Diamond Episode 9 & 10

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted👿)
Episode 9
Cali’s Pov:
After eating with Diane,,she showed me round the institute, but of course, we didn’t go into the restricted places tho.
I got to see the garden, swimming pools, different ap@rtments, recessional areas and jn the end, I got to confess the institute was damn too mas-sive.
Hm. Bur somehow, I still missed my family and wished I could get to see them.
Diane and I spent a long time together, talking mostly about ourselves and I got to know she’s a nice person and had actually been in the institute for five days now.
No wonder she seems to know a lot alre-ady.
After a long while and it has gotten dark, we decided to go our separate rooms and have some rest. Too bad we weren’t room mates.
She followed me to my doorstep so she’d know where I stay and at that point, I wished she wouldn’t go.
“Bye Cali”she waved at me.
“Byee. We’ll see tomorrow, then” I replied and she smiled and walked away.
Oops!! I guess now I’m left alone.
I sighed and opened the door, going into my room.
plea-se, just tell me those l£sb!ananimals are back to their s-en-ses by now.
I got into the room and inhaled the sweet fragrance that welcomed me.
Hm. It brou-ght a sweet glow to my cheeks.
The lights were turned on and I could see the people in the room.
Oh! Not people – but just one person. One of the lesbians.
She was lying on the be-d, re-ading a book.
Hm. Where’s her p@rtner, huh?
“Hey” her eyes smiled up at me.
I could recall – she was the same lady that’s been admiring my shape when I newly arrived.
“Where have you been, huh? We didn’t get to see you all day” she added.
“Yeah…I’ve been busy” I replied simply and tried going to my be-d to sit when she jumped down from hers and stood in front of me.
“Hi” she smiled uncannily and t©uçhed her h!ps.
She was putting on just a shi-t and left her p*nt expo-sed.
“You..didn’t tell me where you’ve been” she said and t©uçhed my hair.
“Wow! I love your hair”.
“Yeah…thanks” i replied with furrowed brows and tried walking away, but she held me back by the arm.
“Come on, girly. Its just both of us in the roooooom” she said dramatically and I scoffed.
“Yeah…and so?” I asked.
“Urgh! Come on…don’t act like you don’t know what I mean” she grumbled and li-cked herl-ips, then c@m£ closer me.
“You know…I’ll tell you the truth” she said se-ductively.
“You’ve got a really nice shape and will do great in be-d. Forget the bit-ch you’d seen me with a while ago. She means nothing to me. You’re the real deal, girl. And I wanna eat you up” she said with so much obscurities, amusing me the more.
What the heck??
She brou-ght herl-ips very close to mine and was about k!ss!ngme when I pushed her away.
“Stay away from me. I’m not a lesbian, okay?” I said irritatingly.
“Don’t worry about it, baby. I can make you one” she said and tried coming for me again but I pushed her.
“Wait for your bit-ch and when she’s back, you can eat her up” I stated angrily and just then, the door opened.
Ah! Perfect.
I turned to have a look, expecting it to be her mate or something. But…it was someone else – a different lady I’d seen.
The lady in front of me fumed and rolled her eyes at me before going to sit on her be-d.
I watched the other pretty lady as she walked in quietly and went to straight to her be-d, minding her business.
She reached for her bag, brou-ght out a book and started re-ading.
Hm. She looked calm and quiet.
I sat on my be-d which was facing hers and stared at her.
“Hi” I found myself saying out to her, but she only gave me a stare and took her eyes back to her book.
Huh? Is she being snobbish or quiet?
I rolled my eyes and la-id on my be-d, not having interest in re-ading or doing something else.
I stared up at the ceiling and decided to just think – think about anything at all.
I thought about my family – what it would’ve been like having dinner with them today.
I thought about the outside world and so many other things and kinda wished I wasn’t here.
But suddenly, I thought of him and my wishes changed.
Yes – him. Miquel.
With how quiet he was, it was impossible for someone to get close to him and probably become friends.
But to be sincere, I really do like him a lot.
I mean…he’s just too handsome to be true.
Those eyes,l-ips, stature, aura, respect…everything!
I wonder why he’s always acting that way. Being so quiet and grumpy.
I was still thinking about the whole thing when a knock suddenly c@m£ up on the door.
“Who’s it?” The l£sb!anlady at the t©p of the be-d asked, sounding angered.
“Is this the room of one Cali Jenner?” She asked and my eyes dimmed.
“Are you Cali?” She looked down at me from the t©p where she sat and asked.
“Y…yes” I drew my reply and stood up to get the door.
I opened it and found a strange lady standing in front of me.
“Are you the one looking for me?” I asked, still holding the door.
“Nope. They’re outside” she replied and started walking away and I scoffed.
Who in this God-damn institute could be looking for me now?
I sighed and decided to check it out, following the lady behind.
I walked out of the ap@rtment and I found the boys waiting there.
I knew they were the ones because the lady signalled me so.
Hold on; isn’t these Miquel guards???
Why re they looking for me?
(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 10
Cali’s Pov:
I scoffed and looked at them. Why the heck are they…looking for me?
I mean…what have I done wrong again? Are you sure I’m the right person?
“Come closer” one of them commanded and I sluggishly trailed my steps to them.
Goodness! What have I done again? What would make them come all the way to my ap@rtment just to look for me?
“You’re Cali, right?” He asked as I stood in front of him.
The other was just leaning on the wall, staring at us.
“Y…Yes. You s£nt for me?” I replied, curiously and staring at the second one at intervals.
There were only a very few students around and they kept staring at me like I was a movie or something.
“Okay, Cali. I decided to come get you myself so you wouldn’t go be confused. I nee-d you to come with me to my room” he replied but I couldn’t even react as I stared at him in a funny way.
Okay…what’s he talking about??
I searched for veracity in his eyes and noticed he wasn’t joking.
“Y…Your room?” I repeated.
“Yeah – you heard him right” the one leaning on the wall replied and I scoffed.
“Why…would I follow you to your room? I mean…what should I do there?” I asked and he chuckled.
“It seems you want me to spell it out for you, huh?
Well, I nee-d a one night stand with you. And that’s the reason I’m calling for you” he replied and my eyes dilated in shock.
What the….
I huffed.
“I…I don’t un-derstand” I said.
“Is it like my responsibility because I can’t comprehend the tone with which you’re stating it” I stuttered and he gro-an ed and clenched his hand.
“Listen to me, young lady. I’ve got no time for jokes, okay? And you should befu-cking happy someone like me is here to drill you. So,make use of your br@ins”, he growled impatiently and I flin-ched.
Woahh! Seriously??
“You’re asking me for se-x and asking me to use my br@ins at the same time? Are you for real?” I blurted and saw anger build up in his eyes.
The one leaning on the wall just stared coldly at me.
“Sorry, but…I can’t even think of imagining what you’re asking for. I’m out” I said in conclusion and turned around to leave.
“Walking away from me” I heard him say from behind and turned to look at him.
“That’s very disrespectful and I’ll make you pay for it”.
I snorted and continued walking away, but not until I heard a loud sound in my head.
“Ahhhhh” I screamed and held my head with both hands.
Oh my God!! What’s happening??
“Nob©dy says no to him” I heard the other say and immediately, I fell on the floor and pas-sed out.
My head felt so muzzy as I opened my eyes blearily and found myself lying on a be-d.
I squee-zed my eyes and a little gr0@nescaped myl-ips as I felt uneasy.
What happened to me?
The next sight I beheld as soon as I opened my eyes again were that of a ceiling – a beautiful but strange ceiling.
Then, I noticed my hand were being spre-ad ap@rt and I looked and discovered I was being tied up.
Hold on;
My hands were tied on each side of the be-d, ma-king me lie flat and face the ceiling.
What’s going on?
“Awwn! She’s awake” I heard a voice and quic-kly recognized it to be that of Miguel’s guards.
I looked ahead and saw them standing in front of me.
I was in their room!
What the heck?
“I was beginning to think you weren’t gonna wake up” the other said and sniggered and I tried to see if I could free myself from the ropes, but it was pointless.
“Let me go! What do you want with me?” I said in a strained voice .
“You know what we want girly. Actually, I’d have been the only one to scre-w you. But after being so disrespectful, we decided to punish you in our own way. So, here we go…”
He replied and started coming towards me.
I felt my heart beat so fast as he approached me.
And suddenly, I screamed, trying to make use of my banshee powers.
I screamed with so much anger and fright, but the one behind was quic-k enough and had used his hand to wage it.
I seriously don’t know how he did it, but…it didn’t work.
I winced as I noticed my only means of defense was shattered.
Oh God! What do I do?
“You think we’re fools, huh?” The one in front of me asked with a snigger.
“There’s no way you’re getting out of this, girly. You should’ve obliged respectfully when you had the chance.
“You know, I’d wanted to do it while you were asleep. But, I changed my mind and decided to wait till you’re awake because I nee-ded to hear those m0@n s of yours” he chuckled and my fears increa-sed.
He climbe-d the be-d and t©uçhed my legs.
“No, plea-se” I whimpered, feeling so scared.
“I’m…I’m sorry. Sorry for being disrespectful. Sorry for saying no to you. But don’t do this, plea-se. plea-se, I beg of you”.
“Your plea-s are only motivations to me doll, because I like it when my ladies beg” he stated and the one behind laughed.
Oh, God! What have I gotten into?
Tears started scrolling down my cheeks as he spre-ad my legs ap@rt and immediately, I tried kicking him, but he was smarter and caught my knee midway.
He chuckled and landed a heavy sl@p on my cheek afterwards, leaving a cut there.
“Let me go!!” I said in a painful smile as the tears increa-sed.
The sl@p was so painful and I couldn’t even t©uçh my cheeks.
He reached for my Sk-irt and pu-ll-ed down the Zi-pper.
“plea-se, don’t. I’m sorry. plea-se, just let me go! You can’t do this to me” I said painfully as he started pu-lling the Sk-irt down my w@!st.
Oh, goodness!
No, no, no. I can’t lose my dignity this way. I can’t.
God, plea-se help me.
I started struggling with my legs, shaking it vigorously and he landed another sl@p on me
“Proving stubborn is only gonna get you hurt” he said and I whimpered and cried out.
“plea-se, I beg you, don’t do this, plea-se. I’m not re-ady for this. I’m…I’m new here. I don’t want any trouble. plea-se, let me go” I cried profusely and just then, I heard the door open slowly – with a creaking sound.
The boy who was about taking my Sk-irt off my knees paused and looked at the door and a cold look filled his eyes.
I whimpered and managed to have a look at the door, the tears rolling down to my n£¢k in the process and my eyes beamed at the sight of the person in front of the door.
That gentle face…staring at me.
The king of the camp?
I felt my heart leap.