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Mind blowing palace

Diamond in the forest Episode 29 & 30

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Episode 29.




More people began to fall sick

in the kingdom, the Queen was

not left out and no medicine

man have a cure for the

sickness outbreak, the Prince

took over in place of his sick

father, he invited different

healers from faraway kingdom

and they all came and yet none

could place a name for the

sickness or the cure to it.

The kingdom was torn apart as

several people went into

panicking and fear, they prayed

to different gods to help them

out but nothing was done.

English doctors where invited,

after administering all the

drugs they could think off and

still no positive result they

packed and left.

Things were becoming more

complicating and the whole

kingdom was in disarray

Ope was with princess that hot

afternoon as she tried to cheer

a saddened princess up

“Maybe we should go for a

walk…in that way you will feel

better…my princess…

“I don’t feel like going

anywhere, do you wonder if

this sickness that is taking over

the kingdom is in the air…

when we go out there and

breath in the wrong air then

we will also fall ill…just like

many out there….Father,

mother, the kings maker and

so many other people…

sometimes I’m afraid….i

wonder who will be the next

victim, maybe the gods are

punishing us for some

unknown sin we did in the

past…can you imagine that no

doctor…no medicine man has a

cure for this sudden sickness…

the English came and tried

their best, the native doctors

are doing all they could but yet

nothing….what could be our

sin, father has being ill for too

long…Tunde is a very patient

man, he is ready to wait until

everything is in order again, I

can’t marry him when my

father and mother are

dying….this is really strange…

my brother is now in charge of

everything in place of father…

he is worried sick and the last

time I saw him he is deeply

troubled…mother who was

caring for father is seriously

down…who will save us apart

from the gods…I pray for their

mercy everyday…and to purge

our land and restore the peace

of this great kingdom…

Ope thought of Remi’s

grandmother and all she has

told her about Remi being alive

and a diamond child she bore

which may be the answer to

the troubled kingdom, maybe

the gods saw her innocent and

the injustice being done to her

and decided to raise a trouble

dust in the kingdom, she and

her son maybe the cure to this


Ope decided to speak up

“I once visited Remi’s grandma

one day after meeting her

brother in the market…

“oh really, is really sad…how

are they doing…Remi’s death

must be a very sad one to

them…thinking of the way she

was banished and has to die in

the evil forest…with her

pregnancy…sometimes I do

think of her and it saddens me

anytime her thought crosses

my mind…she left with the

beauty of this kingdom and I

know she was innocent and

the baby she carried belong to

my brother who refuse to

admit to the truth. maybe…just

maybe her death was part of

the punishment of the

kingdom, I don’t have any right

to say that father did not judge

her well and the cabinet men

worsen the issue, but I can’t

help but admit to the fact that

is just the bitter truth, Remi is

innocent, I was the one that

sent her that day to go and tell

the queen mother that I will be

leaving for the stream the

following morning, she was

with me the whole time before

I sent her to mother and the

next news was that a maiden

tried to poison the Oba, I saw

them hitting and even trying

to force her to eat the

supposed poison, I saw her

fought for herself despite her

condition, no one judged in her

favor, no one stood in her

defense, everyone condemned

her, they all condemned her to

go and die in the evil forest….is

very sad, it was a cruel

sentence and her death…it

must have being painful, think

of the wild animals tearing her

apart and digging there claws

into her…aaaahhhh…is terrible

Ope…just imagining that alone

makes me sick…is so terrifying

“Yeah…it is…don’t imagine such

my princess because it never

happened…Remi’s grandma

told me that Remi is alive and

she has a diamond child…she is

being taking care by total

strange whose feet is filled

with light….she said that…

“duro…duro…ki lo soro (wait,

what did you say)

“ Remi lives with her son

whom she bore in the

forest….and she is cared for by

a good stranger who will later

live and marry among us…that

was what iya agba told

me….and it sound too good to

be true…but with the way she

said it…I’m certain that Remi is

truly alive…

“is she a diviner…how did she

know…the gods must have

revealed that to her….yes…Oh

the gods be praise…I need to

see my brother immediately

and tell him this good news…

and I also need you to take me

to see her grandma….this is

indeed too good to be true…is

something good to hold onto…

maybe Remi’s grandma will

have more to say…

The princess rush out to see

her brother, the prince.

Nike waited for Leja outside

the palace and when Leja came

walking down the road Nike

came out of her hiding and

started insulting Leja

“I have waited for you here all

day, because I was certain you

will pass here today, what did

you tell the Prince, I went to

resume back to work after one

week and the guards at the

gate refuse to let me in, I asked

to see you but they said you

are with the prince and you

can’t see me…I was dismissed

from the palace not because of

my pregnancy but because of

whatever you told the prince…

you are a foolish man…what

did you tell the prince…you

sold me off to him so that you

will remain a guard and

trustworthy servant right…

idiot…you lied to the prince

and spoil all the whole plan i

took time to construct…all my

hard work on how to become

the next Queen you spoil

everything with that your wide

mouth like basin….

“why all this insult Nike, I

never told the prince anything,

you sold yourself out by going

to seduce the prince and even

lied that the child you carry

belong to him, your head was

filled with rat brain which

made you not to calculate well,

you spoilt your plan with your

own hands, if you are smart

enough you could have known

that the prince will find out the

truth one way or the other…he

is a prince, the next Oba of this

great kingdom…he is not a

fool…and for your information,

I’m not interested in that child

you carry, I have washed my

hands off it even before the

prince threw you out…I don’t

want to have anything to do

with you or the child, you

wanted to be pregnant…you

got exactly what you asked

for…so carry the burden but

never you include me in it

because I will deny that I ever

know you or have anything to

do with you…bear your child

and become a mother…but I’m

out of this…if I ever want to

have a wife or a child it will

never come from you…you and

your mother are a dangerous

venom… and non of my seed

must come from you…

“you are an unfortunate he

goat Leja, smelly he goat like

you…fool, since the prince

rejected me and this child there

is no hiding place for you…you

are the rightful owner of this

pregnancy and you must take

responsibility of your action…

you can not escape it…never…

and I will tell every one the

whole truth, I will let them

know all the evil that you did…

let’s bet…just bet with me and

you will see how I will mess

you up…

“I don’t bet with the devil…I

have no business with a witch

like you…get lost Nike, you are

not even capable of telling the

truth…the word “truth” has

being killed and buried in your

conscience…so go ahead and

tell everyone because in that

way you will be exposing

yourself…all your atrocities will

be exposed… go ahead…I dare

you to go and tell the prince or

anyone who cares to listen…I

am daring you Nike…if you

have such gut then go right

ahead…we will both suffer…

and thank the gods your

mother will be inclusive

because she was the one that

gave you the poison for the

Oba and she also killed Iya

Remi with same poison…and

am sure she also killed your

father because he favored Iya

Remi more than your mother…

evil run in your blood…

transferred from your mother

to you so I don’t want to have

anything to do with that child

you carry because you will

transfer same evil to him or


As Leja tried to leave Nike who

was so pained and was boiling

in anger raised a hand to slap

him but Leja pushed her aside,

she staggered from Leja’s push

but hold onto a tree from

falling, Leja walk pass her.

Nike searched around for

something to stone Leja but

she miss her first throw and

Leja dodged the second stone

from her, Nike fired another

stone and it hit Leja on his

shoulder Leja started calling

Nike “omoobirin Iya

laje” (daughter of a witch)

while Nike kept on firing

stones at him.

The prince left with some

guard immediately to see

Remi’s grandmother, the

princess wanted to go with

him but he asked the princess

to stay behind and watch out

in his absence.

After the princess told him that

Remi was alive and she have a

baby in the forest, she and the

baby are both alright, well

taken care by a stranger. It

sound unbelievable to the

prince so he decided to go and

see the fortune teller which is

Remi’s grandmother, she may

also have answer for the

troubled kingdom.

“Alafia, ni fun ile yin, lati odo

Oba….(peace be unto this

house hold, greetings from the


Dami who was in the kitchen,

fanning coal to boil water for

his grandma’s bath ran out as

he hard the royal greeting. His

grandma was at the backyard

planting crops in the ridge he

dug up for her

Dami prostrated as he saw the

prince in their compound. The

prince asked him to get up and

he did

“ ikini irelemi (my kind

greetings) we are her to see

your grandmother…is she


“Bee ni Omooba…let me go

and call her

And just then grandma was

coming out from the backyard,

the prince greeted her in


Dami rushed and brought seats

for everyone to sit down after

his grandma was well seated.


Episode 30.


“…so the kingdom has being

torn apart and the gods are

silent in all of this…Oba is on

sick bed and the Queen mother

joined in, the king makers are

not left out in this and so many

other people are equally

affected…no English or native

doctor have being able to give

a positive answer in all of this…

I’m place in between and I am

not handling it the way I

should because I am deeply

troubled… when my sister, the

princess came to give me the

news of your granddaughter I

was shock…Iya. I understand

the calamities that befallen you

and yours, most especially your

granddaughter being

banished,i am so sorry about

everything, it was not in my

power to save her but I could

have still do something, I was

confuse that period on what

exactly to do and when I later

went to speak to the Oba…it

was already too late…like you

know she was caught trying to

poison the Oba, that was her

sin, and a sin against the Oba is

a sin against the entire land…

and judgement was passed on

her, I know she was pregnant,

she got entangled in a love

web with one of the guard,

Leja, who is the head of the

guard and my right hand man.

Leja told me they were lovers

and she later became pregnant

for him…he asked her to keep

the child but she had other

plans of her own which is to

get me into the scene, she

came to me claiming I laid with

her and I couldn’t remember

such happening…well, it was

all exposed that Leja was

responsible…I can’t deny the

fact that I use to feel

something strong for her…yes,

I wanted her but I never knew

she belong to another man and

when I found out I washed my

hands off…she was banished

and i noticed that the palace

has not remain the same ever

since…everyone believe she

was long dead with her unborn

child not until few moment

ago when the princess came

with the news of Remi being

alive and living in the forest…it

baffles me on how she survive

the forest…I thought you could

throw more light into this and

I will send my men into the

forest at once to bring her

back…even if she is not the

answer to this kingdom…it

sound funny but I’m trying

everything and anything

possible on the restoration of

this great kingdom…so if Remi

got nothing to do with all this

trouble hovering around our

kingdom at least I will be glad

to have her safe here with us…I

will be happy to save her from

the forest suffering…

“shhhh…my grand daughter is

not suffering, you have said

enough already and you need

not say more…but my grand

daughter is safe and well cared

for, her son…ohh her diamond

child, the seed of crown is

doing perfectly well…don’t act

like you are doing her a favor

by saving her…because you are

not…rather the gods has place

her to do so….now move closer

to me…yes Omooba…move

closer and close your eyes…

shut it…

The prince obeyed and moved

closer, he closed his eyes and

Remi’s grandma gently placed

her hands on his head, she held

his head on both side, she put

her finger to his ears and

stayed that way.

The prince memory went back

to the party day, when he

whispered something to Remi’s

ear and she blushed, he called

her to take him to his chamber

because he was drunk, Remi

lead him to his chamber.

It was like his past sin staring

right at him. His eyes remain

shut as he saw himself with

Remi, everything he has told

her that night came rushing

back to his memory

“I told you earlier that I love

you, I whispered it into your

ears and you didn’t take me

serious because you thought I

was drunk, am not drunk or

maybe I am, the fact still

remain that I love you…yes…is

true…you got into me right

from that first day at the

festive dance…when I first set

my eyes on you…I have always

wanted to tell you this but I

don’t know how you will take

it…so today I decided to drink

so much…yes…I drank enough

to get high…so that I can find

my boldness and voice to

declare all my stored up feeling

for you.…I wanted to tell you

this when you came to clean

my chamber the other day…

that was more reason why I

told my sister to send for you

but I still couldn’t find my gut…

but today I have a full gut to

tell you that I love you Remi…

and I will tell the Oba that I

want to marry…marry you…

you will be my queen…come…

come closer to me…are you

afraid of me…don’t be afraid of

me because my love for you is

real…it can cast fear out of

you…aaah…look at you…ni fe

mi…emi ni ore re (my love, I am

your friend) your real friend,

don’t see me as a prince, son of

the Oba of this great kingdom,

see me as your friend, if I have

a son with you I will call him

Ademi, my crown…because he

came from a beautiful maiden

who is after my heart. oruko

mi ni Aremo, yes that is my

name because am a heir to this

great Oba’s throne, and I need

a queen like you to

compliment my kingship when

the time comes…with you by

my side I will rule with honor…

you said you love your

grandmother because she was

also a good dancer when she

was young…right Arewa…


“Remi…my name is Remi, you

are drunk my prince you need

to lie down, I will tell them to

bring cold water for you…stop

talking…the drink is taking too

much effect on you…you don’t

even know what you are

saying again…

“shhh…I know what am

saying…I still need more drink,

I was talking about your

grandmother…one day you will

take me to her…I will like to

meet her and I will also love to

meet your father and your


Remi’s grandma held him tight

as he began to breathe hard.

The prince saw everything

being played right to his face

again and when he vomited

and mess up his chamber,

when he grabbed Remi and

made her to sit on his lap

before pulling out her b—-t

cloth, when he gently lay her

on the bed right on top of his

favorite wrappers given to him

by his mother. he carefully laid

her on the bed and he push

himself into her, he saw the

blood after the hymen of her

virginity was broken but was

too weak and slept off.

The prince started screaming

and Remi’s grandma released

him and he fell back, he

opened his eyes while still

breathing hard, the prince tried

to understand exactly where

he was.

One of the guards came to help

him to sit properly, he was

shaking all over

“She was right…I did it, the

blood stain on my trouser, my

missing wrapper which I never

took notice off. The child was

mine, yes Remi was carrying

my child…I laid with her and

broke her up…oh the gods I

have being a terrible person,

the child was mine…I… I saw

everything…all the things I

can’t remember I remembered

them now…Remi…oh Remi…I

knew something happened…I

felt strange when I woke up

that morning and the blood

stain on my trouser confirmed

it…I called and asked her but

she denied it….she told me

nothing of such happened…oh

the gods…I should have

known…I should have known…

I truly loved her Iya, I wanted

her not to just warn my bed

but my heart truly beat for her

until Leja came with…wait

Leja…that means Leja was

lying…could that be possible…

did Leja and Remi’s step sister

feigned her up…Iya…

“when you return to the palace

you ask Leja…this time maybe

he will tell you the real truth…

hold onto what you just saw

and ask…It will surprise you to

discover more hidden secret…

which will lead you to my

grand daughter’s innocence,

and you have to hurry because

the kingdom are counting on

you to rectify what has being


The prince left quickly as the

older woman instruct, with a

heavy heart rush back to the

palace and asked the guard to

fetch Leja and Nike quickly.

After the guards brought them

and stationed them before the

prince. The prince looked at

Leja for a long time before


“…one more word of lie from

you I will have them chop off

your arms and your legs, I will

make you cripple so that you

will suffer…where you truly in

a relationship with Remi and

who has the child she carry…

With fear and trembling, Leja’s

heart began to beat like a

drum. Over five guards where

stationed around him and Nike

as if they were criminal.

Nike was shaking in fear as she

bent her head in shame

“…guards strike him hard for

delaying with his answers…

One of the guard double strike

Leja across the face, the

princess hard the scream and

ran out with Ope and the other

maiden came to watch the

scene. Ope saw Nike kneeling

along side Leja and she silently

began to thank the gods.

“Nemesis has finally caught up

with her” Ope said while


“If I ask a question, I expect the

answer immediately, any delay

from you will be tasting my

patients…i remembered that

night..Leja, the night with her

in my chamber and everything

you have ever told me was all

a lie…I feel terrible right now

and do not worsen my mood

or I will unleash terror on both

of you…speak up quickly…

“I have nothing with her…I

wanted her my prince…but she

did not want me…I did

everything possible but yet she

refused me…I got jealous when

you started showing interest in

her…and the worst is that she

was also interested in you…I

know the night you took her

virginity…I knew it happened

and I was very angry when I

discovered she was carrying

your child…after she kept on

denying it…I hated her and I

hated you too…I was willing to

do anything so that you won’t

end with her and that was why


The prince screamed in terror

and asked the guards to hit

him severally and they did

until Leja tasted blood in his

mouth, he fell and they pulled

him up…Nike craw away from

where the guards where

beating Leja she doesn’t know

what to do or what to say, she

has never expected things will

turn sour.

Leja tried to hit one of the

guard but two other pounce on

him, blood poured from Leja’s

mouth as he looked up at the

prince and said angrily…

“I saw her first…she was

suppose to be mine not yours…

I saw her first before you, even

before she came to serve in

this palace, I have already

made my intentions known to

her…I wanted her and you

took her away from me…how

do you expect me to feel, you

laid with her and got her in

with a child…I couldn’t take it

anymore…you are a royalty,

you are omooba…you could

have all the royal maiden and

any kind of woman you

desire…why must it be the only

one I wanted you decided to

pick interest in and you want

me to fold my hands and

watch…I fight for what I want

because I am a man like you…

“I hands off from her when you

told me she was yours, you lied

to me about everything Leja,

no…Leja I trusted you…and

that was why I believed you

over her…what exactly was my

sin for you to have gang up

against the innocent maiden,

so you could have killed me if

you have the gut to do so…and

her step sister supported you…

you planned with her…she is

your alibi…and I guess you also

have a hand in the poison…Leja

you planted that poison in the

Oba’s eating room and make

Remi the escape goat…oh the


“I have nothing to do with the

poison… but this small witch

called Nike has… She wanted to

kill the Oba so that you will

marry her and make her your

Queen, she master minded

with her mother and when she

told me of the plan the gods

bear me witness I refuse to join

in such evil but she went ahead

anyway and while she was

trying to do that Remi caught

her and she turned it against


The whole people screamed in

shock as Leja kept talking, the

princess held onto Ope from

falling from the shock, some

guards and maiden placed

their hands on their head while

others opened their eyes in

shock. Everyone was shock to

know that Remi was innocent

all this while, a great wrongs

was done against the innocent

girl, the prince tighten his first

in anger as he kept breathing

hard. Leja’s confession was like

a bomb to him. He looked at

Nike and she was crawled up

like a cat. Leja kept talking

“…this Nike you see here is so

evil…she talked me into

making out with her, I have to

lay with her severally until she

became pregnant so that she

can say the pregnancy is for

the prince which will make the

prince not to have a choice

than to settle with her but her

plans failed and she wanted

me to make it right…Nike and

her mother are the master

mind behind the evil done to

Remi, her mother has more to

do with Iya Remi’s death. They

wanted to destroy the whole

family out of jealousy…my sin

was that I knew this evil but I

couldn’t talk because I was also

involve…and I was angry with

the prince for taking Remi from

me so I said if I can not have

her then nobody will…

Nike manage to speak up

“is a lie…he is lying, I don’t

know what he is talking

about…he told me he hates the

prince and would have left him

in the river to drown. He said

he wish nothing but death for

the prince…Leja is an evil soul…

and he is lying against me and

my mother…I am innocent…

Ope rushed angrily and slapped

her right on eyes, then another

heavy slap to her ear, Nike

screamed and held her ears in


“I have being wanting to beat

you up like this for long, I have

waited for this opportunity to

come and is finally here. …

because you wanted to be

Queen by all means you

decided to poison a whole Oba

of this great kingdom Nike, you

have no fear to do such evil,

aaah… you made them to

banish Remi who was

innocent…if the land did not

kill you Nike and the gods

delay in striking you dead…I

will personally do that myself…

you and your mother are

doomed…your end has come…

what goes around comes

around…the gods has fought

for Remi…she has being

vindicated…curse is yours… you

are even pregnant…very

good…your suffering is yet to


The prince asked the guard to

lock Leja and Nike up. He

stationed ten hefty men to go

into the forest in search of

Remi and his son, Leja and Nike

will remain there until Remi is

found and returned back to the

kingdom safe with the son that

she bore for him.




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