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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Diamond in the forest Episode 23 & 24

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Episode 23.



Dami digged up more ridge for

his grandma at her backyard,

he kept on digging and

suddenly he stopped to wipe

sweat out of his forehead, the

sweet aroma coming from his

grandma’s kitchen filled his


His stomach made a funny

sound, he can’t wait to eat

whatever the grandma was


He sat on the ridge and held

his digging hole in hand as he

look straight at nothing

He was deep in thought when

his grandma startled him

“Eku se omo daadaa… (Well

done good child) I’m making

risi ati omiobe (rice and stew) I

guess you are tired… you have

tried for today… go and wash

up so that you will have

something to eat…I bought

rabbit from the hunter…I added

it to the omiobe…and dried

some by the fire for tomorrow

efo riro…so we will be having a

rabbit stew with rice…I have

miss my usual bush meat…

when your grandpa was alive…

people come here to ask if

there’s any bush meat

available…I will serve them and

they will eat to their

satisfaction before going to

their different houses… your

grandpa was a good hunter, a

loving husband and a great

father not just to your mother

who happens to be our only

child but to other children…

“And you are a great loving

grandma… you seem to be

taking maami’s death with

ease… being your only

biological child…every mother

will cry their eyes out if they

loose their child…

“No mother wishes for the

death of their children, every


human prays to

grow old and and die at a very

prime age…peacefully. it was a

mishap… like a blow to us all

but death is certain, mine May

not come earlier but it will,

both the good and the wicked

dies my child… killing another

will not make the wicked to

live forever, the wicked will

still die anyway…

“I wish mother has lived…I

wish Remi wasn’t banished, I

wish father was

alive…uhmmm…I just wish for

many things yet I can’t have


“If wishes where horses even

beggars will take a ride on it…

isn’t it how the saying

goes?…life happens my son…so,

we the living have to move

on… let’s not dwell on our loses

but take everyday as a gift

from the gods… only the living

has hope for tomorrow…a

living dog is better than a dead

lion… being alive is not because

we deserve it or we did more

good than the dead…not at all…

only the gods favors those they

chose to favor, so everyday is a

blessing and live it as such and

don’t be ungrateful rather be

thankful in everything…in that

way you will secure more of

the gods blessings…

“Bee ni iyaiya ( that’s very true

grandma) I imagine what Remi

could be doing, being all alone

in the forest, no good shelter,

no good cooked food, no

friends or anybody to talk

to…just all alone, exposed to all

kinds of danger, wild animals

and bad spirit that hooves

around… she is carrying a

child…who will help her during

birth time… How will she cope

with everything…iya you

assured me that egbon mi (my

elder sister) will be fine but I

find it difficult to believe just

imagining all the danger she

has to face.. except you are

saying that to console me…all I

see is the

impossibility of her

survival…I know she is very

strong, she has a strength of

five men yet even her strength

may fail her in such an

environment… she won’t be

able to make it iya…I fear…

hmmm…I fear for her…

“Don’t be… Remi is fine…I

assured you that… she carried a

diamond that must not be

tampered with… maybe if she

has stayed behind the wicked

would have found a means to

hurt her and the seed of crown

so the gods sent her away and

I’m certain they will protect

her… I know she has being

through alot, wrongly accused,

injustice done her and then a

harsh sentence was passed,

your mother died and she was

banished with the child that

was still forming in her womb…

that is just too much for one

person… yet she will scale

through, victory will be hers

when the sun finally set in her


“Amin…(Amen) let me run to

the river and have a long swim,

I will fetch more water on my

way, I can’t wait to eat the

rabbit stew with rice…mo nbo

iya (I’m coming grandma)

Nike came to meet Leja where

he sat

“You know you can’t drop out

now… whatever happens has

happened..I wanted her off my

way and is done…

“You are so heartless… do you

know that Remi also lost her

mother and I’m very sure your

wicked mother has a hand in

her death…how can you be

okay with yourself knowing

well that Remi might be dead

by now for your sins… like

mother like daughter…too

evil….how do you sleep at

night with your conscience…

“I don’t have one, I don’t have

a conscience…if you become an

enemy I will make sure I clear

you off my way…

“Do not dare use those

threatening tone on me… I’m

very sure you know who you

are talking to, I told you Nike..I

warned you not to do anything

against the oba that he has the

ear of the gods and yet you

disobeyed and went ahead just

to have the prince and become

Queen…now the prince does

not want you or any maiden

close to him…ever since Remi

was banished for the very sin

you committed… you suppose

to be the one in that evil forest

and probably dead by now not

Remi…but I’m sure the gods

will deal with you for all your


“You mean deal with”us” I’m

as guilty as you are so don’t

start what you can’t finish…if I

go down you are definitely

going with me Leja… so you

better cooperate and stop

trying to shift the blame on

me… and leave iyami out of

this… I’m waiting for my flow

this month if it did not come it

means that the prince will be a

father with your child…I will do

everything I can to make the

prince to become mine…

whether he likes it or not… I’m

fully into this no going back…I

will achieve all my aim… just

watch and see…

Ope walked past Leja and Nike

as they argue that day, Ope

noticed that since Remi left, the

palace has loose it’s color,

everything seem boring and

quiet or maybe is the way she

feels and Leja and Nike seems

to be having argument every

now and then

The next morning

Ope passed Leja without

greeting him, Leja called her

“Hey…do I look so small or I’m I

invisible that made you to

walk pass me like that…

“Imabinu… ekaro (don’t be

angry, good morning)

“You have being giving

attitude this days Ope…I

noticed it but wanted to keep

watching you until I’m sure of

what you are turning into…be


“I’m guided you are the one I

should be telling to be

guided…I don’t mean this as an

insult but why don’t you hush

Nike like you are doing right

now…I know both of you are

upto to something…I don’t

know what it is but I just hope

it has nothing to do with Remi

being banished… Remi is a

good maiden and has a heart

of gold… her sister Nike was

always jealous of her and I

know it right from time is just

Remi did not see the green

snake in a green grass that

Nike was.. you lied the baby

she carries was yours but I

know is not true it belongs to

the prince… Remi said it

herself… and I believe her…

even the princess confirmed

it…I saw your guilty face that

day her sentence was

passed…it was as if you were

being punch… Leja I

understand that jealousy is

making you do the things you

don’t want to do…but the gods

will not forgive you if you

don’t let the cat out of the

bag… Remi maybe dead but

she will not be forgotten in the

heart of those of us that love

her… don’t you feel guilty… you

killed an innocent girl with

your evil minded companion…

“I did not kill any one… stop

assuming things that you are

not sure of… whatever happens

is in the past now.. everyone is

trying to move past that…

“Not everyone… Leja… you can

not move past it because it is

glued to your conscience…

Mikai hard a whistle from the

far end of the forest and

whistled back

“That was my father, I call him

Pah, he is back from

hunting…we use mouth whistle

to communicate sometimes…

Let me call him to come over…

Mikai whistled again three

times with her mouth different

sound, before turning to Remi

who has thousand and one

question she wanted to ask the

girl who looks like she was not

afraid of anything or anyone.

“What are you roasting…I

mean what kind of animal is

that… burning out… that’s not

how to roast a game…

“Is a grass cuter… the one it’s

back is covered with spikes…

that is what i use to make my


“Ooh…it looks like a hedgehog

to me… and your bow and

arrow is made from a bole..tree

trunk… that’s not good.. you

can’t do anything with this…I

will give you one of mine…I

have different types some

made from animals skin… Pah

thought me how to make my

own weapon…I really have

questions I would love to ask

but let my father come first.

“Same here, I also have

questions but let’s wait for

your father…

The monkey jumped on the

tree and

started making strange noise, a

mouth whistle was hard not

too far from where they where

and Mikai responded

“I guess your father is close

by… that is why Ore..my friend

is making those funny noise…

“Sure he is… animals has a

funny way of communicating

to humans… when you live

among them you will get to

understand them better…here

he comes…pah…

A tall young man, maybe a

little younger than Leja or

same age, with a hand made

raffle hanging on his shoulder,

he was good looking and has a

big scar on his forehead, Remi

has expected an older man but

was shock to see a young fine

man, a Father to Mikai who has

a little of his resemblance

He stood surprised as he

looked from Remi to Mikai,

Mikai spoke first

“Pah… her name is Remi, that’s

her friend the monkey, who

she calls Ore… she is lost…I

guess… so we are not really the

only one living in the

forest…we have a companion…

and she is expecting a baby…

look at her tummy… God added

to us… we will have a friend

and a sister… isn’t that cool…

pah… pah

Remi smile as she watch Mikai

speak to the man who seem to

be lost in thought as he stare

at Remi. When he got himself

he moved closer

“Pardon me please… I’m just

shock to see another human

here after many years. before I

start throwing the question

going through my mind let me

introduce myself first… I’m

Sipah from the far north. I

guess Mikai has introduce

herself already…I thought we

are the only human here… I’m

glad to meet another maybe

we can talk about why you are

here… you will need good food

and a shelter…

“I’m Remi… you and your

daughter’s accent sound so

different and sweet to the ear ..

I’m so happy that I’m not alone

here… thank you Si…pah

“Just call me Pah… and don’t

thank me yet… because we

haven’t done anything for

you…I will pick up your things

and we will all leave here…

“Thank you “Pah.. I’m grateful

Sipah and Mikai gathered up

Remi things, wrapped it up and

carried it, as they turn to leave,

Sipah turned to Remi…

“Forget about the bush

meat…is almost turning into

charcoal, whenever you want

to roast a game.. don’t leave it

ones you throw it into the fire

just… keep turning it untill is

properly done…I will teach you

how to do that… Do you still

have another person here or

you are the only one…

“Yes, I’m just the only one with

my monkey friend… Ore, hope

you don’t mind if he comes

along…he has being so helpful…

“Ofcurse not…Ore is from now

onward our friend… let’s go


Remi smiled as she looked

from Sipah to Mikai who were

both smiling, Sipah has a very

attractive fine smile as he

looked at Remi, she looked up

the tree where the monkey

was jumping from branch to


“Ore… is time to go… come let’s

go… there’s home for us


They walked untill Remi could

see a mould house and the out

house was built with leaves

and sticks the whole place was

widely fenced, and there were

vegetables and yam farm,

there was also corn and Millet

farm everything seem to be in

order and well arranged

She smiled as Sipah ushered

her into their home in the

heart of the forest

She thanked him ones again as

Mikai took her into a warm


Sipah rushed to the fire place

to cook something for Remi,

who despite how stressed and

troubled she look she still

posses an inner beauty that is

so welcoming

He can’t wait to hear her story

and what she was doing in the


Remi’s looked out at the small

window and saw Sipah, cutting

wood and putting them on fire,

something was cooking in the

fire place, Sipah has a well built

muscle and and an inviting

smile, despite the scar on his

forehead he was still very

handsome and also young

Remi wondered if he was truly

the father of Mikai because of

how young and handsome he


She can’t wait to hear their

stories and what made them to

build a home in the heart of

the forest surrounded by wide

animals but for now she will

silently thanked the gods for

sending Mikai and Sipah to her



Episode 24.


“….you don’t understand how

this people think…they reason

like the old and did not want

anything that will change their

believe and when he came

with that…it became a total

war…they wedged a serious

war against him and his family

because they thought he

wanted to corrupt their land

and change what they hold


“My grandma told me such

stories…it also happened in our

place…but they were chased


“well…it still happens my

dear…some people have a

heart of stones and which can

not easily be penetrated…that

was how our people was…I’m

Mikai’s uncle, but I have

watched her grow everyday

and turning into a strong

beautiful woman, when her

parents died and I escaped

with her, she was just four

years…she is twelve years

now…which means we have

live in this forest for eight

years…the people almost killed

us, as they lynched up the

house and it went up in

flames…their was no way of

escape, Mikai’s mother was the

first to burn up…I saw this

things happen as angry mob

stood outside rejoicing that

they have burn us all, i called

my elder brother Mikai’s father

and his response was…was not

in this world again…but I hard

him saw…”sip…take Mikai…

run…run as far as you can…

become a father to her and let

her be a daughter to you…

don’t fail to put God first…for

even in death there’s victory…

dust off your shoes sand ones

you are out of this town and

never return to it…because this

land will become desolate and

barren…fear God…and put him

first…let Mikai grow with the

knowledge and power in the

name above all names…

“They were missionaries…I

mean Mikai parents…

“yes…they were like I said

earlier… that was their only

sin…our only sin, I wrapped

Mikai up, there was no time to

pick much things so I just pick

the few I lay my eyes on and

escaped through the window

with Mikai, I ran with her into a

near by bush and watch as the

house was burn down…I held

my breath and thought I was

going to die too…but for the

sake of Mikai I needed to be

strong, we roam round the

bush for days, eating anything

eatable…but the Lord was with

us…I dust my feet as I was told

and cursed the land for taking

the only family I hold dearly to

my heart, Mikai father took

care of me so well after the

death of our parents until he

got married and the wife

became both mother and a

sister to me…but that village

took them untimely while we

sleep at night…they set the

whole building on fire and I

manage to escape with Mikai…I

live in hate and bitterness until

I was tired of it and I just have

to let go…hatred and

unforgiveness does no good to

anyone…if Christ can forgive his

persecutors how much more

we that claims to love him…i

found a living here Remi…and

God indeed has being God to


“Your scar…on your forehead…

was it cursed by the fire…

“Not at all…I sustained it from

here when I battled with a

wild bear…well it gave me a

life threatening injury but I

killed it after all, and I also

have several on my body, a

hunter was attacked in the

night one day, on hearing

human cry for help I rushed to

rescue and it was a hyena…not

just one but four hyenas…

hmmm, I killed them all but

my body was scattered with

their sharp teeth and I loosed a

lot of blood but I recovered,

God has being good to me and

Mikai, he has never forsaken us,

we have no charm protecting

us here or any other power

except the power from above…

so…tell me about yourself…

what brought you here

“I was banished…I was

wrongly accused of poisoning

the king and I was banished…

sent here to die, well it looks

like the gods are smiling down

on me just like my grandma

always say, is a long story

Pah…but I will tell you all

about it…maybe tomorrow,

today is almost gone, let me

cook evening food for us…

“the child you carry…is it for

your husband…are you

married…why will your people

be so heartless to banish a

pregnant woman…for God’s

sake that’s so cruel and


“I’m not married, I got

entangled with the prince one

night and it resulted to my

pregnancy, he can’t even

remember because he was

drunk…so when I told him the

truth he refuse to believe me…

so I bore this shame with pride

no matter what…a child is a

gift from the gods and

shouldn’t suffer because of the

sin of the parents…my story is

an interesting one…but I don’t

count my trouble anymore

because I now have you, Mikai

and ore as my new family

here…well let me start the food


“You don’t need to stress

yourself…I will do the

cooking… Ore, our monkey

friend can keep me busy with

it’s whining, you and Mikai can

take a walk round the farm…I

will prepare your bath before

you return, and the food will

be ready…we process our own

little food here and is easily

done…a lot of dry meat and

fruits, oil, cassava meal, yam,

millets, honey, quail and goose

eggs too, the forest has

thought me into knowing how

to do almost everything and

anything… this is our own

world…far from our kind and

live in the means of animals,

most of the animals are very

friendly…just like Ore, the

monkey…if you don’t hurt

them they will not hurt you…I

set trap all around this fence

for trespasser…Mikai is growing

stronger and stronger both in

the Lord and in strength…

“Your way of believe is strange

to me…and it sound and look

so foreign, I grew up with

different setting…and the gods

of our ancestors are real…they

set me up on this journey…

hope you don’t mind if…

“ Remi…in this place we won’t

force you to adapt to our

system of living and worship…

in every village there are origin

and traditions of the land that

the people follow, like a yam

festival, the moonlight festival,

the first rain festival and so

many others…and without this

festivals and celebration the

said kingdom may loose It’s

purpose and traditions…live a

free live here and don’t feel

intimidated with our ways, the

sun shine both on the good

and evil…same is the rain…we

are all one but have different

calling and purpose…whatever

rocks your boat…is fine by me,

the gods of your ancestors still

point down to the almighty,

who is all knowing….and wise,

the foolishness of God is wiser

than the wisdom of men, he

alone knows why our part

crossed…and only his will must

be done…

“Amin…thank you Sipah…you

are God sent to me…you

Mikai… also Ore….hahahaha…it

sound so funny how a monkey

could be so helpful…I feel so

blessed to be surrounded with

your warm presence…i can’t

stop saying thank you…

Remi live with Sipah and Mikai

even as her month of birthing

drew near, Sipah and Mikai

fetched water to feel their

hand made pots, they put

everything necessary down as

Remi’s day drew near

Remi was slicing vegetable

that day Sipah has gone for

hunting, Mikai went to the

spring to get water, Remi was

with Ore as she felt something

gushing under her cloth.

“Ore…Ore…come…come here…


The monkey shakes it’s tail as it

look up from the nut that he

was eating, but did not bother

to move

“Ore…I said come…here….i

need help…go and fetch me

that wrapper over there…

wrapper…my cloth is socked

up…I can’t seem to move…

Ore…get away from that nut

and get that wrapper for me…


The monkey jumped up and

down, making noise as if it was

saying something to Remi…

which Remi did not

understand, the monkey

instead of bringing the

wrapper from the place came

close and sat with Remi still

eating his nut.

“Ore…I wish you can

understand me…but is…

aaarghhh… there’s a sharp pain


The monkey jumped on top of

a chair that has pieces of cloth,

he shift it close to Remi who

was just confuse on what to do

“that is not the wrapper I

asked you to bring but this will

be helpful…thank you


She cleaned herself up, and

tried to use her mouth to

whistle as Sipah and Mikai does

it but to no avail, she couldn’t

do it despite how many time

Mikai has thought her, she wish

Sipah or Mikai will return and

help her

The monkey senses her

discomfort and ran out, facing

the spring, he later return with

Mikai, who was on a run

“is there a problem…Ore came

to meet me at the spring,

where I was washing, he was

trying to tell me something I

sensed is about you…are you


“I think is the baby…is

coming…the baby is coming…

water just rush down under

my legs…I don’t know the

meaning of that but I sense the

baby is coming…

MIkai set up all the necessary

things for her inside the warm

room she share with Remi, she

assisted Remi to go inside and

just when she lay down and

with just the second push a

baby cry was hard.

It filled the whole room, and

just then Sipah came in with a

big bush meat that he caught.

He hard the cry of the baby and

rushed to the room where

Remi held her baby in hand

while Mikai, tried to clean up

the place after cutting the

umbilical cord

“Oh my God…wow…our baby is

here finally…

“Pah, she just gave the second

push and the baby came forth

with ease…giving birth looks

so easy than what you told

me…and is a baby boy… so

cute…wow…I can’t wait to hold

him too…

“hahahaha…giving birth is

never easy for some…some

women pass on from there but

I’m glad that is not her case,

God is truly with her…no

complication, and yes that’s a

sweet looking baby…can I help

with anything….congratulation


Remi smile as she looked at her

baby whom she wrapped up

with cloth and he gentle suckle

in her tiny b—-t…

“thank you Sipah…God is

good…everything was almost

done before you came in, Mikai

will make a good midwife…just

help us and bury this umbilical

cord…Mikai will do the rest…

thank you…and we will also be

needing a hot water again…

Sipah smile and nodded, he

can’t express how happy he

was to see Remi deliver safely,

he later rushed to the kitchen

after burying the cord in his

farm, he boil more hot water

as Remi had demanded.

Ore was just going around with

Sipah as Sipah set up another

fire to prepare a yam pottage

for Remi with the bush meat

he just caught.



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