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Diamond Episode 27 & 28

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted )
Episode 27
Cali’s Pov
I sniffed and quickly wiped my tears as he stood by the door.
I’m so dead. I’m dead.
He started walking in but paused when he saw his cloth on the floor.
Oh! Sh*t!!
I felt like slapping my head at that moment.
He sighed and approached me, his eyes fixed on the burnt bread.
“I’m….I’m so sorry. I…
I didn’t know it was burning. It…it seems there’s something wrong with the g@s” I stuttered and sniffed in the tears.
Surprisingly, he scoffed and stood in front of the kitchen table.
First, he took the bread and trashed it.
“Get me some carrots” he said icily and although, I was confused, I didn’t dare delay.
I hurried to one of the refrigerators and brought out some carrots, handing them to him.
And right in front of my eyes, he chopped them perfectly.
Okay….what’s he doing? Is he tryna make the meal himself or what?
Or he’s cooking up a way to punish me?
“Onions?” He mumbled and I quickly reached for the onions and handed them to him.
My sniffles were beginning to die off and I didn’t notice.
He chopped the rest of the things needed and when he was done, he broke the eggs into the bowl.
‘You can go ahead and wash the shirt” he said and I sluggishly nodded and left.
Oh my! He was actually making the meal himself!!!
I walked to the door, picked the shirt from the floor and left the kitchen afterwards.
Oh! Cali. I couldn’t believe I cried simply because I burnt a guy’s food – a guy that’s not even my boyfriend. He’s handsome tho
Handsome devil.
I don’t know why the first guy I really like has to be this mean.
I got into the bathroom and washed the shirt, then spread it afterwards for drying.
I had no idea if it was neat or not because I couldn’t remember the last time I washed something.
When I was done, I decided to check up on Miquel in the kitchen to be sure everything was fine. I wouldn’t want him getting angry that I didn’t check up on the mess I created.
I returned to the kitchen and discovered he was already done. Wow!
And…Oh! He actually made two this time around. Although, they looked pretty good and appetizing, but I wondered if they’d taste same.
I stood behind him, enjoying the view. But he turned around with the plate of toast and I felt a heavy thud in my heart.
I quickly took my eyes to the floor and bowed my head, making way for him to p@ss on.
He started walking away – which was towards my direction. But surprisingly, when he got to where I was, he stopped and proffered one of the toasts to me.
I looked at him in awe and confusion, wondering what he was doing.
Why was he holding out the bread to me?
“You can have it” he finally answered the question I had in mind and my eyes widened in shock as I slowly reached for it and collected it.
Huh??? Is he really giving it to me??
Oh my God!
He walked away afterwards, leaving me dumbstruck.
I weakly ambled to the kitchen table in the room and leaned on it, staring at the bread in my hand.
I still can’t believe this.
I slowly took a bite and hummed in ecstasy.
Oh my!!
Holy Crap!!?
It was damn delicious!!
I licked my hands when I was done eating and wished I could get another piece.
This Miquel guy Is really weird, huh? How come he can cook this perfectly?
I washed my hands and decided to check him up in the bedroom.
I got in and met him in front of the mirror, fixing his upper buttons.
For the first time in 48 hours, I felt butterflies in my tummy as I gazed at him.
Good Lord!
Calling him handsome at that moment would be an offense. He was far beyond Charming.
His hair, eyes, l!ps, body structure. He just looked extremely handsome at that moment and when he turned to look at me, I felt an increase In my blood rate.
Despite how dark his eyes were, they had this uncanny way of piercing into the depth of one’s inner soul.
Mere words couldn’t describe it.
For the first time, I couldn’t control my gaze – I couldn’t stop myself from staring directly at him.
I didn’t even care if there was a punishment or not.
He sighed and took his eyes from me.
“Come along with the bag” he said and started walking to the door and that was when I regained my s£nses and blinked rapidly.
I scoured my eyes round and found the big bag on the bed.
Hold on…
Are we going out???
Episode 28
Cali’s Pov:
I felt so shy walking behind him with his big bag hung on my arm.
Gosh! The students were just looking at us – like something strange was going on.
Well, of course it was strange. Who’d imagine walking comfortably behind someone like Miquel?
Someone that bleeds when he’s angry and could easily kill me?
Yes….I liked him a lot. But I wouldn’t deny the fact that he makes me so scared.
We kept walking and walking, making me wonder where we were headed and finally, we got to a building I never knew existed In the institute.
A gym.
So, there’s a gym over here??
There were securities at the entrance and as soon as they saw Miquel, they composed themselves and led us into the gym.
My jaws dropped open when I saw the inside.
Hold on…..Naomi was there! The rude brat and her friends. They were all there together and their faces fumed when they saw me and Miquel.
*What is she doing with Miquel?* I heard one of them say in their heads.
*Miquel is here!*
*its Miquel*
The rest of the students nattered.
Miquel whispered something to the guards and immediately, they ushered everyone out.
“Please, we want the hall cleared. Everyone out” the guard announced and grumbling occupied the atmosphere.
Obviously, they were angry.
Some kept wishing he’d let them share the gym with them so they could admire his face. Some wished he wouldn’t s£nd them out. I could hear all these from their thoughts.
Naomi and her girls looked patiently bittered, but acquiesced anyway.
And finally, Miquel and I were the only ones left in the mighty room.
But why would someone come to the gym after eating?
Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. The guy’s really weird.
“You can keep the bag over there” he pointed to a space on the neat floor and I nodded and walked like a good girl to keep the bag.
Gosh! I feel so nervous each time I’m around him.
He started unbottening his shirt and my heart skipped. I couldn’t tell why – just felt nervous.
I folded my l!ps and kept my eyes glued to the floor as he reached the last button and finally took off the shirt.
Oh my geeeeeeeeeeeee😱😱😱
Now I understand why he’d to dress completely before coming to the gym. If he’d walked with just a singlet like others do, then half of the students in the half institute would’ve been hospitalized by now.
Oh my Gosh!!?
The look was more than killing!!!
Six packs….
Smooth fair skin….
Tiny pink n!pp!es…gosh! I felt like biting them.
He had so many tattoos as well which made him extremely cute and s*xy.
I drooled helplessly and couldn’t believe it.
Who the hell gave birth to this boy?? Has he ever had a girlfriend? Has anyone been able to win his heart??
If yes, then she’s damn lucky.
So so lucky.
He threw the shirt at me and I caught it with immediate effect – like a goal keeper.
I hung it neatly on a stand and returned my eyes to him.
He dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and brought out a….
A phone!!!!
A phone and a earpiece!!!
What the…..
Hold on; he has a phone??? I thought phones weren’t allowed???
I watched in surprise as he connected the phone to the ear piece and fixed it into his ears.
He slided the phone back to his pocket and it was obvious he was listening to songs.
He climbed the peloton and started riding it.
Holy Crap!!
Look at the muscles!!! Geez. This guy is so not from earth.
I bit my cheek as I blushed and watched him. Suddenly, I’d forgot I was on punishment. I’d forgotten everything and decided to drool on him.
As his hands and legs moved on the peloton, the shape and se*iness of his muscles kept on revealing. His tattooed chest was so fitting.
I licked my l!ps so many times and imagined having someone like him as a……
A brother.
Yes, a brother.
Thank goodness he was backing me. So, I had enough to drool on him.
Soon, I became so tired and found a place close by to sit.
I took in a deep breath as I felt so relieved resting my waist. Geez! I haven’t even taken my bath.
I rested my chin in my hand and continued staring at him and after a while, the entire place started going round in circles.
My lids became too heavy.
Slowly and slowly, I drifted off to sleep.
I was awoken by a pinch on my knee and quickly forced my eyes open to see Miquel starring directly into my face.
Oh my! Don’t tell me I’d fallen asleep.
At first, my vision was blur. But it later became clear and I confirmed he was really the one.
He was squatting in front of me and was putting on his shirt already.
“S…S…Sir?” I said dizzily and itched my cheek.
“Let’s go” he stated and started walking away.
Huh? Is he done?
Oh my! It seems I’d really slept off.
Well, you wouldn’t blame me. I’m damn so tired and dizzy.
I lifted the heavy bag from the floor and started trailing after him. I just pray I don’t fall.
My eyes were glued to the floor as usual as I struggled so h@rd with the bag.
My feet were so weak.
At some point, Miquel turned and looked at me and I feared I might get him angry with my weak mood.
So, I just brightened up and tried to act strong.
This time around, the stares from the students didn’t matter to me anymore.
After a long walk, we got to his apartment and I exhaled deeply as I dropped the big bag on the floor.
Now….what next?
Won’t he just let me go?
“Cali” he called as he poured himself some wine from the table.
I felt nervous answering him and just stared at him from behind.
Why did he call my name?
“Get on the bed” he muttered.


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