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Diamond Episode 15 & 16

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 15
Cali’s Pov:
I remained standing for a long time, thinking of what to do.
How will I walk back to my room half nak*ed? What have I done to myself?
I looked around and discovered the area was still dark and quiet and there didn’t seem to be anyone around.
Well, I guess I’ve learnt my lesson.
Slowly, I started walking away.
I turned to look at the window and I found him still staring at me.
Why does he keep staring huh??
I’m pretty sure he’s enjoying the view.
I can’t believe this guy humiliated me this way.
I increased my pace and tried walking faster. I was so scared of turning around to look at him.
I walked and took a turn, going out to a place where there were few students around.
Oh God!
I stopped walking and took a look at my body. Can I walk this way??
I took in a deep breath and thought for a while.
Seriously, I don’t think there’s an escape from this. I guess I’m doomed.
I continued walking, trying as much as possible to avoid eye contacts with anyone.
Well….isn’t this what most ladies wear to swim? And even Fashion Parade?
I scurried p@ss the students who were turned to look at me.
“Woah!! What an @ss!” I heard one of them say and it got to a point I started running.
I ran and ignored all the side talks and forgetting the fact that my @ss were probably bouncing.
Oh God!
I’ll never forget this day in my life.
Thank goodness only a few people saw me. And they’re people I didn’t even know.
I finally got to the entrance of my apartment and stopped running. Gosh! I was breathing so heavily.
I kept my eyes glued to the floor as I scurried in. At least, even if anyone gets to see me, it’ll be ladies and…I don’t have to be shy around them. Right???
The few I came across kept staring at me like I was weird or something.
*Woah! I bet she just finished a round. But is that the reason she didn’t make use of her clothes?* I heard one of them say in her head and felt like biting her.
I increased my pace, walked and ran and finally, I got to my room.
Oh. Thank you, dear Lord.
As soon as I opened the door and got in, I heaved a huge sigh of relief and leaned on the door.
Thank goodness the l£sblans weren’t in the room – just the quiet room mate. She was reading a book as usual and shot me a surprised stare as I walked in..
I left the door and went to my luggage, rifling through it and bringing out something nice and simple to wear.
A shot and T-shirt.
Finally, I’m human again.
Oh! Miquel. Now, I get why everyone is scared of him. I don’t think he has a heart at all.
No; I don’t think so.
I recalled that cold look in his eyes when he’d asked me to strip. I recalled how he’d smirked when I’d taken off my shirt, exposing my halfly popped out b**bs.
Despite my pleadings…
And worst of it all – He’s still got my necklace. Can it ever get worst?? Huh?
The quiet lady had taken her eyes back to her book and I decided to speak with her. She’s the confessor right?
I went to her bed and sat next to her and she displayed a startled look.
“Hi” I smiled, looking at her.
“H-h-hi” she stuttered, almost making me laugh, but I stopped myself.
“Um…do you need something?”, she asked.
“Nope. Just…wanted to say hi” I replied with a shrug and her brows furrowed her brows in surprise.
“Re…Really?” She asked.
“You…aren’t scared of me?”
“And why would I be scared of you?” I chuckled.
“You aren’t a monster, are you?”
She smiled and looked down at her book for a second.
“Well…since I came to the institute, you’re the first person coming close to me. Everybody despises me – they’re all scared of me because they think just a touch from me can turn them into my slaves for ever” she replied and I finally got a grip of what she was saying.
“Although,” she continued.
“I’ve been trained and taught on how to control it, but there are still looking at me like the same person I was when I’d newly arrived.
“At first, I didn’t have control of my powers. As we’re seated here together, just a mere skin touch and you’d be confessed. Back then, I’d accidentally confessed four people – two died trying to protect me. And I ordered the other two to go far away because of how crazy they were acting over me.
“As a result, everyone became scared of me and avoided me like a plaque. So…you wouldn’t blame me if I’m surprised you’re coming close to me” she concluded, leaving me speechless for a few seconds.
Wow! I can’t believe she’s been going through this.
What a gift – gift that scares people away
“Well…” I said after the silence.
“I don’t think I’m scared of you. And you don’t have to worry. Soon enough, everyone will learn to accept you. Okay?” I said with a smile, my hand on hers and she nodded.
“So…I’ve noticed you’re always reading. Care to explain?” I asked and she chuckled and stared at the book.
“Well…I don’t any friend or anyone to talk to. So, I just prefer reading when I’m chanced and bored” she replied and I felt so much pity for her.
“I’m really sorry about that – the rejection” I hushed.
“Yeah…its nothing. Thanks”.
I stared into her book and started reading with her and after a while, I went over to my bed and slept.
“Owennnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I found myself screaming in the dream and woke up with that same shock.
I p@nted as I sat up with a full force and my room mates looked at me in a started manner.
Oh my God! It was a dream.
Just a dream!!
I breathed in heavily and touched my forehead. It was damn so scary.
I dreamt of my brother – Owen.
He’d gone for a party and ended up dead.
What’s that supposed to mean, huh? Why would I suddenly dream of him??
“Cali, are you alright?” Nina came asking.
“Yeah…I’m fine. It…it was just a nightmare” I replied and she nodded and left , going into the bathroom.
Gosh! That was terrible. Why did I have to dream something like that?
“Did you dream your @ss was cut out or what?” One of the l£sblans asked and I just shot her a stare and didn’t reply.
I left the bed and went ahead to brush my teeth and as soon as Nina was out of the bathroom, I went in and took my bath.
When I returned from the bathroom, I found the l£sblans klzzing and laughing on the bed.
I dried my body, put on some clothes and got set to leave.
Nina was sitting on the bed.
“Don’t you have cl@sses today?” I asked her.
“Uh…of course,I do. I actually have one this morning. Intellectual study” she replied.
“Oh! That’s where I’m headed. Come on; we can go together”.
She mouthed an “okay” and stood up and we left room together.
As soon as we got out, I met Diane walking towards us.
“Ah! Thank goodness you’re done already” she said with relief but stopped when she saw Nina beside me.
“Hi Diane” I greeted but she kept her eyes fixed on Nina
“Yeah….good morning” she said.
“Good morning” Nina also said and I figured I’d to step in.
“Um…she’s headed for the same cl@ss as we. So, I thought it’d be best if we went together” I explained to Diane.
“Oh! I see. Well, come on. We’re running late for now” she said and we continued walking together.
We walked for a long time and got to the cl@ss but surprisingly, all the students were standing instead of sitting.
What’s going on?
We walked in and joined them.
“Why’s everyone standing?” I asked Diane beside me, but she couldn’t even give me a reply.
The female teacher was in front of the cl@ss and shortly, Miquel and his guards walked in.
Holy Molly!!!
The students expressed their surprise and excitement as he sauntered in and stood in front of the cl@ss.
“Okay; y’all can sit now” the teacher announced and everyone took their seats.
So, we couldn’t seat while the king was walking in??
My heart skipped as I remembered the previous night’s incidence.
God! Please, I just hope he doesn’t see me. I don’t want him to.
I stared at him from the back where I sat and couldn’t help but admire him – despite his cruelty.
Gosh! His looks were killing.
Hair, eyes, l!ps, charms…everything!
How can someone this cute be so cold hearted, huh?
But…why’s he even here?
What’s wrong?
“Everyone listen up”, one of his guards started and immediately, my eyes ran into his – Miquel.
Oh, God!!
I found him staring at me!!!
I twitched and lowered my head, feeling so scared to look at him..
“I have an important announcement to announce to y”all – coming from the president” the guard continued.
“Today, you’ll be going on a mission”.
(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 16
Cali’s Pov:
I listened attentively as he continued speaking.
We’ll be going on a mission?? So soon?
What mission?
“We just got some information from a reliable source that some vital do¢vments just arrived but are in possession of the wrong hands.
“So,we need you to there, get the do¢vments and bring them home to us.
“Now, this is the plan:
“Its in a museum and you’re to go there like normal students who just came to learn.
“When you get to the reception, you’ll ask for the director and as soon as he arrives, the mind reader would search through his thoughts and know where the do¢vments are”.
Hold on; did I just hear mind reader?
“You’ll pay your fees to the director and start walking around the museum, pretentiously feeding your eyes. And when you’re sure you’re out of sight and no one’s watching, three of you would leave in search for the do¢vment, taking the direction of the mind – reader.
“You’re gonna make it as snappy and simple as possible.
“You get to the office, take the do¢vments and head out immediately.
“Now, in case you get caught, you’re free to make use of your powers in defense. But there must be no loss of life. I repeat: there must be no loss of life. So, be careful not to kill anyone in the process.
“You have three hours to eat, do whatever you wanna do and report back to the emergency hall where you’ll be groomed properly and selected. If there are any questions, there’d be answered over there. Is that understood?” He concluded authoritatively and some of the students echoed “yes, sir”.
“Good” he muttered and left with “the King” and the second boy.
As soon as they left, the cl@ss became noisy as everyone started moving out, probably going to eat and get ready in less than 3 hours.
Diane came to me immediately.
“Come on, Cali. Let’s get going” she said as she held my hand and stood me up.
“But…are you sure we’re ready to go for a mission, Diane?” I asked her, a little worried.
“Well…feel free to ask them when you get to the emergency hall, okay?” She said with an eye roll and I glared at her.
Annoying creature.
We met Nina and left for the cafeteria together and all the while, I tried not to tell Diane about my encounter with Miquel the previous night.
Naomi’s Pov:
I twirled in front of the mirror, admiring my short pretty dress.
“Tell me, girls. How do I look?” I asked my companions as they watched me from behind.
“Well…you just get prettier and prettier as the days goes by” Ivy replied and I giggled and felt my cheeks turn red.
“Well, wish me luck. I’m sure Miquel would be unable to resist me” I said with a charming wink and they nodded affirmatively.
I smiled and took the appetizing cupcakes I personally made for him.
“But.. Naomi” Natalie called back my attention.
“Are you sure about this? You know how Miquel is, right? Are you sure you should be going to his room?”
“Oh! Please, don’t worry about it, doll. I’ve got it covered” I said confidently and walked away, headed for Miguel’s room.
💫The Blåck Diãmônds💫
Hidden Pov:
I sat in front of the drawing board, painting something different this time around.
I was so engrossed in it, but not until the door opened, distracting me.
I exhaled deeply and waited for them to come in.
“We’re sorry for the disturbance, sir. But we just received some important information” the female among them said.
“One of our spies from the white Diãmônds just gave us a hint. They’re going after the do¢vments”.
“Will she be going with them? The banshee?” I asked
“Yes. According to our spy, she’s actually playing a major role in the mission” she replied and a smile touched my l!ps.
“You know what to do. Make sure you get her this time around” I instructed.
“Yes, sir”.
And they left the room afterwards.


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