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Diamond Episode 13 & 14

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 13
Cali’s Pov:
Believe me or not, I felt my heart stop beating at that moment.
I felt my blood stop flowing and my lungs dry up immediately.
I swear – I did.
The rate of my heartbeat increased as that cold voice of his and pierced into my ears, touching the very depth of my soul.
I didn’t even realize he was keeping count of the seconds.
“Time up” he said again and immediately, I got a burning feeling on my skin.
“Arghhhhh” I shrieked and crawled out of the bed immediately as I feared my entire body might get caught in flames soon enough.
As soon as I was out of the bed, the burning stopped.
And now…I was standing in front of the King.
Oh! Cali, what have I done??
I panicked as I stood in front of him while he went to sit on the bed, still holding his gl@ss of wine.
He sipped gently from the wine and looked at me.
Gosh! How can eyes this dark be so killing, huh?
“Look directly into my eyes again and I’ll make you go blind” he said icily and I quickly took my gaze to the floor.
Holy Christ!
Oh, mum! Where are you? Your daughter needs you now.
Where do I even start from?
“Now..” He said, staring into his gl@ss
“I’m only gonna ask you once. What’re you doing in my room?”
My breath wavered as I fixed my gaze on the floor and sought for an appealing answer.
At that moment, I felt I’d forgotten the Alphabetical letters and couldn’t compose a s£ntence.
“If I have to repeat myself, you’ll be sorry for it” he said in his usual cold tone and I decided to say something – anything at all.
Gosh! I’m so dead.
“I’m…I’m sorry, please. I…didn’t mean to” I stuttered and he gave me a h@rd stare which I was able to decipher the meaning at once.
He wasn’t concerned about my apology, but the reason i was there.
“I….I’d come to get my necklace. I told you it was important to me” I replied nervously, trying as much as possible to avoid his eyes.
For a while, he didn’t say anything but just kept staring at his gl@ss.
“You sneaked into my room” he scoffed
“Do you know what it means for that to happen?”
“I’m sorry. I…I…I promise, if you just let me go now, you’ll never see me again. Please. You…you can keep the necklace for now. I’m sorry, please”. I pleaded and tried running to the door, but immediately, I felt a heavy force sweep my feet off the ground and I screamed as I flew in the air and landed on the wall, getting pinned to it.
Oh my God!
My back!
My waist!
I gr0@ned as I felt slight pains all over.
I was pinned to the wall with my hands spread apart and I couldn’t move.
Oh, God! What’s he doing to me?
He stood up from the bed and came to stand in front of me.
“I’m sorry, please” I whimpered but he didn’t say a word as he emptied his drink into his mouth, while keeping his eyes on me.
He kept the empty gl@ss on the table and giving me one last stare, he left the room.
Naomi’s Pov:
I smoked angrily from my cigarette as I paced around the room, feeling so angry.
Gosh! I felt like strangling someone! Anyone!
I felt like frying someone’s brains.
“How dare she?” I snarled.
“How could she think of defiling my orders?? I s£nt for her and the best she could do was attack you?? How dare she?”
“Like seriously, I was shocked” Ivy said.
“First, she’d rebuffed our request of coming with us. And next, she used her banshee powers on us, making me hurt my arm”.
“That lady’s really a bitch. She’s just a newbie yet, she’s already acting bossy” Nathalie also said and my anger increased.
“I’ll kill her” I clenched my teeth and said.
“Tomorrow by this time, she’ll be dead. Nobody messes with me and goes scott free. Nobody defiles the queen”.
Cali’s Pov:
I stayed pinned to the wall for a long time, my waist and joints hurting really bad.
My hands were already hurting as well as a result of the way they were forcefully spread apart and I just felt like crying.
What have I done to myself? I should’ve listened to Diane.
Now, see what I’ve done to myself. I can’t believe I’m going to learn the h@rd way.
I never thought I’d be this scared of someone. Just his mere gaze alone was melting my heart; not to mention his icy voice that played a rhythmical beat in my heart.
Where the hell was he by the way? Does he want to keep me this way forever? Is this punishment??
I sighed and looked up at the ceiling.
Gosh! If only I’d listened.
Suddenly, the door went open and the rhythm in my heart resumed as I narrowed my eyes to the side of the door and discovered he was the one.
Oh, God!
I made a short prayer in my heart as he walked p@ss me and went to sit on the bed and immediately, I fell from the wall and dropped h@rd on the floor.
Oh God!!
I bem0@ned as i hurt my arm a little.
Why was he being so h@rd on me?
Now, what next?
“Come closer” he said calmly with his gaze into space.
Gosh! He speaks so calmly like he could never hurt a fly. But at the same, the resounding cold that echoed in his tone could make a dead man shiver.
Seriously, mere words cannot describe this guy. There’s simply no suitable description for him.
I slackened my steps to him, wondering what else he had in mind.
Maybe my next punishment would be to hang me on the ceiling and make me rotate like a fan.
God! I’m so dead.
I stood in front of him and felt the ground shake.
I couldn’t tell if it was real, but due to how nervous I was, I felt the ground was shaking.
“Hand me the wine on the table” he said in that unruffled tone and i flinched.
Did he just….
Hold on;
Did he just…
I was surprised but didn’t wait for him to repeat himself and immediately, I turned to the table, took the bottle of wine and handed it to him.
Holy Molly!
He uncapped it and gulped a reasonable quantity from it and I just watched in amusement.
But as soon as he brought it down from those pink l!ps, I quickly took my eyes to the floor again.
I already had a huge offence in front of me and wouldn’t want to double it.
He was silent for a while, making me wonder what he probably had in mind. If only I could read his thoughts.
“Take off your clothes” I finally heard him say.
(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)
Episode 14
Cali’s Pov:
My heart jumped out of my chest.
No! I…I probably didn’t hear him clearly.
He can’t possibly ask me to do such a thing.
Geez! I can’t believe my nervousness is making me hear stupidly.
I watched him drink from his bottle again
“Cali, take off your clothes. I hate it when I repeat myself” he said said my eyes nearly popped out of it sockets.
Oh my God!
I hadn’t misheard him. It was real.
He….he wants me to strip in front of him or what??
My heart pounded as I stared at him.
Oh God! I’m dead. I’m so dead.
“Wh…Why?” I stuttered and he scoffed but didn’t reply
I clasped my palms together in fear. Gosh! How do I talk to him?? I wish something in his head would just make him have pity on me and let me go.
Oh! God, please.
What would be his reasons for wanting me to strip?
Suddenly, I felt something moving in my body – like a big running insect.
It was moving from my legs upwards.
I flinched and let out a sharp cry as I held my leg and wondered what it was.
I touched it but couldn’t feel any insect outside. It was more like it was moving directly inside my body.
“You have 10 seconds before it reaches your heart” he said coldly and drank from his gl@ss again.
Whaaaat? What’s he talking about??
My eyes dilated in shock as I stared at him.
How’s he able to make an insect move directly inside my body?????
It was so scary and irritating that I felt like screaming out loud.
“Please, I’m begging you. I’m sorry. I’m the only daughter of my mum” I whimpered but he didn’t say a word and drank from his bottle.
I felt the insect crawling up to my waist, moving with so much speed and irritability and I didn’t realize when I gripped the hem of my shirt and pulled it off my head.
Oh God!
I hyperventilated as I stood in front of him with a bra – my big b*bs curved and halfly popped out.
I saw a smirk touch his pink l!ps as he stared at it for a second and took his eyes to his bottle, gulping from it again.
The insect which had already been close to my chest suddenly stopped moving and started from my leg again.
But this time around, it was moving slower.
I whimpered as I felt cold wind b!0w around me.
‘Please…I’m still a v*rgin” i said in a wavering tone, tears streaming down my cheeks.
“I know” he hushed and drank from his bottle again.
My throat became so dry and sore as conniption gripped me.
How can he do this to me??
I know what I did was wrong, but is this really necessary??
Forcing himself on me?
I managed to escape his guards. But now, this???
I’m doomed.
I’m so doomed.
If only mum had listened to me and taken me away from here like I’d requested. This wouldn’t be happening.
I felt a sharp pain on my leg – like the insect had caused it and I shirked and held my leg.
I cried and looked at him in the face.
How can he be this heartless??
I slowly reached for the zipper of my trouser and dragged it down.
And as I pushed the trouser itself down, my hands shook.
The tears rolled down to my neck as the trouser got to my hips and down – to my knees, then finally my feet and they were completely off.
I’d taken it off!!
I did!!
Oh God!
I moved my hands from my chest and p*nt, confused of what exactly to cover.
The invisible moving insect had stopped but
I didn’t even know what to do.
My b**bs were exposed – and so were my hips. I felt so shy and scared standing that way in front of a guy.
I saw his gleaming eyes stare at me and I wept. God! Please, don’t let him ask me to take off the p*nt and b*a as well. Else, I’ll just have to commit suicide right away.
He stared at me uncannily and drank from his bottle again.
“You can leave” he finally said icily and my heart skipped.
Oh! Good lord. Thank you.
I sniffed and picked the clothes from the floor with immediate effect, but he stopped me
“Drop the clothes and leave” he stated and my eyes dimmed.
Does he expect me to walk back to my room half na*ed??
What the…??
I stared at him in shock as he didn’t portray any sign of remorse or pity.
Immediately, I felt my hands twitch and the clothes dropped to the floor at once.
What the…..????
I’m really dead.
“Please”,I said pitifully.
“If you’re here in the next ten seconds, you’ll be sorry” he said and I gulped heavily and turned towards the door.
Oh! Cali!
I can’t believe I’ll be walking around this way..
I had a feeling he was actually staring at my bouncing @ss from behind as I walked along.
“You didn’t come in through the door, did you?” He asked and I stopped to look at me.
What again??
I shook my head pathetically, wiping the tears off my face.
“You’re going through the window, the same way you came in” he said and I felt my head spin .
Good Lord! Good Lord!
Why did I have to encounter this guy??? Why??? I’m so messed up right now.
I turned around and headed to the window, looking out from it.
Gosh! The ground was a bit far and it made me scared and wonder how I’d gotten up in the first place.
I turned to look at him and found him staring at me.
Then, I remembered his 10 seconds and without hesitation, I put my legs across the window and prevented myself from staring downwards because I was scared of heights.
He stood up from the bed and came to stand in front of the window, staring at me as I climbed down.
I kept my eyes fixed into his as I crawled carefully, praying fervently I don’t trip.
It suddenly seemed the courage I’d possessed when I was climbing at first was no longer there.
I whimpered as I climbed down the walls and finally, I got to the ground.
Oh my God!!! I did it!
I breathed in heavily as I looked up at the window and found him still staring at me.
Then, I took my eyes around and wondered how I’d get back to my apartment – half na*ed.
Finally, Cali Jenner has learnt a lesson she’ll never forget.
Abel’s Pov:
“Yeah…come on!
“F**k! F”*k!
“Scream louder!” Zack gr0@ned and spanked the lady’s @ss as we drilled into her at the same time.
He had his d*ck in her p**sy, whiie I had mine in her @ss-hole, having a perfect threesome.
She m0@ned and cried so loud as we damaged her.
Damn! Having a threesome was damn good because it made her so tight and welcomed my d*ck with stretches.
I could feel Zack’s d*ck from her @sshole and it felt soo good.
She was sitting on top of him while I entered into her from behind.
“Oh, my God…
“Oh, yeah….
She g@sped in m0@ns and I increased my pace.
Finally, we pulled out of her and she fell on the bed immediately, g@sping for air.
“That was so good, baby” Zack smirked and bit her left n!pp!e and she smiled.
“Put on your clothes and leave” I said to her and she didn’t hesitate to do so.
She left the bed, wore on her clothes and left the room at once.
“Geez! I never knew life could taste so good” Zack laughed as I reached for my trouser on the floor.
“You’re such a bad @ss, Zack. I could feel your d*ck almost tearing her up” I smirked and he laughed again.
“Well, you wouldn’t blame me, you know? I’ve got to give them what they want” he replied and I shook my head and sat next to him on the bed.
“Abel” he called.
“Haven’t you been curious regarding Miquel and why he’d asked us to let go of that big @ss lady yesterday?”
Oh! That…
I reflected my mind to it and felt a little angry I’d missed such golden opportunity.
Actually, Miquel had been the one that asked us to let her go.
When he’d requested our pres£nce outside, he didn’t have anything to say or @ssign to us. He only asked us to let her go and I guess he’d used that tactic because he didn’t want her to know he was the one setting her free.
“Yeah…I’m really curious” I replied, my thumb on my lower l!p.
“Miquel has never cared about us screwing anyone at all – no matter who the person is. So..I’m really surprised he acted differently towards that lady”.
“Hmm. And its almost impossible for someone like Miquel to develop feelings for someone, right? So, what could be his reason?”
“And did you notice his reaction at the cafeteria towards her when she’d spilled food on him? If it were to be someone else, we both know Miquel would’ve chopped off her head. But this particular lady, he simply took her necklace and left. What could be going on?”
A short silence stepped in.
“Well…I don’t know. But one thing is for sure – I’m definitely going to drill that lady someday. I will” I said with enthusiasm and licked my l!ps.


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