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Diamond 2 Episode 5 & 6

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine💋)
Episode 5
Cali’s Pov:
I felt my heart beat rapidly as Miquel stood by the door.
The Derek guy in front of me had already turned to look at him and I noticed a little flinch in his eyes.
What’s Miquel doing here?
I did he find me?
How did he know I was here and in danger?
I could see the dark shade of anger all around his eyes as he stared at me, then at the Derek.
The Derek guy charged at him with the knife and tried to attack, but he’d barely gotten close when he suddenly stopped and fell on his knees.
With the knife still in his hands, he started coughing, while Miquel just stood at the door and stared at him.
Oh my God!
The sight was so horrible and I was still sitting on the floor.
The Derek guy coughed profusely and in no time, the floor in front of him was already covered in his blood.
He was coughing out blood and even his nose was bleeding as well.
Geez! What’s Miquel doing to him?
Miquel left the door and started going closer to him.
“You made a huge mistake coming here” he stated calmly and took the knife effortlessly from him.
“Worst mistake of your life” he added and stabbed him in the chest with the knife.
“Ahhhhh” I screamed in fright and shock.
Oh my God!
No; no.
My hands and legs were huddled together as pinned myself to the wall.
The Derek guy gr0@ned in pains but couldn’t fall and still remained on his knees.
Miquel removed the knife and stabbed him again and this time around, he fell flat on the floor.
My eyes dilated in shock as it dawned on me – I was about to witness death.
Miquel dropped to a crouch in front of his half – dead body and lifted the knife to stab him again.
“Miquel, don’t” I said in a shaky voice and he suspended his hand in midair and looked at me.
But at that moment, I could see something else in his eyes – a terrifying look I’d never seen before.
He lowered his gaze to the Derek on the floor and landed the knife on his chest again.
I winced in fear as he continued stabbing him repeatedly.
It made my hands and legs shiver.
“Miquel….Miquel” I called in a shaky voice, but he didn’t listen.
He gave him so many stabs, even when he was already dead.
I got up weakly and managed to walk to where he was.
“Miquel….Miquel…stop it. Please” I whimpered and tried holding his hand.
Why was he doing this? I’d never seen him in this state.
“Miquel..” I called out and held his hand but he pushed me away.
“Don’t touch me, Cali!” He roared with so much rancour in his voice and I g@sped.
Oh my God!
Then, just as if something had landed on him, he suddenly became calm.
His hands and face had already been covered with blood and I found my entire systems turning.
My legs became too heavy that I felt I might fall at any moment.
Miquel…..what happened to him?
The knife fell from his hands as he stood up slowly from on feet. He could see how terrified i was.
And without saying a word, he ran out of the room.
I wept as I sat with Nina and Diane who were trying so h@rd to console me.
“Come on, Cali. There’s no need for this. You’re safe now, right? And that’s the most Important thing” Diane said but I didn’t listen and continued crying.
At that moment, I didn’t exactly know why I was crying.
Was it because I was beaten up and almost got kidnapped? Or because I witnessed death?
Or because of the darkness I’d seen in Miquel when he stabbed Derek repeatedly?
Gosh! Miquel…
The look was so terrifying and I couldn’t believe he pushed me away even when I tried to stop him.
“But how did someone from the Black Diãmônds get in here? How possible?” Nina asked, referring to no one in particular
“He has the gift of traveling through portals” Diane replied and held my hand.
“Come on, Cali. Enough of the tears already””.she cooed.
The news was all over the institute already.
*Miquel killed a Black Diãmônd, defending the banshee*
It was the talk of the entire building.
But what I had seen in there, it wasn’t just murder. There was something else when he stabbed him repeatedly.
The vision played repeatedly in my head and left me in shock and tears. It suddenly made me so scared of him.
Just then, we saw his guards coming towards us.
We were actually in a quiet area and I wondered how they were able to find us.
Or perhaps….they weren’t coming for me.
But surprisingly, they stopped in front of us.
“Hey, you’ they called huskily.
“Miquel wants you in the room”.
(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine)
Episode 6
Cali’s Pov:
Oh my God!
Did….Did I just hear them correctly?
He wants to see me?
I looked at Nina and Diane who were staring back at me and suddenly wished there was a way they could help me out of this.
I recalled the previous incidence and felt so so scared. It was terrible.
“Hey! What’re you still doing there? Come on; let’s go” the guards reminded and I gulped nervously.
“I…..I can’t. Please. Um…I mean, I’m busy” I said nervously and they scoffed.
“Does it look like we can take no for an answer? Huh? Come on, there’s no time” they said impatiently and I felt my legs shake.
I stood up nervously and waved at Nina and Diane.
“We’ll catch up later” Diane whispered and I nodded and left with the guards.
I kept fiddling with the tip of my shirt as I followed them to the apartment and stood in front of the door.
They knocked and his cold voice ushered them in.
It s£nt shivers down my spine as they opened the door and took me in.
Oh my God! He was shirtless.
“She’s here, boss” they announced.
He was facing the wardrobe, bringing out a cloth from it.
“You can leave” he said as usual and they left, not without giving me a suspicious stare, tho.
I lowered my gaze to the floor as I became the only one in the room with him.
Still backing me, he took out a shirt and wore it on.
Oh! Now I noticed.
There was a tray of covered meal on the dining.
“Come on, let’s eat” he said as he walked to the dining and took a seat.
Hell no.
“I’m….I’m not hungry” I replied feebly, keeping my gaze on the floor.
Then, it *occurred to me.
This was how scared *I was the first time I was in the position* with him.
He sighed and uncovered the plates.
The meal actually looked palatable.
“Come on, Cali. Let’s eat” he spoke calmly, but without looking at me.
He sounded so calm and different from the guy I’d seen a while ago.
“I….I just need some air. Please, I want to leave” I said dryly and turned to the direction of the door.
“Cali!!!” I suddenly heard him roar and turned to look at him.
Oh my God!
He sprang on his feet and matched towards me.
“Do you really have to disobey me??” He asked with so much anger in his voice and I felt myself moving away.
I shivered and kept moving until I felt ny back hit the wall.
Oh God!
“I thought I told you to sit!!” He yelled into my face as he stood very close to me.
I could see his eyes becoming sore red and a tear strolled down my cheeks.
What’s happening to him?
My l!ps shook and couldn’t even say a word.
“Please….just let me go” I finally whimpered in a wavering tone and right in front of me, I saw his eyes softened.
Yes, I witnessed it.
His breath became calm and he lifted his hand to my hair.
I saw his eyes drooped.
“I’m sorry” It came in a whisper – a regrettable voice
“I’m sorry, Cali. I…I didn’t mean to”.
He closed his eyes and rested his forehead on mine.
“I can’t control it” he muttered.
“I can’t”.
What’s he talking about?
I saw him sniff and lift his head from mine and I saw a streamline of blood from his nostrils.
Oh God!
Why do I have a feeling there’s something beyond this?
“You can leave” he mumbled and started towards the dining but I found myself gripping his hand.
“No” I shook my head negatively.
“I….I want to eat. I’m sorry”.
He stared at the hands joined together and sighed.
He didn’t say a word but proceeded to the dining and I followed, although the fear was still there.
But i could notice it – he didn’t want to be left alone.
He clearly needed someone
He sat on the dining and I did same. And slowly, we began eating….
Well, the moment was totally silent because we couldn’t say a word to each other.
At a point, I noticed a blood drop from his nose to his food, making me flinch.
Why was he upset? What’s really wrong with him?
Thank goodness I didn’t leave. Else….
Only God knows what would’ve happened.
After eating, I cleared the table and returned to meet him facing the window.
“Miquel” I called fraily as i stood behind him and although he heard me, he didn’t turn to look at me
“Are….Are you okay?” I asked and saw him sigh.
“I’ll be fine” he muttered and turned around to look at me and I felt my heart skip.
Gosh! That stare.
We were now standing very close to each other.
“I’m sorry, Cali. I’m sorry if I scared you. I just….”
He paused and took in a deep breath and a drop of blood came from his nostrils.
Oh my!
“If there’s something wrong, you can tell me”,I stated calmly but he didn’t say a word.
Then, I slowly lifted my hand and placed on his cheek. Gosh! It took me a lot of nerves to do that.
“Miquel” i whispered.
“I….I want to help”
He smiled and touched my hand on his cheek.
“Thank you” he said.
And at that moment, I felt my heart became calm.
The fear in me decreased.
He tried walking away but suddenly stopped and looked at me.
And slowly, he reached for my l!ps and klzzed me.
Oh boy!
That enchanting klzz.
A klzz that couldn’t be explained.
He pulled me close as he smooched the l!ps and I felt him bit my tongue.
We unlocked from the klzz but I could see so much desires in him – so much desperation.
He cupped my cheeks in his hands and took me gently to the wall.
I felt my heart beating rapidly.
“I want you, Cali” he said in deep breaths which touched my face.
“I wanna get tight with you. Please…tell me you’re ready”.
He reached for my l!ps and klzzed me so tenderly – like he’s never done before.
He dipped his hands into my waist, making me shiver.
Then, suddenly he unlocked and stared at me in the face, probably waiting for an answer.
I couldn’t say a word and he left me and started walking away.
“Miquel” I found myself calling out to me.
He stopped and looked at me, his eyes drooping.
I gulped dryly and felt so nervous.
His eyes bored into mine, searching for answers.
And in a shaky tone, I replied:
“I’m ready”.


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