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August 1, 2021


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Diamond in the forest Episode 31 & 32

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Episode 31

Story written by AMAH HEAR



The guards who were sent int

the forest to search and brin

back Remi and her so

returned back empty handed i

the evening with the news o

they searched everywhere fo

Remi but did not find her o

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any sign of her

The Prince was furious,h

selected five stronger guard

and send them into the forest

he told them not to return t

the kingdom without Remi, h

warned them seriously tha

they should not return bac

without her and his son

The five guards gathere

enough food and water an

every necessary weapon an

entered the forest again in

heavy search for Remi and son

Remi was with Mikai tha

evening teaching her Yorub

dialect, before Sipah came ou

from his room to join them

Mikai left to make fire for th

evening food. Remi continue

with Sipah, Ademide, who ha

already started taking a ste

was playing with the toy Sipa

made for him, Ore was besid

him keeping an eye on him a

he plays around

Remi began to teach Sipa

who avoided making ey

contact with her, Remi wante

him to look at her but he wa

looking at somewhere els

“One is Okan, Two is eji, three i

eta four is erin five arun, six i

efa, seven is eje….are yo

listening Pah, is there

problem…you are not lookin

at me…it makes me doubt i

you are really listening to me

“I am listening, not looking a

you doesn’t mean I’m no

listening to you, you have m

ears, please continue, is hard t

remember all of this numbers

they seem to sound familiar

eta, erin, efa, eje eji…you ca

see that I’m actually listening

please, teach me another thin

aside the numbers…mayb

wild animals

“Okay, I’m glad you are payin

attention to me, just kee

looking at me as you are doin

right now so that I will kno

that you are listening…Anima

means Eranko. Birds is eiye

Elephant is erin. Lion mean

kiniun. Tiger is ekun. Pig i

elede. Monkey means obo

Come is wa. Go is malo. Famil

means ebi. Son is omokunrin

Daughter is omobinrin. Mothe

is iya and father is baba

Grandmother is iya-iya

husband is oko and wife i

iyawo. Hunter means ede

House is ile, kitchen is ile idana

Bathroom is ile iwe. Toilet is il

igbonse. Backyard is ehinkuule

Key is kokoro. Fire is ina o

good morning is eka aro

Afternoon is ekasun and nigh

is eka ale. Welcome is ekabo

King is Oba and a prince i

Omooba. Queen is Olori. God i

Oluwa and thank God is Oluw

ese n. thank you means ese o

ose depending on the person

Oremi means my friend. Pleas

is ejoo, love is ife. Give me i

fumi. Stop is duro nbe. Ligh….

“ejoo…duro nbe…I have learn

enough for today…let me thin

of the few I can stil

remember…is sound s

interesting and I’m so eager t

learn more…let me check up o

Mikai and how the evenin

food is going…ese Remi…Or

mi…your humble student i


“hahahaha..your welcom

Pah…I will be happy to teac

you anytime… any day

Pah wanted to stand up bu

Remi stopped hi

“you seem to be avoiding m

and only stays around m

when Mikai is around…

noticed that…what exactly i

my offence…did I do anythin


“Not all…i have never pick

fault in you Remi, is no

because you are perfect but

refuse to see any spot in you.

am not avoiding you…I hav

no reason to do that

“you are, Pah. you keep fa

distance from me…you reclin

more to your room, you sta

far in the forest cutting woo

or doing one thing or th

other, during your free tim

you carry Ade and play wit

him, whenever you are talkin

with me and Mikai you try t

avoid looking at me…why i

that..i can’t help but voice out

Sipah was quiet and Rem

gently took is strong palm an

watch him look up at her an

then pull away his hand fro

Remi’s touch

“You are a good man… Pah,

don’t need to talk or say muc

on that because deep dow

you know that yourself, w

have being through a lot in th

hands of people who tried t

break us but never knew tha

we got a strong shell, we can’

be easily broken, people wh

can not turn one hair white o

black took it upon their selve

to take a life they neve

create…but we all here ar

survivals, you told me that Go

have plan and reason fo

everything and everyone

nothing ever takes hi

unaware, he knows th

number of our hairs and ever

soul on this earth. You said Go

is love and want us to love on

another and I believe you

everything you said I took it t

heart…you preach more wit

your actions to me than wit

your words…so what the

happen when it comes t

expressing your feeling, th

way you feel about me

because I feel it too and Go

must have brought us togethe

for such a time as this…to lov

and care for each other and t

be together as a lovely family

“Remi…God is God, don’t add o

remove from his word, th

feeling is mutual but it doesn’

makes it right, I try to help yo

and also to help myself by no

being too close to you so tha

we don’t fall into temptation

“Nobody is tempting us, is no

a temptation is the right thin

to do, why can’t you see that

you want me don’t you, wh

do you hide your feeling, w

are the only one living in thi

forest and is just right to b

together and let out all ou

feeling without hiding it…Pah

do you love me

Sipah tried to get up but Rem

held him, begging him t

remain seated, Mikai looked a

them stylishly as she walke

past with a plate in hand. Sipa

swallowed hard and sat dow


“Is just a simple question…d

you love me Pah

“yes, with God kind of Love,

think God may have anothe

plans for us, I was going ahea

of myself as your thought fil

my head everyday so I decide

to pause and know what Go

think about all of this and afte

praying that night and wok

up the next morning I hav

some heavy emotion of yo

crowding my mind lifted, m

mind still wonder far when I’

close to you and it sends

negative message to my bod

but I try not to dwell on such,

don’t think God wants us to b

together he probably has

better plan for you and I, trus

me one more time…Remi, le

God’s will be done over us, i

eventually we are meant to b

then I will be so glad to hav

you close to my heart but if no

we will be running ahead o

ourselves, if we decided to d

things without God’s consent i

will be disastrous…do you stil

trust me

“hmmm…yeah…I do bu

nothing will make me chang

my mind…how will you kno

how long will that take Pah

every woman deserve a fine

hardworking, strong and Go

fearing man like you and I wil

be so bless if God approves o

this… I will pray and beg Go

to make it happen quick

“hahahaha…God doesn’t wor

with your time…he work

according to his plans an

purpose for us all… and ever

man deserve a good, kind

beautiful, funny, strong woma

like you beside him

“Please don’t make me blush

I’m trying not to do that mos

especially Mikai may see m

doing that…do you have

dream of leaving this fores

someday…or you like it here

“I like it here…and I don’t wan

to leave to anywhere…this i

my own world, a world o

peace and tranquility. Outsid

here is chaos, revelry, anger

jealousy, backstabber, killin

and so many evil, I don’t wan

such world I want a world o

my own and I have everythin

that I will ever need

“Mikai said she will like t

leave here someday, she wan

to mix up with other human

interact with them, and visi


“every child has a dream that i

her dream and if God wills i

then it will come to past…bu

for now this is my home, ou

home…I have enough acres o

land to farm, the forest is bi

enough to hunt and we hav

spring…I’m grateful for all o

this…how about you…do yo

have a plan to leave

“I want to be close to you…

don’t want to leave withou

you…if I ever leave this fores

then you are coming with me

but for now this Is our hom

and I also likes it here

Sipah sense something an

quickly stood up, Remi wa

surprise the way he rushed up

he went inside and grabbed

machete, he called Remi t

carry Ade, Sipah called Mikai t

leave the kitchen area and g

inside with Remi

Remi asked him what is goin

on but he didn’t say anythin

as he moved towards hi

compound exit gate but paus

as he got closer, Mikai stoo

with Remi who was carryin

her son, and Ore was up th

tree and was making strang

noise which they understoo

that a stranger or somethin

was close by. Remi hard th

noise coming deep down fro

the forest and wonder wha

was happenin

Sipah whistled loud and got

respond which was a scream o

Remi’s name

The men from the palace wh

have spent two day

ransacking the bush for Remi

they have ran out off food an

water and was almost givin

up when they saw a huma

track they followed an

continue to shouting Remi’


As they got closer the

discovered a big mold buildin

in the heart of the forest

highly fenced with tall tree

and big wood all around it an

secured with all kinds of shar

spin which was like a weapon

the compound looks so big an

wide, the guards where afrai

wondering the kind of me

that live inside there to hav

being able to do such a heav

job and it was located in

deadly place, an abode of th

wild, whoever is living her

must be greatly feared and h

might has sense their presence

They decided to stay far fo

there own good and kep

shouting Remi’s nam

When Remi hard her name sh

was shock, she began to thin

within hersel

“is probably guards from th

kingdom, they have come t

take me and my son but i wil

not go with them, never, no

after everything they did to m

and took my loving mothe

away, what if I was dead too

maybe the truth was out as Iy

has predicted and they wan

me home but there’s no plac

like home here..if i ever have t

leave here is will be because o

Iya and Dami…but i’m sure the

will understand if i stay bac

with Sipah

Remi went to Sipah who wa

trying to walk out to mee

whoever it was

“Pah, don’t go… stay here

they maybe evil spirit callin

my name…or trap…

“hahahaha…you make m

laugh…evil spirits are afraid t

cross my lane…aside what you

ordinary eye can see here…. th

angels are also safeguardin

us, don’t be afraid because n

evil person can cross this lane

they are men, shouting you

name and they sound like tire

men…from your kingdom

guess…let’s invite them in

because if they get closer t

the fence they may not see th

traps I set for the animals an

may fall into it… maybe yo

leaving this place is closer tha

we thought

Sipah went out and called th

men who were scared an

raise their weapon up i


“ ejooo…We came in peace no

for war…we journeyed from

far away kingdom and ha

spent two days already in th

forest, this is a very deadl

place to stay and we wer

almost giving up when w

discovered the track…we ar

searching for a maiden,

young woman with a son…he

name is Remi, the prince of ou

kingdom sent us to tear dow

the forest in search of her an

we should not return withou

her…ejoo sanu fun wa (hav

mercy on us

“hahaha… sirnu fun what?

just started my Yoruba class…

have not gotten to that stag

yet…please you are welcom

to my world…follow me in

don’t be afraid, you all need

something to eat and drink

you will finish a whole zebr

for your strength to b

restored…please come…

Sipah smile and nodded a

them making them to feel saf

and at peace, some of the

laugh at Sipah’s last word

despite he was right abou

them needing something t

eat and drink, but they wer


The strange man has a

obvious scar on his forehead

and with the way he looks

with a heavy body built, he ca

beat them all up if the

decided to gang up agains

him. They silently prayed tha

the man should truly be

godsend to them or they wil

all be doomed

They were so famished, tire

and tasty, all the food an

water they left with is all gone

no sign of water in the forest

It was a good invitation an

they silently thanked the gods

They followed the tall, stron

looking man into his bi

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beat them all up if they

decided to gang up against

him. They silently prayed that

the man should truly be a

godsend to them or they will

all be doomed.

They were so famished, tired

and tasty, all the food and

water they left with is all gone,

no sign of water in the forest.

It was a good invitation and

they silently thanked the gods.

They followed the tall, strong

looking man into his big







“I’m not going anywhere…I’m

not moving an inch…all of you

should return back to him and

tell him that I said so…my

home is here and there is

nothing any of you can do to

make me change my mind on


The guards who were already

well feed by Sipah thanked him

for his kindness before going

to speak to Remi who sparked

up angrily at them.

“the kingdom is in deep crisis,

the Oba, the Queen mother, the

cabinet men and so many

others are down, Leja

confessed to everything, him

and Nike the evil maiden has

being locked up by the prince.

Their judgment will start when

you return back to the

kingdom. the kingdom owe

you an apology, we are just

servants sent to guide you

home…please listen to us…our

kingdom lies in your shoulder

and everyone wants you


“what if I was thorn apart by

the wild animals, dead and rot

away with my unborn child…

do you all ever imagined such

happening…if I was dead I

know the kingdom will still

survive without me…I just

don’t want to go and I told the

prince if he rejects my unborn

child then he should never

come for him later…I told him

exactly that and I still hold

onto my word…let non of you

speak to me of this again…

return back to the kingdom

first thing tomorrow morning

and tell your prince that I

refused…I was cast out,

humiliated, nobody believed

me or gave me a chance to

speak….now they want me

back…that is never going to be


Remi stormed out angrily and

went into her room. Sipah was

seated with the confuse guards

who did not know what to do.

Sipah turned to them.

“I will speak to her…is very

normal for her to be angry, it

was a great injustice done to

her but I’m happy that she has

being vindicated…I will speak

with her later, she is still very

angry now and will not listen…

my name is Sipah…your

kingdom will be restored

again…do not panic…

“Thank you Sipah, may the

gods bless you mightily. please,

kindly help us speak to her…

she may listen to you, our

kingdom needs her, the gods

have vindicated her already,

we know it was a great wrong

that was done to her and the

whole kingdom feels sorry for

such unrightful sentence, we

can’t leave here without her or

the prince will send us back or

angrily punish us, please…

Later that night after Sipah

showed the men where to

sleep for the night he went to

Remi’s room and knocked on

the door before going in.

“Pah, if you are here to speak

to me about going back with

those guards then you have

come to waste your time…

except you have to kick me

and my son out yourself…

Sipah ignored her and went to

sit on a chair close to her

wooden bed. He was quiet for

sometime before speaking up

“You don’t need to fight or be

angry…nobody will force you

out of here without your

consent…you should be happy

the truth finally came to light…

the almighty has judged in

your favor, anger will not do

you any good…I understand

everything… I totally do, but

the book of proverb says that

anger labels us a fool…I mean

anger does no good to us but

sometimes is okay to be angry

but don’t make decision in

anger…sometimes we should

use wisdom in our daily


“Somebody once say that to

me…anger labels you a fool…

ooh is my grandma…she says a

lot of things about anger…

“Your grandma was right…

don’t you miss her and also

your brother…because I know

she will be looking forward to

having you back…maybe your

main purpose on earth is

now…for such a time as this.

Your people needs you Remi…

the prince is just a man, he isn’t

perfect, he made a mistake and

he regrets it all, he must have

died inside with guilt and

sadness, for denying you and

his child. He is a nice man to

have realized his mistake on

time, your purpose in life is

right there in your kingdom, a

service to humanity…maybe

beside the prince and our little

Emmanuel will have a better

home than this ….the prince

needs you…ejoo…what does

please means again in yoruba…

I can’t remember

Remi smile as Pah pretend not

to know what please is but just

wanted to cheer her up.

“please is jowo or ejoo which is

generally used, you just said it

now Pah, don’t make me laugh

I’m not in a good mood, I don’t

want the prince, we have

nothing together, he rejected

me and Ademide just when I

needed him…I just don’t want

to leave here…what of you and

Mikai, even if I have to leave

then I am not leaving without

you, Mikai and Ore too. We all

must go together if not then I

am not going anywhere.

“I may come visiting later, you

may take Mikai along if she

want to go with you, but I

have my big farms here to

attend to and I like it here, my

world is not outside there…is

right here and I feel

comfortable here Remi…jowo…

Remi insisted on not leaving

without Sipah, she said she

can’t leave him alone in the

forest that he must come along

or she won’t go anywhere. It

took time before Sipah agreed

to go with her maybe after

sometime he will return back

to the forest but Remi told him

if he was going to return back

to the forest that she will also

come along with him. Sipah

smile and told her that she was

about to find her purpose in

life which will keep her very


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Remi was having double mind

of leaving the forest, she began

to think of the whole thing

before sleeping off that night.

Remi found herself talking with

her grandma as she urge her to

come home

“I am not leaving without Pah,

Iya… I owe him my life…

“Sipah, is an angel on

assignment which is to help

you, his work is done and

yours has just began…Sipah

and his daughter Mikai and

also the monkey whom you

call Ore are ready to do

anything for you to come

home… your people needs you,

the land needs the diamond

you carry…that is the only

remedy to heal and purge the

kingdom of this evil that has

befallen our land…bring the

diamond child home let me

hold him before I pass on…I

have waited for this…now is

time…do not delay…I don’t

have much time left on this

earth…I want to see you and

the diamond child…the seed of

crown. I have missed you my


home. Your place is beside

omooba, he is deeply sorry, I

know you love Sipah but is

okay to love a good man as

that but he has his own race to

run, you have yours…I’m about

to fulfill mine and kiss the

earth good bye….Sipah and

Mikai has a place in our land…

they will live and marry among

us…Sipah is coming with the

truth of light…many will come

to believe…come home my

daughter, the evil has being

exposed and the enemies has

being put to shame…you are

the answer the kingdom seek…

come home…

Remi woke up and sat quiet on

her bed, thinking of what to do

when Sipah knocked on her

door that morning, Remi was

arranging her things, he

greeted her in a funny way

that made Remi to laugh…

“eka aro…ba wo ale?… I got it

right…please rate me…

“Not so perfect but you tried…

you are a fast learner…good

morning Pah…and my night

was fine…I have made up my

mind…we all are leaving this

place, I am not doing It for the

Prince or the Oba, I am doing it

for everyone who stood by me

all this while, my grandma, my

brother, the princess, Ope my

good palace friend…I miss

them all, you, Mikai, Ore my

monkey friend and most

important for my diamond

child…as my grandma will call

him and to everyone out there

who stood by me and

supported me…they are the

reason why I am doing this…

“thank you for doing this…I am

so proud of you Remi…I

couldn’t sleep last night as I

pray that God should touch

your heart and make you see

reasons…I’m glad he hard my

prayer. We, the forest squad

are strongly standing by you,

hahahaha…let’s go and get

your kingdom working again…

let’s go and restore the color

back to your kingdom…

bringing real change and smile

to everyone’s lip. I will gather

enough food in sacks, those

guard will have to carry load as

we journey to the kingdom…

your kingdom should get ready

because the forest squad will

be landing soon…

Mikai who suddenly woke up

started laughing at Sipah’s

tone of voice, Remi joined in

and little Ademide awaken and

was looking at everyone as

they all laugh at Sipah, he also

started giggling in laughter

which made Remi to laugh

even more.

They left the forest as evening

approach, Mikai was hanging

her bow and arrow, Sipah

carried Ademide on his

shoulder and later gave him to

Remi who backed him with the

same prince’s wrapper which

has being so helpful to her and

still retains it’s color except for

the stain that wasn’t so

obvious now.

Ore, who was jumping from

tree to tree jumped on Sipah’s

right hand shoulder as they

kept on moving, they rested

severally on the road and built

fire and shelter when night

came then continued the

following morning

Mikai was so happy as she look

forward to changing

environment for the first time

in her life.

The journey lasted for three

days, they met another set of

five palace guards coming to

the forest. They said the prince

has sent them into the forest

for another search since the

second set of guard has not

returned for over five days.

Everyone was happy as they

travel back to the kingdom.




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