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Diamond Episode 29 & 30

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 29
Cali’s Pov:
I stared at him speechlessly. What did he just say?
What does he mean by get on the bed?
“S…sir?” I stuttered as he drank from his wine.
“You heard me, right? Get on the bed” he repeated coldly but I still couldn’t move.
I mean…where would I move to? Why does he want me to get on the bed? Is it part of the punishment or what?
Suddenly, he turned and looked at me and my feet wobbled.
Holy Crap! That stare.
I lowered my gaze to the floor and found myself sauntering towards the bed. What’re his intentions, huh?
No; no matter what, he’ll never hurt me, Right? He’ll never think of using force on me.
I got to the big King -sized bed and carefully climbed on it. The royal sheets were sparkling and made me feel I was too dirty to even lie on them.
I closed my legs properly and prayed the sound of my heavy heartbeat couldn’t be heard.
“Have some sleep”, he said, still staring at me and I felt that skip in my heart again.
He wants me to sleep on his bed??????
Despite how tired I was, I couldn’t think of it as nervousness gripped me.
How can he ask me to sleep on his bed? Over what reason?
I panicked but suddenly, a strong wave of dizziness blew at me that I couldn’t control it.
What’s happening??
I looked at Miquel and noticed he was still staring at me, the gl@ss of wine in his hand.
Could he be responsible for this? Why was I suddenly feeling dizzy?
My lids became too heavy and unable to control it anymore, I slept off.
Naomi’s Pov:
I sat tiredly in my room as the girls fed me with the annoying stories which only debilitated me the more.
“I can’t believe he’s punishing her by asking her to work as his maid” Betty said with a huff.
“What sort of punishment is that?”
“She goes to his room, moves around with him even in places where he s£nds other students out. What sort of punishment is that, huh?”. Natalie also grouse.
“What that lady did, if it were to be done by someone else in the institute, only God knows what would’ve happened to that person. Probably, the person would’ve been killed with his anger.
“But this Cali of a lady, even after reminding him of a painful past, all he could do was make her his personal maid. I can’t believe he actually asked the authorities not to punish her. What could that mean, huh?” Ivy contributed, but I remained silent for a while.
“I think this is the height of it” Natalie said.
“The students are already beginning to talk about Cali with so much respect and I’m sure in no time, all your respect would go to her, Naomi”.
“Never!!!” I said with a glint of anger in my eyes.
“I’m never letting that snail take my place. She needs to leave the institute as soon as possible. I need to make it happen”.
For a moment, they were all silent.
“Actually…” Betty finally spoke out with a grin.
“I think I have a plan – a perfect way to kick Cali out of the institute”.
Cali’s Pov:
I opened my eyes slowly and found myself still lying on the King’s bed.
The mere thought of it alone washed away the dizziness that was still trying to overwhelm me.
Hmm. But I think I felt a lot better now.
I lifted my head from the pillow and spotted him in front of his drawing board – painting as usual. Why does he like painting this much?
He was backing me and slowly, I left the bed. I looked out the window and discovered it was already dark.
Huh??? For how long have I been sleeping???
“You can leave” I suddenly heard him say and turned back to look at him.
Hmm. So, he knows I’m aware? He didn’t even turn to look at me.
I couldn’t tell why,,but I just felt mussed.
“T…Thank you” I hushed and was about heading for the door when I spotted his phone on the table.
That phone!!!
I paused and stared at it and the idea niggled at me
“Is there a problem?” He asked, still concentrating on the board.
“Um….sir”,I paused and licked my l!ps.
Gosh! Am I doing the right thing?
What if he gets angry and increases my punishment?
Shouldn’t I just….forget about it and walk away?
He stopped what he was doing and turned to look at me and that was when I figured I had to make a quick decision.
“Um….actually” I continued, making sure my eyes were on the floor.
“I just….I just wanted to ask for something. Although, I know it’s against the rules and I’ll be okay if you don’t grant my request. But please, don’t punish me for it”
I paused to give rise to a new breath.
“You know…..Yesterday, the reason I’d left the institute was because I had to warn my brother. I’d been having strange dreams of him dying at a party and…..I had to go home and warn him. So….I’ve been really worried cause he was supposed to attend a friend’s party last night and….I just wanted to make sure he didn’t go for it. Please, I don’t know if its too much to ask” I concluded and clasped my palms together.
For a second, he was silent, but scoffed.
“So, what exactly are you asking for?” He asked and I bit my lower l!p in anxiety.
Do I really have to spell it out?
“I um…I wanted to know if…if…if it’d be possible to make use of your phone for a second” I said and gulped nervously.
At that moment, I suddenly began to wish he’d just s£nd me out. Because…I couldn’t explain it, but i felt I made a mistake by asking for it.
“You can make use of it. Make sure the call’s on speaker and it shouldn’t exceed 60 seconds” he replied and turned back to his board and my eyes beamed.
Did…did he just give me easy access?
Holy Christ!!
I held my breath in suspension as I slowly walked to the table and picked up the phone.
Oh my gee!!! He did gave it to me! He did.
Oh!! Thank goodness.
I turned on the phone and discovered there was no p@ssword or f!ng£rprint required. But what’s he doing with a phone anyway?
I went straight to the call app and input mum’s digits. Thank goodness I had it memorized.
I dialed it and after ringing for sometime, she picked up .
“Hello?” Her voice came clearly on the phone.
It was her!!
Oh my gee! I was able to reach her within few seconds.
“Mum?” I called ebulliently, smiles dancing on my l!ps.
I looked at Miquel who was still painting but I had a feeling he was listening to us because the call was on speaker.
“Cali?” Mum called in a surprised tone.
“Cali, is that you??”
“Yes, mum. Its me” I said ruefully and wished it was a face to face conversation so I could hug her.
“Oh my God! Cali baby! Its can hi ome on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories. How’re you doing? Where are you? What’s wrong?” She asked so many questions at a time that I had to chuckle
“Don’t worry, mum. Everything is fine. I’m just using a friend’s….a…a student’s….no, I mean…someone’s phone. I’m just using someone’s phone to reach you…”
I noticed Miquel paused a bit.
Oh God! Did I say something wrong?
“Mum” I called and itched my head, recalling he’d only given me 60 seconds.
“I don’t have much time and just wanted to ask – how’s Owen? Is he fine? Were you able to stop him from going to the party?”.
“Yes, dear. You don’t need to worry about it. He’s fine” she replied and I took in a deep breath.
At least, my risk was not in vain.
“Okay, mom. My regards to him and dad. I’m sorry, but I need to go now. We’ll talk later”.
“Cali!” She stopped me from ending the call.
“Happy birthday” she hushed and I rose my brows in surprise.
Oh my God!
Tomorrow was my birthday!!!
A rueful smile touched my l!ps as it dawned on me. I couldn’t believe I’d almost forgotten.
“Thank you, mum” I replied and ended the call.
Gosh! It was going to be my first birthday without my family.
I sighed deeply and dropped the phone on the table.
“I’m done sir. Thanks” I spoke with equanimity to Miquel.
The thought of my birthday was trying to change my mood.
“You’re welcome” he simply said without looking at me and slowly, I turned around and left the room.
(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 30
Cali’s Pov:
I brushed my hair in front of the mirror, trying not to make a sound since it was just 5.46 a.m. and the rest of my room mates were still asleep.
Thank goodness I’d be going to *work* on time today.
I dropped the hair brush when I was done and was about leaving the room when I noticed Nina turn.
“Hey” she called in a whisper and I stopped to look at her.
So, she’s been awake?
“Happy birthday” she smiled.
It’s my birthday….
Hmm. I’d actually told them about it yesterday.
“Thanks” I said happily and left the room.
And officially, I’m 18.
As I walked down the quiet hallway, I felt so happy with myself. I was 18 years old – yet looked like 20. Ugh!
Too bad I won’t be celebrating it with my family. I won’t be celebrating it with anyone at all. Gosh! I’m just stuck in this God – damn institute – working as someone’s personal maid.
So many thoughts kept flying through my mind as I thought of it and finally, I got there.
I checked myself to be sure I was still okay and taking in a deep breath, I knocked on the door.
I didn’t hear any reply and I slowly pushed it open and walked in.
Geez! He was standing in front of the table. Didn’t he hear me knocking or what???
“Good morning, sir” I greeted with a bow and glanced at the wall clock.
5:59. I was damn early!
Thank God.
“Go in and make me some coffee” he said coldly without looking at me and I felt like asking if he doesn’t have manners.
First, he didn’t answer the door. And now, he didn’t reply to my greeting. The first thing he could say was: make me some coffee. Geez! Do I look like a coffee maker to him, huh?
I wish I could say all these thoughts to him.
“Okay, sir” I replied humbly and went for the kitchen.
At least, I’m sure of making coffee.
I heated some water, took the cocoa, put some milk and stirred.
Then, I poured in the water afterwards and tasted it.
Hmm. Creamy and perfect.
I smiled as I put it on a small tray and returned to the room with it.
Huh? Is he going out? He looked fully dressed up.
“I’m done” I said calmly as I held out the tray to him and he collected it from me.
He took a sip and the expression on his face meant it was okay.
He gulped it down without saying a word – even as it was steaming hot.
“I’m off for a meeting. And I need you to clean up the room before I’m back. Make sure you stay here and don’t go anywhere till I’m back” he stated coldly and stood up and I collected the tray from him.
I watched him as he walked to the door which opened on its own when he’d gotten close. As soon as the door was opened, I spotted his grumpy guards standing outside.
They shut me a glare before the door finally closed up.
Hmm. What meeting are they having anyway? It’s probably with the rest of the directors.
I sighed and set out to work immediately.
I dressed the bed, mopped the floor, washed the dishes and made everywhere sparklingly neat.
Gosh! Something I couldn’t do for mum.
When I was done, I looked through the window to see if he was on his way back, but there was nothing.
So, what am I to do now? Just sit and wait? Wait for the king??
I rolled my eyes and sat on the bed and the soft feeling on my @ss reminded me of how I’d slept on it yesterday. The feeling was priceless.
I smiled and spread my arms on it.
Hmm. Seems I’m hungry.
Gosh! What would I eat, huh?
Mr grumpy has asked me
not to leave the room. And I don’t know if he’d be angry if I make something for myself in the kitchen. But I was damn hungry.
I yawned and my eyes caught the sight of the drawing board.
Hmm. There was a drawing of a car on it and it was so beautiful. He really loves painting, huh?
I felt like exploring the room but suddenly restricted myself.
How am I sure there isn’t a camera around? What if he adds to my punishment??
Geez! I guess I just have to be careful. I wouldn’t want to anger the gods any further.
After sitting for a long time, I decided to rest my back a bit and I laid on the bed and slept off
I yawned and turned on the bed and finally opened my eyes.
Hmm. That was a nice rest, I guess.
Gosh! It seems my hunger’s just increased. I wonder how long I’ve been sleeping.
I heard a strange sound in the room and lifted my head to have a look.
He’s back!!!
Miquel is back!!
I g@sped and jumped out of the bed like a fly.
When did he return???
Oh! Cali.
He was facing the table, pouring himself a drink and only turned slightly to spare me a stare.
“S…s…sir. I didn’t know you were back”,I stuttered and licked my l!ps.
He didn’t say a word as he gulped from his wine and I checked the wall clock.
2 p.m???
How long have I been sleeping??? What the….hell???
“Today’s your birthday, right?” He asked and I drifted my eyes to him immediately.
Huh? Did he just….
“Y….Yes, sir” I replied and lowered my gaze to the floor.
Why’s he really asking that?
He gulped all of the wine and dropped the empty gl@ss on the table.
“Come along with the bag” he said and started walking away and I looked at him, confused.
What bag?
I looked around and saw the bag he was referring to.
Oh! Are we going to the gym again?
I picked it up and trialed behind him as we walked out of the room.
We left the building and continued walking till we got to the garage.
Surprisingly, he approached a red flashy car and opened the door.
“Get in” he stated coldly and I flinched.
Huh??? What’s he talking about??
“S…s..sir?” I faltered helplessly.
“Are we going out?”
“Of course. What else does it seem like?” He asked with his arms apart and my curiosity increased.
Where the hell are we going???
“B…but the rules…I thought we weren’t….”
“Get into the car, Cali” he cut me off and took the driver’s seat, shutting the door.
Oh my God!! Where the hell are we going???
I thought we weren’t supposed to leave the institute??
I felt so scared – remembering what had happened the last time I left.
He stared at me from the driver’s seat and taking a nervous gulp, I went ahead to join him in the car.


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