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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Diamond in the forest Episode 27 & 28

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Episode 27.



“You sent for me my prince…

I’m sorry I was out on palace

patrol…I just returned…

“You are talking with the

maiden I sent out on

suspension, I was told so…

what business do you have

with her..

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“Nothing my prince…she told

me that she was suspended

and i wanted to know why…

that was all…

“Leja…I trust you and I hate to

have doubt in anyone I trust

totally…you are close to me

and it was because of your

hard work and sincerity that

made you to become the chief

guard and the Oba has

rewarded you greatly for all

your labour and when you

saved me from drowning at

the river. you have serve well

and you know almost

everything that goes in and

out of this palace…why I’m

saying this is because I have

few question for you and I

need a truthful answer, you

have never lied to me so don’t

start now….Nike came to me

with the news of being

pregnant and the funny part is

that she said I’m responsible.

the night I woke up and saw

her naked in my chamber and

all my cloths were off…that

was the night she said it

happened….now tell me is this

true, did I send for Nike

because I don’t see any reason

why I will do that…I have no

interest in her at all and I won’t

even in my dream…why will I

specifically send for Nike and

then lay with her…because I

remember all that happened

that night, you kept on filling

my cup until I passed out and

the next thing is a naked

maiden in my chamber…and

she is claiming that I laid with

her…and I’m certain…so certain

that I did not do such…so tell

me the truth…what happened

that night…

Leja breathed in, he wish he

can say everything without

covering anything up, but if he

has to that then the real truth

about Remi’s pregnancy and so

many other things will be

revealed and the prince will

never forgive him, he may end

up being punished or banished,

“may the gods forbids, being

banished and die in the evil

forest is not my portion and

the gods will not allow such

thing to befall me”, Leja prayed

in his mind.

Leja bent his head not knowing

how to start but he has to end

this evil seed that Nike has

started planting before

something else goes wrong, he

will leave Remi’s part out of it,

she is dead and long gone, so

she has become a history but

Nike was running with speed

with this her evil plans and he

can’t bear it any more, he has

to tell the prince everything

that happened that night

“Leja…soro…kilo sele…I asked a

question and I need a sincere

answer…why are you quiet…all

I want is the truth, if you have

lied before to me then say the

truth now before I start

digging, say the truth because

that is the only way to my

heart…you know that.

“my prince… i….i mean…I

uhmmm…imabinu…you are

right my prince…you never

sent for Nike that night neither

did you lay with her, the child

that Nike is carrying is not

yours…I don’t know how she

sneak into your chamber that

night and I was surprise to find

out when you asked her to

fetch me that night…she was

obsess with you and wanted

you, most maidens admires

you greatly my prince but Nike

took it too far and all I did was

to cover her up and not for her

to get into trouble with you, I

never knew she will come up

with this pregnancy thing…she

took it too far and I am deeply

sorry for not saying the truth

when you asked me and I did

not bother to come all this

while to clear what happened

that night…I know you trusted

me, I betrayed that trust and I

felt bad after lying to you that

night please for give me my

prince…e joo

Leja knelt down and the prince

asked him to stand up and he

quickly did.

“Is there any other thing you

aren’t telling me…Leja…I feel

there is more to this…tell me

more…. Everything I need to


“That is all my prince, if

anything needs to be told you

will be the first to know…this is


“Leja…Leja…why will you agree

to such…she pulled off my cloth

because I woke up without my

cloths on, what an insult to my

person, she was standing right

here naked…real naked, Leja…

and she did not make any

attempt to cover up until I

asked her to…why will I see

such thing, you strongly lied to

me and said I sent for her

when I know fully well I never

did, you made me look like a

fool and I did not know what

to say except to ask two of you

to leave my chamber that

night…why will you agree to

such, your duty is to the palace

not to a maiden, why will you

even defend her unruly act…

who is responsible for her


“..i…I don’t know my prince…

maybe is from outside the

palace…but…I uhmmm don’t

know…all I know is that she

was obsess with you and she

took it too far…i am so sorry…

deeply sorry, I plead for your

forgiveness my prince, please…

I’m pleading…such will never

happen again…I promise…I will

do my work as I’m trusted to

do…with all sincerity…I will…

“enough…when that maiden

returns from her suspension

she will be totally dismissed

from the palace, such people

should not be here…they have

no place in this palace…they

are desperate and dangerous

and before she will be finally

dismissed ask her to bring her

mother to the palace…in fact

go to their house tomorrow

and give her my message, tell

her while she is resuming back

from her suspension she

should bring her mother along,

I need to see the kind of

woman that gave birth to such

maiden, I will love to know if

the woman gives advice to her

daughter at all, that maiden is

wayward and unrestrained

that was why she has the gut

to do what she did, and as for

you Leja, my trust for you has

gone below my legs, I will

have to weigh everything you

tell me next time, until I’m

certain is the truth, it will be

hard for me to believe you…

you failed in your duty and you

deserve to be suspended too

but I will let you be for now,

leave my chamber at once..

Leja bowed and left

immediately, he wish he has

not allowed his jealousy to get

the best of him, he wanted

Remi but when the Prince

started showing interest and

Remi never gave him a second

look, it prompted him to get

involve with Nike and the

result so far has being

disastrous, innocent lives has

being lost and now the prince

has doubt in him, he wish

there was a remedy to

everything he has done, he

wish he can totally confess

everything but that will be

dangerous, the prince is angry

with him for just this, that

means if he has told the prince

everything, the truth about

Remi and all that he has gotten

involve in, the prince will want

to have his head in a platter, he

will do worst things to him.

And Nike may want to get back

at him if she finds out that he

have spoilt the whole plan, she

and her mother will not take it

lightly with him, but she will

also be getting herself into a

bigger mess if she decided to

tell the prince what happened,

Leja knew Nike can not tell the

whole truth. But whatever that

may happens he silently

prayed it will not get worst

than it seems already.

Remi held Ademide as he feed

in her arm, she watch him with

a smile and suddenly hard

Sipah’s voice who was

watching her from the door,

she startled

“Sorry…I scared you….i just

wanted to know how he is

doing, I was out the whole day

and didn’t get a chance to play

with him…

“He is asleep now, he looks so

beautiful Pah, and just

watching him alone gladdens

my heart…

“Sure, he is, you are beautiful

Remi…so is only normal to

breed your kind…you have a

warm heart, when I say you

are beautiful I mean every

word of it…inside and out.

Remi looked up at him and

they locked eyes for sometime,

the native handmade lamp

burn at one corner, Mikai sleep

soundly, Ore was out, he

sometimes sleeps on the tree

or in the house that Sipah built

for him, Sipah also built a

house for Mikai’s birds, rabbits,

squirrels and other pet animals

that Sipah caught for Mikai

Sipah looked away, as he felt

the heat of his emotions

“I just wanted to check up…i

will wash up and go to bed,

good night Remi…good night

Emmanuel…I pray the almighty

God, keeps us all safe through

out the night as always and

may morning bring the

blessing of the new day to us…

“Amen…thank you…


Sipah turned to leave and Remi

spoke again making him to


“Pah, you are also handsome,

even your scar can not hide the

fine man that you are, you are

a good man with a large heart,

sometimes I mistake you for an

angel in human. Thank you

Pah….i love…I mean I love the

environment you created for us


Sipah smiled, he nodded before

walking away, he washed up

and return to his room, he lay

down in his bed and watch the

fire from the clay pot in his

room, burn quietly.

Remi has occupied his mind

and he forgot to pray, he sat

up from his bed and silently

started praying

“heavenly father, I thank you

for your numerous blessing

everyday, I can’t tell it all, even

if my body is filled with mouth

is never enough to say thank

you father, thank you for Remi

and Emmanuel, thank you for

Mikai, Ore our monkey friend,

the beauty and quietness of

this place, where people

dreaded most you created a

beautiful home out of it for us.

Night has come and I ask for

your protection over us, send

your angels to surround us, no

evil is allowed close here

because we are under your

wing of protection. Thank you

so much for your love and

kindness so far, I tell you

everything because you are a

good listener and a loving

father, today I decided to talk

to you about Remi, my

emotions and the way I feel for

her, I don’t know if this is right

or not but I don’t want to do

things you won’t approve off,

keep me in check and don’t let

me run wild with this, it may

seem normal to be together

but I am not counting on what

seem normal in my eyes but

what you think about it all.

Have your way in our lives and

perfect that which concerns

us….may we find our purpose

in life and live as you want us

to live…this and many more I

pray in Jesus name…. Amen.

Sipah returned to bed and slept

with peace in his heart

Remi lay with Ademide in her

own room, she wish she can

express how she feel about

Sipah, he looks at her the way

she love, she melt at his gaze

and love having him around,

he makes her have this warm

feeling that she can’t explain,

she wonder if Sipah feels the

same way too, she wish Sipah

could just tell her the way he

feels about her, she almost said

that she loves him earlier

which was what she had

wanted to say but caught

herself, Sipah maybe feeling

different from that.

Remi breathed deeply as she

tried to think of something

else, she thought of the prince

and frowned, she has had same

feeling for the prince, same

feeling that she was having for

Sipah, the Prince has joined

many other to hurt her, only

the princess and Ope stood by

her in the palace.

Remi wondered what life was

like for them, they all probably

thought she was dead.

Remi thought of her late

mother and wiped a tiny tear

off her eyes, she wondered

how her grandma and Dami

are doing.

Her grandma’s riddle has never

left her heart “two will want

you, only one will have you,

then disaster will struck and

the gods will take you far away

with the seed of crown…which

will become a Diamond in

forest…sorted after….

She understand her grandma’s

riddles but not fully, the only

part she is yet to understand

now is “diamond in the forest

that will be sorted after…by

who, Remi asked her self

silently, she looked down on

her son and covered him up

properly. “the only good thing

I got from the palace is

Ademide, the prince broke me

up even without knowing, and

when I thought the world has

come to an end for me I found

a new home here and another

beginning… I’m glad the gods

kept me safe until I brought

my Ade forth. This is my

present, Sipah, Mikai, Ore and

everything here is my present

and I find peace here, no

trouble, just us living in our

own world. All I wish is that

Sipah will open up to me on

how he feels or maybe I should

tell him…no I can’t, I will rather

remain quiet and allow

whatever will be to be…but I

feel something strong for him…

same as I have felt for the


Remi breathed again before

shutting her eyes, as she

allowed sleep to take over her.




Episode 28.

Ope walked round the market

to make sure she has gotten

everything the princess sent

her to buy.

As she was about going she

sighted a young boy, she

recognized the boy very well,

despite he has increased in

height and body she still know

who he was

He wanted to buy fufu from a

older woman who seem to be

smiling while talking with him

Ope quickly walked up to him

and tapped him on the

shoulder, he quickly turned and

looked at Ope with a confused

face before greeting her

“Eka sun (good afternoon)

“Ba wo ni (how are you)

“O wa pa (I’m fine)

“Do you know me…or let me

say do you remember me…?

“Rara o (not at all)

“Are you through with what

you came to buy or you still

want to buy other things?

” I’m through…I just want to

wrap up the fufu and I will be

on my way…

Ope nooded as he collected the

fufu and greeted the woman

cheerfully and they both Left

the market together.

“Oru ko mi ni Ope (my name is

Ope) I work in the palace…and I

was close to your sister Remi

before she was banished… I’m

deeply sorry for your late sister

and also your late mother,

Remi was a nice maiden but

she has so much enemies than

friends and they plot together

to destroy her…I am sorry…

what is your name again..

“My name is Dami and I live

with my grandma now, she

sent me to buy somethings at

the market, the woman you

saw me talking with use to be

Maami’s friend, they usually sit

together in this market and sell

their fufu but ever since maami

passed on she has never

stopped giving me and my

grandma free fufu, she refuse

to collect money from me, she

said maami was kind to

everyone including her, maami

will give her last meal to a

total stranger and go hungry…

Maami’s death is still a shock to

her and to those she was close

to, it sound so unbelievable

because she was looking

healthy on the last day she

came to market and the

following day she was gone…

followed by my pregnant elder

sister being banished, I

thought the world has come to

an end but I’m glad to be

among the living. well, I think

remember you now. My sister

do mention your name

sometimes back then… how’s

the palace and the Oba…we

hard that he is very ill, hope he

is getting better?

“The palace is cold as usual…it

was as if your sister took the

color along when she left… the

palace is never the same but

we all go about our rightful

duty as we called to and as for

the Oba… we are still hoping on

the gods for him to get

better…I hard this morning that

two of the cabinet men are

also sick and the native doctors

has gone to attend to them…no

one knows what is happening…

only the gods sees in secret…

“My grandma said so… she said

many will become sick and the

kingdom will be torn apart…

the seed of crown which

happens to be the diamond in

the forest will be sorted after…

she said the oba Will not die..

he will live to see the seed of


“What seed of crown and

diamond are you talking

about…I don’t seem to get

what you are saying Dami..

what are you really talking


“I can’t even explain myself I’m

just quoting my grandma…but

she say certain things that ends

up being true. She makes me

to believe that Remi is alive

and well… she has a son and

they live in the forest with

with a stranger…I believe her

because she has the ear of the


“Can you take me to her, I

mean iya agba… your grandma

Let me greet her before going

back to the palace

Dami took her to the house,

the grandma was making

ewedu soup with a short

bunch of broom. She has

prepared Amala already as

Dami went to assist her after

introducing Ope to her.

Ope knelt down and greeted

her before Iya asked her to

stand up

“Remi was my good friend

back in the palace before the

disaster struck… she was a kind

person, I just wanted to greet

you Iya and to also sympathize

with you…it must be very hard

loosing both daughter, grand

daughter and even a great

grand child if Remi’s had given

birth…but the gods knows the

best…Remi was selfless when

she was alive…

“Yes, and she is remain selfless

because she is alive. she

trusted too much but that was

because of the kind of person

she is, enemies in a friendly

clothing were surrounding

her… it wasn’t because she was

cold or foolish that sent her to

the forest… my grand daughter

was wise and bold yet too


“You mean she survived the

forest and bore her child right

in the wild…

“Yes, a son, diamond in the

forest…he is the seed of

crown… a remedy for the


“Oh… the gods be praise…so

Remi will eventually return

back to the kingdom alive with

a son… wow…it sound too

good to be true…I can’t wait

Iya… I can’t wait for her

return… how long will it take

for It to happen…

“The gods did not reveal the

time or hour, I use to guess

maybe it will be upto five years

before all this will take place

but I feel the time is close… she

is not coming alone… she will

be coming with total

strangers… they have shining

light around their feets, they

came before and built The first

school here for us but the Oba

chased them away because he

felt they brought new strange

teaching that may corrupt the

people’s minds but this time

the stranger coming with my

grand daughter will come to

stay, he will pitch his tent here

and many will come to believe

in his teaching…he is a good

man with a pure heart and so

is the little girl with him… they

will marry our own and

multiply… the troubled

kingdom will be peaceful again

because the wicked will not

stand the heat… they will be

exposed soon…

“Amin… Iya, even though I

don’t understand everything

but it all sound too good…I am

so happy to know that Remi is

alive and I will keep pleading

to the gods to keep her and

her son safe until there

return…iya I have to run back

to the palace now…I met Dami

in the market and decided to

stop by and greet you..

“Please wait and eat

something my child, the soup

is almost ready… you can’t

come over without eating or

drinking from me… the princess

is not in need of you right now

so eat before running

back…you are a good child and

the gods are smiling towards

you… your fight for justice will

be greatly rewarded…but in all

your doing be wise because

the enemies plan is only to kill

and destroy anyone standing

on their way…

Ope nooded and waited as

grandma served her Amala and

Ewedu soup with dry fish.

As Ope silently ate, Dami sat

beside her eating his own

Ewedu with fufu, grandma

kept on talking to her about

things that are yet to be

Ope did not understand every

thing but she nodded anyway

The food was so delicious that

she ate up the plate of Amala

before thanking grandma

Before she Left she promise to

always stop by any day she

was sent to the market just to

check up and to know if iya

agba cooked Amala and Ewedu

They all laugh before Ope Left.

Nike’s mother became sick, Leja

came to give the prince

message to them but found

out that Nike’s mother was

critically ill, he passed the

message anyway and left

without wasting time, he tries

to avoid any suspense or

questioning that will come

from Nike.

Leja reported back to the


Nike couldn’t return to the

palace after the prince

warning, she doesn’t know

what Leja said to the prince

which made him to dismiss her

from the palace maiden, she

was angry at Leja and planned

to find out what he told the

prince ones her mother’s

health improves.

She wanted to be in the palace

where she will get to see the

prince daily but she can’t leave

her mother in her condition

She planned to deal with both

Leja and Ope if she is allowed

back to the palace.

Nike wondered why people

were falling ill in the kingdom,

first it was the Oba, then two

cabinet men now her mother

who knows who will follow


But she wasn’t afraid, she must

try to achieve her aim by

becoming the next Queen of

the kingdom, and Leja has to

help her achieve that other

wise he will expose him.

Remi worked with Mikai in

Sipah’s farm, as they harvest

the corn.

Ademide was securely at her

back with the stained wrapper

which has become almost

everything to her in taking care

of her son

Sipah has gone into the forest

to cut woods for his farm.

Ore was with Remi and Mikai

as he follows them everywhere

they go wanting to assist but

don’t seem to know how

When Ademide started

whining and crying, Remi

decided to drop him close by,

she spread the corn ear first on

the farm land before spreading

the wrapper over it to make it


She sat Ademide on the ground

and asked Ore to play with him

Ore was happy to have baby

Ademide to himself as he jump

up and down making the little

boy to giggle.

Ademide stopped crying and

started laughing as Ore started

entertaining him.

Mikai looked over to where the

baby and monkey was playing

and started laughing

“Ore will make a great baby

sitter…he act like a human

atimes…he likes playing with

Ade… The baby is fond of him…

“Yea, Ore is an intelligent

animal, the first day he showed

me the spring I was shock… my

throat was patched…I really

needed water and Ore lead the

way to the spring, it was from

that day I gave him the name


“Someday I pray to also have a

baby…I love babies…I grew up

here with Pah, he told me the

stories of my real parents

burning in a house fire set up

by wicked people, Pah saved

me and he became a parent to

me, he taught me to read and

write and how to do so many

things like my own weapon, he

is my father and my only

family I have on earth, I’m use

to this environment and I’m

not afraid… I’m use to pah and

the animals untill you came

here, pah has said if I come of

age he will take me to a

faraway village where I will be

able to have a suitor… maybe

marry and have children…he

doesn’t care much about

himself, but I pray every night

that God will protect him and

send a woman who will

become his wife… do you know

that when you came it looks

like you were an answer to my

prayer… you and pah were

getting close I was happy but

recently i notice that pah

seems to be distancing himself

from you… do you know why?

“Well, not really… you know

pah can be weird and he prays

alot… maybe he likes having

quiet time where he can

communicate with God

without any distraction…

“Maybe you are right… Pah

prays too much, almost all the

time. you said you also lost

your father and mother, the

only people alive is your

grandma and your brother…

you are still blessed to have a

grandma and a brother…I wish

I have a grandma and a sibling

too…but is all good… the Lord’s

ways are far different from

ours… he sees and knows all

things. Pah thought me to be

thankful in everything… forgive

those who hurt us and pray for

those who hates us…

“He is a good man…I mean Pah

and he really brought you up

in the right way but

forgiveness doesn’t come easily

for people like me…I still hate

those who hurt me and I wish

them nothing but pain and


“When you forgive you do

yourself a great favour because

hate is a great burden and it

can weigh you down…

“Your words are too matured…

let’s talk about something else.

will you like to leave this forest

someday…I mean with Pah…?

“Certainly, I will love to live

among humans, I will love to

visit the market and see lots of

people, I will like to go to the

stream and see people there…

not just me and pah but living

in the means of plenty people

and blushing when a

handsome man looks at me

like you blush when ever pah

looks at you…I have seen you

blush before…

“Whaaaat…oh mine… do I really

blush… was it that obvious…oh

Mikai.. now you have caught


“Yes, you do blush and I wish I

can get a fine, God fearing,

hardworking, fearless man like

pah who will also make me

blush… hahahaha..oh my God…I

sound like a broken record..

“Yes… you really do, but my

younger brother can actually fit

into your description…he can

make you blush, he is

handsome, strong,

hardworking, God fearing too…

“I’m not sure your brother will

like a girl from the forest but

we are running ahead of

ourselves…we are still in the

forest… let’s wait untill we out

of here first…but this place is so

cool unlike the noisy crowded

world… Pah says that alot. The

hunter he once saved brought

different things to thank him,

like the crops we plant, cloths

and foot wears… many other

things. Is being years now we

never hard from him. Pah told

him not to come to this part of

the forest at night again

because is dangerous for him

and he is an elderly man,

unlike pah filled with hot

strong blood, he has being

through alot but I’m glad God

kept him… everything in this

world may fail but God’s word

stand firm forever…look… look…

Ore is trying to lift Ade from

the ground…I think he has

peeled on himself and Ore

want to move him….

hahahaha… this is so funny…

Remi laughed at the scene

before going to carry her son

from the ground.

Sipah was carrying wet wood

which he plan to use for his

yam and other crops like

vegetables, beans, groundnut

and melon.

Ore saw him coming and ran to


He was happy to see him as he

jump up and down.

Remi and Mikai watched and

laugh while Sipah kept on

smiling with the heavy wood

which he later dropped down,

he breathed heavily.

He waved at Remi and Mikai

before leaving again to cut

down more wood.




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