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Diamond Episode 35 & 36

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 35
Cali’s Pov:
I felt my heart racing so fast as I stared at it.
He was backing the wall, but suddenly turned to look at me.
Oh my God! His face was completely streaked with blood.
“Cali” he called in a disgruntled tone.
“Get out”.
Oh, my God!
My legs were becoming too weak to stand.
He covered his face with his palms and immediately, the sides of the office started burning.
Okay; maybe…I really shouldn’t be here.
I turned to the door and tried opening it but discovered it was jam locked from outside.
Goodness! Maybe I should scream
The fire began to increase and so did my fears.
I turned back to Miquel and he was coming close to me – wearing a deadly look.
What have I done?
“What’re you still doing here, Cali?” He roared.
His voice was so thunderous that I felt the office shake.
“Arghhhh” I shut my eyes and screamed unconsciously and in fear and didn’t realize when I jumper on him.
At that moment, I felt I was jumping on something else – for comfort and rescue.
“Please, stop it!!” I cried and hugged him tight, my hands and legs wrapped around him.
“You’re scaring me”.
Tears dripped from my eyes to his shirt as I sniffed and wept. I didn’t mind the fact I was also getting stained by his blood.
The flames and everything made me really scared that I didn’t realize how dangerous it was hugging him at that moment. I didn’t know what else to do.
I shut my eyes and whimpered, feeling so terrified.
Why was he this way? What sort of anger was this? Could it be normal?
I held him tight, squeezing his shirt along.
I was beginning to lose balance and felt I might fall off from his body. But slowly, I felt a hand hold me by the waist, pulling me close and stopping me from falling off.
I opened my eyes slightly and discovered he was the one holding me.
He was hugging me back!
I flinched when I also noticed the fire was reducing drastically. The flames were going down!
My eyes dilated in shock and I felt it was best not to leave him.
We remained that way for a long time, hugging each other.
And slowly, he walked me to a wall and dropped me carefully on my feet.
We were still standing very close to each other and I stared into his face.
“I’m sorry” he mumbled and I felt my heart skip.
Is he really apologizing to me?
I gulped nervously as the words pierced into my heart and quickly, I lifted my palms to my face and dried my tears.
He sat on the floor next to the wall and shut his eyes, squeezing out more blood. Thank goodness the fire had really gone down a lot.
In no time, itd be completely off.
I decided to join him and sat next to him on the floor.
“Thank you” I said whisperingly, but he didn’t look at me.
Why do I have a feeling this anger of his isn’t normal? Or could it be part of his powers?
How can someone bleed when he’s angry? And can burn down an entire building huh? How?
He remained quiet for a long time, his head lowered to towards the floor.
Suddenly, an idea struck at me and I took off my shirt.
He snapped his neck to look at me in surprise, but his surprise less£ned when he discovered I had an inner vest.
I took off the shirt, folded it and took it closer to his face. He threw his face backwards, trying to resist.
“Its….it’s fine. I just want to…” I paused and gestured the rag and he gave me access.
I brought it to his face and started wiping off the blood stains.
Gosh! I couldn’t believe this was my handsome face. I wish he could get rid of this anger of his.
I wiped off the blood from his eyes, nostrils, l!ps….awwn!
The l!ps!
I did my best, but couldn’t wipe it off completely as traces of blood still stayed on his face.
“Um…sir, I think you’ll need to take a bath” I told him but he didn’t reply.
Well, that was expected.
I kept the blood – soaked shirt beside me and fiddled with my f!ng£rs.
“Let’s go” he suddenly said and stood on his feet.
My heart leapt for joy as I also stood up with him, taking the shirt along.
We started towards the door and before we got it, it went open on its own.
We walked out of the office and discovered the entire place was empty.
Like….empty. Every single person had ran out.
And come to think of it…..I was the only one who stayed behind.
We got to where his bag was, I picked it up and we proceeded out of the building together.
🌠Somewhere in Korea🌠
Authoress Chi’s Pov:
In the dark,
Two women could be seen discussing secretly.
“Do you think the decisions of the council are wise enough?” One of them asked.
“I don’t think so. It’s totally uncalled for and s£nseless. The throne has been empty for years now. It needs a king”the other replied angrily.
“But what do we do now? Either of them are home. And who would fit the throne?”
“Don’t talk like you don’t know what’s right, Miranda. That’s the throne of darkness. And only the one with the darkest heart can ascend it. The darkness in Miquel’s heart is increasing by the day and he’s the right one for it”.
“Yes, you’re right. Miquel’s the right one for it. The beast in him keeps growing and I’m sure he’d fit the throne. But…what if something overcomes the darkness?”
“Oh! Please, you know thats not possible. Only true love can overcome the darkness. And as we all know, its impossible for Miquel to fall in love”.
“But how are we sure he isn’t in love yet? He hasn’t come home in years”.
“No. Can’t you see the cycle? The darkness in him is increasing. And soon, he’ll be home to ascend the throne”.
(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 36
Cali’s Pov:
With his bag hung around my arm, we walked out of the building together and I became a bit nervous when I saw the crowd waiting outside.
Their eyes dilated in shock when they saw Miquel – looking normal.
We climbed down the long stairs and got to the floor and three men and one woman dressed in suits rushed to us immediately.
“Miquel, are you…..”
“I’m fine” he interrupted one of the men who were speaking.
There were so many questions written on their faces, but he ignored them and continued walking away with me.
Oh Gosh!!!
I felt goosebumps allover!! I was the only one walking beside him and all eyes kept rotating around me.
I could clearly hear their thoughts.
*What the hell happened in there?*
*I thought id seen a fire outbreak?*
*What’s he doing with the banshee? How come they’re together?*
*Why isn’t she hurt?*
*What happened in there? He’s suddenly calm*
The thoughts kept flying into my head and I felt so shy as Miquel and I walked away.
Yeah – shy and proud.
We got to his apartment where he went straight to the bathroom to take a shower.
I sat on the soft bed and cogitated.
Thinking of it….I was able to calm Miquel down? I was able to stop his anger.
Who would’ve believed?
Although….I still felt scared recalling what had happened at the office. He looked so dangerous and scary when he was angry and bleeding.
Gosh? Why was he like that, huh? Why does he act so violently when he’s angry?
I rested my cheek on my palm and thought for a long while until the door of the bathroom opened and I turned to see him walking out.
I felt my endocrine system reset as I stared at him – l!ps open, eyes dilated.
He was dripping w€t and had just a towel around his waist.
Cute Mollly!!!!
His curly hair was w€t, his face, pink l!ps…
And the chest!!!
The tattoo all over!!!
Then his waist!!!!
The towel was probably the only thing covering his…..
Oh my God!!!!!
This was the cutest picture I’d ever seen in my entire life. I didn’t realize I was staring at him like a bloated goat.
He walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out the clothes he wanted and my eyes dimmed when he held the tip of his towel, about to lose it.
I g@sped and quickly took my eyes away, turning the opposite direction.
What the hell was that??? What was he trying to do???
I took in deep nervous breaths, trying to gulp in the killing sight I’d just seen.
“Come with me” I suddenly heard him say and turned slowly, very slowly, to look at him.
Ohh!! He was already dressed up.
Phew! Thank goodness.
He walked towards the kitchen and I stood up and followed him.
Come to think of it….I was hungry!
I followed him to the kitchen and became nervous again. Don’t tell me he wants me to cook again? I was such a bad cook?
“Ever eaten stewed potatoes?” He asked as he brought out some potatoes and placed them in a tray.
“Um….nope” I shook my head.
Hm. I can’t believe this was the same guy that was looking like a beast a while ago.
“Here. You can work on this” he pushed the tray of potatoes to me and I figured he wanted me to peel them.
I took a knife and started working on them, trying as much as possible to be careful cause I’d never done such before.
I wasn’t the kitchen type.
He took some tomatoes from the fridge and started working on them as well.
Hold on….
How can a guy be so familiar with kitchen stuff, huh?
“You do realize it was quite stupid and dangerous staying with me in the office, right?” He asked and I looked at him.
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I bit my lower l!p and couldn’t say a word.
“Why did you do it?” He asked again.
“While every one else was leaving, why did you stay?”
Gosh! Is this really necessary? Its making me so nervous.
“Well….” I chewed my words.
“I um….I just..felt like staying”.
He shot me a stare and took his eyes to the tomatoes and for a while, we were silent.
“Ouch!” I shrieked when I cut my f!ng£r.
Oh! Cali…I knew it.
I quickly moved away from the tray to prevent the blood from dripping on the potatoes.
“Is there a thing you can do, huh?” Miquel asked with an eye roll as he came to me and held the f!ng£r.
“I’m sorry” I muttered and paused.
Hold on;
Why was I even apologizing?
I was the one who’s hurt, yet the one apologizing.
Suddenly, I felt the pain seize. And so did the blood.
Miquel let go of the f!ng£r and took the tray from me.
Hold on…did he….
Did he make it stop?
Holy Molly! How many gifts does he posses, huh?
“You can blend the pepper and onions” he stated without looking at me and I felt my cheeks become hot.
“Thank you” I said and reached for what he ordered.
In a giffy, everything was set and he began the cooking process.
First, he boiled the potatoes and added the tomatoes.
“Sir, I….I thought tomatoes would taste soar if they aren’t steamed?” I asked, looking at the boiling pot.
“Yeah….but I prefer mine that way” he replied as he stirred the content.
Hm. I wonder how this would taste.
“I was the closest to my mother” he suddenly said.
“she was the type that preferred handling the kitchen stuff herself even with the maids around. And each time, I made sure I was beside her. I picked interest in cooking”.
So…..Mr grumpy was mommy’s boy?
“I hate lazy ladies” he said and my heart skipped.
Why do I have a feeling he’s referring to me?
“Even if your parents are wealthy, it doesn’t stop you from being a cook – it’s ess£ntial for you as a woman”.
I bit my l!p and stared down at the table.
“Well….the thing is” I replied.
“My mom never cared about such. And she never cautioned me as well.
“She didn’t care if I stayed in the kitchen with her or not and….i felt it wasn’t necessary”.
He looked at me and scoffed.
‘So…when you get ready married, what do you intend doing? Would your mom come over to do the cooking for you?” He asked and…oops! The goosebumps again.
“Well….the maids can do the job” I shrugged..
“And what happens when your husband falls in love with the cook since she’s the key to his stomach?”
I bit my l!p and realized I was out of words.
“I’ll go for cooking cl@sses when I’m done from here” I replied in a surrender – like tone and he chuckled.
Hold on…….
He chuckled!!!
I g@sped, but he didn’t pay attention to my excitement as he focused on the pot.
I placed my both hands on my cheeks and smiled.
Gosh! This was incredible.
He added the spices and covered the pot.
“I’ve got something for you” he said and dipped his hand into his pocket while I watched keenly.
He was so handsome and I always made sure to stare at every little opportunity.
His hand came out from his pocket, together with….
My necklace!!
My special necklace given to me by mum. The one he seized and told me I was never gonna see it again.
My eyes beamed in surprise as he came behind me and locked it round my neck, his cold, soft hand feeling so good on my skin
He dressed my hair after locking the necklace and I turned around to look at him.
My heart skipped as we stared into each other’s eyes for no reason.
No reason at all.
Just silently.


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