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Diamond 2 Episode 28 & 29

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine)
Episode 28
Cali’s Pov:
Oh my God! Whaaaat???
What the…..
I felt my lungs become dry as I stared blankly at him.
Why on earth would he ask me such question?? Is he for real??
“I’m waiting, Cali” he said and his voice s£nt cold chills down my spine.
“What happened to it?”
“N…Nothing. I just…” I paused and gulped nervously.
“I just took it off when….I was locked up and felt really hot. I mean.
“Its nothing, Miquel. Please,believe me” I concluded tiredly, when I discovered I was out of excuses.
“What did he do to you?” He asked as he moved his f!ng£r to touch my l!ps.
There was a little cut there.
“He hurt you, didn’t he?”
Oh God! I couldn’t tell him about the rape part.
What if he gets so mad at me? Or…or does something really crazy?
Or what if I suddenly disgust him? And he wouldn’t wanna touch me anymore? That’d make everything pretty worse.
“He…he’d only beaten me up, Miquel. But I’m fine now” I said anxiously, just wishing he’d change the topic.
“Did he touch you?” He asked, staring directly into my face.
I could feel my intestines turning.
That look from him…it was so deadly.
I shook my head and came out of the water to hug him.
My big b**bs pressed h@rd against his chest.
“Please Miquel. We’re together now and thats all that matters. Mykel….Mykel didn’t touch me. He just….he didn’t succeed.
“Please Miquel; I don’t wanna think about anything else aside you right now. Please”.
I rested my head on his shoulders and he held my back.
He took in a deep breath and carried me completely from the tub, going into the bedroom.
I felt so relieved as he held me in his arms, but somehow, his touch around my waist reminded me of Mykel and what he did to me.
We got into the room and he laid me gently on the bed, even with the fact I was dripping w€t.
“Your shirt….its bloody” I pointed out to him and he sighed.
He pulled off the shirt and threw it on the floor.
“I’ll be taking a shower soon” he said as he joined me on the bed, lying very close to me.
He made my head rest on his chest, while he wrapped his hand around me.
“When? Why not now?” I asked.
“Don’t worry. I wanna cuddle you to sleep first” he replied and I smiled lightly.
Oh God! I hope nothing comes between us again. I can’t afford losing him.
“Do you need anything?” He asked after a little pause and I just shook my head.
All I needed was a good sleep.
He kept stroking my hair gently the whole time and finally, I slept off.
I woke up the next morning to behold Miquel staring into my face.
“Hey” he cooed and touched my hair.
“Awake already?”
I smiled and nodded.
Why was he just staring at me, huh?
“Good morning” I greeted lightly.
“Yeah…hope you slept well?” He asked and I nodded.
He pecked me on the hair and stood up.
“Breakfast is ready. You should freshen up and eat” he said as he walked away to the dining.
I was still stark na*ked but covered with the duvet and unable to walk around na*ked, I stood up with the duvet.
Miquel focused on the dining, while I walked into the bathroom.
I took in a long deep breath.
I brushed my teeth,took a quick shower and returned to the room with a white towel around me this time around.
And I met Miquel already sitting and waiting at the dining.
“Hurry up. Its getting cold” he said and I hastened my steps to meet him.
He’d already dished out my meal and I took a seat opposite him and began eating.
“Its um….delicious” I complimented and he just smiled.
Well, I guessed he wasn’t entirely moved by compliments.
“Miquel” I called after a while.
“What happened to Nina?”
He paused and looked at me.
“And….why’re you concerned about her?” He asked coldly.
“Nothing. I just….”
I paused and sighed.
“I just felt i should know”.
“Well…she should be the least of your concern. Don’t worry about her” he replied and I just nodded to prevent further prolonging.
“Go on. Hurry up and eat more” he urged and I continued eating.
I ate to my satisfaction and when we were done, he cleared the table even after I insisted.
I went out to the balcony to have some air and a clean view. And shortly, he joined me.
“Would you love to go out later in the day? For some…maybe ice cream?” He asked as he stood beside me and I felt my heart play jingle bells.
“Well, of course. That’d be nice” I replied ecstatically.
I really needed something to clear my head.
We remained silent for a while, just staring into space. But shortly, he came up behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist.
“How do you feel now?” He asked whisperingly into my ears, making me shiver a bit.
His breath was so cold.
“I’m….I’m fine now. I feel so much better” I replied him and he smiled and klzzed my neck.
I was still tying just a towel and slowly, he s£nt his hands into it and rubbed my bare tummy.
“Why don’t we go inside, huh? Don’t you feel cold?” He asked, but I didn’t respond.
He planted hickeys all over my neck and lifted his hands slowly from my tummy – down to my b**bs.
I m0@ned a little as he squeezed them.
“Come on” he hushed and carried me up like a baby.
I felt my heart thump so fast as he took me into the room and laid me gently on the bed.
My towel fell freely.
Oh God! I wasn’t ready for this.
I wasn’t.
He smiled lightly as he climbed the bed and crawled into my legs.
And just like a hungry lion, he started feasting on my b**bs.
“Miquel….” I shut my eyes and m0@ned as it tingled me.
He used his free hand to spread my legs wider and it suddenly made me remembered Mykel.
How he slapped me,and pinned himself on me.
Miquel’s touch and breath on me just made me remember every single thing and tears formed up in my eyes.
*Stop it! Please!!*, I could remember crying and begging him.
*Please, I’m begging you, don’t do this. I can’t take it*
I could remember him hitting me so h@rd on the face before he tore my p*nt.
*Let me go!!*
Miquel was already touching my honeypot, about to f!ng£r me and I didn’t realize when I pushed his hand away.
“Let me go!!! Please!”,I cried out, thinking it was still part of my imaginations.
“Please, just stop it. Please. I can’t take it. Please. Let me go” I cried profusely and unconsciously.
Miquel had already stopped and was staring into my face.
“Cali?” He called and tapped me and as soon as I opened my teary eyes, I realized I’d been saying it all out.
Oh my God!
Tears were already rolling down my neck and I sniffed and wiped it off.
“I’m….I’m sorry, Miquel. I’m just….I’m really tired. Can we do this some other time, please?” I said weakly and found my way out of his grasp.
Oh God!
I tied the towel around my body and left the bed and was on my way to the bathroom, when his voice stopped me:
“He did it, didn’t he?”
I stopped walking but didn’t turn to look at him.
I preferred backing him in that state.
“Mykel….” He called and I felt him leave the bed.
“He forced himself on you. Didn’t he?”
My legs became so weak and heavy. I could feel every muscle in my body shake.
“What’re you talking about, Miquel?” I tried to cover it up with a chuckle.
“I’m….I’m just stressed. All I need is some rest and I’ll be fine”.
He walked up from behind and came to stand in front of me. I couldn’t even look him in the eyes.
“Please Cali” he said.
“I beg you with the name of everything you believe in, don’t lie to me”.
There was a little waver in his voice as he spoke and I didn’t realize when I busted into uncontrollable tears.
Oh my God!
“I tried to stop him” I whimpered hurtfully, my voice shaking.
“I tried to stop him, Miquel. I swear. I did all I could, But he didn’t listen. He….he was just too powerful for me. I couldn’t fight him. I’m so sorry”.
I bent my head and wept bitterly. The pains came driving in as I remembered every bit of it. I just couldn’t control it.
I couldn’t recall the last time I’d cried this much. It was so painful.
Miquel….he didn’t say a word. But not until I saw a blood drop on the floor.
I quickly lifted my head to look at him and panicked when I saw blood dripping down his nose.

/> Episode 29
Cali’s Pov:
Oh my God!
I felt my heart beat so rapidly.
Please,don’t tell me he’s angry. This isn’t the right time.
He turned around and backed me, leaning his hands on a table in front of him.
His hands were literally shaking.
I stood and stared from behind, speechless.
I just needed him to say something. I needed to be sure everything was fine.
He didn’t say a word, but continued bleeding, making the blood droplets fall on the table.
Then suddenly, he turned around and started towards the door.
No; no.
“Miquel! Miquel!” I called as I ran after him and caught up with him by the door.
Oh God!
His face was so bloody already.
“Please. I’m sorry. Don’t leave me, please” I whimpered, more tears streaming down my cheeks.
Slowly, he lifted his hands to my face and touched my hair.
For God”s sake, i could tell it was taking him a lot to control his anger in front of me. Even a blind man could notice that.
“I’ll never leave you, Cali” he said with a little waver, his hands pressing h@rd against my hair.
I started feeling it – something strange.
“But I need to kill him” he added and that was when it became clear to me.
The dizziness he was making me feel. He was trying to make me p@ss out.
“No….Miquel” I called faintly as my eyes began to feel so heavy.
More blood dripped down his nose and eyes as he stared into my face and watched me drowse.
I tried so h@rd to fight the dizziness, but it was inevitable and finally, I p@ssed out on the floor.
Unknown Pov✍️
As soon as Cali p@ssed out on the floor, Miquel opened the door and stormed out of the room. He just couldn’t control it; no matter how h@rd he tried.
He ran downstairs, rushed out of the apartment and straight to his car.
The few students around were frightened and moved as far away as possible, but they didn’t even bother him as he opened his car, got in and took off immediately.
At that moment, he wasn’t thinking straight. At that moment, the only thing on his mind was setting his eyes on Mykel.
he didn’t even care how he was getting into the Black Diãmônd institute. All that mattered to him was getting Mykel.
He drove at a crazy speed, violating all traffic signals. They were bull sh*t to him at that moment.
More blood kept strolling down his face which he couldn’t control and his hands shook as he controlled the sterling.
“How could he?” He thought.
How could Mykel touch what belonged to him? Beat and used her?
How dare he put her under such pressure and trauma?
He gritted his teeth and drove furiously.
Her tears were driving him nuts; the way she cried and pushed his hands away when he tried to touch her.
How dare Mykel do that to her? He could imagine how she must’ve cried and begged him. He could imagine how scared she must have been.
He failed to protect her. The second woman he’s ever loved. He failed to protect her. He’d broken his own promise to himself.
Gosh! The pains were driving him crazy.
He felt stabbed and hurt.
Finally, he got to the big gates of the institute. And without turning off his car, he jumped out and proceeded.
He wasn’t thinking straight and was void of his emotions. He didn’t care if he had to penetrate the gate,,he just needed to get in.
The powers in him had ris£n to its peak – and so did the darkness. How he wished he could control it. But it was impossible.
As he approached the gates, eyes glued on it, it started opening on its own.
Despite how huge and strong the gates were, they bowed for the greater power – a power that didn’t need keys or electricity to open them.
They made gr0@ning sounds as they splitted apart, creating enough space for him to walk in.
“Hey!!!” The securities from inside the building started screaming.
They brought out their guns and aimed at him.
“Stop right there!!! Don’t move!!” They yelled at him and cracked the guns.
But that was a dangerous moment – a moment no ordinary person should be around him.
As he walked p@ss the gates and drew closer to them, they felt heavy choking in their throats and g@sped for air.
Their hands became weak and the guns fell freely from them.
He continued marching in, ignoring them as they dropped dead on the floor.
“Arghhhhh!!!” More people began screaming as they noticed him.
The few that were lucky enough to run away before he’d get to where they were – were safe. While those that couldn’t make it away in time, choked to death on the floor.
That was the lifestyle he’d been trying to avoid for years – the same reason he tried as much as possible to avoid people – despite the fact he hated being alone.
That same lifestyle was back – the lifestyle of a beast.
How he wished he could control it. But it was just impossible.
He continued marching in and more guards came to stop him. But before they could pull the triggers of the guns in their hands, they choked to death.
Every f*”king thing happened without him touching them or raising a f!ng£r.
Where was Mykel? He needed to set his eyes on him – just once.
He stood and faced a particular building which was almost as tall as a skyscraper. And fisting his hand towards it, the windows came crashing out of their holders.
Gl@sses flew all over the air.
“Arghhhghhh!”, the institute was already a mess as it looked just like they were under an attack.
He did more damage, all in an attempt to get Mykel’s attention.
A particular set of students came out to face him – those who were considered most powerful in the institute.
They stood some distance away from him and tried using their powers, but it only bounced back on them and choked them.
If only they knew he was clearly unstoppable at that moment.
More screams came flying, chaos as people ran all around – chaos being created by just one man.
Mykel – he needed Mykel.
He continued walking deeper into the building, looking for something more precious to damage.
But finally, he spotted him – Mykel.
He probably couldn’t watch him destroy the entire institute and had to show himself cause he knew he was there for him.
“Hey!” He called and spread his arms apart.
“You want me?”
Miquel felt a new anger spurge up in him as soon as he set his eyes on Mykel.
He tried to clean some of the blood stain on his nose with the back of his palm as he started marching towards him.
*Kill him. Kill him*
Was all that kept ringing his head.
*just grab him and kill him*
As he approached him, he suddenly felt the images of Cali being molested by him. He envisioned it in his head – how she must’ve cried and begged.
He imagined the animal laying his hands on her, making her weak enough to screw her. How dare he?
How could he?
Mykel stood his ground and awaited him to get close and finally, they were standing face to face with each other.
“I warned you not to touch her” Miquel spoke up, in deep h@rd breaths.
“How dare you stick that worthless thing of yours into her?”
Mykel smirked a little.
“I’m sorry, Miq. But I made a promise to you” he replied and that was just the height of it.
Miquel didn’t even realize when he landed a heavy punch on him. Kindly hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to read more stories from storyline, storybaze, unlimited story platform 😊fresh stories kingdom,house of stories room, Novela and story room, sweet and nice story room.
“You animal!” He called bitterly and gripped him by the collars.
Mykel flinched a little and tried fighting back with a punch which was successful.
He returned a punch to Miquel’s face which made him bleed more.
Miquel touched his l!ps and looked at him and the next thing that happened was history.
He landed two quick punches on him and kicked his leg, which brought him to his knees – instantly.
Mykel gr0@ned a little and tried getting on his feet, but it was fruitless as Miquel pushed him to the floor and continued punching him.
“You b@stard!” Mykel grumbled and struggled with him.
But he knew who he was up against.
In no time, his face was equally covered in blood and Miquel lifted him from the floor and flung him to another spot – just like a piece of rag.
He crashed brutally to the floor but unfortunately, Miquel didn’t even give him a breathing space as he got on him immediately and continued the punches.
“Why did you do it?!?” He yelled as he released angry punches at him – his face was already a mess, covered with blood.
He was clearly losing consciousness.
“She was innocent and had nothing to do with this!!!!” He yelled – cried
He stopped and took up a piece of gl@ss from the floor close by and without a second thought, drove it into his arm.
“Urgh!!” Mykel gr0@ned disgruntedly at the extra pain.
He’d gotten so weak and couldn’t push him off from his body and Miquel drove the gl@ss deeper into his arm, oozing so much blood.
Then, he paused and stared into Mykel’s face.
“You hurt her” he whimpered.
This time around, tears dripped from his eyes.
He still had him pinned to the floor.
“You made her reject me with tears. I understand if you’re a coward, but did you really have to that to her?”
His voice shook as he spoke so tearfully.
“I never asked to be a Diãmônd, Mykel. But each time, you’ve made me feel its the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. You made me feel its a curse. And today, you turned me into a monster.
“From this day on, I cut off every ties I have with you. From this day on, I reject everything that makes you family.
“I reject everything tha makes you my brother”.
And with tears still strolling down his cheeks, he stood up and left.


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