriend are there too…jeez does he want to swallow her face in the name of klzzing?
I made a disgusted face and I returned my gaze back to my food
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“You find it stupid too right?she asked and I shuddered
“Get used to it..”
We finished our food and we proceeded to drop our trays..I was almost getting to the counter when I bumped,someone bumped into..I don’t even know what happened,all I know is that I and something collided and I fell on my butt
“Ow”I winced in pain
“Oh my gosh baby are you okay”I heard a voice ask and I opened my eyes..oh its Tania and Romeo and with the looks of things,I think I bumped into Romeo,or Romeo bumped into me..I don’t even know..strings of pasta rolled down my face..eww,they must have poured on me when we bumped into each other
“Hey you..can’t you watch where you’re going?”Tania snapped at me and I just stared at she crazy?
“Tania its okay..”Her Romeo said as he stood up..I was still on the floor
He walked towards me and bent to my height
“Are you okay?”he asked and I nodded briskly..his face is close to mine and if he doesn’t take his head away,I might explode
“Here,let me help you up”he said with his hands stretched and I politely took his hand is so soft
He pulled me up and I dusted the remaining strands of pasta from my body
“Thanks”I said lowly
“Well,you should check where you’re going next time,you almost hurt my baby”Tania said with a scoff as she wrapped her hands round Romeo’s arm possessively
“Tania it isn’t her fault..we bumped into each other”Romeo said and she scoffed
“Let’s go Rommy”she said pulling Romeo along with her
One by one the “audience”dismissed,leaving the cafeteria..its not like we’re acting some kind of drama so why did they gather around us watching us like a movie..humph!
“Are you okay?”Crystal asked and I nodded
“Let’s go wash your hair”she said pulling me to the bathroom I guess.
That Tania girl has some kind of attitude…”You almost hurt me baby”🙄🙄


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