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Diamond finale

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 37
Cali’s Pov:
“T….Thank you” I forced myself to say and he just nodded and turned back to the food.
He opened the pot and my eyes beamed at the sumptuous sight in front of me.
Everything was so steamy and appetizing.
“Seems our meal is ready” he said as he turned off the g@s and i felt my mouth water from the sight.
He reached for a big plate and poured in some of the meal, making sure it filled the plate.
Wow! It was steaming hot and looked damn delicious.
He covered the pot afterwards and placed them plate on a tray.
Hold on…why’s it just one plate? Does he want me to starve, huh? I was so hungry.
Surprisingly, he took two spoons and fixed them into the tray.
Huh?? Two spoons on the same tray?
“Come on” he said and started walking out of the kitchen with the tray while I followed.
We returned to the bedroom and he placed the tray on the small dining in the room -a small table with two opposite chairs.
“Sit” he said more like in an order and I slowly sat opposite him.
He was sitting on the other end of the table.
He fixed the spoon into the hot meal and started eating.
so, what am I to do??
“Don’t just stare at me, Cali. You can join us to read and enjoy more intriguing stories from our watsap and telegram page through ome on+233544142683. Go on and eat”‘ he said with an eye roll and I cringed.
Did he just….
Hold on; he wants me to eat with him???
I started at him for a while, mostly as he ate so neatly and perfectly. And not wanting him to repeat himself, I took up my spoon and began eating.
I was eating with the King!!!
I took in a spoonful and was abacked by its taste.
Did a boy really cook this????
If not for the fact I was there in the kitchen with him, I’d have doubted it.
“Tastes good, huh?” He asked with a smirk.
“Um….yes. Really good sir” I replied with flushed cheeks.
“Stay around me and you’ll be a perfect cook” he said and my eyes beamed.
stay around him????
For real??
That reminds me..
This was going to be my last day working as his personal maid.
“Sir” I called after a while.
“After today, I won’t be coming over again, Right? I mean…my punishment is over, right?”
He was silent and took in some gulps of water.
He continued eating like I hadn’t say a word and just when I was about repeating myself, he answered.
Was his simple reply.
Miquel’s Pov:
It hurt.
It hurt when she mentioned it.
For the past three days, I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be lonely.
I’d finally found someone to talk to, someone yo be around me.
But too bad, today might be the last day I get to see her.
Although, it wasn’t difficult getting someone to stay with me. It wasn’t difficult getting a bi*ch to keep me company for as long as I want. As a matter of fact, 98%9 of the ladies in the institute were ready to die for such opportunity.
But I didn’t want any of them. I hated being around cheap people who didn’t worth my time.
But this lady…..Cali.
Why do I feel different about her? I never get tired of her company.
And at some point, I asked myself;
Was she working as my maid because I was tryna punish her? Or because I really needed her around?
Cali’s Pov:
After eating, I cleared up the place, washed the dishes and returned to the room to find Miquel at the balcony.
What else would he want me to do for him, huh? I hadn’t even taken my bath.
Although….I really enjoyed staying with him and wished I could stay longer. Just that….his cold attitude could freeze someone to death.
I went out to the balcony and stood beside him as he gazed into space.
Wow! What a lovely sight.
I could see the other tall buildings in the institute. And come to think of it, the institute was quite beautiful.
“Sir…” I called after a while.
Why’s he acting quiet, huh?
“Is there something else you want me to do for you?”
He didn’t say a word immediately and sighed.
“Can you quit the formalities? You can call me Miquel” he said and my jaws dropped.
I should call him by his name?
I stared at him speechlessly, unable to utter a word.
“You really wanna leave, huh?” He asked after a brief silence and I nodded.
Oh….hold on;
Do I really want to leave?
Its just that….I feel so nervous when I’m around him.
But….I really really do like him a lot. And….I always feel lucky being around him.
Just that…he makes me sooo nervous. So nervous i wanna pee on my p*nt.
I still couldn’t believe he f!ng£red me the previous day.
“What if I ask you to stay…..longer?” He asked and came closer to me.
I moved back and found myself leaning on the barriers of the balcony.
I feared I might fall off.
“What if I don’t want you to leave, Cali?”
His voice was so cold but soft and he stood very close to me that I could feel his breath on my face.
He placed his both hands on the barrier beside my waist and I flinched.
What’s he doing?
“S..sir….Miquel” i stuttered and gulped nervously.
He brought his face close like he wanted to klzz me, but curved and leaned on my ear.
“I know you like me” he whispered, s£nding shivers down my spine.
“I like you too. And I want you, Cali. I want you to be mine”.
(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 38
Cali’s Pov:
My lids became too heavy to even blink.
Did….Did I just….
No; what’s going on? I don’t think I understand.
What’s he saying?
His l!ps pushed to the side a little, forming a little smirk.
His words resounded in my head like they were new:
*I want you, Cali. I want you to be mine*
Did I just hear that from him?
I stared at him speechlessly like a bloated goat.
“What do you think?” His soft whispers s£nt hot shivers down my spine as his breath touched my face.
For a while, I was dumbstruck.
“S….S….Sir” was all i could stutter.
No other words could come out from my mouth.
I felt my p*nt become w€t. Don’t tell me I was peeing already.
Finally, he said the most relieving thing I needed to hear at the moment:
“I’ll give you sometime to think about”.
Gosh! That was the height of it. The most relieving. I just needed to be away at the moment.
I took in a big loud gulp and lowered my eyes to the floor.
Gosh! I could feel my heart racing heavily.
He moved away from me, giving me p@ssage to the exit. And I bowed before walking out.
Believe it or not, I didn’t sleep throughout the night. My breath, thoughts and everything kept ringing Miquel;
Each time I tried to close my eyes, his face would pop up and interrupt me and I’d start thinking of him again.
Each time I tried to sleep, his words would come driving in:
“I know you like me,
And I like you too.
“I want you, Cali.
I want you to be mine”.
Were those for real?
He likes me?? and wants me to stay with him?
Could it be a dream?
I f!ng£red myself to be sure it was reality.
Come on Cali; there’s no way a dream would last this long.
I kept turning and turning on the bed and just when the sleep tried taking over, boom!
It was morning already.
“Come on, Cali. You’ve missed cl@sses for four days now. And its really not good for a starter like you” Nina said after forcing me awake.
I yawned drowsily and sat up.
Gosh! My eyes were so heavy. I couldn’t believe Miquel made me stay awake throughout the night.
“I want you, Cali.
I want you to be mine”.
Holy Molly!!! Those words were something else.
It still felt like a dream to me – the leader of the White Diãmônds, the King of the institute, saying those words to me.
How did this even happen in the first place? How did all these happen? How did I get so close to him, huh?
“Come on, Cali. I’m not leaving without you” Nina reminded as she walked into the bathroom.
Gosh! But at some point, I think she’s right.
I’ve missed cl@sses for days now and its so not good for a starter like me.
I guess I’d just have to go along with her, no matter what.
I stood up from the bed and was about going to brush my teeth when one of the l£sblans walked in.
I think it was the one named Chelsea.
She shut me a deadly stare but I tried ignoring her by walking away but she stopped me.
“You” she called spitefully and I turned to look at her.
“I wanna talk to you”.
“O…kay. I’m listening” I replied curiously.
“Are you attracted to my girlfriend?” She asked, folding her hands and I was forced to scoff.
“You mean….your l£sblan partner?” I asked with a ridiculous look.
“Don’t mess with me, girl. You know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen the way you stare at her, I’ve seen you two together and all. But I just wanna warn you; she’s mine and mine alone. So, back off”.
I stared at her, speechlessly, then busted into laughter.
I laughed so h@rd, like I’d never laughed in days.
“Seriously??” I asked.
“Do I look like a pathetic l£sblan to you? Like….I’d leave all the handsome boys in the world just to get f!ng£red by a lady? Gosh! If you only knew how you two disgust me”.
I rolled my eyes and tried walking away, but she pulled me back by the hair.
“How dare you?” She snapped and I turned and pulled her hair as well.
I pulled her close and pushed her back with a full force, making her hit the wall.
Immediately, the door opened and her partner came in.
“Chelsea!” She called in an alarming tone and rushed to help her girlfriend from the floor.
“Next time, you pick someone your size”. I warned her before going into the bathroom to join Nina.
Naomi’s Pov:
I stood in front of the door and cross checked my looks to be sure I was good enough.
Oh my gee!! Miquel was calling for me!
He s£nt for me.
I touched my hair, my shirt, my shoes. Everything was perfect,
And taking in a deep breath, I knocked on the door.
“Come in” his sweet masculine voice answered and I took in a deep breath, pushed the door open and walked in .
A sweet fragrance welcomed me.
Well, his room was the best in the institute.
I found him in front of his board, working on a drawing.
“Miquel” I called, brimful of smiles.
“Good morning”
He didn’t say anything and acted like I wasn’t in the room.
Gosh! This guy was something else and I wished I could have him.
I wouldn’t mind taking off my clothes this very instant if he asked me to.
“Um…you s£nt for me” I tried getting his attention and that was when he turned to look at me.
His eyes were so pretty as they stared at me.
“I know what you’re up to” he began.
“I know you’re mapping out plans to kick Cali out of the institute. But I just wanna warn you; get it off your mind.
“From now on, if anything happens to her, you’ll be held responsible. And trust me, you wouldn’t wanna be found on my watchlist”.
He sighed and turned back to the board.
No; no. This is a dream. There’s no way its real.
I couldn’t even feel my legs anymore.
“Use the door, Naomi” he stated coldly and I felt tears threatening to drop from my eyes.
I tuned around and left.
How did he get to know of my plans?? Everything was ready and to be executed today. How did he get to know about it?
No; someone betrayed me.
Its only possible one of my friends had told him about it. One of them was a traitor.
Cali’s Pov:
“Come on, Cali. What is wrong with you? Why wouldn’t you wanna attend the meeting?”‘ Diane queried as i sat in front of her and Nina at the cafeteria during lunch.
“What’s so difficult to understand, huh? I don’t wanna attend the meeting. Period!” I said with an eye roll and ate from my cheese.
“Seriously??” She scoffed.
“The meeting is damn important and there’s no way any of us can miss out”.
“Is it because….Miquel would be there with his guards?” Nina asked and I almost choked.
Gosh! The mention of that name.
Diane stared at me, beady eyed – with the look like “now, I get”.
“Hold on” she scoffed.
“Is this because of Miquel?”
I itched my neck and looked away.
“Are you avoiding him?”
“Geez” I mumbled.
“Seriously? You’re avoiding him??? What the heck happened between you two??”
“Nothing, okay? Will you two just leave me alone? Go for the meeting, when you’re back, you can give me details” I rolled my eyes as I stood up with my meal and left.
Talking about Miquel made me so damn nervous.
🌠Somewhere in Korea🌠
Unknow Pov ✍️
They all stood in the throne room, before the high priest, awaiting his final judgment.
The hall was so quiet, the drop of a pin could be heard.
Well, it was a sacred moment and no one dared speak. No one at all, aside the high priest.
“The throne has been empty for way too long already” he began, his croaky voice putting fear in some of the minds of the gathered council.
“Its time to crown the King, the king of darkness.
“Lately, the cycle’s been shaking. Something’s trying to tamper with the darkness in his heart. So, we need to grip him before we lose him cause he’s the perfect one for the throne.
“s£nd 10 coordinates to go in search of him. Tell them to bring him home” he concluded and everyone bowed in unison.
Cali’s Pov:
I sat in the middle of Diane and Nina as they kept talking and talking, not minding if I contributed or not..
It was late at night and we just sat in front of the pool, taking some air and feeding our eyes.
My chin was cupped in my palm as I almost thought out my brains.
Gosh! I pray Miquel doesn’t kill me.
After a while, I stood up.
“Hey; where’re you going?” Diane asked.
“I….I just need to take some air, okay? Don’t follow me, please” I rolled my eyes and scuttled away.
Well, reading their thoughts, I don’t think they had any plans of following me.
I scampered away and took in a deep breath when I was very far from them
Then, I continued on the usual route.
I walked and swung my arms until I arrived at his place – in front of his building.
I stood and stared up at it for a while? Could he be in?
I took in a deep breath and reached for the wall, doing what I knew how to do best.
I crawled carefully until I’d gotten to the top and I peeped slowly from the window.
Sweet room – I’ve missed being in it.
I looked left and right but couldn’t find him. Where’s he?
Maybe he’s in the kitchen, or in the bathroom? Or maybe he’s not in the room at all.
Oh! Cali; what am I even doing?
I sighed and was about making a move when something gripped my attention from the floor.
I found him there!!!
I mean…he was there!!
Standing right there on the floor, staring at me.
Oh my geeeee!!
Cali; what have you done?????
I g@sped in fright as I also stared at him. And slowly, I started climbing down the wall.
Cali!!! How do I face him now??
Oh God!
I felt so nervous as I climbed down the wall. And close to the floor, I suddenly missed a step and fell.
“Ouch!!!” I yelped in pain as I broke my leg.
Oh my God!!!!!!
“Argh” I shirked and held the leg.
Oh! Cali. I’m doomed.
Miquel shook his head and came to me on the floor.
“Strange spider woman, huh?” He muttered and carried me from the floor.
Like….he carried me in his arms and made me sit on a nearby space while he squatted in front of me.
“What the hell were you doing on my window?” He asked as he held the leg.
I felt my lungs become dry as he touched me.
“I….” I panicked.
“I um….I just….”
I shut my l!ps when I discovered I was out of words.
I completely had no excuse.
“Why have you been avoiding me?” He threw another question, as he gradually m@ssaged the leg.
“S…Sir?” I tried to possum.
How did he know I was avoiding him?
He scoffed and looked at the leg.
He held it for a while and let go of it.
And for Holy Molly’s sake……..the pains were gone!!!!!
Like completely gone!!!
I looked and touched the leg like a miracle had just taken place.
I couldn’t believe this.
Where the hell did this guy come from??
I looked at him and found him staring at me.
“T…Thank you” I said and took in a nervous gulp afterwards and he just nodded.
“Have you thought about my proposal?” He asked and I felt jingle bells ringing in my tummy.
Gosh! His proposal.
I wanna peeeee
I bit my lower l!p and stared down at the floor. And slowly, I nodded.
“You have? And what is your reply?” He asked, speaking so calmly.
He was still squatting in front of me.
I felt my heart becoming two. This isn’t a dream, is it?
Miquel’s really asking me to stay with him??
I bit my inner chin to keep me from shaking.
“Um….” I stuttered.
“I….I…actually, I…I’d love to stay with you, Sir….Miquel” I corrected the name and he smiled.
He freaking smiled!!!!
Immediately, his guards showed up from behind.
“Boss” they called and he turned slightly to look at them.
“The directors are waiting” Abel said and I could divulge the surprised look from their faces.
Oh! Seems they’re having a meeting.
Miquel turned back to me and planted a klzz on my cheek.
“You should go get your things” he cooed.
“The door is open. I’ll be back soon”.
And he stood up and left with the guards.
I lifted my hands to my cheek which his l!ps had touched.
And I screamed.
End of season OnE


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