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Diamond episode 9 & 10

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine💋)
Episode 9
Miquel’s Pov:
I stared at her as she turned drowsily on the bed.
“Say something you a*shole!” Mykel voice jolted me back to the call and I turned away from Cali.
“You don’t order me around. I make my own decisions” I told him and he chuckled – angrily tho.
“Don’t tell me you’re too scared to face me, huh?” He said.
“You know me, Mykel. You’re no match for me. I can kill you even before you blink. I’ve got someone important to attend to. And she isn’t someone I can dump for a piece of loser” I answered and ended the call, then tuned back to the bed to face Cali.
Cali’s pov:
I’d woken up to see him on call. And….did he just mention the name Mykel?
He dropped the call and turned back to me and I felt my heart skip again – that nervous feeling.
I lowered my gaze and held the duvet tight to my chest. I was actually na*ked under it.
“You’re awake” he cooed and came to sit on the bed close to me.
I glanced through the window and discovered it was dark. Oh! It was obviously night already. How long did I sleep?
I bit my lower l!p as I glued my eyes to the bed, unable to stare into his face.
Remembering all he did to me few hours ago made me feel really shy and nervous. I couldn’t believe he made me p@ss out.
“How’re you feeling?” He asked calmly and dressed my hair.
“Um…..I’m fine. Thanks” I said and gulped h@rd.
For a while, he didn’t say a word until he stood up.
“I’ve prepared your bath water already. Come on” he said and stretched out his hand to me, but I couldn’t collect it.
Then he came closer and carried me up from the bed like a baby.
Good thing the duvet was still wrapped around me.
I felt my cheeks become hot as he held me and walked into the bathroom with me.
There was a water in the bathtub already and taking off the duvet, he carefully laid me in it.
It wasn’t warm enough.
“T….Thank you” I told him with a bashful smile but instead of leaving, he sat on the edge of the tub.
Thank goodness the foamy water covered up my na*ked state.
“Is it still warm?” Hr asked and dipped his f!ng£rs into the water.
“Oh! Seems its not. Should I make it warm?” His asked grimly and immediately, I felt the water become hot.
“Its….its okay” I told him before he’d peel my skin.
Hold on….how many gifts does he possess? He can actually heat up a water?
He nodded and watched me deep myself into the water. Why does he keep staring at me, huh?
“What would you like for dinner?” He asked and I flushed in excitement.
Gosh! Is he seriously asking me to choose?
“Um….anything is fine by me” I replied.
“Anything? So, you can eat the walls?” He asked and I found myself chuckling.
“Um…okay. I’ll go with some noodles and plantains” I answered nervously and he nodded.
Geez! It made me feel like I was ordering him or something.
“I’ll place the order immediately” he said, stood up and left.
Thank goodness.
I released the breath I’d been holding and leaned my head at the edge of the tub. The warm water touching my v gave me so much comfort.
Oh God! I was no longer a v*rgin. I’d lost it to the least guy I’d ever expected – to Miquel.
Butt thinking of it, he’s really a bad@ss when it comes to S*x.
I mean….I’d watched it in movies and read it in stories, but never like this. I couldn’t believe he actually disv*rgined me while standing.
And thinking of the ridiculous questions he’d been asking me, yet I stupidly answered them.
Well, the pains were unbearable and at that moment, I didn’t realize what I was doing or something.
But somehow, I felt excited about it.
Remembering his hugs, words, klzzes, penetration….everything!
He was damn so perfect and made me glad it was him.
Yeah….you might think I’m stupid but, for someone like Miquel, he can melt your soul.
I smiled as I closed my eyes and laid properly in the warm water.
Naomi’s Pov:
After a long time, we both fell on the bed, breathing heavily like we’d actually fallen from a mighty tree.
“Geez! That was good” he said and I laughed.
“You’re a killer, Noami”.
I laughed again and turned to place my hand on his chest.
“You enjoyed it, huh?” I asked and bit his tiny n!pp!e and he nodded.
“Well… can be sure of getting more of it if only you meet my demands” I @ssured him and he looked at me.
“Really, Naomi? I’ve been really curious. What exactly do you want?” He asked and I smiled and touched his l!ps.
“I….want you… help me out with the banshee. I want her eliminated and out of this institute”.
Immediately, he scoffed and sat up.
“Seriously??” He asked.
“The….The banshee? You mean….the same banshee Miquel had killed someone for, earlier today?”
“Well, yes. She isn’t a god, is she?” I asked with a grin.
“Are you kidding me, Naomi? Just in case you aren’t aware, Miquel and that lady are having a strong relationship. She’s pres£ntly staying with him and this morning, he killed a black Diãmônd because of her – stabbed him repeatedly.
“Originally, I had eyes on her and had planned on screwing that a*s of hers. You can hi kwaku on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories. But not until she became close to Miquel which I still don’t know how the hell it happened.
“But however it happened, the face is – they’re together no one messes with them – including you, Naomi. If you want to have a peaceful life here at the institute, I’d advise you to stay away from her”. He enthused, leaving me stunned.
Seriously, it was unbelievable.
“So….” I scoffed.
“You’re tryna tell me you can’t help?”
“I’m tryna tell you I can’t get into mess” he replied and stood up.
“When you’re done thinking, you can leave” he added and walked away, going into the bathroom.
Cali’s Pov:
After spending enough time in the bathtub, I came out of it and wrapped the duvet around me before returning to the room.
I met Miquel – painting.
“I was beginning to think you had plans of sleeping in there” he said after shooting me a stare and I just smiled.
I was about going to the wardrobe when I noticed my clothes on the bed.
“I already selected something for you to wear” he said as he stood up from the bed and went to the bed to get the clothes.
“Come on” he signalled on me to come closer and I did.
He made me sit on the bed, but I still made sure I held the duvet tight to my chest – like there was something he hadn’t seen.
He reached for my body lotion and knelt on one knee in front of me.
Oh my God!
“Um….there’s no need for this. I can do it, Miquel” I tried collecting the lotion from him, but he didn’t let me.
“You don’t understand, do you?” He chuckled and applied it gently on my legs.
Understand what?
“The noodles will be here soon” he said and I just nodded.
“Are you still feeling the pains?” He asked and I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me what he was referring to.
Although, it made me really really nervous.
“Uh…..just a little” I lied.
The pains were actually extreme on my v. Good thing they didn’t stop me from walking.
He concentrated on my legs which he m@ssaged while applying the cream and slowly, he started moving his hands into my thighs.
“Cali…” He called in what seemed like a whisper.
His eyes were still on my legs legs his hand was beginning to go deeper.
“I don’t know what your thoughts are about me” he said.
“I don’t know if you think I just used for my satisfaction last night. And I don’t know if you’d given your dignity to me because you felt I needed it.
“But now….I want to make it clear to you. I want to make you understand your position in my life”.
He paused and looked into my eyes.
My heart was racing so fast.
“Cali Jenner” he called
I could feel my lungs drying up.
“I want you to be my girlfriend”.
Episode 10
Cali’s Pov:
I felt vibrations in my legs as he held it while staring into my face.
Oh my God!
Did….Did I just hear him correctly? Did he just say something about….being his girlfriend?
Oh my God!
My eyes dimmed and I stared at him, unable to utter a word.
Well, he rendered me speechless.
“What do you have to say, Cali?” He asked and moved his hand deeper into my legs until I could feel him close to my v.
Oh my God!
“Miquel…” I called breathlessly.
But is he being serious? He actually wants me to become his lover? To become his?
Holy Molly!
How did this even happen? How did I get to this level with Miquel?
The mere thought of it alone brought tears to my eyes.
Suddenly, we heard a knock on the door and I guessed those were the caterers.
He looked at me and sighed, then stood up and went for the door.
I rubbed my palms together, trying to work on the nervousness.
Oh God! This isn’t a dream, is it? Miquel’s really asking me to be his girlfriend?
For…..For real?
He returned with a big tray afterwards and set it on the dining.
“Dinner’s ready. Let’s eat” he beckoned on me and I stood up and went to join him.
Oops! My clothes…..I was yet to wear them on.
I went to the dining with the duvet and we ate the meal together.
Like I said, the dinner was really really silent cause we had nothing to talk about.
Well, I was actually shy. And him….I had no idea what was going through his mind.
After eating,I put on my clothes and went to lay on the bed cause I was still very dizzy and he joined me.
“Was the meal enough?” He asked, wrapping his hand around my waist.
We were both under the duvet.
“Yeah…thank you” I answered and gulped h@rd.
His hand around my waist s£nt cold shivers down my spine.
“Are you aware there’s a mission coming up in a few days from now?’ He asked and that got my attention.
“Y..yes” I replied.
And speaking of which….the list was meant to be out by today, right? Who knows if my name was among.
“I’ll actually be going for it” he said and I flinched.
“Y….Y….you will?” I stammered.
That was actually the first time I was getting to hear that. He goes for missions as well??
“Yeah. This is actually a big task and Mykel will there as well”. He added.
“Mykel?” I asked.
“Yes. The leader of The Black Diãmônds” he replied and my eyes widened in shock.
Hold on..
Isn’t that the same guy who drew that frustrating bridge on my hand? And the same guy I heard him talking on phone with? Isn’t it the same person??
“He’s the leader of the Black diamonds?”
i asked and he just simply nodded..
So….does that mean they’ll be meeting face to face??
I felt like asking him more questions but didn’t want to do anything that’d upset him.
“Cali” he called after a brief silence.
“You haven’t said anything about my proposal yet”
Oh God!
He breathed on my neck and bit my earlobe.
“What do you think, sugar plum?” He cooed.
Huh? What does he mean by sugar plum?
At some point, I found myself blushing.
But….who would say no to such an offer?
The first day I stepped into this institute, he was the first guy to grip my attention – the first guy to make me feel my heart stopped beating.
Everything about him was so royal and charming.
His voice, footsteps, manner of speaking. And most importantly, his multi diamonds gift.
Everything about him drove me crazy.
“Still thinking?” He whispered and nuzzled me and I sighed.
“I….I accept. I mean….I’ll be your girlfriend” I said bashfully and covered my face with my palms.
I heard him chuckle and brought my hands down from my face.
“Are you sure?” He asked, leaning closer and I nodded shyly.
Oh Gosh!! I needed to cover my face!!!
I was Miquel’s girlfriend!!
The King of the institute.
He smiled and klzzed my l!ps.
Oh boy!!
He m@ssaged his hands on my waist as he intensified the klzz and finally, he unlocked.
“Can I……go for just 60 seconds?” He asked softly, making me confused.
Or maybe, I actually wanted to be confused cause I didn’t want to believe that was what he was referring to.
“F….For what?” I stuttered, my eyes dripping in anxiety.
“I’ll be quick and gentle” he whispered and dipped his hands into my skirt, ripping my p*nts off.
He rolled my skirt up and got ontop of me after unhooking his belt.
“Miquel….” I mumbled his name when I felt him bring out his c*ck.
Oh God! Isn’t it a little too early for this?
I still felt slight pains.
He teased my entrance with his already h@rd and w€t d*ck and I gr0@ned.
“Just count to 60, Cali and I’ll be done” he said into my ears and inserted the d*ck afterwards.
“Ahhhhh!” I shrieked and held on tightly to his shirt.
Oh my gawwwd!
He held the sheets beside me and forced his full size into me. He grunted as he did so and luckily, it didn’t take much time like the first experience.
“Miquel…..” I m0@ned as he started thrusting into me.
Miquel”s Pov:
She was still damn tight
So f**king tight!
I gr0@ned lightly as her warm tight area sheathed me.
There was no damn space to occupy my size and it just gave me the perfect warmth I needed. That tight moist embrace coming from her p**sy
Oh! Cali…I know I shouldn’t be doing this…
I know I should’ve given you enough time to rest. But I simply can’t. I just couldn’t control it.
I felt like tearing up
She kept gr0@ning and mumbling my name and her cries were only like music to my ears.
Oh Cali Jenner.
You have no idea what you’ve done to me.
By accepting to be mine, you just became a part of me – second time I’d be taking responsibilities for someone.
Although, I messed up the first time, but with you, I’ll try my best to give you all I worth.
I’ll protect you with my life and anyone who wants to touch you would have to kill me.
You’ve just become my property.
I finally reached climax and pulled outta her, leaving her to catch her breath.


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