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Diamond Episode 19 & 20

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 19
Cali’s Pov:
A wild g@sp ran across the room.
A….A traitor??
My eyes dimmed immediately.
What’re they talking about??
“This isn’t the first time its happening” he further said.
“The Black Diãmônds always take out time to plant spies in our midst, but each time, we’ve sorted them out and wasted them.
“You know yourself. If you’re the traitor, I’d suggest you leave now before it’s too late. Because trust me, we’re definitely gonna find you and once we do, we’ll feed your corpse to the dogs.
“You’re dismissed” he concluded and left with his companions but the silence in the hall continued as the *traitor* got at everyone.
Diane,,Nina and I didn’t say a word to each other until we’d gotten outside and Diane hugged me.
“Oh! Thank goodness you came back in one piece. I was so damn scared and wished I was s£nt along” she spoke without a pause.
“Yeah…I’m fine now. Although, I’m just a little angry I didn’t get the do¢vments. I was so close to it” I replied dolefully.
“Aww! How did it happen?” She asked.
“I almost got captured, but Nina here saved me” I smiled and looked at Nina who’d been quiet the whole time.
“Oh! Its nothing, please” she replied bashfully.
We got into the cafe and ordered for foods and drinks and while we ate, I told Diane all about the mission and how it went.
“Gosh! I guess Miquel must be angry angry we lost to the Black Diãmônd’s” She commented when I was done.
“I guess that’s the reason he didn’t show up in the emergency hall.
“Gosh! I really don’t want to face that anger of his. It’s terrible” she said with a repugnant look and I posed.
“What’s with his anger?” I asked, licking the cream off my f!ng£r.
“Geez! Haven’t you heard of it? Whenever he gets angry, he starts bleeding from his eyes and nostrils and at that moment, he can kill within a second” she replied and I felt a little conniption grip me.
“Huh? Are you serious?” I asked.
“Well, yes. And that’s the reason I warn you not to get into trouble with him” she replied and immediately, I recalled the previous night.
Geez! There’s no way I’m telling her that. If she gets to know I stubbornly went to his room, she might get mad.
We continued eating and talking about other things and gosh! Nina was really the quiet type.
She barely said a word.
When we were done eating, it was already dark and Nina left for the room to get some rest while Diane and I went over to the recreational spot to feed our eyes.
A lot of activities were going on there – games, swimming, sports, lovers -time.
It didn’t look like it was night at all.
They were having so much fun but Diane and I only watched.
“Do you ever miss your family?” I asked after a little while and she shot me a stare.
“Well…of course, I do. Especially my dad” she replied a little soberly.
“Your dad? Aren’t you closer to your mum?” I asked and she smiled and shook my head.
“My mum has always been a pain in the @ss. Sometimes, wonder if she’s actually the one that gave birth to me.
“She gets angry with everything I do, shouts at me most of the time. My dad is rhe only friend i have over there” she enthused and I listened in amusement.
Wow! I’ve always thought all females were closer to their mums.
After a while, she got a drink and started dancing.
“Come on, Cali…dance with me” she laughed and held out her hand to me but I turned her down.
Gosh! I wasn’t a dancer, was I?
She went deeper into the crowd and got mixed with them, leaving me all alone.
Really? What a companion.
I watched her and shook my head, going to take some new air.
I walked away from the scene and got to a point which looked familiar to me
Oh my God!!
How can I ever forget???
It was the path to Miquel’s apartment!
Geez! How can I ever forget my unforgettable lesson?
I smiled and started walking along.
Somehow, remembering the incidence kinda made me blush.
What is wrong with me???
Have I forgotten I was actually crying in there??
Gosh! But that guy’s so cruel. I can’t believe he stripped me despite my cries and pleas.
I wonder why he’s so cold hearted.
I kept walking and reminiscing over it and finally, I got to the building.
His window was open as usual and a soft glowing light was on.
Could he be in?
Seriously, you can call me stupid or whatever because I don’t know what the hell came over me. I just found myself climbing the walls, repeating the spider girl style.
But no matter how stupid I am,there’s no way I’d be going into his room.
Definitely, no way.
Not even if I’m mad.
I just wanted to have a peep from the window.
Yes, that’s all. There’s no way I’m going into the Lion’s den again.
I crawled onto the wall,making use of the cracks and poles, crawling p@ss other rooms and windows.
Finally, I got to his window and stood on the flat surface.
Slowly and gradually, I lifted my head to have a peep and my heart jumped into my mouth when I saw that image.
I g@sped and lowered my head in shock.
Then, I replayed it and recalled he’d been backing the window.
Yes! He was backing me.
Slowly, I lifted my head again and caught the sight of him and indeed, he was backing the window.
He stood, facing his drawing board with a gl@ss of wine in his hand.
How sweet.
My l!ps curved in a smile as I watched him. Gosh! He was really so handsome, wasn’t he??
Just his back view was killing as well.
Muscular build, long hair like Koreans, crazy posture. I wonder who must’ve given birth to him. She must be so lucky to have him as a son.
Suddenly, he turned around and I almost tripped due to the speed I’d used in lowering my head.
Why did he turn around??
My heart beat rapidly as I stood under the window.
Okay; I think I’ve overstayed my welcome. Its high time I leave.
I was about making a move when a liquid rushed down from the window and poured on me.
Oh my God!!!!!!
A little of it poured on my l!ps and I discovered it was sweet and….
It was wine!!
His wine!!!
He’s pouring his wine on me!!?
Holy Christ!!!
Does he know I’m here???
(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 20
Cali’s Pov:
My heart raced faster than a car as the wine rushed down on me and finally stopped.
Oh! Please, don’t tell me he knows I’m here. What will I do?
It was just a mistake.
Oh! God, please help me escape it this once. Please.
Hot sweat formed on my forehead as I breathed heavily.
He didn’t pour the wine again and I became more curious. Could it be possible he doesn’t know I’m here?
Maybe he’s just….
Gosh! I didn’t even know what to think.
I took in a deep breath and slowly, started climbing down the walls again.
I tried not to look at his window as I crawled and finally, I got to the ground.
Yes! I did it!
Oh! Thank goodness; I did it.
I felt butterflies in my tummy as I succeeded in reaching the floor.
Your lucky day, Cali.
I laughed and looked up at his window and my smiles faded when I found him staring at me.
Oh my God!
I felt a loud thud in my heart as I placed my both hands on my chest and panicked.
Don’t tell me he’s staring at me. Please.
What’s wrong with you, Cali?? Who’ else would he be staring at?
I gulped nervously and dryly as he stared quietly and without further hesitation, I turned around to run away.
I ran but felt something suddenly push me and I tripped and fell.
“Ugh!” I gr0@ned a little as I landed on the floor.
Oh my God! What the hell is that??
I stood up and turned to the direction of his window and found him still staring at me.
Why do I actually have a feeling he’s behind it?????
I shot him a glare and finally ran away and thankfully, I didn’t fall this time around.
I left of the vicinity and stopped to take in a deep breath when I was far away.
Gosh! That was a damn lucky escape. I guess I’m never gonna repeat such.
I tried calming my heavy breath and just when I turned around to leave, I saw a lady coming towards me.
I don’t know, but I just felt she was coming for me.
She stopped when she saw me and pulled a surprised face.
“You?” She called with a quizzical look.
I read her thoughts and noticed she was actually saying mean things about me.
She had a pendant on with a lettered word:
Was that her name?
Hold on; it sounds familiar.
“Aren’t you the so called banshee?” She asked with a repugnant look, coming closer to me.
“What’re you doing here??”
I just stared at her speechlessly.
That means she’s the one that’d s£nt some girls after me which resulted in me spilling food on Miquel.
“Are you dumb? What’re you doing around this vicinity??” She snapped and I shrugged.
“Well….I….I just came to have a look at…”
“Have a look at what?” She cut me off.
‘Hold on; I don’t think it should be any of your business” I scoffed and her eyes widened in shock.
“Woah! I guess my girls weren’t lying after all. You really are an arrogant bitch. First, you disrespected me by s£nding them away when I’d called for you. And now this?
“Thank goodness I ran into you. At least, its the perfect time to carry out my plans” she smirked and her thoughts revealed her intentions.
Whaaaaat?? She wants to fry my brains???
I watched her astonishment but just then, someone showed up.
It was me…..
Like….the person showed up having my face and body.
What the….
“Don’t listen to her, Naomi. She’s just an imposter. And I’m sorry for being rude to your girls the other time. I promise it won’t repeat itself” my look-alike said and I flinched.
Even the Naomi looked confused.
What’s going on??
“What’re you….?” Naomi tried speaking, but got lost.
She looked at me, then back at the look-alike.
“Come on” she whispered and held my hand and ran away with me.
She kept running until we were far away before she stopped and immediately, she transformed to Diane.
Holy Molly!?!
It was Diane all along!!!
“Hey!!”,I exclaimed and she hit my head.
“What’s wrong with you, Cali? Do you really wanna die early here??? Where did you go, huh??”
She queried me like she was my mum.
“Hey! I was just going to feed my eyes, okay? You don’t have to yell at me.
“Besides, it’s all your fault for leaving me all alone to dance. What did you….”
“You’ve really got some nerves, huh? I saved your @ss and this is what I get??” She asked and hit me again.
“Ouch! Fine, thank you, okay! Thank you. Are you happy now?” I rolled my eyes and she shook her head at me.
But seriously, it was amazing.
Getting to impersonate me. Hmmm.
“Come on, let’s get outta here before you get into more trouble” she said and pulled me away while I grumbled after her.
But thank goodness I was able to escape that.
We started heading for my apartment.
“But hold on, Cali. I’ve always wanted to ask – why’re you suddenly close to that Nina of a girl? Is something wrong with you? Didn’t I tell you how dangerous she was?” She asked as we walked along.
“Yes – dangerous because she was a born a confessor?” I asked and scoffed.
“She didn’t make herself, Diane. Besides, she can control her powers now. So, I don’t see any reason why she should be avoided like a plaque”.
“Cali!!! You speak like I’m the bad egg here. I didn’t bring it up, okay? Everyone has been avoiding her and I just felt it’s right for we to do same” she defended.
“Well, she hasn’t hurt us, has she? She even saved me today during the mission. She…”
“Fine! Fine! Get a tie and soothe yourself”, she cut me off with a huff and I rolled my eyes.
Finally, we got to the entrance of the apartment and we stopped walking.
“Alright. Goodnight. Sleep tight” she hugged me.
“Yeah…goodnight”, I replied and we parted ways afterwards.
I went into my room and met Nina already sleeping.
I smiled and stared into her face – so pretty.
I kinda felt bad for her.
Thank goodness the l£sblans weren’t around.
I went over to my bags of clothes and took off my shirt so I could change into my nightie
I took off my shirt and skirt – left with my p*nt and b*a. And just then, the door opened and one of the l£sblans walked in.
Oh! Crap.
And it was actually the one that had made an attempt on me the last time.
A smile flashed on her l!ps when she met me half n*ked.
“Hi” she beamed and moved towards me seductively.
What the hell??
I lifted my nightie and was about putting it on when she stopped me, holding my hand.
“Come on, cutie. There’s no need for that” she licked her l!ps and touched my waist.
‘Your body’s just perfect for the show”
“Get the hell away from me” I rasped and shoved her with my shoulder and immediately, someone else walked in.
Her partner.
Yeah – perfect.
She stopped by the door and shut us a surprised stare and the one in front of me moved away.
“You’re back” she smiled perfunctorily at the other and walked to the bed.
“Come in, Chelsea. Don’t just stand there doing nothing” she said and the girl by the door sluggishly walked in without saying a word.
But I noticed she was throwing an evil glare at me.
I put on my nightie and Went over to my bed to sleep.
And in a short while, I was off.
“Oweeeeeeeeeeennnnn!!!!” I cried out as I jumped out of sleep, p@nting heavily
My eyes itched and my lungs became dry and thirsty.
Oh my God!!
Another nightmare???
I had the same dream of him dying at a party. But this time around, the party was taking place today.
Meaning he might die today if he goes to any party.
I needed to warn him.


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